Ultimate Fulfillment Revealed

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 16, 2019

This past week, the 9th anniversary date of my blog site came and went.

For me (and others), 9 is the number of completion, which dovetails nicely with fulfillment, which connotes completion. In terms of completion, what can I say now, after all these years of weekly blogging about becoming fulfilled? Might I have a few pearls of wisdom to share?

Somewhere along the way, I realized that fulfillment has four dimensions ~ personal, interpersonal, transpersonal, impersonal ~ that can be tapped and tuned according to the esoteric measure known as density of consciousness ~ third, fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively.

Density of consciousness is a Law of One concept that refers to densities of light that inform and inspire consciousness. The denser the light, the higher the density; the higher the density, the more information that can be contained and conveyed in the name of love and wisdom.

In third density, under a cosmic veil of forgetting, individuals operate under a cosmic law known as the Law of Confusion. This law is a blessing in disguise, guiding individuals in the direction of making The Choice, as there is no way to predict the consequences of any given choice.

What is The Choice?

As far as I understand it, each density has its own theme: in third density, the theme is defined by The Choice and The Choice is this: to keep moving in the direction of serving yourself most of the time or … to keep moving in the direction of serving others more often than not.

It really is that simple.

Take a moment to contemplate the significance of this choice for your own life …

Neglecting or refusing to consistently and persistently serve either the self or the other to the extent required to evolve and ascend to the next level (into fourth density) carries this consequence: the individual who so neglects or refuses is assured of yet another opportunity to return (incarnate) to a world in third density where The Choice is again presented and used (or not) to polarize and evolve in favor of ascension.

Your service polarity determines the kind of world you inhabit in fourth density …

In fourth density, where the light is dense enough for individual islands of consciousness to be telepathically linked, evolved individuals have earned the right to access and respond to each other’s intentions to generate what is known in Law of One terms as a social memory.

In one 4D world, individuals in service to self (STS) who favor perpetuating a hierarchical social memory based on competition have ready access to the intentions of those who are likewise in service to self, whereas in another 4D world, individuals in service to other (STO) who favor perpetuating an egalitarian social memory based on cooperation have ready access to the intentions of those in service to others.

For an example of the latter, I refer you to Howard Storm’s account entitled The Future of the World. In this 4D world on earth in a future not so distant (late 22nd century), people bond in small communities with telepathic access to each other and to those in other communities. This is an egalitarian world of communities (communicative unities) infused with peace and harmony living in accordance with their own themes in life.

On Earth, faint glimmers of 4D STS and 4D STO can be seen to manifest in two emotionally charged political systems known respectively as fascism and communism, both of which are blunt attempts to force The Choice in 3D to conform to the respective service orientations. One might even go so far as to say that a 4D STS force operating in the shadows is attempting to (a) establish a 4D STS on Earth (via fascism), while (b) undermining any chance of 4D STO ever taking root on Earth by establishing fascist control over all communist aspirations.

Reference: The Law of One


The world in which we live is undergoing yet another tumultuous transition from third to fourth density. I have dubbed this transition “Harvest Crunch” for three reasons: (1) evolved souls ready for ascension are now being harvested for habitation on fourth density worlds (including this one); (2) evolved souls almost ready for ascension to 4D are being given priority of incarnation, with opportunities to incarnate at this time; and (3) time is running out as the light of consciousness becomes ever denser, compelling souls to come clean with their service intentions.

This widespread compulsion is generating a lot of heat, in the forms of resistance and insistence, for people and planet both, exacerbated all the more by a pervasive and divisive global tension between those acting in service to self and those acting in service to others. Here, I invite you to think in terms of the controversies swirling around the FilterNet, climate engineering, 5G, and the rise of artificial intelligence. I would also invite you to view these developments in view of a Global Depopulation Policy that is decades long in the making alongside eugenics.

Time is running out because at some point, in a future not so distant, a clean break will occur between third and fourth densities, which might account for why a largely unseen battle is being waged on a global scale between those in service to self and those in service to others.

