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by Christopher Lovejoy on July 14, 2018

I once resisted the notion of having more circulating money than I knew what to do with because I knew too much about what a global system of finance could do in the hands of an elite who numbered in the thousands and whose combined wealth far exceeded everyone else’s.

This dark elite controlled policy for most corporate governments on earth; they also engineered political regime change to enforce compliance by using an escalating process that included bribery, blackmail, political protests, assassinations, false flag events, and declarations of war.

Many among us have also been educated on the extent to which the use and abuse of money as debt has been entwined with a doctrine of scarcity that is the hallmark of a covert policy of global depopulation, making the marriage of economics and eugenics a matter of course.

One could say that this dark elite is on its way out, but in actuality, global power is a revolving door. The people in power may change, and the methods of control may seem more benign, but ultimate control remains the name of the game where consolidating global power is concerned.

As power tends to corrupt, and as absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely, the potential for moral, political, social, and financial corruption and tyranny remain everpresent in the global body politic.

Today, I take a different (and perhaps more enlightened) view of money. Today, I recognize the good, the bad, and the ugly of money, which is not to say that I’ve given up on living in a world without money.

Today, I wonder: what if I played the money game with heart? What if I dared to put heart and soul into earning, spending, saving, donating, and investing money? What would this look like?

More to the point, how would this feel?


Let’s start by getting a handle on the nature of abundance in human life through the notions of prosperity, affluence, and security, all of which are fundamentally spiritual in their nature, origin, and meaning.

In my post, Security and Satisfaction, I wrote, and I quote, as follows:

the aim in life is less about making money to have more and better,
than it is to cultivate and calibrate the consciousness through which
the substance of life can flow as and when it is required or desired

The substance of life can be spiritual, as well as material, and social, as well as economic. I am prosperous to the extent that my movements through the day are infused with the energy of hope as manifested by feelings of optimism and enthusiasm; I am affluent to the extent that my movements through the day are flowing abundantly with kindness and generosity; and I am secure to the extent that my movements through the day are without care by trusting my affluence with faith that my prosperity will continue.

This is true abundance in a nutshell; money and wealth are but means to this end, which is not to say that the flow of money and wealth have little value by comparison; in the right hands, and for the right reasons, they can have immense value for spreading abundance worldwide.

Before I do a deep dive into this potential value, let me share this first: spiritual abundance by way of prosperity, affluence, and security is an ongoing cultivation and calibration of consciousness, in keeping with the fruits of material abundance and with this firm intention in mind:

I focus, not on what I have, not on what I do, not on who I can be, but on who I must be,
so that the having, the doing, and the being come about as a byproduct of my becoming

Who must I be where the circulation of thicker, faster streams of money is concerned?

This is a question we would all do well to answer for ourselves, especially now, with the makings of a new global financial system bubbling to the surface with immense stores of wealth to back it up.


And so, what is this potential value of money, money, money?

Why would any of us be interested in getting the money of this world circulating thick and fast by judiciously spreading immense stores of wealth to everyone on the planet while being mindful of population concerns to a point where money is no longer deemed necessary?

A great question, if I do say so myself. Any ideas? Here are mine …

One, although the universe is naturally abundant, artificially injecting massive amounts of wealth into the global economy, above and beyond meeting the requirements and necessities of life, would very likely exacerbate existing tendencies towards becoming fat, lazy, and stupid.

Not to mention indulgent, insolent, and … insolvent, spiritually speaking.

In view of days old, we already live with an embarrassment of riches; can you imagine this embarrassment turning into shame to the point of toxicity? I can. The wealth to come is going to be immense. Key Q: are you ready, willing, and able to tap it without turning yourself off?

What kind of energy is circulating behind how you think and feel, behind what you say and do? Seriously, are you really and truly ready, willing, and able to claim and use a hefty portion of this immense wealth?

I invite you to get really honest with yourself here …

Two, being rich is your natural state: life is energy, love is energy, light is energy, money is energy ~ plenty to go around for everyone; are you ready, willing, and able to see this and to make good on it?

Let’s all get a clue: there’s no reason in the world why we cannot be rich beyond belief and still be generous and caring persons with big hearts and compassion to match for everyone we meet and greet.

Three, if you believe that money is synonymous with greed, then I’ve got a whip to crack.

If money is neutral (hint: it is, but highly absorbent), and if wealth is natural (hint: it is, but potentially artificial), then what does this say about earning, spending, saving, donating, and investing money with intent to spread the love and the light? Simple: they need not be greedy.

As an aside, one would do well to remain wary of falling prey to the impulse of greed that is being activated and stimulated through the current craze with crypto currencies and the second wave of altcoin.

Four, not everyone is rich, and here’s why: some people have not yet been able to persuade and convince themselves that there is no real lack, no unfairness, no discrimination, and no serious difficulties in making money and lots of it, but to be fair, there’s more to it than that.

Not every soul on the planet is ready to bear the consequences of being rich.

I would argue, however, that every soul on the planet is past ready waiting for this world as a whole to become rich. When it does, and it will, the evidence will be so strong, so apparent, that any perceived lack, unfairness, discrimination, or difficulty will seem silly by comparison.

Five, simply put, wealth and abundance are most agreeable: I do not, indeed can not, look at the phenomena of wealth and abundance with anger and envy, and I certainly do not, indeed can not, exclude myself from earning and enjoying both to the max ~ and neither should you.

