For Advanced Students Only

by Christopher Lovejoy on April 28, 2019

If you know where to look, there is much about this world that beggars belief. I won’t go into listing the many ills of this world (like before). I merely wish to acknowledge, simply and honestly, without dramatic effect, that this world is, in many respects, a nightmare in progress.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or even if you have chosen to find yourself living inside a bubble, you likely already knew this to be true for you, and so, it’s not like I’m saying anything new.

Up to now, in many ways and by many means, the demoralization and dehumanization of humanity in this world for much of its recorded history has been quite … how can I say this? … breath-taking.

Now you might be thinking, if you’re especially religious, that “this nightmare is none of your business,” and I get that; I really do. I can already hear your kind, well-meaning admonition: “this is God’s business; submit to the will of God and all will be well.” Sounds awfully enticing, too.

Or, you might be thinking, if you’re especially New-Agey, that “you really shouldn’t be falling prey to duality, dwelling on the negative in any way, shape, or form; just be love and light,” and I get that, too. I really do. I mean, a full immersion in love and light is quite protective, yes? Yes!

Or, you might be thinking, if you’re especially oblivious, that “this ‘nightmare in progress’ is a mere figment fed by too many confirmation biases that have congealed into a misinterpretation of the seriousness of what is actually happening.” What a relief that would be if it were true.

Or, you might be thinking, “yes yes, this world might be going to hell in a hand basket, but why so serious? Clay? Play! You only get this one chance at living this one life! Why squander your energy on matters over which you have little or no control?” Hmm, that sounds like fun!

Or, you might be thinking, “dude, what are you going on about? Haven’t you read the latest in quantum physics indicating that we all live in an infinite number of pixelated universes generated by an infinite number of observers? You create your own experience of reality.” Uh-uh.

Messages received loud and clear. Thank you.

And thank you for your reassurances, too. If nothing else, they inspire even more creative bypassing. Just think: now we can all go back to our regularly scheduled programming, even as this world continues to slide into the depths of Hell. I mean, what else can anyone really do?

But wait, don’t go yet!

Does this nightmare in progress actually point to a crisis and a collapse that is a wholesale destruction of humanity, or … does it reflect a wholesale reconstitution of life on Earth? Because if it’s the latter, maybe we really do have something to celebrate, don’t you think?

But then again, as measured against the gauge of decades, or even years, maybe the end really is nigh; if it is, few will know why, and fewer still will care, given the widespread censorship of dissenting voices in a fog of misinformation and disinformation generated by Big Media.

Earth: Nightmare in Progress. Coming soon to a live theater near you?


Alright, I’m already beginning to fear I’m having too much fun here. Let’s flip the narrative and contemplate the other side of the proverbial coin. Could it be that running in parallel with the destruction and devastation of this world is a development that is aimed squarely at paradise?

If I am God, then what happens in “” is my business ~ all of it ~ every single bit of it; and if I dwell on even a tiny aspect of it that I perceive as negative, I risk getting more of the same; and if I continue to rack up one confirmation bias after another, I risk falling prey to a misinterpretation of the seriousness of what is actually happening; and if I get too serious and fool myself into thinking I am not the creator of my own experience of reality, might I not miss out on that one chance to live this life as a playfully loving, joyous, and ecstatic exploration?

I shudder to think.

Okay, so everything I see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and otherwise sense is, on one level, a projection of thought and feeling, and everything I see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and otherwise sense is, on yet another level, a delayed reflection of my most intimate thought and feeling.

So far so good, just so long as I remain clear about the distinction between projection and reflection, because … well … stepping in front of a large moving vehicle as if it weren’t there in a rare moment of absent-mindedness could have some very serious consequences, yes?

Furthermore, I cannot help but be subject to the co-creation, which, in case you haven’t noticed, is a most solid, heavy projection. Creation makes possible the co-creation, which is the projection, which in turn makes possible attraction and manifestation. In other words, if I keep looking for nightmares, I’ll surely keep finding them, reinforcing a bias towards finding ever new and fresh nightmares to consider.

If, on the other hand, I keep finding evidence of paradise on Earth, would I not then be positively biased towards attracting and manifesting an enjoyable experience of paradise on Earth for myself and others?

In case you’re wondering, that was a rhetorical question.

