Above and Beyond the Rise

by Christopher Lovejoy on February 9, 2019

you never ever choose x; x always always chooses you <1>

allow for the unknown; follow a path of least resistance <2>

the way to do is to be; be unique and help others be so <3>


(1) The Reality of Choice

Understand: the power of choice is ours to embrace, as and when we see fit. Even if we cannot make conscious choices, we are almost always in a position to mindfully resist those urges and impulses that would move us away from our natural desires and inclinations.

(2) A Path of Least Resistance

Understand: a path of least resistance is not a path of no resistance. In allowing for the unknown to arise as and when it does, following a path of least resistance keeps us attuned to our deepest needs and values and aligned with our strongest desires and inclinations.

(3) The Way to Do is to Be

Understand: in exploring and expressing what makes us different and deserving in the eyes of others (in a natural, spontaneous, effortless way), we encourage others to do likewise; that is, we honor our conscious power to resist that which would make us unconscious.

Ultimately, nothing matters … except … what you make matter; life is meaning-less … to the extent that you are unwilling or unable to make meaning in your life. Ultimately, what could be more fulfilling and liberating than making meaning with what really and truly matters?

Through it all, remain a witness to the rise and fall of what matters.

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