On Being and Becoming

by Christopher Lovejoy on April 8, 2018

I focus not on what I do, not on what I have, not on who I can be, but on who I must be
so that my doing, my having, and my being come to me as a byproduct of my becoming

I was in the kitchen this morning getting ready to go for a morning stroll, when I glanced at the digital clock on the stove, reading 7:37. After a few moments, the significance of these numbers ~ 7 3 7 ~ dawned on me, triggering associations that coalesced into a personal calling.

This calling is directly linked to the writing of this post.

If you pay attention, you just might catch its meaning.


In Law of One terms, humanity is undergoing a transition from third to fourth density consciousness with guidance from fifth and sixth density consciousness, on (wayshowers) and off (guardians) Earth.

If you are presently reading and digesting the significance of this post, then you are more than likely, whether you know it or not, whether you care to know it or not, playing an integral part in this process.

A global cyclical process such as this comes alive by its very nature in all densities on all dimensions (3D personal, 4D interpersonal, 5D transpersonal, 6D impersonal), including seventh density (7D).

A tremendous sense of promise and possibility arises and obtains when one can have body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit synchronized and harmonized on all five of these levels of being and becoming.

Ultimately, one finds, and seeks, fulfillment in and out of the moment.


I find myself asking: with so much going on inside and out, where do I put my focus?

A singular focus, by itself, is very limited and very limiting. As part and parcel of a certain kind of process, however, it can be quite powerful, even powerful beyond belief, so much so that any power gathered in third density consciousness pales in significance by comparison.

So much so that managing your projections must be raised to the status of a fine art.

Before I go any further, I have two words I wish to introduce: one that captures a vital element of life (but one that will sound strange to the modern ear) and one that captures a feeling that is vital to life (and one that sounds almost as strange to the modern ear as the first).

Both of these terms are Greek in origin: the first is entelechy, the second is eudaimonia.

Entelechy (en-tele-key) is derived from ‘en’ (within), ‘telos’ (a perfected endpoint), and ‘ekhein’ (be in a certain state). Ecstasy (from ek stasis, standing outside oneself) is one such state of being that arises out of a realization that one is approaching or realizing a perfected endpoint.

Entelechy is a static or dynamic realization of potential in a vivid moment of perfection or in a moment approaching perfection, and associated strongly with such a realization is the supposition that contains a vital principle of life in the fate of the soul, summarized succinctly by the psychologist Abraham Maslow in his groundbreaking work on self-actualization as follows: what one can be, one must be.

Aristotle coined the term ‘entelechy’ to reference “a vital force within”, one that drives us onward and upward, into and out of our meditations and contemplations, to actualize our innate potential.

Aristotle also made ample use of the term ‘eudaimonia’ (eu-, meaning well + daimon, a guiding spirit), by which he meant, quite literally, “doing and living well”. Imagine that your guiding spirit knows your innate potential so well that it serves to guide you towards its actualization.

The necessity of entelechy in a moment of being and the sufficiency of eudaimonia in a process of becoming can be wholly synchronized and harmonized to such an extent that the question at hand morphs into a slightly different question … where do I keep my focus now?

The soul and fate of your Being merges harmoniously with the spirit and destiny of your Becoming. It almost feels as if you, your life, and your lifestyle are weaving themselves seamlessly, almost magically, and synchronistically from you, through you, with you, and for you.


When I say “a certain kind of process”, what do I mean exactly?

I shared two key facets of this magical process when I indicated as follows: (1) the necessity of entelechy in a moment of being; and (2) the sufficiency of eudaimonia in a process of becoming.

Entelechy is that moment of realization when a potential in this moment is actualized; the necessity of entelechy infuses the soul of necessity with this motive: you have no choice but to heed the evolutionary impulse to realize the wholeness and fullness of who and what you are.

soul to spirit: I am _______ … and so I must choose, have, say, or do this

Eudaimonia arises in that moment of realization when a potential in this moment is actualized; the sufficiency of eudaimonia imbues the spirit of  sufficiency, manifesting as a wholeness of hope and a fullness of optimism through a culmination of sound, well-intentioned discernments.

spirit to soul: I now must ___ … so that I can choose, have, say, or do this

How do I know if and when entelechy and eudaimonia have harmonized?

The answer lies with another powerful, purposeful Greek term: euthymia.