To see how and why, I invite you to keep reading …


Let me say this now: reality is a two-way street between object and subject and between subject and object. Sure, we could obliterate this distinction and have some fun with that, but let’s cross this two-way street with a bit of effort and discipline, just to see what can be known.

A strange object ~ a moving vehicle never before seen by me, for example ~ represents the projection of many co-creators. I ~ the subject ~ am subject to this projection simply because I can see it moving, and if I am wise (I am), I will give this projection plenty of room to move.

A familiar object ~ a moving vehicle that I re-cognize as a passenger train ~ also represents the projection of many co-creators, but this time, I am subject to this projection, not only because I can see it moving, but because I can interpret what I see as a way to go from A to B.

The object has meaning for me because I care enough to interpret what I see.

Take a moment to absorb the full meaning of this statement; it’s that important.

Otherwise, there is no meaning in anything I see, unless and until I interpret it.

Take a moment to absorb the full meaning of this statement; it’s that important.

Here’s the logic: the creation as a whole lends itself to a co-creation of subjects, which is also a projection of co-creative consciousness, which in turn is subject to interpretation by those who care enough to manifest a meaningful and enjoyable experience for themselves.

Just because some manifest a meaningless and miserable experience for themselves doesn’t take away the fact that they are nonetheless trying to manifest a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

We all have it within our power, not to ignore, dismiss, avoid, or bypass the collective co-creation without consequence, but to give and lend meaning to the many and various objects of this projection with and through our own unique interpretations and related manifestations.

But, of course, not all interpretations are unique, which is fortunate, because if they were, we’d all be in serious trouble; we’d all be living in our own worlds, snugs as bugs inside our own bubbles of reality.

In fact, some interpretations are rather banal.

Consider: I’m standing outside on the platform of a train station, waiting for a train. The breeze is refreshingly cool, at first, but then the breeze picks up and turns into a wind, and I am suddenly chilled to the bone. Ouch. I remind myself that it’s refreshingly cool, but then the next gust of wind reminds me in no uncertain terms that, “no, this gust of wind is made to chill; nice try, though.” In retrospect, I remember the Iceman. He says that if you can get your body temperature to rise, your body becomes impervious to the chills. This interpretation is not so banal. Next time, if I can remember, I’ll give it a try, and manifest a different experience with a different interpretation of those gusty, chilly projections.

Who’s to say, with a little practice and discipline, I can’t be like the Iceman?

This banal-and-then-not-so-banal example shares a common experience that points to what I call “degrees of freedom that remain subject to interpretation.”  So, for example, without sufficient knowledge and experience, I remain forever at the mercy of bone-chilling winds. Knowledge applied is power, especially when it affords more degrees of freedom with which to re-interpret what an experience means.

To be clear, these interpretations and re-interpretations of experience are best approached in a spirit of play, not only because they generate manifestations of reality that seem inflexibly impersonal, but because they also generate reflections of reality that seem flexibly personal.

What do I mean by this?

The truth and beauty of this co-creation is that, oftentimes, not everyone and everything are as they seem. In a spirit of play, the potential persists in our many interactions and situations for viewing both subjects and objects in many different ways from many different angles.

Remember, all manifestations that seem inflexibly impervious to interpretation, like someone caught under a big heavy vehicle, are subject to re-interpretation when belief and expectation shift, like when someone suddenly finds the uncommon strength to lift that “heavy” vehicle.

Likewise, a reflection of reality that seems flexibly amenable to interpretation can suddenly seem inflexible when mood, meaning, motivation, and momentum go south or take a nose dive. In a spirit of play, however, such seeming inflexibility can seem all the more flexible again.

Manifestation clay? Play. A play of reflections that seems impossibly resistant or grows intolerably stagnant or even downright dangerous or depressing? Play some more. Retaining an ever more robust and flexible capacity to play with interpretation comes highly recommended.

Easier said than done, I know, for we can only be what we know to be.


Where affecting the seemingly inflexible projection of co-creative consciousness is concerned, is it best to let it be or make it so, even at the risk of running interference with how and why the collective, projective co-creation continues to play out for one and all on the world stage?

