Beauty, Harmony, Intimacy

by Christopher Lovejoy on March 16, 2019

delight to the point of ecstasy;
surrender sincerity to serenity

foci: beauty harmony intimacy

I allow beauty to begin with being; with being aware of being; with being who I am, as I am, where I am; with being aware of being aware of being; with being only one with being; with being through becoming; with being timelessly, effortlessly available to being and becoming.

The precipice of being is but One Moment away.

In view of the precipice of being, I contemplate a running jump swan dive over the precipice of being. In diving swan-like into the depths of being, I drop deep into the depths of being, where I come alive to the depthless depths of being, where being and becoming are not-two.

I can now see.k my way through being.becoming.

I allow harmony to begin and end with being.becoming; with being.becoming who I am, as I am, where I am; with being.becoming aware of being.becoming; with being.becoming alive to being.becoming; with being.becoming timelessly, effortlessly available to being.becoming.

In seeing, I am seen; in hearing, I am heard; in touching, I am touched; in moving, I am moved; in feeling, I am felt; in knowing, I am known; in growing, I am grown; in loving, I am loved; in trusting, I am trusted; in being, I am becoming; in becoming, I am forever being.becoming.

In delighting, I am delighted … to be … delightful.


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