The Ultimate in Fulfillment?!

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 10, 2018

On June 10, 2010, I began an inquiry into the nature and meaning of personal fulfillment. Eight years later, on June 10, 2018, after writing and publishing 423 posts, I feel that it is time to bring a sense of unity and harmony to this material while standing on the threshold of infinity.

After all this time, I am coming full circle, except that it’s not a circle ~ it’s a symbol of infinity. In one circuit of infinity, I have made my merry (and not so merry) way through eternity.

What have I learned? How have I grown? What can I share, here and now? What possible relevance and significance do infinity and eternity have for approaching a realization of the ultimate in fulfillment?


The ultimate in fulfillment ends in a question and an exclamation, which implies that it cannot ever be an affirmation or assertion by virtue of the fact that a realization of ultimate fulfillment can only ever be approached while knowing that it cannot ever be realized once and for all.

This understanding applies across all dimensions of fulfillment ~ personal (3D), interpersonal (4D), transpersonal (5D), and impersonal (6D) ~ across all densities of consciousness in the octave, including 7D, where sovereign mediators serve to mediate this octave and the next.

Change is a constant, everywhere and everywhen, in space/time and time/space, across all dimensions, densities, and octaves, and because change is a cosmic constant, no ultimacy is possible, no realization of ultimate fulfillment is possible, in the context of infinity and eternity.

Here and now is your infinity and your eternity. In the infinity of Here and in the eternity of Now, there was never any moment when unity gave way to diversity; there is only unity realizing itself through diversity ~ and yet, the presumption and pretense of ultimate fulfillment persists …

Which begs the question: what, if anything, do we do with this presumption and pretense?

First, we need to know who we are and where we are in the cosmic scheme of beings.


The universe in which we inhabit is a recursive, cyclical, neverending continuum of manifestation and evolution, manifesting a physical and material ground of being, while consciously evolving into and through sentient and spiritual gradients of defined and refined expression.

This expression yields to a culmination (Omega) that serves as a foundation (Alpha) for yet another manifestation that serves yet another evolutionary expression, and so on, ad infinitum. The nature of this cyclical dynamic precludes ultimacy in fulfillment on a cosmic scale.

Hence this exclamatory question: the ultimate in fulfillment?!

This mother of all questions implies all manner of relatively fulfilled beings in the cosmic scheme of beings ~ relative, that is, to the sentient and spiritual gradients of defined, refined, and ever more refined expressions of purification where the realities of love and light are concerned.

As light continues to manifest a physical, material ground of being (remember, atoms are mostly empty space, giving the impression of having density through its energetically manifested constituents), love continues to expand and evolve through manifestation and expression both.

Love is a given, light is a given: manifestation is a manifestation of light; through manifestation, evolution is the evolution of love through expansion and expression by way of purification through ascension. With this in mind, below is a schema for the universal octave. Following this schema, I will attempt to elucidate what is required for a being to evolve and ascend back to Source through this octave of densities.

D is for density

Ninth density serves a witnessing function
Eighth density serves the function of transition
Densities 1 through 7 comprise the octave

9D – monitor integrity of the whole; intervene as necessary
8D – prepare the ground of being for the next octave (so real)
7D – re-mediate between this octave and the next (so pure)

6D – refine the 4D/5D/6D social memory complex for entry into 7D (so fine)
5D – refine the 3D/4D/5D body/mind/spirit complex for entry into 6D (so right)
4D – refine the 2D/3D/4D social memory complex for entry into 5D (so fair)

< Earth and earth humanity are here, presently undergoing transition >

3D – prepare the body/mind/spirit complex for entry into 4D (so good)
2D – a social memory complex is forged to assimilate spirit in 3D (so true)
1D – body/mind is imprinted with experience for entry into 2D (so real)

My sources of inspiration, in the order in which I was privileged to access them, include Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, Backwards, The Law of One, and Cosmic Disclosure

In being a Witness to Creation, I have drawn on what I know about the octave to describe what happens to consciousness as it evolves and ascends with and through and up the octave of densities.