We already know that energy flows where attention goes, and so it pays deep dividends to pay attention to the personal powers of intention and inspiration in light of the energies of concentration and assertion, on the one hand, and submission and transmission on the other. Some say: better to follow inspiration, as intention is a mere toy of the mind. This is a provocative statement, to be sure, but it does have its  advantages: for one, presuming to “make it so” with intention can lead to unintended consequences, whether short-term or long-term, and for two, following inspiration with and through the cosmic energies of submission and transmission honors the flow of life in both love and lust.

Existentially speaking, being submissive, transmissive through what I call “the be-coming of be-holding” comes highly recommended, as the following triple-layered schema of reality serves to illustrate:

3 > a surface creative manifestation is almost always subject to interpretation
2 > a mid layer of co-creative projection is sometimes subject to interpretation
1 > the deep layer of creation is, more likely than not, immune to interpretation

In exploring the deep layer of creation, some theoretical physicists are entertaining the assumption that reality only arises when it’s observed, and that energetically congealed packets of information do not exist unless and until they’re observed. This is another way of saying, more generally, that reality is composed of information, which is generated by observation, which can only be made by being conscious.

Q du jour: did consciousness and information emerge as a feedback loop at the dawn of creation, if indeed there was a dawn? In light of this question, consider these five laws of creation: (1) you exist, and in some form, you will always exist; (2) everything is here and now; (3) the one is in the all and the all are in the one; (4) what you put out is what you get back; (5) excepting these laws, change is the only constant.

From a solipsistic view, I am God. All of the people I see in my life are projections of my own consciousness, and if I am wise, I will treat them with due respect, as co-creative projections that are oftentimes subject to interpretation owing to the flexible nature of their appearances.

From a subjective view, I am a co-creator of God. All of the people I see in my life are projections of creation, and if I am wise, I will treat them with due respect, as co-creative projections who are oftentimes subject to interpretation owing to the flexible nature of their appearances.

Personally, I favor the subjective view, living in a world of kindred souls.

On the surface of this active, dynamic co-creative projection, whether viewed through the solipsistic lens or the subjective lens, lies creative manifestation itself, which is almost always subject to interpretation.

In essence, the triple-layered schema of reality that I shared above can be reviewed and treated as two facets of reality running in parallel. I summarize and illustrate these two parallel realities as follows:

collective reality = [ creation < > projection < > manifestation ]

subjective reality = [ inspiration < > interpretation < > reflection ]

From a holistic point of view, not only is subjective reality running in parallel with collective reality, but each aspect of each strand of reality is affecting, directly or indirectly, the other as contextual feedback running upward or downward as spirals of complexity or complication. From a personal point of view, creation inspires me to project a thought subject to interpretation that yields a manifestation upon which to reflect. Upon reflecting on any given manifestation that arises in my personal reality, I can then conjure new and fresh interpretations, which complexify or complicate the ongoing projection, which in turn inspires me or infuriates me to move co-creations in an upward or downward direction.

What I think and feel, what I say and do, matters, and when I says “matters,” I mean “manifests.” If I keep my focus on a growing nightmare, can you guess what will happen? I will eventually find myself living in my own nightmare. If I keep my focus on paradise, I will, eventually, find myself living in a paradise. Granted, to some extent, I already do live in some version of paradise, but as long as I remain seduced by any fascination with nightmares, said nightmares will continue to interrupt or intrude upon my perception of my version of paradise on Earth.

On the surface of co-creation, almost all manifestation remains subject to interpretation, and here I say “almost” not only to sidestep the brush and bane of all-or-nothing thinking but because the deep layer of creation itself has an uncanny way of thwarting such resolute thinking.


In a recent post of mine, entitled Six Sacred Intimate Tales, I raised the specter of ~ and I quote myself ~ “a rather grave impoverishment beyond a mere greeting that is fleeting and beyond a mere glimmer that grows ever dimmer and grimmer by the day (and night).”

For ease of reference, the nature of this impoverishment bears repeating:

In a world where everyone is slowly but surely shutting everyone else down, owing to the consuming forces of technology and ideology, it is a rare moment when one pair of eyes meets another pair of eyes, each giving the other nothing less than hints of a common humanity.

In this dying world, even more rare are those moments when female humanity, unfettered and unburdened by the many hooks and chains of technology and ideology, dares to proffer a look that speaks to the promise of love, and here, I also speak to the varieties of lovelust.

