Compression or Compassion?

by Christopher Lovejoy on December 24, 2018

be true to your word before you speak truth to love and power;
make no assumptions, take nothing personally, always do your best;
make the most and best of who you are through what you love;
discern your ways into love even as you love your discerning ways

Last night, I experienced a lucid dream of levitation, involving two souls who seemed to be caught between compression and compassion, curiously detached from my presence, yet strangely welcoming at the same time, as if I held the key to their liberation into ascension.

They say … that you can become so wise in your ways that you become compressed in your wisdom, compressed to the point of not being able to evolve further in your ascension as a spirit with a soul.

The alternative to compression ~ compassion ~ would have the soul with a spirit heeding and holding a flicker of concern, at the very least, for some one or some thing that is perceived to be other than the self.

Of course, one could always choose to remain unconscious of either compression or compassion, letting the winds of fate dictate the course of a life lived and loved, but … just how satisfying could that be?

algorithm 1: “we give back as good as we get”


we are wrongfully blamed and/or shamed for any reason


we reserve the right to respond in kind


withhold all genuine positive feeling


reserve the right to expose the perceived wrongdoing


begin giving back as good as we get


keep giving back as good as we get

We’re sorry; please forgive us; we love you and we thank you …

We say these words when something, without knowing what it is, has infected our systems. We have no idea how it got there, and we don’t need to know. If we have a tendency to “give back as good as we get,” we’ve simply ingested a subroutine in a larger program that has made us that way ~ by saying “we’re sorry”, we’re telling the source of our divinity that we welcome forgiveness for whatever brought it to us. We’re not asking for forgiveness from divinity; we’re simply asking divinity to help us forgive ourselves. From there, we say “we love you” to get the energy flowing again, reconnecting us to divinity, attuning and aligning with the pure love of the Zero State with Zero Limits; we follow this with “thank you” as a loving, forgiving expression of faith that the issue at hand will be addressed and resolved for the highest good of all concerned. What happens next is up to the source of divinity; if we feel inspired to follow through, we do so; if we feel unsure about what to do, we use the same method to clean and clear the uncertainty; when we’re clear, we’ll know what to do (if anything). For more, visit

algorithm 2: “we keep giving more than we get”


we are wrongfully blamed and/or shamed for any reason


we reserve the right to hold our tongues, if at all possible


respond in a brief, informative, friendly, and firm manner


forgive and forget the incident as anomalous, if indeed it is


relay feedback on any emerging pattern of blaming and/or shaming


petition the source of divinity to bring resolution to any emerging pattern


welcome feedback on any emerging pattern of blaming and/or shaming


continue to monitor said pattern for evidence of escalation


expose said pattern as inimical to a wide range of interests


address and resolve said pattern with discernment and loving kindness

A perceived problem, however, can be addressed and resolved without knowing what is going on; realizing and appreciating this can be a relief to those who realize and appreciate it. In resolving a perceived problem, two questions must be addressed: (1) who am I? and (2) who’s in charge?

To apprehend the nature of the Cosmos begins with this insight from Socrates: know thyself.

Many if not most people in this world, including those in the scientific community, relate to the world as if it were a purely physical, densely packed material reality; studies to locate the causes of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes in faulty DNA is a prime example of this bias.

With this blinkered model of reality, it is erroneously believed that the conscious mind is the problem solver, that it controls what happens and what is experienced. In his bestseller, The User Illusion, the author goes to great lengths to paint a very different picture of consciousness.

In cutting consciousness down to size, the author cites studies that show that decisions are made before consciousness can make them; the mind is not aware of this, believing instead that it decides; also, the mind can only process a tiny fraction of information in a second.

A tiny fraction of information processed consciously means up to 40 bits of information per second out of millions of bits processed per second outside of awareness. Please, for your sake, and for the sake of everyone you know, take a tiny moment to process this simple fact.


The night sets softly
With the hush of falling leaves
Casting shivering shadows
On the houses through the trees
And the light from a street lamp
Paints a pattern on my wall
Like the pieces of a puzzle
Or a child’s uneven scrawl

Up a narrow flight of stairs
In a narrow little room
As I lie upon my bed
In the early evening gloom
Impaled on my wall
My eyes can dimly see
The pattern of my life
And the puzzle that is me

From the moment of my birth
To the instant of my death
There are patterns I must follow
Just as I must breathe each breath
Like a rat in a maze
The path before me lies
And the pattern never alters
Until the rat dies

And the pattern still remains
On the wall where darkness fell
And it’s fitting that it should
For in darkness I must dwell
Like the color of my skin
Or the day that I grow old
My life is made of patterns
That can scarcely be controlled

~ Paul Simon

So, if not the conscious mind, then who’s in charge? Consider these observations from the journal of Dr. Ikaleakala Hew Len, which I relay to you in somewhat edited form from the Appendix of Zero Limits:

memories that keep coming up for processing dictate what the subconscious experiences;
the subconscious merely experiences vicariously, mimicking and echoing memories that replay;
that is, the subconsious sees, feels, behaves, and decides exactly as memories dictate

the conscious mind also functions/operates without its awareness by memories replaying;
these memories dictate what the conscious mind experiences, as research studies show

heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, for example, are the effects of memories replaying
body and world exist in the mind as interpretations of memories replaying ~ rarely as inspirations
all perceived problems in the body, mind, and the world itself are effects of memories replaying

