Are You Living Your Dream?

by Christopher Lovejoy on July 28, 2018

I have given much thought to who I could be and what I could do, and I have put as much feeling into knowing what is desirable to me as much as what is possible for me, but who must I be?

Simply put, I must be free.

Given that I must be free, here and now, and given the very real possibility that I can do anything anywhere and with anyone for any reason that my heart desires, what would I care to do?

The realists among us will jump all over this question, insisting “be realistic, some things are just not possible,” but what if the realists could be inspired to sing a different tune, one that goes something like this: “realistically, we don’t yet know all there is to know, but it could be easier than we think!”

For the sake of emphasis, let’s put a personal spin on this tune:

I don’t yet know
all there is to know,
but it could be
easier than I think!

It is true what they say: “opportunity favors the prepared mind.”

In living the dream, opportunity favors those who know what they desire, if and only if they can keep paying attention to what they desire. The reality and opportunity of synchonicity can only favor those who can remain open long enough to having it support them and guide them throughout life.

When the intention to bring forth a desired outcome is set, the subconscious mind will connect with a superconscious source to kickstart a process of attraction that continues as long as attention on the desired outcome is sustained, so that a vibrational match can be created with the desired outcome.

The vital energy behind this process, however, can be diverted whenever fear, doubt, worry, or pain arise and take over, leaving room for other, darker forces to direct this creative process elsewhere.

The antidote?

Be clear about what you desire.

Set your intention to manifest it.

Take inspired action to manifest.

Be sure to allow this desire to manifest without being attached to having it manifest ~ without looking for a particular way for it to manifest and without insisting that it manifest within a certain timeframe.

In other words, if a desire is known and it can be felt truly, deeply, and fully, i.e., if interest or passion for it can be sustained, then much of the work has already been done to realize the outcome.

What if I don’t know what I want? Explore, sample, savor, enjoy. What if I know no joy? Find your desire in relief and aim for contentment until the joy of bliss and elation find you. What if I just don’t care? Where there is the possibility of life, there is the possibility of life that feels good or right.

So again, given that I must be free to be me, and given the very real possibility that I can do anything anywhere and with anyone for any reason that my heart desires, what would I care to do now?

Travel the world? Eat my fill of ripe juicy fruit? Give tender loving care? Explore the wonders and splendors of Mother Nature? Converse and discuss to my heart’s content? Read to my heart’s content? Write to my heart’s content? Sleep to my heart’s content? If so, to what end?

To relish the remainder of my journey and discover that I had no need of purpose? To enjoy a lovely, loving, joyful, blissful experience that I can review at my leisure after I pass from this world?

Could it be that I already know, deep down, what I desire from the heart, even if I do not, or can not, admit it to myself? Could it be that by not saying what I truly desire, I find protection from the pain of disappointment, thinking “if I do not pursue this, I can never fail ~ and fall into disappointment?”

Admittedly, this resistance is a twofold accomplishment: it guarantees that my true desire will never be fulfilled; it also guarantees that a life of happiness, freedom, and fulfillment will never be realized.

Truth be told, it is even more serious than this.

If I do not tap my true desire with firm intent and follow my bliss to live a life full of interest and passion, then I am destined to suffer a living death that is presently the fate of many souls on this planet.

My saving grace? If I care to know what I truly desire, and why, and if I set my intention to keep taking inspired action to realize deeply and fully what I truly desire, then the people and circumstances that are relevant to its fulfillment will be drawn to its energetic signature because they match its vibration; if I persist awesomely, everything must come together at some point with little or no effort.

I strongly suspect that doing what inspires and excites me most will find me much happier, emotionally richer, and financially sounder quicker than any other method I presently know or care to know.

Realistically, could this be the way it works and has always worked?

Here’s to living and loving the life of your dreams …

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