On Being a True Submissive

by Christopher Lovejoy on August 7, 2017

it matters little what I do, what matters is how I do it;
at choice, in love, with vision, all that I touch is blessed

Avoid not any and all extremes and choose not any one extreme: this submissive directive carries the fragrance and flavor of a motto for true submissives, but wherein lies the value of submission?

Submission is a posture of being.

If true submission is attunement with the blessing of being qua being in relation to all beings, human or otherwise, then faux submission is the burden of enmeshment of one being with the being of another.

Attunement or enmeshment? The choice is always yours to make: are you attuned to who you are in every moment in relation to the other or are you enmeshed with the other at the expense of who you are?

* * *

with little or no guidance for myself,
I remain at risk of bearing obedience

but with sound guidance for myself,
I can share the gift of my deference

I feel wonderful when I can defer to another, to the wisdom or guidance of another, and feel good about it. The feeling I feel, however, when I feel compelled to obey the dictates of another feels dreadful.

In the wake of obedience, this sticky question arises foremost in mind: “how could I have turned this dense submission into a light transmission, in the moment it occurred, and feel good about it?”

I have come to a place in the fulfillment of my potential where I can now see value in understanding self in relation to other – and the other in relation to the self – by standing under the self with inner standing. This qualifier, “by standing under the self with inner standing”, is “treating the self as an object of inquiry and discovery with the subjective authority of my inner standing as the author of my own destiny”.

To wit: what I feel is best for me is not always what I know is best for me.

Much confusion arises when feeling and knowing are at odds, and yet, paradoxically, much clarity arises when feeling is knowing and knowing is feeling, when this blessed convergence rings true and good.

If the mission of the true self is to utilize and realize its true potential, then the sub mission of the true self is to carry the presence, promise, and power of a true sub mission to serve the other profoundly.

In coming to know and feel the other profoundly, one comes to know and feel the self profoundly.

* * *

Suppose: the ultimate in personal fulfillment can only ever arise and be realized through orgasm.

I know how self-serving this supposition might sound to those who view sexuality as having a very narrow and specific reproductive aim in life, and I know how insensitive this supposition sounds to those who have renounced their sexuality or to those who feel compelled to renounce their sexuality, and I know how silly this supposition might sound to those who (a) have little or no interest in sexuality; (b) are transmuting or sublimating their sexuality for the sake of their families or aspirations; or (c) view sexuality as just one more potential to fulfill in a life well lived and loved, and yet, is there not a certain satisfaction in viewing and treating the orgasm as a culmination of all possible human potentials?

One might argue that the orgasm is ephemeral, but what if one were to respectfully rejoin that the orgasm is a beautiful, harmonious, and wonderful outcome of wedding sacred presence with divine promise, to be explored, embodied, expressed, experienced, and enjoyed day after day after day after day?

What penetrating context of inquiry and discovery would allow and enable this sort of daily rapture to occur for a true submissive, one that serves to embody and express, with noble intent, the values of beauty, harmony, and serenity, by way of intimacy, on the way to ecstasy, and back again?

More to the point, what sort of life and lifestyle would support the pressing of this penetrating context into reality? And how would this reality of awakened, enlightened, empowered consciousness transform the global body politic? These are the questions that occupy me at this time.

I invite you to think on them in the week to come; for myself, I have answers, answers that have taken years to bear fruit, but I would like to give you some time to see what you can come up with on your own before I endeavor to share my own under standing with inner standing.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

Note: this ever growing perspective began here: Ultimate Perspective


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