My Presence, My Power

by Christopher Lovejoy on October 1, 2017

What if meeting my fate more than half way is tantamount to serving the other more often than not?

By serving the other, I mean those acts of service that go above and beyond being an obedient servant to the other, above and beyond preparing and offering food or drink, above and beyond working for some one or some group towards some cause, profitable or not.

By serving the other, I mean any act of service that is committed, performed, or dispatched without loss of dignity to the person and without loss of integrity to the being of said person. By serving the other with these qualifications in mind, we serve ourselves profoundly.

As far as I can see, the issue of what qualifies as a loss of dignity to my person, as a loss of integrity to the being of my person, remains an endless source of study, but for the purposes of this post, I will be focused mostly on serving the dignity of soul with integrity of spirit.

A Most Curious Contrast

Consider this threefold cosmic injunctive series for soul and spirit: harmonize to optimize to actualize.

In five words, we have a guideline by which to learn and grow, explore and extend, submit and transmit, expand and express, evolve and ascend, religiously and spiritually, in harmony with the heart of soul, beautifully and serenely, intimately and ecstatically, forevermore.

Personally speaking, I choose to harmonize the mind of my spirit with the heart of my soul, and vice versa, so as to optimize my relationship between Self and Other, so as to actualize my potential as deeply, as truly, and as fully as possible and desirable in this one lifetime.

This simple choice points to a most curious contrast: even as the mind of spirit is preoccupied with the mastery of becoming, in bliss, through generosity, by way of ecstasy, the heart of soul is preoccupied with the mystery of being, at peace, through gratitude, by way of intimacy.

Personally speaking, even as the spiritual mastery of my becoming draws on the energy of insistence (“I should do this”, “I must do this”, “I will do this”), the religious mystery of my being draws on the energy of allowance (“I could be this”, “I can be this”, “I shall in deed be this”).

Even as the energy of insistence is a resistance to fate, the energy of allowance is a resistance to destiny, offering a strange yet strangely compelling paradox by which to wrestle with the perennial tension between being and becoming, religious mystery and spiritual mastery.

Layered Realities: A Cosmic Ecology

In pointing to this curious contrast, I tap into a fairly expansive, extensive understanding of nature, and I would be remiss if I did not share at least an overview of what I take to be my current cosmic reality.

Before I share, allow me to say this: in my forever-evolving awareness and experience of life, love, and lust (for life and love) here on planet Earth during these turbulent times of transition, I have come to learn and appreciate that the ultimate in personal fulfillment need not only be a fifth or sixth density realization in the current global transition between third and fourth density levels of consciousness.

In viewing and treating this one universe in which we live as but one of an infinite number of versions of universes under the umbrella term of Omniverse, we immeasurably expand and extend our view and treatment of this One Cosmos, this One Creation, to include all manner of beings, doing and having all manner of things, thereby blowing our minds and hearts wide open to a field of infinite possibilities.

In the accounts of those who have passed to the Other Side and in the accounts of those who have travelled astrally in and through their lucid dreams, we find glimpses of other realities in other times and places, perhaps in other universes. The active imagination, human or otherwise, is also instrumental in bringing fresh glimpses into the nature of other ways of being and doing on parallel timelines.

Key points to remember as we survey the layered realities in this one uni-verse, in this one localized version of the Omniverse in which we dare to live, is that (1) the appearance of dense manifest reality is a fractalized energetic expression of a sacred geometrical mathematical informational substrate, known in some circles as the Implicate Order (recall, too, that much of what we see is 99%+ empty space at a deep quantum level); (2) that dense manifest form known as human is but one of many (perhaps an infinite number) of forms in the Omniverse, which informs our sense of relation between Self and Other; (3) the reality we inhabit is a multi-dimensional, multi-density seamless continua of layers of frequencies of consciousness inhabited by all manner of beings occupying all manner of forms preoccupied with all manner of themes and agendas in the living, the learning, and the loving of a life in relation to Source; (4) at higher (denser) frequencies of consciousness (vibrating at the speed of peace, love, joy, bliss, grace, ease), we have access to the guidance, by various means, of those who inhabit realms invisible to us above and beyond the frequencies of third and fourth density consciousness; and (5) perhaps most important of all is that higher (denser) frequencies of consciousness (packed with more light, more information, more energy) need not imply better frequencies of consciousness ~ at third density consciousness, we can avail ourselves of higher and lower frequencies to inform, inspire, enrich, and otherwise round out our multi-dimensional experience here on planet Earth as it undergoes its cosmic transition.

