I Am a Being of Infinite Worth

by Christopher Lovejoy on February 23, 2019

I am so blessed to realize that as I grow and flow beyond the circumstances and conditions of having and doing, I can sink and surrender into the infinite depths of being worthy and deserving of becoming.

from a steady equanimity, I surrender my sincerity to serenity, wholly at peace
with love and joy, by way of bliss, through grace and ease, in awe and wonder;
in service to creation, this sub-mission is the focus of a life lived in love ‘n lust

This lust for life comes and goes, rising and falling through a shifting baseline of love, a frequency most precious, a frequency that keeps me alive to the presence and absence of promise and possibility.

truly, the most exquisite of encounters arise from the most ordinary of moments,
except that no ordinary moment can ever be found when my attention holds true

in holding a space and making the time to bless and express in timeless wonder,
attending to each miracle in the moment with a presence divine, magic happens

The magic of a life lived in love ‘n lust, in lovelust, arises from without as a mirror of that which arises from within, and so it behooves the lover of life to be clear about the manner in which this life is lived.

as I remain submissively, transmissively responsive to the allures of my dream,
I cannot fathom the sacrifices of stamina and strategy, monotony and discipline

I can, however, see the blessings of inquiry and discovery at the crack of dawn,
magical moments that bring sunrises and surprises, with smoothies full of flavor

My tropical smoothies are simple yet true: the elixir of life that is coconut water, the symbol of love and lust that is the ripe banana, and the pearls of wisdom that are the many and various berries on offer.

May you continue to enjoin your life with love and lust, O being of infinite worth.

O my God, I am God, he said, as he was drawn to yet another magical moment.


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