For added context, let us discern the main differences between 3D and 4D …

Life in third density (3D) follows a predictable path and pattern from birth to death: we come into this world with a vibrational essence that is tapped and tuned emotionally into shape by parental and familial influences, which includes all manner of conditioning and programming.

“Give me a boy in the first seven years of his life and I will give you the man.”

By the time the world can be engaged interdependently (at around seven years of age), children gradually learn which emotions are welcome and which are to be suppressed or bypassed in favor of taking a more mental stance in life. By the time children reach an age when they can begin to engage the world independently (physically, sexually) at around fourteen years of age, the stage is set for spiritual independence.

If all goes well for the young adult coming of age (at around the age of twenty-one), a spirit of independence will have emerged in tandem with a well integrated soul that incorporates all of the essential facets of life (vibrational, emotional, mental, physical, sexual), enabling the cycle to be repeated yet again with choices made (hopefully wise) in career, marriage, and/or family in ways appropriate to this person’s generation.

It’s a cosmic program well suited to living a safe, secure, stable, and satisfying life, one that offers balance between refining a social identity and retaining a sense of being a separate person (“refine and retain”), even if this means becoming identified “by the way you look, by the job you have, by the car you drive, by the home you buy, and by the people with whom you associate, personally and professionally.”

Typical catalysts for personal growth include: feeling fearful of missing out; feeling fearful about not having enough or being good enough; perceiving life mostly as consumption and competition, with a few threads of cooperation weaved into the big picture for good measure.

In 3D, personal fulfillment is found mostly in making money and raising social status.

Persons embedded in 3D rely mostly on their five senses to get from A to B: “thoughts have little if any power to shape my reality: whatever comes my way is simply a coincidence; yes, there’s much joy to be had in living this life, but the pain and the deeper emotions can be rather difficult to manage; truth be told, I have no real desire to go within and plumb the depths. Life is best lived by skimming the surface.”

Such are the lives of those who live in 3D.

By contrast, 4D consciousness begins to rise when the possibilities of living in a 3D box are exhausted by living through many incarnations. Such a 4D consciousness awakens to these fundamental notions: “we are all connected and there’s more to life than meets the eye.”

In 4D consciousness, thoughts are viewed and treated as having power (“thoughts become things”), bringing shifts in perceptions of reality. Ideas of true and false, good and bad, right and wrong are still experienced, but there’s more understanding and compassion behind them.

To wit: “I am not my (divisive) thoughts and my (divisive) thoughts are not me.”

4D consciousness opens to the significance of quality food, sleep, exercise, and meditation, all with a view towards living and leading a healthy lifestyle, alongside a keen desire to pay attention to how personal actions are affecting the quality of physical and social environments.

In 4D consciousness, a strong desire emerges to “find your purpose and follow your passion,” either in service to self or in service to others, with the understandings that “life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest” and “I am worthy and deserving of living the life of my dreams.”

As sensitivity and intuition continue to grow and expand, the world is processed through six rather than five senses: “with my intuition, I can seek and find a deeper meaning to my life and to life in general; I can now begin to see the magic in synchronicity and synchrodestiny.”

In rising still further to a 5D state of consciousness, one is afforded an overview of the transition between life lived in 3D and life lived with 4D consciousness. In 5D consciousness, it is not an easy matter living, loving, and learning inside the boxes of 3D (or even 4D), as there is little if any doubt that all things and all beings are connected. For those in 5D, life is an adventure of growth to be lived and loved to the fullest.

What can those in 5D consciousness bring to the table of life, love, and lust on Earth at this time, in the transition between 3D and 4D? What significant lessons can be shared with those attempting to open up 3D/4D consciousness to the blessings of 4D/5D consciousness?

Here, I will speak from the perspective of being in service to others …

A higher purpose governs all beings in all things; potentially, every experience carries meaning. In the absence of judgment, love, wisdom, and discernment reign supreme. Everyone has a journey to call their own and everyone is fundamentally equal. Self as Context takes precedence over Self as Concept (or Self as Content) ~ no obsessive compulsive attachments necessary, no obsessive compulsive stories required.

To wit: “here and now, thoughts ‘n things just continue to grow and flow.”