Six, I can receive abundance by affirming as follows until it becomes second nature: “I know without a doubt that I can have all the money I desire and still follow through until I have all the results I desire.”

I now invite you to contemplate daily the many manifestations and expressions of abundance and apply them to you ~ to go where wealthy people go, to say and do what wealthy people say and do ~ and still stay true to the heart of desire in support of or in service to the other.

Seven, money is a potent symbol for several reasons: it’s the grease that facilitates interaction and transaction both; it holds potential to be used to model virtues of honor, integrity, generosity, fairness, and compassion; and it offers a way to love, accept, and endorse yourself.

A love of money, however, can all too easily become a taproot of pure and profound evil.

With money, especially with ridiculously large sums or currents of money, one must learn to discern the proper use of power, to get a clue when someone is aiming to wield it darkly to gain an unfair advantage or to manipulate and terrorize others into compliance or submission; one must also learn that money can all too easily bring with it the experience of being covert and dishonest, as well as mean and nasty.

Money serves as the perfect mirror, having us learn to believe in ourselves through the power of trust, faith, and hope; it also compels us to look the world in the eye and offer up our energy in exchange.

You’re on the right track when you offer this energy properly and honestly, with an underlying current of kindness and generosity, while never forgetting that souls are eternal and worth plenty, even if they’re dead broke and struggling to appreciate all the more the value of money.

Eight, with money, I have an opportunity to be the source of my own wealth, knowing that the most money will always flow to those who take the most responsibility for solving problems or fulfilling desires.

The key to being relentlessly pursued by others so that they can unload their money (praise, recognition, appreciation, good will) on you is to offer up one of two considerations: a viable, affordable solution to a pesky or pressing problem or a juicy source of fulfillment for one very strong desire.

In a world overflowing with abundance, what problem do you presently feel called to solve or resolve? Or, what desire do you feel called to fulfill? That is, why would people want to send money your way?

Nine, people need or want what people need or want.

You could think you have the most amazing product or service in the world, but if hardly anyone cares to buy it, or buy into it, even if they know about it and have tried it out for themselves, what good does this do anyone, least of all you? Some clues: what are people craving to buy? What are they needing or wanting so much that they’re willing to open their wallets and demand that you take their money?

Your offer demands a starving crowd with an insatiable appetite to buy and consume whatever you have to offer. Find this out first before you test offer something you merely think they might need or want.

Ten, the key to wealth is to deliver something of value, not to you (no one really cares about that, except maybe your mother or grandmother), but to those who actually need or want what you have to offer.

The key to lasting wealth, however, is to deliver more than you promise: it’s nice to have people pay you once, but you create lasting wealth when people come back with so much relief or satisfaction that there are bursting at the seams to give you more money for other problems or desires they have; this, of course, also applies to ongoing problems or desires for which you have the most satisfying or fulfilling solution.

When you over deliver, people return to buy, urging others to buy.

Eleven, if the thought of being an entrepreneur does not inspire, a third party solution could be your ticket to wealth: you need not solve any problems or fulfill any desires yourself; instead, you serve as a broker or mediator for solid and appealing deals supplied by someone else.

Keep in mind, though, that there are only two reasons why people buy or buy into anything: does it bring them closer to where they want to be, bringing them pleasure and satisfaction? Or does it take them from where they don’t want to be, taking away pain and dissatisfaction?

As a third party, your ticket to success is as easy as 1, 2, 3: (1) identify a problem or a desire that you find intriguing or appealing; (2) find someone who can solve it or satisfy it easily and well (or else, pay others to provide this solution or satisfaction); and (3) reap the rewards. The key? Stop aiming for more money per se and start looking for pesky or pressing problems to solve or for ripe and juicy desires to fulfill.

Twelve, with no available solution to a pesky or pressing problem or with no accessible source to fulfil a strong desire, the market is wide open to solving or fulfilling this problem or desire, but with lots of solutions or sources on the market, people still might not have that one solution or source they crave, and with only a few available solutions or sources, they might not be all that affordable or desirable.

Consider with care your pick of problems: is this a problem with a solution? If it is, are people still hungry for a better solution? Or a more affordable solution? Consider your pick of desires: Can this desire be fulfilled? If it can, are people still hungry for a better, juicier source of fulfillment? Or a more affordable source of fulfillment? Keep in mind, too, that people might not even want a solution to an actual problem; maybe all they want is a solution to a potential problem …

Or maybe they crave a source of fulfillment for a desire they don’t yet know they have.

When you can eagerly supply or broker a useful solution to a pressing problem or when you can happily supply or broker an enticing source of fulfillment for a ripe and juicy desire, not only can this be done easily and extraordinarily well, it can also be done for the benefit of others.

They say that money makes the world go round, but what they really mean to say is that energy makes the world go round ~ money is just a form of energy condensed at a slower vibration. If this energy is polluted, so is the money; if this energy is pure, again, so is the money.

In closing, let me reiterate the following by way of emphasis, as it bears repeating …

the aim in life is less about making money to have more and better,
than it is to cultivate and calibrate the consciousness through which
the substance of life can flow as and when it is required or desired

The substance of life can be spiritual, as well as material, and social, as well as economic. I am prosperous to the extent that my movements through the day are infused with the energy of hope as manifested by feelings of optimism and enthusiasm; I am affluent to the extent that my movements through the day are flowing abundantly with kindness and generosity; and I am secure to the extent that my movements through the day are without care by trusting my affluence with faith that my prosperity will continue.

I rest my case in favor of money, but only for as long as it is required.

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