Euthymia is related to the word thymos, which has to do with moral impulsivity. Someone with a lot of thymos is morally impulsive by nature, which has both its upsides and downsides. Eu-, meaning well, combined with -thymia, indicates a sound relationship with the fire of thymos.

A sound relationship with the fire of moral impulsivity implies a relationship of trust.

Less literally, euthymia, in contrast to dysthymia, is a calm inner knowing and feeling that stays the rhythmic course in life with a central integrating purpose that is consciously allowed a meaningful place to grow and flow from the root of Being for the sake of Becoming.

If entelechy is integral to satisfying the nature and meaning of this life, soul, and fate, and if eudaimonia is integral to fulfilling the spirit and destiny of this nature and meaning through the vehicle of lifestyle, then euthymia is integral to giving voice to their seamless integration.

How I live my life in becoming is a meaningful byproduct of doing, having, and being.


The next morning, I was privy to another sequence of numbers on the clock: 7:07.

I took the appearance of these numbers ~ 7 0 7 ~ as a sign of acknowledgement from seventh heaven, as follows: “We, who are One (there are no separate identities in seventh density), acknowledge your awareness of our relationship with Source (0) consciousness, in that We both perceive its many blessings (the first 7 in the sequence) and receive its many blessings (the second 7 in the sequence).”

In Law of One terms, we (who are here on earth to serve the transition from third to fourth density) are blessed with access to an oversoul complex (a higher Self, if you will) in mid-sixth density, which is a gift from a social memory complex before it entered through the gateway of infinity (between dimensions 6 and 7) into the realm of foreverness, leaving behind their knowledge and experience of Self.

The consciousness of the oversoul complex is not to be conflated with Source consciousness, which often happens when those who pass to the Other Side (after the body undergoes a clinical death) return to tell the tale of having made contact with “a higher consciousness”.

The Oversoul is a social memory complex of many, many souls in many dimensions, acting as a singular unified harmonious consciousness in timespace, in timeless service across space and time to countless incarnated souls with spirits alive in third, fourth, and fifth densities.

Access to seventh density comes by way of 6D access to this gift of the Oversoul.

Knowing this relationship intimately and knowing yourself intimately in this relationship allows further access to eighth density. The morning after I perceived 7:07, I caught sight of yet another sequence: 7:00. It was if Source (0) itself was acknowledging its relationship with seventh density (7) and then signing off with yet another 0. In light of this access, what does one do with all of the power that this affords?

By responding personally and wisely to the following questions …

What is relevant to my soul? What truly, deeply matters? What is significant to my spirit? What really, fully matters? Is it really and truly a simple matter of letting everything matter, and then, by way of the 3D illusion, of having and making everything seem like it matters?

What goes on in eighth density (the transitional density from one iteration of the Universe (Omega) to the next (Alpha)) and ninth density (the density of being the Witness to what goes on in eighth density) cannot concern us directly because they lie beyond the realm of foreverness.

In coming to terms with what really and truly matters, what goes on with seventh density also cannot concern us directly because it holds time and space for a field of infinite possiblities. That is, what really and truly matters now is an actualization of potential, from being to becoming.

Access to sixth density, by way of the Oversoul, also offers mere potential, and it is up to each one of us to access this potential in ways and by means that makes sense to us individually and collectively.

Much of the action in the collective transition between 3rd and 4th densities on earth (and elsewhere), where individual souls and spirits are concerned, is happening at a growing, shifting nexus between 3rd and 4th densities through the lenses of 5th density and 6th density (lower half, up to and including the mid-sixth density Oversoul). Here, the essence of each density offers us a deeper focus on what matters:

3D personal (forging a stable mind-body-spirit complex)
third density is the density of choice: serve the self or serve the other?

4D interpersonal (forging a stable social memory complex)
fourth density is the density of service to other in love with understanding

5D transpersonal (refining the stable mind-body-spirit complex)
fifth density is the density of wisdom refined in relation to understanding

6D impersonal (refining the stable social memory complex)
sixth density is the density of completion through compassionate wisdom

With a 5D or 6D overview, one has access to the transition between 3D and 4D.

Access to 7D can only ever be relevant and significant if said access can be usefully and helpfully applied to supporting or assisting with the transition between 3D and 4D from a 5D or 6D perspective.

Otherwise, the focus is best kept on the shifting, growing nexus between 3D and 4D. Here, we relieve ourselves of the responsibility to keep our chosen world alive to the wonders of love and wisdom.