At this level of consciousness, a desire to live from a place of pure authenticity informs and inspires the fundamental purpose to “live truth in love and joy,” knowing full well that consumption and competition are artifacts of 3D: there’s more than enough for everyone everywhere.

References: Ultimate Fulfillment 71, Ultimate Fulfillment 98, The Ultimate in Fulfillment?!


In sharing this context, I can now clarify the ultimate in fulfillment in terms of three movements: (1) the movement towards making a significant contribution; (2) the movement towards facilitating a smooth transition; and (3) the movement towards realizing a worthwhile incarnation.

In the depths of mystery, from the highest perspective, in the eyes of Creation, …

  • any contribution, no matter how modest, could in fact be a significant contribution
  • any transition, no matter how rough, could in fact be a relatively smooth transition
  • any incarnation, no matter how wasteful, could in fact be a worthwhile incarnation

All three movements are inextricably linked by a common bond. What is this bond?

In a word? Presence. More specifically, a shared presence.

Regardless of density, it is human to resist and insist; it is divine to attend and intend.

I invite you to pause in contemplation of this important distinction, one that is crucial for the soul and vital to the spirit: crucial for attending to the resisting and vital to intending through the insisting.

The body is a vessel and a vehicle for the attending soul and the intending spirit, respectively, serving as the medium by which and through which to wield attention and intention, respectively, so as to negotiate and navigate through experience in favor of quality and vitality.

Presence serves to inform as guide and goad: even as presence guides attention to the what of mental focus in support of quality (“this is required …”), presence goads intention to adopt and adapt the why of emotional focus for the sake of vitality (“… and this is why”).

In asking presence “what is required now?”, one need not ask “why is this required?” The why becomes evident after the fact, either during the incarnation or after the incarnation during the Life Review.

Presence also serves to inspire as guide and goad: if presence guides attention past resistance towards quality of experience, then presence goads intention past insistence towards vitality of experience.

The practicality of presence, of being present, is evident in view of these two counterfeits of quality and vitality, both of which are means of control: (1) sedation (a form of resistance with a fixation on quality) and (2) distraction (a form of insistence with a fixation on vitality).

Sedation takes many forms.

Here’s a sample: eating, drinking, bathing, sleeping, smoking, toking, drugging.

The sedation of attention demotivates the quest for quality beyond the sedation, generating in its place a transfixed condition known as addiction, and narration is indulged by way of compensation; stories are told about why this sedation is necessary to ease the pain.

As the perception of feeling compelled to move along against the will by seemingly unexpected and unpleasant events continues to be reinforced by indulgence in sedation and narration, a growing insistence begins to stir, speaking to the need for vitality of experience.

Eventually, a well-meaning intention is announced to rise above the sedation.

Sedation, however, is vulnerable to distraction from intention. Sedation, in being hyper-focused on quality of experience, has neglected to account for vitality of experience. Pressure builds in body and mind to be reactive and decisive to relieve the monotony of sedation.

Distraction takes many forms.

Here’s a sample: texting, browsing, gaming, listening to music, watching porn.

The distraction from intention disempowers the quest for vitality beyond distraction, generating in its place a transfixed condition known as addiction, and narration is indulged by way of compensation; stories are told about why the distraction is necessary to ease the pain.

As the perception of feeling compelled to move along against the will by seemingly unexpected and unpleasant events continues to be reinforced by indulgence in distraction and narration, a growing resistance begins to stir, speaking to the need for quality of experience.

Eventually, a well-meaning intention is announced to rise above the distraction.

Distraction, however, is vulnerable to the sedation of attention. Distraction, in being hyper-focused on vitality of experience, has neglected to account for quality of experience. Pressure builds in body and mind to be receptive and reflective to relieve the monotony of distraction.

Sedation takes many forms …

And so the cycle repeats … at least until a stand is taken, not to feel better, but to get better at feeling. And how does one go about getting better at feeling? By taking these baby steps: (1) contain the feeling (“thank you, soul”); and (2) endure the feeling (“thank you, spirit”).

The event that triggers the unwelcome feeling is a messenger of sorts; dismiss the messenger to receive the message. This is not rocket science: clear the space required to contain the feeling so as to endure the feeling long enough to dissipate and integrate the feeling.

