Hello Eros, Say Hi to Ekos

by Christopher Lovejoy on August 13, 2017

Love. Lust. Pleasure. Desire.

Note well the manner in which you speak these words in the privacy of your own mind (and heart).

Together, as a mosaic of experience, these human potentials remain more than a little interesting to those who are (and who are fast becoming) sensitive and receptive and responsive to their everyday appearance in the living and the loving of a life of quality and vitality.

In judging the quality and vitality of a planetary civilization, what better litmus test is there than the quality and vitality of the manner in which these potentially exquisite realities – love, lust, pleasure, desire – are embodied and expressed through its customs and cultures?

Love. Lust. Pleasure. Desire.

Where does one even begin to weave these potentially delicious realities into a mosaic of experience worthy of being wholly practical and spiritual in human form? Where does one even begin to explore, embrace, embody, and express them without undue reservation?

Are these potentials (provocative for some, evocative for others), primed and ready for exploration and realization, not our tickets to ultimate fulfillment both subjectively and collectively?

If not, why not?

* * *

cultivate soul with intimacy to celebrate a life in ecstasy
from me (and you) … to us (and them) … to we (are one),
serving as a supple bridge between intimacy and ecstasy

A true submissive is truly sensitive, receptive, and responsive to being qua being, in and through oneself, in and through others. In a world where doing without being is approaching its natural limits, being qua being is becoming ever more central to having and doing.

Doing without being is not possible without the influence of social conditioning and programming. When I behave, react, or perform because I feel I must, when I do what I feel I must because others tell me I should, there is little or no time and space for being qua being.

In being qua being, I can rest in the moment and be at choice about how to behave and conduct the self as a true submissive, even in the face of mounting social pressure to yield respectfully (and submissively) to doing or having what I do not truly wish to do or have.

In being qua being, I have both time and space to cultivate the heart of soul with intimacy, to share the fruits of this beloved cultivation with others, and to join with others in expanding and extending this beloved cultivation to those who live and love in the world at large.

* * *

If I invite you to sit down with me and my fellow submissives, we would submit ourselves to your being.

We would respectfully and submissively defer to your being qua being, resting in the moment and being at choice about how to receive and respond with sensitivity to the mystery and magic of your being.

With supple intensity, we would expose the holes in your being, wondering, with a friendly curiosity and compassion, why it is you act or react with emptiness, from emptiness, oblivious to the richness and wholeness of your being, before inviting you to speak on the subject of your sexuality.

If you tell us in no uncertain terms that this is none of our business, we would defer to your insistence, but if you should feel at all inclined to share your deepest feelings on the subject, we would be happy to listen, to receive your feelings with care and reflect them back to you.

If you should tell us that your sexuality merely serves the purpose of reproducing life, we would gently inquire as to whether fostering life might be one more way for you to embody and express the blessing of your sexuality; if you should tell us that you have renounced your sexuality or that you are on the verge of renouncing your sexuality outright, we would gently inquire as to whether you might, in the interest of your healing, explore, at least in the imagination, the lesser associated capacities of being sensuous, amorous, erotic, or even sensual in your being. If, however, you should tell us that you have little or no interest in sexuality, we would playfully inquire as to whether you might be repressing or suppressing an interest in sexuality out of fear or frustration – might we interest you in approaching the subject of sexuality within a context of inquiry and discovery that makes exploring it and expressing it a most pleasurable process that brings you fulfillment and enchantment?

If you tell us that you are transmuting or sublimating the energy of your sexuality for the sake of your family, for the sake of building wealth, for the sake of your art, or simply for the sake of keeping chaos at bay in your personal life, we would seriously inquire as to whether you might be cheating on yourself, avoiding something vital about yourself, denying yourself some of the most exquisite pleasures that life has to offer. If, however, you should tell us that you view and treat sexuality as just one more potential to fulfill, separate from any meaningful consideration of spirituality, without making adequate time and space to address your sensuous, amorous, erotic, and sensual capacities, might we suggest that you examine any grip that your obsessive, compulsive, addictive, aggressive, or regressive sexual behavior or conduct has on you? Remember, too, that Riding the Serpent (or Playing the Serpent) mechanically, lovelessly, joylessly, insightlessly, obliviously, is effectively and decisively undermining, not only the quality and vitality of this world, but your relationship with this world.

