The Ultimate in Fulfillment

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 24, 2018

There is me, and then there is myself, and then there is I. Beyond I, there is no me, myself, and I. With three lenses of me, myself, and I with which to identify, I have four worlds with which to clarify.

The first world is a world of objects, including me, subject to forces beyond its control. Any object that is a me in any world is subject to such forces, sometimes random, sometimes predictable. Such a me in such a world is reactive, rarely ever stopping long enough to be a subject.

Such a me becomes a self when the object ceases to be an object and becomes a subject.

The moment my self comes into being, choosing in that very moment to respond rather than react, is the moment when the me becomes my self, transcending and including the object with a subject.

My self realizes that I am the subject between stimulus and response, subject to this or that object with a choice: can my self hold time and space long enough and well enough to respond rather than react? When my self brings awareness to presence, the answer is obvious.

Energy flows where attention goes: as an object, the me is subject to random or predictable pools and flows of energy, crafting a life by default; as a subject, my self can place my attention on anything I desire, crafting a life by design. In the transition, I am both object and subject.


The second world is a world of objects and subjects, manipulating and being manipulated, manifesting and being manifested, as the case may be, from object to object and from subject to subject ~ a seemingly neverending parade of incessant manipulations and/or manifestations.

Seemingly neverending, that is, until such time that the I in awareness is found out to be true.

Maybe I have grown weary of the play in the parade and maybe I have grown ripe for a consummation in realization. Whatever the case may be, for me and myself, I am I in the awareness that … I am true.

The I in awareness is the eye of enlightenment, transcending (and including) both object (me) and subject (myself): I am object; I am subject; I am both object and subject; and I am neither object nor subject.


The third world is a world of awareness alive, awake, aware, and alert to a parade of objects reacting to a parade of subjects responding to a parade of objects and subjects, resting and flowing, moving and dancing, in a cosmic play of light and shadow on a cosmic field of play.

In this third world, me, myself, and I are one: seer and seen; hearer and heard; taster and tasted; inhaler and inhaled; toucher and touched; thinker and thought; feeler and felt; actor and acted; conductor and conducted; performer and performed; chooser and chosen; watcher and watched; knower and known; observer and observed; witness and witnessed; trustee and trusted; lover and loved; … all are one.

When the time seems right (and ripe), me, myself, and I as a subject of inquiry surrenders to the Absolute, the One before the Many, the Unity before the Harmony, the Love before the Light. Truly, there is no fulfillment in this surrender, only a realization, albeit a very profound one.


The fourth world is a supernal world, one that is wholly without words.

Entry into this world is an entry into a wordless eloquence beyond the play of harmony with unity, beyond the play of positivity, negativity, and neutrality, beyond the emptiness and fullness, and beyond the awareness of presence that resides within and without the me, my self, and I.

A true simultaneity of me, myself, and I arises and arrives for the I-less I that is wholly surrendered to and wholly realized with the Absolute of consciousness, affording a simultaneous, multidimensional cosmic epiphany in Source consciousness across all densities and octaves.

No ultimate fulfillment is found in this ultimate in surrender; with such a surrender, no subject and object can take or be taken by the ultimate in fulfillment, as no one can be secure in knowing that all is well for choiceless choices made and actionless actions taken in this surrender.


The fourth world is beyond the scope of most souls on planet earth, and perhaps this is as it should be, and only a small minority of souls are ready, willing, or able to find their merry way into the third world through awareness beyond presence; perhaps this, too, is as it should be.

Your center of spiritual gravity will depend on what you feel called to be and do, but for me, myself, and I, being wholly at cause in the second world in relation to the first world is most relevant and significant to me, myself, and I at this time, with access to the third and fourth worlds.

The yellow-ray vectors of personal significance in relation to others in the second world offer two orientations: (1) the horizontal orientation of time along an illusory continuum of past, present, future; and (2) the vertical, biscensional orientation of height and depth in consciousness. At the height of consciousness, one is subject to the Absolute in consciousness; in the depths of consciousness, one is subject to Awareness.