That is, the 4D shepherds and 5D mirrors of this world need not hold themselves responsible if or when the consensus reality of this troubled world undergoing this transition follows a timeline of becoming an insane asylum and, to put it indelicately, going to hell in a hand basket.

for nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest;
neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad

~ Luke 8:17 (KJV)

I know myself well enough to know that I am here on Earth to further refine my wisdom (5D) in relation to love and understanding (4D). Knowing this helps me to keep my focus on that which serves my cause while serving the cause of those who would care to make the transition to 4D.

In giving substantive expression to these transpersonal causes as a spiritual being in human form, I find I must concentrate on realizing the following three successive albeit cyclical processes in living a life in 3D:

  1. finding the flow, holding the Light;
  2. gaining access to the flow, bringing it to Light; and
  3. going with the flow, showing the Light

In following the links in this process throughout the day, like so many waves ebbing and flowing, one finds a deeper, fuller understanding and appreciation of their nature, which is outlined as follows:

1) Basis: Potentiation (Harmonize)

in holding light for this activity,
 my involvement is here and now

I am focused on what I am doing;
I am clear about my intent as I go

caveat: if this activity is too easy or difficult, I fail to find the flow

2) Essence: Execution (Optimize)

in bringing light to this activity,
I have a sense that I can do this

the feedback that I get is immediate;
I am open to getting feedback as I go

caveat: if I cannot maneuver through difficulty, I fail to gain the flow

3) Ideal: Realization (Actualize)

in showing the light in this activity,
I bring the intention to completion

I experience a wonderful loss of egoic consciousness;
I enjoy the simultaneity of timeliness and timelessness

caveat: if I feel at all depressed or distracted, I fail to keep the flow

These caveats offer vital contrast for gauging success throughout the process.

The process itself structures focus so that one can hold, bring, and show the light of wisdom even as one finds, gains, and keeps the flow, all the while remaining mindful of the caveats associated with each.

As I apply the approach, “I make it happen”; as I allow the approach, “I let it happen”.

A central, integrating purpose at the root of being is a response to this question: as the day proceeds, what really and truly matters? The ultimate in fulfillment is found in letting, having, and making everything matter (in the loving) with the intention of “living and doing it well.”

to do the best I can do?
to have the best I can have?
to be the best I can be?
to become the best version of myself?

In taking these questions to heart, I can then re-quest as follows, with respect to the other: “if you are ready, willing, and able to guide my process of being and becoming to be, to have, and to do the best I can be, have, and do, then are you someone I need to know?”


In bringing what really and truly matters to life, what is the best way?

If, in viewing life through an objective lens, I ask, “what is the best way to live now?”, then I open myself to the influence of the other, but if, in viewing my life through a subjective lens, I ask, “what is the best way for me to live now?”, I close myself off to the influence of the other.

Asking … “what is the best way to resolve this paradox, if in word and deed it can be resolved?” … and asking … “what is the best way for me to resolve this paradox, if in word and deed it can be resolved?” … does not, can not, and will not resolve this paradox to end all paradoxes.

Furthermore, …

If, in viewing life through an objective lens, I ask, “what really and truly matters now?”, then I open myself to the influence of the other, but if, in viewing my life through a subjective lens, I ask, “what really and truly matters to me now?”, I close myself off to the infuence of the other.

Yet again, …

Asking … “what matters in resolving this paradox, if in word and deed it can be resolved?” … and asking … “what matters to me in resolving this paradox, if in word and deed it can be resolved?” … still does not, can not, and will not resolve this paradox to end all paradoxes.

Nothing matters if nothing matters to me and nothing matters to me if nothing matters.

There is no best way if there is no best way for me and there is no best way for me if there is no best way; there is only the Way: where there is no threat, there can be no fear, and where there is no fear, there can be no doubt, and where there is no doubt, there can be no dread, and where there is no dread, only peace, love, joy, bliss, grace, ease can arise and obtain in the face of destruction, disease, decay, and death.

Am I prepared to be dis-eased? Only if I think I am my body.

Am I prepared to be destroyed? Only if I think I am my body.

Am I prepared to be deceased? Only if I think I am my body.

Such a fearlessness does not and can not arise without a learning and growing process of being and becoming, even as such a fearlessness does not and can not ignore, dismiss, avoid, or bypass creaturely fear, which has value in terms of knowing what to do and when to do it.