Dr. Hew Len continues: the conscious and subconscious minds, comprising the soul, do not generate their own ideas, thoughts, feelings, and actions; rather, the soul experiences itself, vicariously through memories that keep coming up for processing, or more rarely, as inspirations.

but men may construe things after their fashion,
fleeing from the purpose of the things themselves

~ Shakespeare

For Dr. Hew Len, it is essential to realize that the soul does not generate experiences of its own, that it merely sees as memories see, hears as memories hear, feels as memories feel, behaves as memories behave, and decides as memories decide, or …, more rarely … sees, hears, feels, behaves, and decides as inspirations see, hear, feel, behave, and decide. It is crucial to realize that it is not the body or the world that are the problems in and of themselves, but the effects, the consequences of memories that continue to replay in the subconscious mind.

The one infinite Creation, the Omniverse in which we live, love, learn, and laugh begins and ends with Zero, with Nothing, with no markers, no memories, no manifestations, a singular Void tantamount to a pure absolution, a pure exoneration, a pure redemption, a pure realization.

Memories that keep replaying over and over displace self identity from the Void, precluding the manifestation of inspiration; to remedy this displacement, to restore self identity, memories must be transformed and returned to the Void through transmutation by divine intelligence.

The Void is the foundation of self identity, of the mind, of the cosmos, the precursor state to the infusion of inspiration from divine intelligence into the subconscious mind. Existence itself, being a gift from divine intelligence, is a gift given solely for the purpose of restoring self identity through ho’oponopono (ho’o (cause) + ponopono (perfection), a process of repentance, forgiveness, and transmutation.

This process to perfect self identity requires participation from divine intelligence, the superconscious mind, the conscious mind, and the subconscious mind working together as one; each part plays a role in discharging memories that replay in the subconscious mind.

Superconsciousness is memory-free, unaffected by memories replaying in the subconscious mind; it is one with divine intelligence, but it is divine intelligence that moves the superconscious mind. Also, only one memory or inspiration can occupy the subconscious mind at a time; the soul of self identity can only serve one master at a time ~ usually a memory (the thorn) rather than inspiration (the rose).

The Void is common ground, the equalizer of all self identities, animate and inanimate ~ the indestructible and timeless foundation for the entire cosmos, seen and unseen.

Memories that keep replaying over and over displace the common ground of self identity, taking soul and spirit away from their natural position in relation to the Void of infinity. Memories, however, cannot destroy the Void, for how can Nothing be destroyed?

The conscious mind can initiate a discharge of memories through ho’oponopono or … it can engage them with blame, shame, and stinkin’ thinkin’; in the first instance, the mind petitions divine intelligence to transmute memories to Void through an ongoing process of repentance and forgiveness.

I’m sorry; please forgive me.

The conscious mind acknowledges that memories are replaying in it’s subconscious mind and therefore knows that it is wholly responsible for discharging and releasing them. The petition itself moves down the conscious mind into the subconscious mind, gently stirring memories for transmutation, and then moves back up into the superconscious mind, where it reviews the petition, making changes where appropriate.

The petition is then sent to divine intelligence for a final review, after which a transmuting energy is sent down to the superconscious mind, whereby the transmuting energy flows back down into the conscious mind and then the subconscious mind, where the designated memory is neutralized with the transmuting energy; the neutralized energies are then released back into storage, leaving a void.

Blaming, shaming, and stinkin’ thinkin’ in general are merely memories replaying; the soul can be inspired by divine intelligence without knowing what is going on; the only requirement for inspiration, for divine creativity, is self identity to be self identity, which requires incessant cleansing and clearing of memories back to void; memories are constant companions to the subconscious mind, never stopping their incessant refrain. To clear memories once and for all, they must be cleansed once and for all.

divine creator, father, mother, and son as one: if I, my family, and/or my ancestors have offended you, your family, your relatives and/or your ancestors, in thought, word, deed, and/or action, from the beginning of creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness; let this petition serve to cleanse, purify, and release all negative memories, blocks, energies, and vibrations, transmuting same to pure light … and so it is done ~ the ho’oponopono prayer

Divine intelligence created self identity in its exact likeness; the conscious mind can either cleanse incessantly or allow memories to replay incessantly as problems ~ the conscious mind working alone remains woefully ignorant of the most precious gift in Creation: self identity.

As such, the conscious mind is ignorant of the nature of memories and problems; this ignorance in turn results in ineffectual problem solving; the conscious mind would do well to awaken to the indestructible and eternal gift of self identity, a wealth beyond all understanding.

Change the state of your self identity and you change the state of your reality.

Welcome reality as infinity even as you move and flow through self identity.


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