* * *

In general, Riding the Serpent is a vivid metaphor for the various acts of sexual intercourse with which creaturely beings everywhere are capable of conducting and performing for each other, but in particular, Riding the Serpent is merely the third act of an extended play.

Serious students of the subject are bound to ask: what does it take to experience and enjoy one or more orgasms every day? By way of response, it helps to know that the energetics of this endeavor are cyclical in nature: let it charge, discharge, recharge, let it charge.

Let what charge?

cultivate soul with intimacy to celebrate a life in ecstasy
from me (and you) … to us (and them) … to we (are one),
serving as a supple bridge between intimacy and ecstasy

At the heart of soul, each of us, in the depths of being, is blessed with a certain quality and amount of vital energy. A vital lesson in cultivating soul with intimacy is getting to know and feel this energy on a daily basis, moment to moment, as your familiarity approaches mastery.

The admonition, eat, move, rest, sleep, reminds us of the fundamentals: eat well (for you) to move well (for you), but remember always to get enough rest (for you) as or when you need it, and neglect not the quality of your sleep, getting enough (for you) to awaken refreshed.

This is not rocket science, but the science involved is complex enough to require serious study.

In the light of this rudimentary basis for approaching energetic mastery, the first act of an extended daily play, of which Riding the Serpent is merely the third act, is to feed and nourish all of the senses with and through participation in pleasant and pleasurable activities.

Here, the basic law of attraction, energy flows where attention goes, remains highly applicable.

When I say “participation”, I mean “soulful participation” – not soulless participation, not participation without heart, not mindless participation, not mechanical or robotic or automatic participation: soulful, heartfelt participation that eventuates in restoring your erotic charge.

In any given moment, are you drawn to a hot or cold shower or a warm bath? In any given moment, are you inclined to eat or drink a food that energizes and excites the soul of your spirit or that calms and soothes the heart of your soul? In any given moment, is the small intimate voice within telling you to take a walk in the depths of nature or to take a nap surrounded by nature? In any given moment, does the heart of your soul call you to watch the latest video of your favorite ASMR artist or to play a piece of heavenly music that harmonizes your doing with your being?

How quickly and easily you can restore this charge is for you to explore; be willing to experiment.

* * *

In my post, Inside A True World Order, I proposed structures for extending influence on a global scale.

The current estimate of global human population has surpassed the 7.5 billion mark, and the bulk of this population can be found in the nations of China and India, accounting for more than a third of the world’s population, being mere tens of millions apart in vying for top spot (as of this writing).

Apart from the many statistical trends in global population growth, which are quite interesting in and of themselves, the rate of growth itself is projected to slow throughout the coming century, in no small part because of socially and physically engineered methods – some overt, some covert – employed by those with the most to lose, to bring the growth rate of human reproduction well under the replacement rate of 2.0. The rates of population growth are expected to be highest in Asia and Africa and lowest in Europe and North America, which is why we are now seeing a good deal of immigration being channelled to the latter continents so as to maintain their economic feasibility and sustainability.

The methods employed to reduce population growth have taken their toll on the presence and promise of community, what with racial, religious, and ethnic tensions on the rise, even as said methods have taken their toll on maintaining continuity for the family through orchestrated battles between the sexes in the courtrooms of public opinion and through tensions arising from gender bending that challenge the traditional gender binary conception of masculine and feminine. The upshot of these tensions is that more and more people are living and learning without a genuine sense of community, save the contrived sense of community that can be conjured online through social media participation; more and more people are living and learning without a genuine sense of family as the presence and promise of families shrink and disappear from the social fabrics of societies everywhere.

On the bright side (yes, believe it or not, there is a bright side), this human ecological situation is spawning a sense of individuation and individualism like never before; never before have individuals had more opportunity to bloom and blossom in their conscious awakening, enlightened and empowered to be more constructive and creative than ever with their pleasures and desires. Even those with stable connections to family are being challenged to awaken, enlighten, and empower themselves, particularly with respect to, and respect for, the vital potentials of love, lust, pleasure, and desire.

For the conscious, creative individual, the body is ecological, the home is ecological, and the community is ecological, and this nested Ekos continues to ground and guide Eros in the second act of the play.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

This post has been filed under Application in the Ultimate Outline.

Note: my evolving outline on approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment can be found here, accessible from the nav menu under the page “Be Here Now”.

Note: this ever growing perspective began here: Ultimate Perspective

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