As I walked past the homeless shelter, I saw dozens of souls gathered like a flock of pigeons, walking hither and thither with no sense of who they were or where they were, but this is not what caught my eye.

Among these lost souls was a young, strikingly attractive Aborginal man who seemed unusually alive and alert to his surroundings and with a preternatural calm that seemed almost out of place and out of time.

He was also alive and alert to my presence as I walked past him.

I slowed my pace and we locked eyes, meeting each other’s gaze with uncommon understanding, the only difference being that my eyes filled with tears and his eyes remained clear and steady, not unlike a wolf’s.

Not unlike a wolf with nary a need to don the clothing of sheep.

Having an affinity for wolves myself, I understood his calling, and so I nodded to him by way of tearful acknowledgement and moved on, feeling stunned by the sheer waste of human potential that I had seen.

In retrospect, I could now see how each of these lost souls (drugged or not) posed a question for the collective shadow under which humanity strives and struggles towards “doing and living well” …

I feel sad; what can I do?
I feel hurt; what can I do?
I feel awful; what can I do?
I feel angry; what can I do?
I feel afraid; what can I do?

I feel guilty; what can I do?
I feel empty; what can I do?
I feel lonely; what can I do?
I feel jealous; what can I do?
I feel suicidal; what can I do?

I feel ignored; what can I do?
I feel anxious; what can I do?
I feel isolated; what can I do?
I feel helpless; what can I do?
I feel nervous; what can I do?

I feel trapped; what can I do?
I feel invisible; what can I do?
I feel rejected; what can I do?
I feel dejected; what can I do?
I feel hopeless; what can I do?

I feel betrayed; what can I do?

I feel depleted; what can I do?
I feel offended; what can I do?
I feel alienated; what can I do?
I feel ashamed; what can I do?
I feel uncertain; what can I do?

I feel unworthy; what can I do?
I feel neglected; what can I do?
I feel worthless; what can I do?
I feel desperate; what can I do?
I feel exhausted; what can I do?

I feel disjointed; what can I do?
I feel frustrated; what can I do?
I feel depressed; what can I do?
I feel inadequate; what can I do?
I feel melancholic; what can I do?

I feel disappointed; what can I do?
I feel overwhelmed; what can I do?
I feel uncomfortable; what can I do?
I feel underwhelmed; what can I do?
I feel self-conscious; what can I do?

I know all too well that these questions barely scratch the surface of emotion with which humanity must contend, individually and collectively, and so, does it not seem rather silly (and stupid) to expect that any one human being bear the weight of this God forsaken shadow?

We all have our own shadows to bring to light for processing.

Those who serve the self expect that we do this on our own, by ourselves, outside of community; those who serve the other expect that we do this with and through and for each other, inside of community.

But even as those who serve the self bear the risk of succumbing to their own shadows, those who care enough to serve the other more often than not bear the risk of succumbing to each other’s shadows.

I draw on this comparison simply because of my energetic reading of the collective shadow, as its exposure continues to grow bigger, darker, colder, meaner, harsher and ever more indifferent by the day, offering ample opportunities for holding, bringing, and showing the light.

I present this observation, not as a judgment, but as a warning.


In my study of the Japanese language, I could not help but notice the sheer complexity of its syllabaries. I have heard it said that the royal elites in Japan configured it this way to keep the masses oppressed, but I think there is a much sounder explanation for this complexity.

Japan, throughout much of its history, until its cultural walls were breached in 1853 by the ever formidable Jesuits and their many coadjutors, maintained its seclusion (and its uniqueness) from outside influence by preserving the many complexities of its language and customs.

Even today, the nation of Japan boasts one of the most homogenous populations on Earth, if not the most homogenous population on earth, with a social harmony not easily dismissed, but Japan, like all nations on Earth, has its own collective shadow with which to contend.

The Hikikomori phenomenon, which I examined in three consecutive posts that I wrote late last year, can be viewed as a microcosm of an entire nation “pulling inward, being confined” (which is the literal meaning of Hikikomori) when it perceives a grave threat to its sovereignty.

The movement of “pulling inward, being confined” has a counterpoint in “pushing outward, being refined”, and when I use the term “refined”, I do not mean to imply “royally refined”, but refined in the sense of being subject to continuous improvement and purification, that is, being refined in a process of bringing to light the subjective and collective shadows of humanity with Kaizen, which merely means “change for the better”.