I nominalize this cosmic field of densities as a Source, describing a Presence that is alive, aware, sentient, intelligent, curious, creative, and loving, one that is more than a mere field of energy and one that is more than a mere entity of love and light in possession of personhood.

Here, I am referring to “a Source” of consciousness, not to Source Consciousness itself, as each galaxy in the Omniverse is a universe unto itself with its own Source. The octave is characteristic of all galaxies (viz., all universes) but not all octaves are expressed in the same way.

Attempts have been made by members of the social memory complex known as Ra to explore other octave expressions in other galaxies but with little success. Here is the relevant passage from the Law of One:

Ra: There are entities of Ra which have served as far Wanderers to those of another Logos. The experience has been one which staggers the intellectual and intuitive capacities, for each Logos sets up an experiment enough at variance from all others that the subtleties of the archetypical mind of another Logos are most murky to the resonating mind, body, and spirit complexes of this Logos (Law of One, Book IV, Session 90, p. 115) (Note: the Logos references a refined complex pattern of thought that is a derivative of the One Original Template of Creation from which all manifestation and evolution are made possible. Each galaxy (universe) in the Omniverse has its own Logos, its own way of articulating the original intention of the One to structure a basis of encounter and experience for the sake of exploration and expression)

The point being made here cannot be overemphasized. The God that we typically know and love as Source is not the Logos of the Omniverse, which is far more powerful and pervasive, but the Source that conveys the Galactic Logos resident in our own galaxy (aka our universe).

Ultimately, there is One Being in the Omniverse, a Supreme Being, a Prime Being that is also a Collective and Creative Being, living and loving through Lesser Beings on all levels of density, in all dimensions, through all of the octaves, in an Omniverse that is alive and aware to itself.

And when I say “Lesser”, I merely mean “lesser in scope, range, and power,” not quality.

Beyond-death experiencers are telling us that all Beings of Light everywhere are fractalized articulations and expressions of the One Being, instantiating a wide range of manifestations in body, mind, and/or spirit, in space/time and time/space, and beyond, all across the octave.

That is, you and I are God, in essence, obviously not with the same scope, range, and power as God, due in part because of our creaturely constraints, but we are God in our nature, perspective, and potential to manifest an experience of reality that is unique unto ourselves.

Henceforth, references to Source are references to the Galactic (Universal) Logos.


Source utilizes energy with attention and intention to create through a process called manifesting, and because manifesting reality is a skill common to all Beings of Light, albeit to a lesser extent, we too as beings of light can also apply it for extended or limited periods of time.

So who are we, where are we in the octave, and why are we here now on this planet?

Again, here are the relevant descriptions of density for ease of reference:

6D – refine the 4D/5D/6D social memory complex for entry into 7D (so fine)
5D – refine the 3D/4D/5D body/mind/spirit complex for entry into 6D (so right)

4D – refine the 2D/3D/4D social memory complex for entry into 5D (so fair)

< Earth and earth humanity are here, presently undergoing transition >

3D – prepare the body/mind/spirit complex for entry into 4D (so good)

2D – a social memory complex is forged to assimilate spirit in 3D (so true)
1D – body/mind is imprinted with experience for entry into 2D (so real)

To make sense of this schema, we need to take heed of these contextual clues:

First, …

Just as each Universe has its own Logos (the Galactic Logos, which is a refinement of the Omniversal Logos), so too does the Sun have its own Logos (the Solar Logos, which is a refinement of the Galactic Logos); Earth, too, has its own Logos (a refinement of the Solar Logos).

In other words, just as the Galactic Logos informs all Solar Logoi within its purview, so too does the Solar Logos informs all planetary Logoi within its purview. The Logos of Gaia (Earth, Mother Nature) in turn informs the Logos of each entity that chooses to inhabit this planet.

By implication, our subjective and collective consciousness are informed by layers of Logoi (galactic, solar, planetary) that give us capacities to function in accordance with established patterns of thought that are unique to the galaxy, solar system, and planet we inhabit. Without these layers, we could not make sense of our experience and we could not manifest anything other than chaos.