Being and remaining wholly centered as a subject in relation to all objects within the purview of a spontaneous expansion and expression of green-ray vectors is to be and remain wholly present, at cause, and at ease with all objects. Having ready access to Awareness (awareness without presence) anchors being and becoming to the heart of consciousness. Know, too, that Absolute subsists in support of Awareness.


All across the planet, souls are being called to make the transition from yellow-ray impressive to green-ray expressive. The growing pains are obvious and sundry for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Souls everywhere, if they are open to greater expansions and higher expressions of consciousness, are being challenged to connect more deeply and wholly with heart and soul as a result of feeling pushed or pulled to (a) resolve outstanding karmic issues; (b) seek more authentic relations; (c) change location of home or work; (d) process depression with or disconnection from yellow-ray impressive; (e) purify all levels of being with foods, fasts, and forays into stillness and/or stretching; and/or (f) negotiate or navigate two directions at once (yellow-ray impressive or green-ray expressive?).

Through it all, the soul may feel like it’s dying to old false remnants as the ego unravels.

On a brighter note, the time has come for souls whose native frequency is green-ray (and beyond) to release and surrender attachments to third density yellow-ray impressive so that they can relax into the peace that passes all understanding and transcend the illusion of time.

The time has come for green-ray activated and crystallized souls to connect with and renew their appreciation for (if they haven’t already) the fauna and flora of this world to feel deeply into the pervasive, expressive interconnectivity that characterizes the web of life on this planet.

The time has come for souls to align with spirit to see the signs and synchronicities, to attend to the flow of life moving through each moment, manifesting in ways and by means attuned to the heart of soul.

The rewards for releasing and surrendering, connecting and renewing, aligning and attending and attuning, are many: feeling pulled to create and express just for the fun of it with a renewed sense of destiny and purpose; feeling pulled to access and apply deeper and higher levels of awareness; feeling pulled to tap ever stronger flows of energy within and without, leading to more intense expansions and expressions of emotion and creativity; feeling pulled to contemplate prophetic dreams and visions that reveal ways and means by which to process dense or difficult emotion, as well as showing you steps to follow to explore, expand, and express more of who and what you are as soul and spirit.

In the midst of all of these intense ups and downs, in tandem with all of these pushes and pulls of transition, will be a feeling of wanting to go home (whatever this means to you, if anything), or a yearning to return to your native frequency at a higher density of consciousness.

At times, you might even slip into the Void ~ the Absolute beyond awareness without presence.

At such times, it helps to know that you have a tribe, a family of souls, on this side or the other, waiting to meet and greet you in love and joy that can only be described as divine, who understand you and appreciate you, who love and support you unconditionally like only they can.

A growing sense to connect more deeply, here and now, is the hallmark of this global transition.


The ultimate in fulfillment covers all dimensions of fulfillment ~ personal, interpersonal, transpersonal, and impersonal ~ but for my purposes here, I will now put the spotlight of consciousness on the subject of approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment.

How do I do this and do this well?

I do this with a purpose that serves and guides, informs and inspires, the course of my life.

By way of illustration, let us imagine the wonder that is Sophia.

Sophia is presently in a place where she no longer knows what to do, feeling stymied by a loss of purpose and by a lack of progress. She has an idea what she doesn’t want in this life (this is a good start) but she has yet to get a handle on what she does want for herself and this life.

Sophia has read and resonated with everything I’ve written up to this point. Her experience with life so far is rich and she knows all about the play of objects and subjects, stages and states of awakening and enlightenment, as well as the ongoing transition between 3D and 4D.

But she now feels as if she is a mere observer to the comings and goings of life on earth. She is looking to involve and engage, but she says she has no clue where to start. In light of what you know so far, what would you advise her to do? Better, who would you advise her to be?

Her entire being, knowing, having, and doing is now in your care. What to do?

Before I address this question, I think it prudent to remind ourselves that we all incarnate with a purpose, a purpose that lends meaning and direction to the course of a life before being born into this life, one that we agree to forget so that can enjoy the process of remembering.