Such change can be small or big, continuous or spontaneous. The reference to “better” points to more subtle, more accurate, more effective, more efficient processes for clearing the air, so to speak, so that the shadows of humanity can be enlightened without being eliminated.

Humanity as a whole is presently finding itself caught inside a wayward dynamic of “pulling inward, being confined” and “pushing outward, being refined”, but in ways and by means, unfortunately, that continue to generate and perpetuate a whole lot of chaos, conflict, and confusion.

It is not always obvious why the movements of pushing outward are so explosive, unpredictable, and destructive, given how tight humanity has woven itself inside its various cocoons of confinement, and when I say “confinement”, I do not imply physical confinement only. There are many flavors of confinement, which includes all manner of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual confinements.

Regardless of which flavors of confinement are favored, pulling inward and being confined can be a progressive movement towards rest and recovery, or … pulling inward and being confined can be a regressive movement towards being discovered and defined rather than refined.

Needless to say, this alternative applies both to subjective and collective movements.

Where the ongoing global transition from 3D into 4D (with 4D, 5D, and 6D support) is concerned, community is key. That is, communicative unity, online and off, is the Golden Age key to having said transition be refined with success rather than confined and defined as failure.

I cannot be sure if the Aborginal man referenced above was a caregiver or not, but he serves as a profound reminder of the task that we all face in refining the shadows and bringing them back into balance.


Love and understanding in 4D, according to the Law of One material, is an exclusive inclusive affair. What I mean is that 4D requires a 4D body, and no one presently on Earth has a 4D body. Most of us have 3D bodies, and some have bodies suited for a mix of 3D and 4D.

Having said this, those of us with inborn proclivities towards vibrating at 4D, 5D, or 6D consciousness can help the cause of holding, bringing, and/or showing the Light of 4D+ (Service to Other 4D) to and for as many souls as possible, irrespective of their states of awakening.

The task at hand is a subjective and a collective one, requiring different strategies.

For the subjective task of holding, bringing, and showing the Light, energy, family, and service (in this order) are the main points of practical focus, with an emphasis on these five daily basic core habits:

  1. sleep soundly
  2. exercise daily
  3. meditate daily
  4. eat/drink well
  5. bask in nature

A typical work day might look like this:

sound sleep = 8 hours
am bookend = 3 hours
work a day = 10 hours
pm bookend = 3 hours

A typical weekend might look like this:

sound sleep = 8 hours
am bookend = 2 hours
leisuretime = 12 hours
pm bookend = 2 hours

For the collective task of holding, bringing, and showing the Light, one might do no better than to follow the regime of SCIENCE, a clever little acronym courtesy of Sean D. Young: Stepladders + Community + Important + Easy + Neurohacks + Captivating + Engrained, as follows:

S is for stepladders
resolve dreams into goals, goals into steps: the simpler and smaller the steps, the better

C is for community
surround yourself with those who can support you in your endeavor to reinforce a behavior

I is for important
your “why” needs to be strong and true; changing your tune needs to feel truly important to you

E is for easy
there are three ways to make it easy: control the environment proactively; limit choice; make a plan

N is for neurohacks
change the action and the mind will follow; goad the brain into realizing that change is possible

C is for captivating
gamification and rewards are nice, but the key to game is to make your rewards truly captivating

E is for engrained
use finite willpower to program the basal ganglia to make things run on autopilot through repetition

An example of a neurohack is using a password that reminds you of a dream or goal that you have.

Compassionate wisdom is the highest frequency of heart and mind in the cosmos. Not everyone on Earth can demonstrate such, all day every day, in every situation or interaction, and so for most, this is but a dream. The following counsel, however, can serve as reminders:

S says … bring the dream of compassionate wisdom down to Earth with goals and steps
C says … find yourself inside a community of people who value compassionate wisdom
I says … live and love with compassion and wisdom towards being compassionately wise
E says … shape your physical and social environments proactively with calm, clear decisions
N says … think of little ways in which you can steer the brain towards compassionate wisdom
C says … make compassionate wisdom a game where the rewards for playing are captivating
E says … use the basal ganglia in your brain to make it quick and easy for compassionate wisdom

Compassionate wisdom arises in sixth density, from within a refined social memory complex, and so I would not expect anyone (other than those who have incarnated directly from sixth density) to be compassionately wise with anything approaching regularity or consistency.

Wisdom with love and understanding arises in fifth density, with a refined body-mind-spirit complex, and so I would not expect anyone (other than those who have incarnated directly from fifth density) to be wise about compassion with anything approaching regularity or consistency.