Without pre-existing, pre-established complex notions of matrix, potential, significance, catalyst, and transformation (for example) to inform consciousness, one has nothing by which to make sense of the evolutionary process ~ nor could one make sense of any progress made.

Second, …

What is the meaning of this word “complex” in the context of the octave?

For example, why are we body/mind/spirit complexes, and not merely body/mind/spirits?

The Law of One material refers to a time when incarnated beings had body/mind/spirits and only body/mind/spirits. What happened to change this? The entire Galactic Logos is reported to have shifted, from a time where beings had full access to the densities above third density to one where beings had little access to the densities above, generating a complex split between conscious and unconscious.

Why? In short, because paradise proved to be too pallid for the purposes of exploration and evolution. The beings lacked will and faith, they lacked élan vital, and they lacked the impetus to evolve and ascend. Yes, they did evolve and ascend, but the progress was very slow.

As you can well imagine, this veiling of forgetfulness has generated a good deal of pain and suffering all across our known universe. But wait, why is this veiling only now beginning to falter? The answer is plain: Gaia is ascending into fourth density and taking us along for the ride.

Along with the means by which channelled information, psychic events, cosmic disclosures, paranormal reports, and reports of beyond-death experience are beginning to be taken seriously enough to inform and inspire our subjective and collective sense of place in this Universe.


The development of being within the octave is cumulative and follows an alternating pattern of social memory complex (2D), body/mind/spirit complex (3D), social memory complex (4D), body/mind/spirit complex (5D), social memory complex (6D). The one exception is first density.

The first density of consciousness emerges on a planet preparing its body and mind for sentience in second density and for intelligence in third density. Many moons ago, Earth was but a rock with water, wind, and fire, with the wind and fire informing the awareness of minerals and water with all manner of pressures and movements, vibrations and temperatures, albeit at a very primitive level of awareness.

In a contemporary context, minerals and water are known to be acutely sensitive to intention.

Density is a reference to the density of light infused with consciousness. The denser the light, the more information that can be packed into the light; the more information that can be packed into the light, the more malleable matter (which is energy condensed) becomes to the mind.

With a planet whose body/mind has been imprinted with experience, it has a ground of being from which to evolve into second density, where more information is available to the planet to kickstart biological life, starting with primitive forms of life, evolving into more complex forms.

Upon being informed sufficiently by the experience of dissolution and random change, being in first density evolves the impetus to experience growth in and through all manner of second density lifeforms.

Second density lifeforms (microbes, plants, animals) are without awareness of self and spirit (except those that are near the time of taking on a self-conscious spirit), and so must evolve through social memory. Trees are a wonderful example of this: a community of trees will extend their roots below ground to each other, weaving together a subtle network of communication that warns each other of danger if, for example, one of their numbers should ever be threatened or attacked. This network also bolsters their resilience to the onslaughts of high winds and floods.

A social memory complex at this level lays the ground for cooperation in third density.

The human being to which I am presently attached identifies most deeply with the fluidity and flow of water in first density. The human being to which I am presently allied also resonates most easily with the cooperative learnings of bacteria, trees, and wolves from second density.

Evolution is cumulative and progressive at first, second, and third densities.


In the relatively not so dense light of first and second densities, what do you suppose might be going on in third density among those who are aware of themselves in relation to, and in relationship with, other selves who are also aware of themselves in relation to other selves?

In a word? Spirit.

In the evolutionary transition from second to third density, a body/mind is ready to take a spirit, incarnating as a composite of body, mind, and spirit that also happens to be complex (all three being split between conscious and unconscious by virtue of the veiling of forgetfulness).

In knowing this, let’s cut to the chase: what on earth are we doing here in third density?

This depends on who “we” are. Who, exactly, are “we”? Are “we” the human species playing host to spirit in a density of light that supports the exploration, expression, and evolution of spirit? Are “we” the spirits who agreed to come here to help the human species evolve, merging our spirits with their bodies to learn more about who “we” are and what “we” are capable of being, doing, and having in the process?