This irrepressible impulse might yet still be the saving grace of humanity.

Although I must say, I have my doubts, given the many trends that I see.

In reviewing this introductory passage, do I mean to say that the world as a whole is dying? No. In reviewing this passage, do I mean to say that this world in particular is dying? Yes … and … no.

Let me explain.

You have likely heard it said that the world is running as a simulation. I would go further: the world is a multi-layered simulation composed of many worlds: the world (as a whole), this world (in particular), a world (belonging to a singular consciousness, like you), and my world.

The physics of creation points clearly and directly to these many worlds as being ever more transcendent and inclusive simulations inside the pixelated body of a universal consciousness. This universal body is akin to a field of energy imbued with mathematical constants and geometric configurations that generate a holographic field of play in which to project and co-create worlds that are responsive to conscious intention.

I say pixelated because the smallest units of time and distance have been measured precisely, and so far, there is no evidence for a reality that is not pixelated, meaning that reality is not smooth; spacetime is not smooth. Reality is geometric in nature; the tiniest units of time and distance build up to form moving pictures in timelines that combine too quickly for the eye to see and too quickly for the brain to process.

What kind of geometric code would describe such a pixelated reality? In particle accelerators, all fundamental particles and forces have been found to convert into one another, according to a process known as gauge symmetry transformation, and every single one of these transforms correpond to a shape that is 8 dimensional in nature, an 8D lattice, which, when projected, forms two smaller shapes whose difference in size has been measured precisely as the golden ratio, thought to be the most basic constant in nature, showing up in all things large and small.

In essence, reality is composed of information, which is generated by observation, which can only be made by being conscious; we are not unlike conscious holograms living in a conscious holographic universe serving as a container, a bridge, and a mirror for consciousness.

The holography of the universe at the deep level of creation, however, is a ton more sophisticated than anything co-creative consciousness (like humankind) has so far been able to project and produce for itself. Keep this in mind the next time you step onto a busy street without looking.


Consider: this world is dying even as this world is growing.

I have a choice: I can attend to the death (and those who profit from this death) or I can attend to the growth (and those who profit from this growth). Or I can do both. Or, I can attend to one and then the other. Or, I can attend to neither and just let my life play out as it must. In the light of this choice, I have two orientations, in relation to creation, of learning and growing spiritually in the virtues of love, faith (trust), and hope: (1) in serving the self most of the time (STS), I focus energy inward to consolidate a separate stable identity for my creation or (2) in serving the other more often than not (STO), I focus energy outward to give way to an integral stable identity courtesy of the creation.

The love is a love of self and/or other; the faith is a trust in self and/or other; the hope is a hope that self and/or other prevails. The following schema captures the directionalities of these two polarizations:

STS: my world > a world > this world > the world

STO: the world > this world > a world > my world

In healing the wound of separation, STS summons integration by way of separation in relation to others to consolidate an exclusive love of self in service to self, whereas STO summons integration in relation to others to consolidate an inclusive love of others in service to others. In the overall scheme of things, both are considered legitimate polarizations of energy that align intention with inspiration by way of insight.

Why is this important to know?

The wound of separation (appearing when feeling unworthy, undeserving, unloveable, and/or incapable) offers the prospect of integration, either from within (STS) or from without (STO). To the extent that this wound festers is the extent to which this world seems cold, mean, dark, harsh, and dead, and to the extent that this wound is healed is the extent to which world seems warm, kind, light, soft, alive.

Summarily speaking, if a dying world is a projection of the wound, then a world coming alive to promise and possibility is a projection of the wound being integrated through the self (exclusively) or the other (inclusively) as produced and projected through positive vibrations:

vibrating here, now at the speed of peace, with love and joy,
by way of bliss, through grace and ease, in awe and wonder:

the creation responds, not to the words, but to their vibration,
via thought, belief, emotion, intention, expectation, inspiration,
as consciousness contributes to the blossoming co-creation

be aware of what you are putting out, energetically speaking;
tune into your inner guidance to lead you along your true path,
attracting and manifesting the most promising of experiences

This snapshot of spiritual guidance speaks to the promise of both STS and STO, but the more crucial distinction to be recognized here is the one between separation and integration.