Or, if not remember it, then at least feel into it with body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit.

Where having or not having a purpose in life is concerned, there are certain sobering realities that an advisor or counsellor would do well to keep in mind before engaging any kind of discovery process:

  1. this soul has already realized its purpose for living this life;
  2. this soul has lost sight of its purpose in the course of living its life;
  3. this soul betrayed its purpose in life, knowingly or unknowingly;
  4. this soul could be fulfilling its purpose right now and not even know it; or
  5. this soul could be one epiphany away from knowing its purpose in life

Also, the personality of the soul could be oriented primarily in one of two directions where getting a handle on purpose is concerned, either (a) favoring the details and sensations before getting the big picture or (b) knowing the big picture before engaging the details and sensations.

“I am following what feels good to me and if a purpose should arise in the process, wonderful; if not, no worries” or “I know my purpose in life and this is who I am being and what I am doing to fulfill it.”

And so, with Sophia, I would have a conversation with her about the course of her life, paying close attention to how she views her world and how she processes information and inspiration, while conveying a deep faith in her ability to sense or know her purpose for this life she lives.

How are things going for you? What have you been doing lately? Is your life a bed of roses? If not, why not? Are you tickled pink that your life is moving in a direction that feels good and right for you?

If not, why not?

I would then pose the Big Question, gently probing as follows …

Q: Why do you do what you do?

A: Because it feels good or right to do.

Q: Are you concerned about knowing and living your purpose in life?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: Why is that?

A: Because I would like to know that the life I am living is being fulfilled.

Q: Do you necessarily need to know your purpose in life to know this?

A: On some level, yes.

Q: On what level?

A: Preferably on a conscious level, although I suppose I could already trust that I know my purpose in life on a super conscious level, at the level of my truer, deeper, higher Self, and leave it at that.

Q: Would you be willing to engage a process of discovery to know your purpose and treat this process as your purpose in life until such time that you know your purpose in life well enough to live it?

A: I would.

I can share two processes of discovery to know your purpose in life: (1) make a list of all the things in your life that you resist or dislike intensely (or even hate) and then flip them around and make a corresponding list of things in your life that you would allow and enjoy; (2) make a list of all the things in your life that might qualify as your purpose in life until you reach an epiphany about your purpose.

Sophia, the first process of discovery, because it is so highly charged, serves admirably for helping you to get crystal clear on what you value most; the second process, because it is so wide open in its scope, serves admirably as an opportunity to help you go deeper and deeper into the source of your value: you.

To have these processes work for you, you must be willing to get out of your head and into your heart, bringing your attention to knowing what it is you truly and deeply desire at this time for this one life that you live, regardless of perceived obstacles while being mindful of the risks in pursuit of your desires.

Be sure to engage each of these discovery processes to completion, in one sitting; give yourself as much time as you need; if necessary, tap truly, deeply, wisely, and fully into your richest imaginings, and for added perspective, indulge your deepest, most delicious fantasies in life.

Keep in mind, too, that the heights of fulfillment are best realized through the depths of contentment; the happiest people in life don’t need to care so much about being happy, as they already know and feel that feelings of happiness can come and go against a backdrop of peace.

The question is invariably begged, however: “Christopher, I know you mean well, but I have all of these delicious desires in my heart; how do I know which desire is truest to my heart?”

Sophia, let me ask you this: which of your desires serves the other most profoundly? In serving the other most profoundly, are you aiming primarily to please or are you aiming mostly to relieve?

Does your offering feel intrinsically loveable, pleasurable, and/or desirable?

Are you relating, growing, and contributing with and through your offering, with and through the other, in service to the other? And if you were to be successful beyond your wildest dreams, just how ready, willing, and able would you be to keep the lures of money, fame, and beauty in their place?

Most important, is your offering inclusive or is it exclusive? Because, if it’s mostly exclusive, even if it feels intrinsically motivating and inspiring, then you’re really only serving yourself in the me, myself, and I.

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