If the latter, what is in the nature of spirit? The answers might surprise you: one spiritual being, after detaching from its human host on earth, immersed itself (there is no gender after detachment) in the light of a Being of Light, only to discover that it had lived many lives before.

With access to Universal Knowledge, this spiritual being discovered a great many things.

For our purposes here, the messenger Ra answers most eloquently many questions:

Your own nature is water, in that you, as mind/body/spirit complexes, are easily impressed and moved. Indeed, this is the very fiber and nature of your journey and vigil in this density: to not only be moved but to instruct yourself as to the preferred manner of your movement in mind, body, and spirit ~ Ra, an Humble Messenger of the Law of One, Book IV, Session 88, p. 100

We, as spiritual beings in human form, are on a journey through third density to (a) be moved in all of the ways that this can occur (physically, sexually, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually) and (b) to instruct ourselves as to the preferred manner of our movements.

Our journeys are also vigils. Because our nature is that of water, there is an inherent instability and insecurity to living in third density (in stark contrast to fourth density, which is much more stable) and so we must remain vigilant about the choices we make and the actions we take.

In third density, the awakened spirit prepares itself to occupy a space in fourth density where the light is denser, where the character of spiritual consciousness is more enlightened thereby, and where it has access to innate capabilities that it did not (could not) have in third density.

Abilities like … healing the body by one’s own hands, growing food in minutes, and having telepathic access to everyone in support of a social memory complex, where all memories are shared openly, as well as having the collective means to regulate the weather on a global scale.

In fourth density, energetic support for third density consciousness is deactivated and withdrawn, at least temporarily, to give spiritual beings a chance to find its subjective and collective bearings. This withdrawal is a natural, global, cyclical response, at the end of every 25,000 years or so, to energetic pressures that infuse the solar system. Fifth and sixth density wanderers withdraw and those unfit to proceed go elsewhere to incarnate on other planets in third density.

Howard Storm (The Future of the World) and Paul Lowe (One World) speak of things to come for those who graduate to a fourth density earth in a future not so distant (reportedly as soon as the late twenty-second century). The transition from 3D to 4D is presently an ongoing process.

This transition, however, was described by Ra in 1981 as being a difficult one for this planet:

The fourth density is, as we have said, as regularized in its approach as the  striking of a clock upon the hour. The space/time of your solar system has enabled this planetary sphere to spiral into space/time of a different vibrational configuration (into the green-ray fourth density vibration, owing to a highly energetic influx). This causes the planetary sphere to be able to be molded by these new distortions. However, the thought forms of your people during this transition period are such that the mind/body/spirit complexes of both individual and societies are scattered throughout the spectrum instead of becoming able to grasp the needle, shall we say, and point the compass in one direction. Thus, the entry into the vibration of love, sometimes called by your people the vibration of understanding, is not effective with your present societal complex. Thus, the harvest shall be such that many will repeat the third-density cycle (elsewhere, on other planets). The energies of your Wanderers, your teachers, and your adepts at this time are all bent upon increasing the harvest. However, there are few to harvest.

~ Law of One, Book 1, Session 13, p. 139 (1981)

Note: this assessment was made in 1981; a recent report by Ra indicated little if any improvement

Let there be no judgment about any of this.

Third density is (potentially) a fascinating, stimulating, captivating realm for the spirit to learn and grow until such time that the mind/body/spirit complex in service to the other is finally ready, willing, and able to settle for peace and harmony in a world of fourth density consciousness.

For those who wish to make the transition (or be a wandering witness to it), here is a reminder from a soul who has likely already experienced fourth density at some other time in some other place:

We are here to learn, to teach, to make a positive difference, and to be of service to others. We are here to learn and practice unconditional love and forgiveness, and to reconnect with our Creator. We are not here to hurt others or ourselves. Life is a precious gift. We do not have a right to destroy it. These events [NDEs] teach us that every second of our lifetime involves a choice. We are in control. We are in dominion. We can choose to live a life of fear, void of meaning, being a victim, and not fulfilling our purpose, or we can learn from our experiences and those of others and choose to walk in light, fulfilling our purposes. Our journeys matter. This lifetime is not about earning points for a bigger reward, because we will all eventually get the same reward. We were all born with this universal knowledge, but somehow we have forgotten it along the way ~ Barbara R. Rommer, MD, physician and near-death experience researcher

We forgot the knowing because the veil of forgetfulness had us forget, and many are only now beginning to remember, either for the purpose of guiding the transition or for the purpose of making the transition.

