Contentment, Enchantment

by Christopher Lovejoy on October 16, 2017

my life is like tending a vesicle; to keep my balance,
I keep resting, finding time to grow along the way


my life is like riding a bicycle; to keep my balance,
I keep moving, finding time to flow along the way

Language contains and carries presence, promise, power.

I speak two languages: precious language and exquisite language; language is precious language when my words are chosen through heart and soul, with precious love; language is exquisite language when my words are chosen with exquisite care, through rhyme and reason.

Precious language, written or spoken at peace, with sacred intent: I love you because I trust you, and I trust you because I love you, deeply and truly; I simply love you more than I can say …

Exquisite language, written or spoken in bliss, with divine intent: I care for you because I can see you and hear you, and I can see and hear you because I care for you more than I can say …

I invite myself to contemplate the precious terms that follow (first column) with sacred intent, and I encourage myself to cogitate the exquisite terms that follow (second column) with divine intent:

soul  /  spirit

unity  /  harmony
sacred  /  divine
religious  /  spiritual

being  /  becoming
quality  /  vitality
encounter  /  experience

loving  /  caring
resting  /  moving
growing  /  flowing

love  /  joy
peacefully  /  blissfully
grace  /  ease

require  /  desire
dignity  /  integrity
inform  /  inspire

realize  /  evolve
allowance  /  insistence
restore  /  renew

promise  /  possibility
involvement  /  engagement
attunement  /  alignment

intimacy  /  ecstasy
contentment  /  enchantment
mystery  /  mastery

be alive  /  be alive

As I take these words to heart, with soul, and as I bring these words to mind, with spirit, in body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit, I find my energy, clarity, buoyancy, serenity, and vitality, respectively.

When I love enough to grow at the heart of my soul with contentment, in silence, or in stillness, I am full to overflowing with the sacred energy of peace, and when I care enough to flow with the joy of enchantment, I find I am filling and flowing with the divine energy of bliss.

Contented, I ponder: a constancy of intimacy? Enchanted, I wonder: a constancy of ecstasy?

A World in Darkness and Distress: What is Happening?

Before I address the question in this heading, with love and care, using precious and exquisite language, I would like to make my intentions clear with respect to cultivating a dynamic between a constancy of intimacy and a constancy of ecstasy for those of us so inclined.

In my most recent post, I illustrated this dynamic graphically as two circles of influence (contentment and enchantment) forming a mandorla of influence (peaks of personal fulfillment that transcend and include both) expanding to fill a larger circle of influence (ultimate fulfillment).

With the spiritual principle, energy flows where attention goes, four foci become evident in attempts to support and sustain the ultimate dynamic: (1) resting wholly in contentment; (2) flowing fully through enchantment; (3) peaks of fulfillment, expressible as contented enchantment or enchanted contentment; and (4) approaching ultimate fulfillment as a large mandorla of contentment and enchantment.

If my intention is to cultivate a constancy of intimacy, at least for a time, for the sake of enlightenment, with no deliberate attention paid to ecstasy, and if my intention is to cultivate a constancy of ecstasy, at least for a time, for the sake of empowerment, with no deliberate attention paid to intimacy, I would still be compelled to address the supreme moral dimension of these cultivations: qui bono?

Who benefits?

In serving the Self, at least 90% of the time, ultimate fulfillment yields one outcome.

In serving the Other, at least 50% of the time, ultimate fulfillment yields yet another.

For those blessed with the understanding, they will recognize this distortion distinction as one that issues from the Law of One, and it’s a powerful one, applicable to the global stage on Earth.

Socially, economically, psychologically, ethically, spiritually, politically, and culturally, the restless and restive inhabitants of this dark world are caught in the grips of an unbearable tension between Service to Self (STS) and Service to Other (STO), either directly or indirectly.

And when I say “dark”, I mean dark.

The STS elites (known in conspiracy circles as The Cabal) have done a phenomenal job of concentrating wealth in all of its forms and flows, with the recruitment and training of choice people, with the issuance and furtherance of money and credit, with the utilization and manipulation of debt, with the cultivation and dissemination of information and entertainment, and with the near-total surveillance of conduct and behavior ~ a small sample to be sure, and much of it done surreptitiously or clandestinely.

To perpetuate the finite game of winning and losing, the STS elites know enough to maximize Service to Other, no more than 10% of the time, with assorted scooby snacks thrown to those willing to dedicate themselves whole-heartedly to meeting the needs of those in need. The first two guidelines on The Georgia Guidestones offer some insight into why this is so (the scooby snacks, not the lavish feasts).

The STO alliances (known in conspiracy circles as The Alliance) have done a commendable job of resisting and exposing the activities of those who would presume to rule the world in their own image, with or without the use of black magic. The Alliance is not stupid: they know all too well that the precious currencies of time, money, energy, effort, and good will have been deftly sequestered or commandeered by The Cabal. The saving grace of The Alliance is the spread of information (and inspiration).

In pushing for the disclosure and exposure of vital information, inspired or otherwise (at least piecemeal, to avoid deadly confrontations ~ or conflagrations), by way of the World Wide Web (a quaint reference to be sure, but I like the sound of it), The Alliance can keep The Cabal in check (at least a little), which, in a strange and rather perverse way, likely serves the interests of The Cabal in keeping them on their toes.

The ramification of this seemingly intractable global tension, however, is both sobering and saddening: the little people of this world are being hammered into submission without much insight into why it is happening, as evidenced by daily streams of reports of desperate people killing and attacking and making fools of themselves and each other in record numbers (the cosmic energetic increases are not helping).

People are losing their color, literally, as if in mourning: in public, note the preponderance of black, white, gray, or silver cars; note the lack of color of those wearing black or gray clothes; note the evasive looks, the robotic stares, the sullen and sunken faces; note the odd and awkward tensions between service personnel and those wishing to be served; note the morbid preoccupation with digital devices.

your freedom to swing your fist
ends a mere inch from my nose

Question for you, dear reader: is the world going into a death spiral or has it merely entered a birth canal? Putting aside your wishful thinking, which is at hand: casual oblivion or playful salvation? I invite you now to pause, breathe, feel, smile, receive, reflect, and respond.

More to the point, who can one person be and what can one person do to help ensure liberation?

My ReSolution: Oscillate Between Cosmic Composure and Cosmic Disclosure

This dark world is, at least not yet, not all doom and gloom. Let us also appreciate the sparks of light, though far and few between. I am grateful for the fact that I can still write this post, still share this perspective, despite getting pummelled daily by those on The Dark Side who would snuff out my light.

I find my cosmic composure by resting wholly in contentment with deep appreciation of my witnessing presence for writing and speaking the precious language of sacred promise and for speaking and writing the exquisite language of divine power even as I craft and carry my vision and version of cosmic disclosure by growing and flowing endlessly through fascinating and captivating enchantments of stellar visions near and far in deep appreciation for the Presence of this morally and spiritually intelligent inspired Cosmos to manifest even ordain the power of words by way of truth, love, and wisdom.

I have so much more to say about this resolving, revolving cosmic oscillation, and so for now, I leave you with this gem of wisdom: to inspire trust, put others first (at least 50% of the time).

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

This post has been filed under Integration in the Ultimate Outline.

Note: my evolving outline on approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment can be found here, accessible from the nav menu under the page “Be Here Now”.

Note: this ever growing perspective began here: Ultimate Perspective


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