Submissive, Transmissive

by Christopher Lovejoy on October 23, 2017

Lovely starseed, I know you when I see you.

I know you when I see you, hear you, feel you, and yet, clearly, you are not of this world, not unlike a lovely butterfly flitting over a cityscape made muddy gray, dirty, and desolate from neglect.

I know you by your wholesome presence, by your palpable sense of promise, by the ridiculous ease with which you can attract attention and consideration, much of it proper, positive, and persuasive.

I know you, and I know you by your smile, amplified by the complementary, complimentary sparkles in your eyes; I know you by the warm, soft, inviting allure in the aura of your visage, by your everlasting, evertrusting intent to involve the Beloved in your life, your love, your light.

In a world full of life, love, and light, you always, already know who to be and what to do: fully and freely transmissive, you remain wholly and truly submissive ~ a true submissive, a free transmissive.

Your soul is sensitive enough to be wholly, truly, gracefully attuned to receiving submissions of energy that serve to signify and satisfy. In the manner of a sacred vessel, your body is buoyant enough to process energy wholly and truly, no matter how dark, no matter how dense.

Your spirit is intuitive enough to be fully, freely, easily aligned with relaying transmissions of energy that serve to uplift and fulfill. In the manner of a divine conduit, your vehicle is vital enough to transmit energy fully and freely, no matter how warm and soft, no matter how light and clear.

Energetically speaking, you are wholly, truly, fully, freely in touch with who and what you are.

And when I say, “be true, be wise, be free”, you are already wise enough to know when and where to mediate soul and spirit, switching back and forth between true and free with grace and ease.

With a sacred masculine presence and promise, I know enough not to grasp at your power divine, opting to receive, reflect, and respond to you, having or making the energies that ensue all about you.

I encounter you and I experience you and your love, your grace, your power on many occasions, in many situations, and here is what I know about you, and what I know about me in relation to you …

Subjectively, submissively, you encounter the Ultimate Mystery inwardly, contentedly, intimately.

You are wholly, truly blessed to have ready access to the heart of soul at any moment: looking through the subjective lens with sensitivity, you can submit to a peace that passeth all understanding at a moment’s notice, and there, encounter the Other inwardly, contentedly, intimately.

Objectively, transmissively, you experience the Ultimate Mastery outwardly, enchantedly, ecstatically.

You are fully, freely blessed to have easy access to the soul of spirit at any moment: looking through the objective lens with intuitive insight, you can transmit a natural and overwhelming bliss at a moment’s notice, and there, experience the Other outwardly, enchantedly, ecstatically.

Contextually, integratively, you approach your Ultimate Fulfillment seamlessly, harmoniously, serenely.

You are truly, freely blessed to have ready, easy access to the master switch at any moment: looking through the contextual lens of Not~Two, the one that transcends and includes subjectivity and objectivity, you experience this seamless integration harmoniously and serenely.

You have mastered the rhythm of areté: even as you remain transmissively aligned with approaching what you know you can do and avoiding what you know you cannot do, you nevertheless remain submissively attuned to actually doing what needs doing now. To most ears, these words sound strange (transmissively? submissively? and why are you mixing New Age ideas with Greek philosophy?); to your ears, they make perfect sense, especially as and when you contemplate the many cosmic narratives that are presently on offer …

Cosmic Narratives Galore: Making Sense of this World in a Cosmic Context

At the root of being, we are all feeling the call to make sense of this world within the space of a vast cosmos. Such questions as: who am I?; who am I here to be?; what am I here to do?; when in this world is this world going to fulfill its vast potential?; where am I … in this life, in this world, in this cosmos?; why on earth am I here?; why oh why must I suffer so?; how can I do better? ~ these and countless other related questions call out for answers, or if not answers that serve the mastery, then at least responses that serve the mystery. You have likely heard some version of these cosmic narratives:

1) the cosmic salvation narrative: we are here to save ourselves from the faceless enemy that we all face; behind the scenes, our friends are working hard to bring us salvation, and at some future date (aka The Event), the world changes for the better ~ we just need to keep holding, showing, and bringing the light

2) the cosmic ascension narrative: we are here to prepare for a solar event (aka The Event), a series of rapid solar pulses that will serve to separate the human wheat from the human chaff, set this world back on its haunches, elevate human consciousness worldwide, and change this world beyond recognition

3) the cosmic liberation narrative: we are here to wed ourselves to our technology, to augment ourselves for that day when a singularity of consciousness arises (aka The Event), beyond which we can no longer predict (or control) how our relationship with technology plays out in this world ~ and beyond …

4) the cosmic transformation narrative: we are here to do the Great Work, to seek and find and apply the truth about ourselves in this world to this world, to save ourselves from any more needless suffering, and to free ourselves from any and all forms of mind control, to ensure peace and prosperity for one and all

5) the cosmic co-creation narrative: we are here to share the fruits of our talents and abilities, to uplift humanity the best way we know how, keeping in mind that what others think of us is none of our business ~ in pushing for co-creative excellence, mind your own business and let others mind their own business

In reviewing these narratives, you might think that they all contain grains of truth (or even heaps of truth), in which case, you might take a fancy to what I call the cosmic integration narrative, the one that says “Live and Let Live”, for is the human imagination not a promising, powerful aid to cosmic salvation, ascension, liberation, transformation, and co-creation?

In your true submissions and your free transmissions, you are blessed with uncommon, uncanny capacities and abilities to tap, tune, and taste the best of each.

In saying this, how can I not also say, without introduction …

I love you, dear soul, and I need you because I love you.

Remember: submissive, transmissive.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

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