Some among us are more advanced in their native frequency than others, coming from 4th, 5th, or even 6th density realms prior to birth to assist the current transition from 3D to 4D, and so, the following will be more readily and easily understood depending on their origins.

In sharing this overview, I will be tapping 7D consciousness, characterized by the Ra collective as the realm of foreverness. To assist with your absorption of the following material, I would encourage you to watch and listen to a compilation of images and sounds (vibrating at the heart frequency of 432 Hz), either before, during, or after your reading of this mind-expanding material …

layered realities 1

onto-logical (being)
bio-logical (alive)
psycho-logical (and well)

This simple schema invites us to recall the crux of what this Omniverse is all about: being alive and well.

Each version of the Omniverse and each iteration of a particular universe is informed by a particular Logos. In other words, each version of the Omniverse and each iteration of a universe has a logic that, if honored and followed, inevitably brings a sense of well-being, of being alive and being alive.

layered realities 2

mathematical, geometrical, informational, energetic (implicate order)
natural, physical, chemical, material, mechanical, automatic (explicate order)
supernatural, metaphysical, alchemical, spiritual, ethical, aesthetic (delicate order)

The universe in which we inhabit is a universe of order (and chaos, for contrast) on three levels: the hidden albeit accessible realms of mathematical constants and equations, of geometrical forms and ratios, of informational and energetic patterns (the implicate order) underlie the manifest (visible, audible, tangible) realms of nature, physics, chemistry, material science and technology, mechanical contraptions and devices, as well as a dizzying array of automatic, cybernetic processes (the explicate order) that support explorations and expressions of a delicate order that invites all manner of subtle understandings and appreciations of various realms and fields of study.

layered realities 3

zero density (0D)
first density (1D)
second density (2D)
third density (3D)
fourth density (4D)
fifth density (5D)
sixth density (6D)
seventh density (7D)
eighth density (8D)
ninth density (9D)

ciphers, 0D to 1D – compression breakthrough 1, from awareness to presence
objects, 1D to 2D – compression breakthrough 2, from presence to subjection
subjects, 2D to 3D – compression breakthrough 3, from subjection to significance

persons, 3D to 4D – compression breakthrough 4, from significance to relevance
shepherds, 4D to 5D – compression breakthrough 5, from relevance to understanding
mirrors, 5D to 6D – compression breakthrough 6, from understanding to appreciation

masters, 6D to 7D – compression breakthrough 7, from appreciation to ordination
sovereigns, 7D to 8D – compression breakthrough 8, from ordination to submission
guardians, 8D to 9D – compression breakthrough 9, from submission to comprehension

to be One with this paradigm is to be Source incarnate, from comprehension to perfection

I surmise that it is within the realm of possibility to be One with this paradigm, to be a Watcher beyond the boundary of 9D in a state of utter perfection, in a state of perfect expression, as an ultimate representative of Source incarnate in the current transition between 3D and 4D.

I am content to remain, at least for now, caught inside this transition, primarily as a cosmic explorer and experiencer of all densities, tapping and tasting the benefits and blessings of each, revisiting the compression breakthroughs on all levels of density of consciousness.

layered realities 4

foundational stage (7D+ participatory, contributory)
intermediary settings (3D to 6D participatory, contributory)
personal stories (3D, 4D participatory, contributory)

To comprehend these layers, it helps to treat this world as a cosmic theater, involving more than stage (à la Shakespeare), where the story of my life and the story of your life are but two stories among an infinite number of stories being played out in an infinite number of settings.

The references to density in this schema is a matter of capacity and ability based on frequency. Again, the higher (and denser) the frequency, the more access to information and energy to do and make things happen. Those with the presence and the power to create entire worlds will inhabit (invisible to us) realms at seventh density and beyond; those with the presence and power to influence settings (visibly or invisibly), will do so either in the role of participator (less influential) or contributor (more influential). With a stage and a setting, we can author our stories.

These representations of a cosmic ecology, involving a cosmic field of play, a kind of cosmic landscape, many cosmic densities and dimensions and realities, as well as a localized cosmic theater known as planet Earth in a galaxy known as the Milky Way, are mere sketches, and I do not pretend that they are comprehensive. I merely wish to offer a sense of how complex and multi-faceted this Omniverse can be.

Beware the Risks of Declaring Cosmic Sovereignty

I would be remiss if I did not caution the less mature among us.

