Why? … How? … What?

by Christopher Lovejoy on July 30, 2017

only those who … risk going too far
can find out just how far they can go

Dear readers, I have just entered a parallel reality where the field of resonance that surrounds this blue jewel of a globe called Earth is now clear for humanity to rise and shine. The cage doors are open; anyone can walk through them at any time. For me, now is a good time.

If you are reading this, hello, and welcome to my not-so-humble blog: you have either joined me in this cosmic entry or you are feeling rather amused to read and learn about this entry of mine, for you have always taken it for granted that humanity can rise and shine at any time.

To the first group, I say this: whew, that was close, wasn’t it? To think that we could have lived in Hell on Earth for the rest of our lives does not please me in the least. To the second group, I say this: would it amuse you to learn that Hell on Earth does exist on another timeline?

Granted, I could allow all memory of having lived in Hell on Earth to fade with time in this timeline, but I think you will come to agree that such memories of hell could very well make for a compelling tale to tell as someone who lived through hell and came through to tell the tale.

I mean, is the telling of such a tale not an effective means by which to make smooth the shift?

Also, perceptions driven by assumptions made in the other timeline might take some time to drop off as well. Here, I would advise patience as the appearance of your new reality takes shape with fresh assumptions about your newfound access to greater wisdom and freedom.

* * *

Consider: “I am just one person; what can I do?”

To those who joined me in the jump, remember that one? Now, with the field wide open, we can tap into the global group mind with effortless ease, and, if we feel so moved to embrace a higher perspective, we can now expand outward to gain access to the solar group mind.

From third to fourth to fifth density consciousness, seamlessly explored, expanded, and expressed.

In this new timeline, human beings behave like human beings rather than human doings, such that the question at issue – what can I do? – ceases to be a question and becomes a preamble to a declaration:

“I am one person; this is who I am: …”

Such a person knows well her “why” even as such a person is inspired by her “why”.

Knowing “why” lends itself to finding “how” and finding “how” lends itself to having “what”. In the other timeline, this sequence is reversed, giving rise to all manner of ceaseless struggle – hence the many conflicting struggles and dramas that give rise to Hell on Earth and keep it there.

In the other timeline, people dream and fantasize about their ideal outcomes and realities, relaxing their need for taking impeccable, consistent action, too intent on “what” to be bothered with “how”.

In this timeline, people know that their “whys” come first, always intent on asking as they go about their days: what matters most to me? Are my thinking and feeling aligned with what matters most to me? Are my conduct and behavior aligned with what matters most to me?

In this timeline, my self and my life are wide open; even as my “why” informs and inspires my “how”, my “how” brings my “what” to fruition in ways and by means that I can not always predict.

* * *

The people in this timeline are lovely beyond belief – pictures of grace and ease – in their gatherings, at their ceremonies, in their spaces of work and play, even on their trails, routes, and streets.

My entry into this timeline is such a huge relief for me.

upon entry, the almighty gaze

an image given, an image taken:
how interested? how noticeable?

these matter not; only kind submissions,
and only these questions truly matter:

who and where, when and why?

In just one gathering, I found ample opportunity to engage them in conversation or discussion. If I were to describe my kind of people in one word, it would be submissive, an exquisitely beautiful word with archaic roots: a letter (legal or otherwise) containing a message presented with the authority of someone authorized to deliver it (missive) below (sub) the authority behind the one exercising said authority.

I understand that being subject to authority is a sensitive topic for many, especially in light of any authority that is corrupt or compromised, but if we can take just a few moments to do a subtle yet vital reframing of this extraordinary word, I am sure you will agree just how extraordinarily wonderful this word submissive can be. But first, a bit of historical perspective to get us moving in the right direction …

On the Google Books Ngram Viewer, I explored the use of this word from the year 1500 to the year 2008 for the corpus of English and found a couple of interesting points to note: its first use appears to have begun in the late 1550s and its usage peaked in the mid 1780s. Between 1556 and 1784, its formal usage seems tied to its original meaning: a letter containing a message presented with authority standing below the exercise of said authority, but something happened in 1784 or shortly thereafter. The meaning of this word seemed to shift towards its present meaning to describe someone who is “ready to conform to the authority or will of others, possibly in a meekly obedient or passive manner.”

This definition of submissive is hardly complimentary, and yet this is exactly the point in light of the vital reframing that can occur when we view the word in terms of exercising our own inner authority with respect to others and with respect for others. Allow me to explain.