In light of what I have shared so far, who is a wanderer from fifth or sixth density to be and what is a wanderer from fifth or sixth density to do with their energy and effort to play an effective role in guiding the transition? Simply this: to manifest a life worthy of note, serving the transition profoundly, in whatever ways and by whatever means most attuned to the heart of your soul and most aligned with the mind of your spirit. Manifest a life worthy of note? Serve the transition profoundly?

How does the notion of ultimate fulfillment figure into these questions?


The question is begged: how can anyone approach a realization of ultimate fulfillment when ultimate fulfillment is itself not even conceivable in cosmic terms, given that the Cosmos/Logos moves and changes constantly from one density to the next and from one octave to the next?

Two keys to understanding are required.

The first key is to remember that you are, in essence, the Source of your own reality, manifesting in spite of yourself if and when you are not manifesting consciously, while remembering always that you are a spark of consciousness in the form of soul and spirit that belongs to a more powerful spark of consciousness on the other side of the veil of forgetfulness that can manifest anything at will in time/space with mere thought and in that same moment wishing fervently that it could incarnate at a much slower rate of vibration to experience delays in manifestation.

The second key is to recall that you came to third density for a reason: to fulfill a purpose. For some souls with spirits, this purpose might be as simple as choosing to transition (die) at a young age to support someone’s growth, or as simple as intervening to save someone’s soul. For other souls with spirits, this purpose might be as complex and varied as establishing a global foundation to change the course of history on planet Earth, or as complex and intricate as defining or refining the character of a culture as an author, poet, writer, artist, actor, or musician.

Or as rewarding as bearing and raising a child with and through the eyes of love.

In the wake of these knowings, questions abound: what if I’ve already fulfilled my ultimate purpose for being here? What if I am failing miserably at fulfilling what I deem to be my ultimate purpose? What if I simply don’t know the ultimate purpose for which I came here to ultimately fulfill?

First, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths with longer exhales than inhales.

Second, remind yourself, kindly and gently, that to even be asking these perplexing questions at all is to forget who you are, where you are, and where you came from in the ultimate scheme of things.

Do you get a sense that you fulfilled your purpose for this life already (the one you chose prior to incarnating)? Wonderful. Now set another purpose for yourself ~ or else, live with the blessings and burdens of purposelessness. Failing miserably at fulfilling a purpose deemed as ultimate? Step back, take a breath, reassess your ways and means. Don’t know your purpose? No problem. Make one up, one that resonates truly and deeply, acting as if this is the one, defining and refining as you go.

There can be no ultimate fulfillment in a cosmos that is constantly and eternally changing, but there can be ultimate fulfillment for you and yours, depending on your choice of purpose, made either before you came here to live out your soul and spirit or after you showed up here on Earth.

A purpose that includes serving others will stand you in good stead for either guiding or making the transition to heaven on earth, but if your purpose is to live without purpose, be sure to read Osho.

In moving beyond the dualities of love and hate, doubt and trust, Osho guides you in a transcended trust towards living life with total insecurity, which for him and others like him (like Alan Watts), is the ultimate in security, if not the ultimate in fulfillment, depending on your point of view.

If you are really and truly keen on fulfilling a purpose in terms that are ultimately fulfilling for you, you would do well to read chapter 17 from the book Backwards: Returning to Our Source for Answers and follow its instructions to manifest a life worthy of your attention and intention.

As I/you/we allow and embrace each moment, so shall I/you/we manifest.

As I/you/we attend and intend each moment, so shall I/you/we manifest.

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