If, in perusing this material, you can tap a sense of power hitherto unknown to you, I would advise caution in the exercise of this power. The risks of using this power indiscriminately, of declaring a sovereignty that is cosmic in nature by tapping 7D consciousness, are threefold:

  1. the risk of incurring a profound sense of aloneness (of all oneness) or worse, loneliness
  2. the risk of incurring a profound sense of meaninglessness (and being overwhelmed by the illusion with nihilism)
  3. the risk of incurring a profound sense of aggrandizement (and succumbing to egoic inflation)

Each of these risks bleeds into the next, circling back to the first, cycling through to the third, and back again to the first.

To be alone, to Be All One, is a profoundly satisfying experience, one that can inform and inspire all manner of attempts to view and treat everyone and everything as One divine expression of perfection, which is fine if you can handle it. If you cannot, that is, if you are prone to anger, judgment, jealousy, or any number of negative inclinations and motivations, you remain susceptible to the other two risks.

Antidotes to Risk # 1:

master your practice of surrender to the present moment
to anchor firmly, consistently, a realization that All is One;

heal, or at least learn to manage, your voids and wounds
so as to hold your space between stimulus and response

The second risk is by way of contrast to a realization that All is One.

Through one lens, colored as it by despondency rather than buoyancy, this world in which we live and love and learn is profoundly meaningless in more ways than anyone can count. In being overwhelmed by the power of Maya, the maker and shaker of illusions, the risk of falling into a nihilistic point of view, where nothing seems to matter, is greater than we know ~ and perhaps greater than we can know.

Antidotes to Risk # 2:

become acquainted with the presence and power of Maya
and her supreme role in generating a satisfying experience;
please, learn the difference between believing and knowing

The third risk is by way of contrast to peaking peeking through the Veil of Maya.

Congratulations, you’ve seen through the illusion on your way to becoming a master of your own illusion, but to go beyond mere mastery, and be sovereign in a cosmic sense, with the assistance and guidance of those above, let not the ego be your master but your servant.

Everyone has a legitimate role to play in this world, and in the many worlds beyond this one, even if it sometimes doesn’t seem that way to the casual observer, and so it behooves the ascender to pay due respect to what seems meaningless in misery, depravity, and yes, insanity (i.e., in sanity).

If this seems too much of a stretch for you, too much of a burden, you might not yet be ready to make good on the following antidote to any ill-informed, ill-inspired sense of grandiosity:

Antidote to Risk # 3:

please know your ever-evolving, ever-ascending place in the ultimate scheme of things
even as you continue to release what you think you know about your place in this world;
I hate to break it to you but you are but one divine spark amongst an infinitude of sparks

To the un-informed and ill-informed, these risks carry repercussions for those ill-prepared to manage or transcend them. With the antidotes on offer, the un-initiated can rise above being mere creators of their experience of reality in third density consciousness to being cosmic imagineers with multi-dimensional access to any one or more of the layers of reality and densities of consciousness on offer.

Let us remember to pay deep due respect to each and every one of these layers and densities.

Herewith, a sincere declaration of cosmic sovereignty, authored by yours truly, for the benefit of anyone who feels ready, willing, and able to express it and embrace it:

Engage the Mastery, Invite the Mystery

In concluding this post, let us remember always to invite the mystery even as we engage the mastery.

The supreme task of 3D, 4D transitional life is this: to engage the mastery of becoming, in spirit, by following your bliss with generosity, by way of ecstasy (3D), even as you invite the mystery of being yourself, as a soul, by dwelling in peace with gratitude, by way of intimacy (4D).

You know that there are forces that cannot bear to have you engage and invite in these ways, but with a growing balance of dynamic mastery and a growing mastery of dynamic balance, the ultimate mysteries in life can be welcomed, invited, and allowed to have their beneficial ways with you.

You may not wish to have anything to do with the global transition under way, at least directly, and this is fine, provided you make some other contribution, if only indirectly, to the upliftment and fulfillment of this troubled yet promising world in which we care to live and learn and love and lust.

For myself, I will continue to move my spark of consciousness into orchestrating the oscillation between soul and spirit, being and becoming, fate and destiny, life and lifestyle, peace and bliss, gratitude and generosity, intimacy and ecstasy, truthfully, beautifully, harmoniously, for I am sovereign.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

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Note: my evolving outline on approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment can be found here, accessible from the nav menu under the page “Be Here Now”.

Note: this ever growing perspective began here: Ultimate Perspective


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