Let us see how this is so.


The wound of separation offers a prospect of integration if close attention is paid to feeling unworthy, undeserving, unlovable, or incapable, while harmonizing the watcher, watched, and watching.

Becoming watchful does not mean that you become inactive; action happens through you, although there is no doer anymore. The doer disappears, but the doing continues. And when there is no doer, the doing is spontaneous; it cannot be otherwise.

It is the doer that does not allow spontaneity.

Osho, The Book of Understanding: Creating Your Own Path to Freedom (p. 216)

If the deep layer of creation is accessed through the presence of a watcher, and if the mid layer of co-creative projection is accessed through the promise of that which is watched, then the surface layer of creative manifestation is accessed through the power of watching.

Note the parallels: presence, promise, power … watcher, watched, watching. Furthermore, if watching is the beginning of spontaneity, then spontaneity is the fulfillment of watcher, watched, and watching.

ultimately, reality is made of information projected by observation …

There is, however, another piece to the puzzle: purpose.

Purpose unifies destiny, serving the cause of integration, calling on capacities to be attentive (to the deep layer), sensitive (to the mid layer), intuitive (with the surface layer), and responsive (to the whole).

ultimately, reality is made of information projected by observation subject to interpretation

Energy flows (and grows) where attention goes, and so in relation to any nightmare in progress, where must I keep putting my attention if it is my wish to live and love and learn and laugh in paradise?


Be present; be here now.

Be aware of being aware; be still now.

Be awesome; be love now.

Be content; be One now.

Now is the moment of power.

The mind comes out of the past; consciousness is never out of the past ~ consciousness comes out of this moment. The mind is time, and consciousness is eternity.

Osho, The Book of Understanding: Creating Your Own Path to Freedom (p. 256)

As I recall that now is the moment of power, I am forever, in one form or another; everything is here and now; the One is in the All and the All are in the One; what I put out is what I get back; and with the exception of these universal laws of creation, change is the only constant.

As I allow myself to occupy a point of presence, promise, power, and purpose, I retain control of self in relation to other only insofar as I recall that now is the moment of power; additionally, I can accept and forgive the other only insofar as I recall that now is the moment of power.

As I make peace with passing from this life in relation to passing through this life, I realize the ultimate in personal fulfillment as the ultimate in personal contentment, so that I can know and feel the convergence of soul and spirit, of capacity and ability, of gratitude and generosity.

As I continue to prefer to pass from this life in peace at a time and place of my choosing, I prefer to live this life in a paradise of peace and prosperity, with the emergent paradise serving as my container, with peace serving as my bridge, and with prosperity serving as my mirror.

In making good on these preferences, I embrace the premise that “all time is affecting all time, all the time,” such that every moment in time is co-creating every other moment in time, forwards and backwards in time, not unlike a neural net spanning the whole of space and time.

Strange as this might seem, such a net is its own creator and creation.

One frozen moment in time is but one pixelated frame in time on any given timeline, given the planck length of time being the smallest unit in time (10 to the 44 times shorter than a second), such that past, present, and future co-exist simultaneously in one geometric moment.

In remaining attentive, sensitive, intuitive, responsive, and response-able to any given moment in time, I remain attentive, sensitive, intuitive, responsive, and response-able both to my creation within the creation as a whole and to creation as a whole in relation to my creation.

In this light, as I consider the following contrasting pairs (as they are basic to presence, promise, power, and purpose), I open up a space to receive, reflect, and respond to the wisdom of both sides:

to die in a dying world, lose sleep
to live in a growing world, get sleep

to die in a dying world, stop moving
to live in a growing world, keep moving

to die in a dying world, eat dead food
to live in a growing world, eat live food

to die in a dying world, go dehydrated
to live in a growing world, stay hydrated

to die in a dying world, stop breathing
to live in a growing world, breathe deeply

to die in a dying world, hold on to “the past”
to live in a growing world, let go of “the past”

to die in a dying world, resist the present
to live in a growing world, refresh the present

to die in a dying world, avoid “the future”
to live in a growing world, allow “the future”

Furthermore, many are the ways to inspire and be inspired by the deep layer of creation.

