Innerstanding, Understanding

by Christopher Lovejoy on December 2, 2018

For the past week, I have preoccupied myself with understanding data associated with the contentious notion of processing outstanding karma by standing under such karma with true inner standing.

Admittedly, with respect to approaching a realization of ultimate fulfillment, this preoccupation might seem like an odd way to spend one’s time, at least until one realizes the significance of doing so.

My preoccupation centers around the role that toxic fear, doubt, dread, hate, spite, mistrust, contempt, and disdain plays in driving people into physical, emotional, mental, spiritual isolation through the many subtle and obvious ways in which people persist in attempting to judge, blame, and shame each other into submission. In consistently standing under such attempts with true inner standing, I am coming to realize more than I care to know, and more than I ever thought possible, that many if not most human beings are seriously messed up in their heads and hearts.

It helps to know, at least a little, that these human beings are spiritual children in adult bodies, living under oppressive conditions with difficult circumstances, attempting to bear and cope with myriad stresses on body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit, while ignoring, avoiding, or bypassing the plight of others. It helps to know, at least a little, that these poor human beings are very likely doing the best they can with what little they have in terms of persistently and consistently making good on their rather meager material, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual resources.

It was never my intention to come to these conclusions. I would much prefer living in a world where these human beings could feel physically and psychologically safe and secure enough to pursue their values, goals, and interests relatively free of difficulty and discord, where these human beings could extend their good will as a matter of course without retreating into material and digital worlds of their own making.

At this point, one might be wondering: what is going on in you that is causing you to have this experience? This is a beautiful, brilliant question, one that I have been given to ask myself throughout this whole process of coming to terms with outstanding karma with true inner standing.

is it not true that I could go on with my life
without any emotional charge whatsoever
to the presence of so many human beings
whose heads and hearts are messed up?

A favorite tactic of those who would condition and control the masses is to have one put the focus of any problem on the “me, myself, and I” and treat said problem as an opportunity, thereby bypassing any attempt at addressing any such problem from a collective point of view.

By this devious, opportunistic way of thinking, all problems are perceived problems with no objective reality, awaiting resolution as opportunities to learn and grow personally to evolve and ascend spiritually ~ too bad for you if you can’t resolve any of your problems as opportunities.

My personality type (INFP on the MBTI) makes it virtually impossible for me to ignore, avoid, or bypass any of my feelings, urges, and impulses, as I depend on them to navigate relationships with self and other, especially now that both celestial and creaturely energies are running so high.

What to do? What not to do? Who to be? Who not to be?

These are the questions that preoccupy me now.


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