Unconditional love and understanding arise in fourth density, from within a stable social memory complex, and so I would not expect anyone (other than those who have incarnated directly from fourth density) to be universally loving with anything approaching regularity or consistency.

A personal sense of relevance and significance arises in third density with a stable body-mind-spirit complex, and so I would not expect anyone (other than those who have organized, optimized, and actualized a stable frame of reference) to serve the other with anything approaching regularity or consistency. Everyone is where they are, cultivating and calibrating as they see fit.

Wherever you go, there you are.


Yesterday, I bought a bag of rice.

As I perused the offerings, I came across a lone 10-lb bag of basmati rice for 12.99 at a 50% discount and decided to grab it. When the cashier rung it up, the price displayed as 8.94. I let it go and did the math, calculating in my head that 50% of 12.99 is 6.49 or 6.50.

If the universe is as intelligent as I think it is, then these numbers might have meaning, according to the seven densities of frequency that comprise the octave of densities that define this universe, plus the transitional density of infinity (8) and the density of completion (9).

Also, my thinking about densities predisposes me to view my experience in terms of densities.

The 8.94 is a bit of a puzzle, offering up some moral ambiguity: the cashier might have pilfered a bit of change, on the one hand; on the other, the bag of rice might have been misplaced on the shelf next to the price tag that indicated 12.99 ~ if so, the price was actually 17.88.

If the first scenario (scenario A) reflects a service to self (STS) orientation, then the second scenario (scenario B) reflects a service to other (STO) orientation. I suspect, based on an assortment of cues and clues, that scenario A is the correct one, although I cannot be sure.

I invite you now to enter the mathematical mind of God with me.

8 9 4 is the puzzle, the trigger, the ambiguity that came into play. Reading from left to right, 8 9 4 in an offering from the matrix of experience, which can be decoded as follows: moral ambiguity is necessary for intelligent infinity (8) to be a witness (9) to love and understanding (4).

1 2 9 9 is a simple acknowledgement of the product having reached completion, namely, the mind of God is saying that “this bag of rice has found its completion (9) through densities 1 (primal awareness) and 2 (the density of sentient growth) and I am a witness (9) to this fact.”

5 0 is an acknowledgement of my fifth density consciousness being rooted in Source for this particular experience, and that this experience was orchestrated for my benefit in light of the interest I demonstrated in applying the meaning of densities in days previous to this one.

6 4 9: “I am Witness to the role that density 6 plays in assisting density 4.”

6 5 0: “I am the Source of the ability of density 6 to manifest as density 5.”

1 7 8 8 is God’s way of saying that “the presentation of 8.94 is not a problem if you remember that the universe in which I manifest in the eternal Now along densities 1 through 7 in service (8) and support (8) of the transitional density has been ordained according to my will.”

In reading this analysis for meaning, is this writer demonstrating …

  1. a wild active imagination inspired by an obsession with numbers;
  2. a very odd attempt to plant seeds to build a very odd consensus;
  3. a strange tendency to indulge an Asperger’s-type consciousness;
  4. a keen interest in getting to know God through the use of number;
  5. a modest insight into how infinity communicates through numbers;
  6. a blessed attempt to apply esoteric interpretations to 9 densities;
  7. a being and becoming that is truly complex, even for God Alrighty;
  8. none of the above, one or more of the above, or all of the above;
  9. other (specify) ____________________________________?

The source of infinity generates an exquisite mathematical, geometrical matrix of frequencies, offering everyone everywhere an opportunity to form a consensus through each other, with each other, and for each other, and it is up to each to decide which consensus we wish to build.

A consensus that serves ourselves to the exclusion of others and at the expense of others?

Or … a consensus that serves ourselves with, through, and for the inclusion of each other?

A timeline that leads to a dark world of 9? Or … a timeline that leads to heaven on Earth?

From here onward, the proof is in the pudding; make it unique or make it tasty.

Preferably both.

For myself, I like a simple, smooth, tasty two-ingredient pudding made of frozen ripe bananas bits and just enough coconut water to have the resulting creamy pudding be more tropical in taste than not.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

This post has been filed under Integration in the Ultimate Outline.

Note: my evolving outline on approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment can be found here, accessible from the nav menu under the page “Be Here Now”.

Note: this ever growing perspective began here: Ultimate Perspective

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