On Being a Cosmic Sovereign

by Christopher Lovejoy on November 18, 2018

In wonder, I gaze skyward at the stars, into the stars, through the stars, seeking and finding and holding my resonance with my true home. In wonder, I ponder. In wonder, I wander. In wonder, I wander in and through and around this dense manifest realm as a giver, not a getter, as a giver, not a taker. In holding space and light for infinite possibility and opportunity, I give. As I give, I receive. As I give, I learn, I grow, and I flow, increasingly without conditions or expectations.


I appreciate you. Thank you for being you. Bless you and yours.

May you continue to wonder and wander as only you can.


Image credit: unknown, as of this writing; first appeared on the cover of a book published in 2009 entitled Ultimate Truth: Book 1 by Dr. Peter C. Rogers, subsequently on the covers of other books


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