Some of the most potent ways to raise and/or retain a healthy, vital vibration so as to live a more positive, creative, constructive, fulfilling life include the following: as or when necessary, be accepting and forgiving; be appropriately generous with your time, money, and energy; eat high vibrational food and drink; restore and refresh presence, promise, and power through time spent in nature; contemplate words of wisdom and inspiration, written or spoken; listen to uplifting sounds and melodies, especially those tuned to the frequency of 639 Hz; engage in fluid gentle movements through dance or exercise serving to relax body and mind, relieving or releasing stress; make it a habit to meditate after waking to restore, reclaim, or refresh your vibrational attitude while calming/clearing body, mind, heart, and soul; journal daily with a soul of gratitude in a spirit of generosity; indulge in creative visualization, conjuring magical moments of peace, love, joy, bliss, grace, ease, awe, and/or wonder.

For New Age types, make a habit of putting hand on heart and smiling, blessing and thanking; carry a rock with a special word inscribed (like love, wisdom, gratitude, or generosity), touching it on occasion with a feeling of gratitude; wear crystals or keep them in a special place.

These corresponding word strings serve to reinforce the foregoing wisdom:

presence, promise, power, purpose
attentive, sensitive, intuitive, responsive
worthy, deserving, loveable, capable
deep layer, mid layer, surface layer, whole

Let us now address the stumbling blocks on the way to ultimate fulfillment …


I’ve written before about the nature, meaning, and purpose of the experiential catalyst, most notably in my posts entitled The Ultimate Catalyst and Let’s Be Clear About Service. In essence, such a catalyst is a stimulus for growth, whether the recipient is ready, willing, and/or able to process it or not.

If not, obstacles arise on the path; if one is wise and if one remains aware and alert, the obstacles themselves become the way. Let us now see how this is so by perusing the following prescriptions:

the presence of belief
uproot those beliefs that block the power to manifest;
do the work; release any beliefs that no longer serve

the promise of intention
focus on what you wish, not on what you don’t wish;
focus less on what is, or was, more on what could be

the power of positivity
process negativity that undermines positive intention,
especially negativity driven by fear, worry, and regret

the purpose of anticipation
anticipation is a critical piece in manifesting powerfully;
faith and trust underpin grace and ease of manifestation

the presence, promise, power, and purpose of inspiration
speak/write your words with care; choose them with care;
strive to make every word count; imbue them with positivity

In following these powerful prescriptions, you position yourself to discover your creatorship, your creative capacities to manifest desired and desirable experiences of reality for yourself with your most positive dominant thoughts, beliefs, intentions, anticipations, and inspirations.

Beware: a growing mastery of this process will bring abrupt shifts in reality.

Let us now examine the role of experiential catalyst in this process.


We live and learn inside a matrix of information, observation, projection, and manifestation subject to interpretation and reflection, complete with the many illusions of space, time, energy, and matter that make possible perceptions of causality and continuity by way of linear motion and linear time, serving as a container, a bridge, and a mirror for the exploration, expression, and evolution of consciousness.

As such, all time affects all time, all of the time, not unlike a massive neural net.

Recall, too, that we live in a pixelated reality where objects in space do not flow and where time does not flow. We merely receive constant impressions of flow in space and time. Ultimately, past and future have no effect on presence except to the extent that we believe they do. This is true for three reasons: (1) past and future are illusory artifacts of the mind for the purposes of offering impressions of learning, growing, exploring, expressing, evolving, and ascending, as “everything is here and now” (a law of creation); (2) the present moment is a convergence of an infinite number of possible timelines extending from birth to death, culminating in a state of being; and (3) as all of this is perceived to be so, then with enough present moment awareness (codified as “I am enough, here and now”), any such convergence that speaks to the quality and vitality of an experience can be shifted at any moment. Any such intentional act of making a shift, however, runs the risk of a momentary separation from the source of present moment awareness, as any such act could be an act that prevents further integration.

Let us now affirm that any perceived nightmare (inadequacy, difficulty, insufficiency) that suddenly or gradually appears or that sporadically or frequently appears or that dimly or vividly appears in daily life is a reflection subject to interpretation with reference to a clear purpose.

The simple act of “letting it be” (attentively, sensitively, and intuitively via presence, promise, and power) and the simple act of “making it so” (responsively via purpose) are applied simultaneously in the moment.