Much easier said than done, but with presence and practice, the quick fixes can be shunned so that the cover stories can be dropped. Many of the feelings that compel these fixes and stories are frozen in time, awaiting reactivation and reintegration in present moment awareness.

The frozen emotional charges that seduce and propel body and mind backwards and forwards in time willy-nilly were imprinted throughout childhood long before they could ever be contained and endured with a mature capacity for conceptual and spiritual understanding.

The cover stories that are told to perpetuate the cycle of sedation and distraction are childlike yet feeble attempts at coming to terms with events charged with apparent chaos and conflict. Feeding and finding these tales with attention and intention are forms of insanity.

The way to safety and sanity, quality and vitality, is by getting better at feeling the vibrational stirrings of fear, anger, and grief by clearing a space to contain them and by making the time to endure them.

Quality and vitality of experience are governed by how consciously quality and vitality of experience are engaged through feeling, through getting better at feeling in view of practice, in light of presence.

Reference: The Presence Process


The ultimate in fulfillment is, by definition, absolute in nature and scope, but the cosmic and global contexts in which and through which we are all divinely programmed and humanly conditioned ensures that ultimate fulfillment can only ever be approached and realized in relative terms.

Certainly, if one is ready, one can get a mystical, magical taste of ultimate fulfillment while in human form, but the taste is ephemeral. One can get a taste of the absolute without a mastery of love and wisdom, but even with a growing mastery of love and wisdom in third, fourth, and fifth densities, one can still look forward (upward) to learning and growing from lessons that further refine love and wisdom in higher densities.

At higher densities, accessible through meditation and dreams, as well as psychedelic or medicinal herbs and plants, one enters timespace, where time presents as one-dimensional (that is, you can time travel through pixels of spacetime instantaneously). The power of thought is amplified, even as feelings of unity and harmony are enhanced, which translates into greater degrees of freedom to, for example, manifest desired bodily forms at will, create entire worlds from the imagination, and facilitate transitions between one octave of densities to the next.

By attending momentarily with the one infinite creator in ultimate absolute consciousness, one might be inspired to access an infinite series of universes of varying octaves of densities manifesting simultaneously in timespace and spontaneously in spacetime, while tapping, tuning, and tasting this infinite bandwidth of expression with whatever feels relevant and significant in the here and now of present moment awareness.

In numerical terms: 8 0 8 0 8 … ad infinitum, from the fulfilling witnessing perspective of 9.

One could live with and from and through this perspective for the duration of an incarnation, exploring and expressing from a strictly absolute point of view with the one infinite creator along the pathless path and still be of significant use to the flowering of the one infinite creation.

As long as one becomes or remains polarized as STS or STO, one can still …

(a) make a significant contribution to the creation (no matter how modest);

(b) help facilitate the transition from 3D to 4D (no matter how smooth or rough); and

(c) realize a worthwhile incarnation for the creation (no matter how wasted)

With this last point about realizing a worthwhile incarnation at the end of life, it is clearly and unequivocally understood on The Other Side in The Great Beyond that it is always best to finish strong. Again, the lynchpin of a life well lived in 3D is found in the service orientation.

In being or becoming of service to self most of the time, one might ask: to what extent can I bypass the heart of humility, forgiveness, and unconditional love to present and express myself as being superior to others or, if not superior, then at least separate from others?

Conversely, …

In being or becoming of service to others more often than not, one might ask: to what extent do I embrace the heart of humility, forgiveness, and universal love to present and express myself as being fundamentally equal to others without imposing conditions or expectations?

For the sake of brevity, let us call this embrace of heart and soul “the sweet embrace.” What ingredients go into making the sweet embrace a reality more often than not? Let us begin with peace …

Peace is an ingredient: it cannot be made; it can only be realized with real eyes. In every moment, whether we care to real eyes it or not, we continue to be immersed in the vibrational resonance of peace.

All of the feelings of fear, anger, and grief that ever went unresolved through lifetimes of experience keep coming up for processing, lifetime after lifetime. Until these feelings are contained, endured, and resolved, narration will continue to be coupled with sedation or distraction.