The test of a first-rate intelligence
is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time
and still retain the ability to function

~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Potentially, any catalyzing event can be perceived as negative or positive, insidious or influential, infuriating or inspiring. Also potentially, any catalyst that provokes a reaction can be idealized and harmonized in retrospect as a stimulus attempting to invoke or evoke a response:

stimulus > [perception / identification / evaluation] > response (conscious)
catalyst > [perception / identification / evaluation] > reaction (unconscious)

In holding to the witness perspective, an unconscious reaction to catalyst can suddenly or gradually, sporadically or eventually, dimly or vividly be idealized and harmonized as a conscious response to stimulus, but if the space and time between stimulus ~ [perception / identification / evaluation] ~ and response are illusory, then how do I bring myself up to speed so that all experience that I perceive as difficult, or even horrific, can be moved “from personalized to normalized or neutralized”?

In this question, the key word is “up.”

Here’s a clue to the progression, which I introduced in my most recent post

human survival (real)
personal identity (true)
social relations (good)
universal love (right)
spiritual wisdom (best)
wise compassion (fine)
sacramentality (pure)

Now, you have likely heard it said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life”.

With this sacramental affirmation, one can proceed peacefully, gracefully, and blissfully on the way to serendipity as the default mode of being and becoming, to receive, accept, forgive, and process catalyst effectively and efficiently with presence, promise, power, and purpose.

Catalysts appear in the moment as intrusions from previous words spoken or actions taken; as intrusions from current words spoken or actions taken; or as intrusions from future words spoken or actions taken. Keep in mind, though, that impressions of time are illusory.

Ultimately, everything is here and now, slowed down to give quite a different impression, and so it makes sense to “do without doing,” to speak words without speaking (so to speak) and to take actions without taking, in alignment with a crystalized or crystalizing reservoir of soulfully accepting, spiritually forgiving energy (in the broadest sense) supplied by the presence of the wiser intelligence of Self.

As we get in the habit of viewing experiential catalyst in terms of past, present, and future, i.e., as manifestations of words spoken and actions taken from the past, in the present, or from the future, we can set what I call “an anchor of purpose” to guide the processing of catalyst.

One such anchor is existential in nature ~ a vision of passing from this life, articulated as follows: at the age of ___ or beyond, I shall pass from this life in my sleep at peace with this life; accordingly, I shall be and do all that I can to live this life in accordance with the realization of this sacred preference. In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I continue to embrace this preference as my anchor on the way to serendipity, already sensing the way to realization, and so I accept this or something better. The qualifications, “… or beyond” and “… or something better,” prevent any unnecessary restriction and constriction of the intention in relation to the inspiration of living in accordance with momentary insight.

Again, if all time affects all time, all of the time, and if past and future have no effect on the present except to the extent that I believe it does, then I can be inspired to receive, accept, forgive, and process catalyst as follows: personalize > empathize > normalize or neutralize.


Absent the clutches and crutches of intellectualization, rationalization, and sublimation, I invite you to move the admission that follows through your heart as a trigger for heartfelt contemplation: I did this, and, directly or indirectly, it caused myself, another, and/or others to suffer.

In the Life Review after passing, the reviewer is privy to a god-like (omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent) access to every event that ever transpired between birth and death, as if it were occurring here and now, including events in the lives of those affected by the reviewer.

The purpose of this life review is not to judge reviewers; it’s to give reviewers an opportunity to be impressed by the consequences of words spoken and actions taken, throughout an entire lifetime, through one or more degrees of separation. Reviewers judge themselves, if at all.

Heartfelt realizations abound to the effect that …

I did this: _______, and, directly or indirectly, it caused myself, another, and/or others to suffer; not only did I do this, it caused me to do this, which caused me to do this, and this, and this, causing myself, another and/or others to suffer even more

The flipside (thankfully, mercifully) is also true …

I did this: ______, and, directly or indirectly, it caused myself, another, and/or others to rejoice; not only did I do this, it caused me to do this, which caused me to do this, and this, and this, causing myself, another, and/or others to rejoice even more

In the context of a Life Review, karmic consequence sounds scary, as intricate as it is complex, but it need not be taken as an anvil attached to thy waist nor as a sword poised above thy head as one goes about living a life embedded inside a cosmic web of space and time, matter and energy.