Activity born of inauthentic narration obscures the peace that is always already here and now.

If humility opens up to peace, then forgiveness resolves the long lost emotional charge by replacing judgment with discernment (“judge not lest ye be judged”): the messenger is acknowledged and then dismissed even as the message is received (“hate the sin, not the sinner”).

Through the presence and practice of genuine humility and authentic forgiveness, love without condition is restored and refreshed to the extent to which the long lost emotional charges that compel judgment of self or other are reactivated, contained, endured, resolved, and reintegrated.

When we “do the work,” the sweet embrace just keeps growing sweeter.

In light of the sweet embrace, the human predicament is the predicament of being born into a world that constantly imposes conditions and expectations, both of which obscure the peace and the love that are always and already here and now. What might be the antidote?

In a word? Compassion.

Given this predicament, however, not many people can be truly compassionate.

Without presence and practice, it is rarely if ever easy to be truly compassionate for any length of time in a world full of conditions and expectations. Compassion is never handed to anyone on a silver platter, but it is compassion that will get you to the next level.

Recall the sweet cyclical embrace of humility, peace, love, forgiveness …

Here’s a clue to make it easier to be truly compassionate: exercise your compassion, not for people themselves, not for their individual predicaments (necessarily), but for the shared human predicament of living in a world overflowing with conditions and expectations.

Also, consider following the example of those who are truly compassionate.

The research is clear: the more money you make, the more status you have, the less empathetic you tend to be (empathy is the gateway to compassion). Those who are preoccupied with making money and raising status think twice (if at all) before giving to the less fortunate.

Not being so preoccupied, truly compassionate souls give spontaneously.

You are truly compassionate, with yourself and others, as and when you clear the space and make the time to … listen intently in the face of suffering, finding common ground, caring for feelings, easing the burden of suffering alone, and sharing knowledge that helps not hurts.

Empathy, being the gateway to compassion, requires getting to know your own feelings ~ intimately, compassionately, and meaningfully ~ so that when you notice someone in genuine need, you’ll have a repertoire of feelings from which to draw and use to lend a helping hand.

Here’s yet another clue to facilitate true compassion: be kind to yourself, while coming to the realization that compassion is a never-ending proposition, especially in third density, to be exercised here and now, everywhere and everywhen, especially when you least expect it.


In the current transition between life in 3D and 4D, a shearing effect is presently in play around the planet between the forces that would serve themselves (and those above them) almost exclusively by serving the concentration of wealth and influence at the top of a very large pyramid of global, transnational, governmental, corporate, and institutional power and control under the guise of socialism approaching communism, and the more conservative forces that would serve the greater good of humanity in view of the religiosity of sanctity and the spirituality of divinity.

In other words, it is time to consciously choose sides, lest ye be pulled under by the strong currents that are being generated by the ongoing polarization. It is time, not only to affirm The Choice (if this is possible), but to remain polarized in keeping with your choice for as long as this is possible, before the undermining push and pull of third density gives way to the pervasive influence of peace and harmony in fourth density.

In this transition, we have ample opportunity to become master jugglers, juggling the everpresent requirements of loving and forgiving from a space of fourth density consciousness with the everpresent demands of living, loving, learning, and yes, even lusting, in third density.

In riding out this turbulent transition, let us re-member our shared human predicament. In navigating this predicament mindfully, skillfully, and artfully, we do so, not by blaming or shaming the experience we are presently having, but by naming and taming our shared presence.

Whatever you are going through right now, if anything, just re-member that the vast intelligence and wisdom of creation is giving you yet another opportunity to choose afresh in favor of loving, forgiving, and serving the other with discernment through the blessing of peace.

As we choose consistently to be of service to the other (patiently, diligently, persistently, and playfully), we are assured of making significant contributions to the creation, facilitating the transition from 3D to 4D and, if all goes well, realizing worthwhile incarnations for the creation.

In so doing, we approach relevant, significant realizations of the ultimate in fulfillment.

For myself, my work on ultimate fulfillment, in essence at least, now feels complete.

Here, I shall wish myself a peaceful, propitious, and prosperous 9th anniversary.

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