The antidote to bearing a heavy past or an opaque future is simple to maintain though not easy to do without commitment and discipline: a commitment to present moment awareness and the discipline of meeting and greeting this world through present moment awareness.

This maintenance offers a baseline equanimity for processing catalyst, for processing catalyst as stimulus with response. Whatever I did (or didn’t do), whatever I feel I did (or didn’t do) to cause suffering to self or other can be relieved, released, and/or resolved through grace.

Likewise, whatever I did (or didn’t do), whatever I feel I did (or didn’t do) to cause rejoicing to self or other can, by contrast, be de-fined and re-fined through grace. Karmic consequence is truly an equal opportunity guide, offering both strict discipline and permissive guidance.

The way of grace exudes presence without pretense, having four spiritual dimensions ~ awakening, enlightenment, empowerment, and ultimate fulfillment ~ that correspond with four evolutionary phases of the soul and spirit that bring ascension into ultimate surrender to the One.

The four phases of spiritual evolution and ascension into ultimate surrender to the One are: (1) be present ~ be here now ~ presence; (2) be aware of being aware ~ be still now ~ awareness; (3) be awesome ~ be love now ~ absolution; (4) be content ~ be one now ~ dissolution.

Each of these phases, or even two or more or all of these phases, are potentially readily accessible in a moment of realization, though not so easily and consistently integrated through the appearance of time.

In the first phase, the phase of awakening to the beloved mystery of life, love, and the lust for life, the way of grace would have us open to standing still on the summit of a mountainous presence of grace with gratitude or, even more profoundly, with praise and thanksgiving.

In the second phase, the phase of enlightenment with the beloved mystery of life, love, and the lust for life, the way of grace would have us raise our arms on the summit of a mountainous presence of grace, open to receiving the blessings of grace under a shower of delight.

In receiving the blessings, the more obvious hard-won attachments to life, love, and lust have already been exposed and released, inviting us to consider releasing the energy of attachment from other, more subtle attachments to life, love, and lust that block the way of grace:

Who am I without my _____?

Who am I without my laptop?
Who am I without my website?
Who am I without my books?
Who am I without my writings?

Who am I without my best appearance?
Who am I without my very best behavior?
Who am I without my desired circumstances?
Who am I without my vision of perfection?

Who am I without my place of residence?
Who am I without my beloved companion?
Who am I without my food and my clothing?
Who am I without my daily morning rituals?

Who am I without my ideas and perspectives?
Who am I without my need to know and understand why?
Who am I without my many needs and desires?
Who am I without my need to secure and control?

Who am I without my health and vitality?
Who am I without my hopes and dreams?
Who am I without my cares and concerns?
Who am I without my clarity and certainty?

Who am I without my personal agency?
Who am I without my personal identity?
Who am I without my personal liberty?
Who am I without my personal sovereignty?

Who am I without my peace and my love?
Who am I without my joy and my bliss?
Who am I without my grace and my ease?
Who am I without my awe and my wonder?

Who am I without my being present here, now?
Who am I without my being aware of being aware?
Who am I without my being forever awesome?
Who am I without the totality of my being?

Who am I without my life, my love, and my lust?

Who am I without ___ (insert your first name)?

In the third phase, the phase of empowerment through the beloved mystery of life, love, and the lust for life, the way of grace would have us open to the catalyzing presence, promise, and power of grace on the horizontal plane, so as to be shaped into an instrument of grace.

As such, being broken open to choiceless awareness can be painful.

Through phases one, two, three, respectively, we let be, let go, let God. In the fourth phase, the phase of ultimate fulfillment, the way of grace would have us stay open to living as grace embodied, as divine human fountains standing, moving, and flowing in service to Creation.

even if the worlds of those around you are difficult and disharmonious,
as your mind aligns with the unity of Creation, your world is harmonious,
and this will not be by your doing, but by the simple love of the Creator

In this final phase, no more reminders that the map is not the territory.

By way of grace, then, the executive summary is clear for all to hear …

Stop … be still; there’s nowhere to go, there’s nothing to do, there’s simply everything to be; this is the invitation, this is the journey, this is the gift of life that presence offers and makes possible with praise and thanksgiving for the invitation, for the journey, for the gift of life itself.


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