In Law of One terms, social memory complexes in fourth density (groups of lovely people who evolve far enough and high enough to qualify for telepathic submissions to collective learning and growth) require warm, kind, gentle, and supportive environments with which and by which to exercise perceptive discernment responsively, with sensitivity. Positively submissive conduct and behavior that occurs in fourth density (4D) is a large evolutionary quantum leap forward from the negatively submissive conduct and behavior that typically occurs in third density (3D).

Consider these 3D synonyms for the term submissive and their replacements for a positive 4D reframe:

compliant persuadable
yielding flexible
acquiescent agreeable
unassertive receptive
passive perceptive
obedient deferential
biddable cooperative
dutiful attentive
docile accommodating
pliant adaptable
Stepford fluid submissive

The fluid submissives of this world are true submissives as true submission is understanding with innerstanding. Where fluid submissives are typically warm, kind, gentle, intimate, sensitive, and organically responsive in their social interactions, rigid submissives by contrast are typically docile, passive, compliant, obedient, conforming, and robotically responsive.

Where rigid submissives conform to the authority or will of others, remaining meekly obedient or passive, fluid submissives question the authority or will of others – warmly, kindly, gently, responsively, with sensitivity, exercising perceptive discernment. Where rigid submissives remain under someone’s thumb, fluid submissives flow easily around someone’s thumb.

For me, these subtle distinctions reflect a recent breakthrough for me – a kind of compression breakthrough where, for the longest time, I could not put my finger on why I felt so compelled to keep my distance from those who remain caught inside the sticky web of 3D consciousness.

Exercising authority over others once had its place in 3D conscious development, but in the current transition from 3D to 4D consciousness, exercising the submissive understanding of authorship with innerstanding is taking precedence as 4D consciousness comes into view.

Exercising authority over others aggressively, even assertively, has had its day, and deserves, more than ever, to be questioned, challenged, and eventually eliminated from the global body politic, as it is growing increasingly toxic, and must be replaced by the submissive, responsive exercise of awakened, enlightened, empowered authorship, if the Service to Other orientation has any hope of gaining traction in this world.

If you pride yourself on being truly submissive, then you will appreciate these questions, posed with true submission in mind: What matters most to me as a truly submissive, responsive, constructive, creative author of my own destiny? Are my submissive, constructive thinking and feeling aligned with what matters most to me? Are my submissive, responsive conduct and behavior aligned with what matters most to me? In being truly submissive, how can I make myself proud without acting from pride?

* * *

As I mentioned, the people in this timeline are lovely beyond belief – pictures of grace and ease; in this particular setting, we are sensuously attuned through authorship for some highly sensitive, deeply intimate, wonderfully submissive and responsive social interactions.

Our bodies are taken as temples: we feel at ease with receiving and expressing all forms of arousal, as we welcome the prospect of receiving and expressing the many varieties and nuances of arousal with a keen sense of the sacred and divine in profound service to the other.

On this timeline, this social complex finds itself in a field of resonance that is somewhat third density but mostly fourth density in its character but also includes hints of fifth and sixth density consciousness. Although not a social memory complex per se, as it is not telepathically primed for evolutionary learning and growth, this social complex does offer indications of telepathic or telempathic intimations between certain individuals. Through the power of responsive will and submissive faith, we resonate (most of the time) at the speed of fourth density consciousness, which is a most welcome and refreshing respite from the toxic emphasis of third density consciousness on gaining points and keeping score. This tectonic shift in emphasis has lasting repercussions on choice of home, choice of work, and choice of mate.

In 3D, people speak the language of agitation, obsessed with doing at the expense of being; people so identified can resonate all too readily and easily with the following quotation: “even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there” (Will Rogers).

In 4D, people enjoy sitting for long periods of time in contemplation of being, favoring a dynamic equilibrium between changeless being (Sat), conscious doing (Chit), and blissful having (Ananda) (see my post, S … is for Satchitananda, for more on this timeless perspective).

In the global transition between 3D and 4D consciousness, a fundamental choice can be made in every moment: do I slide back into indulging myself assertively in service to self or … do I move onward and upward into releasing myself submissively in service to others?

In being truly submissive in service, how can I not find my true purpose in productivity with the right priorities? How can I not follow the right priorities through productivity in keeping with my true purpose? If it is my intention to serve others profoundly as a capable, competent, reliable, trustworthy bridge in consciousness between cultivating intimacy and celebrating ecstasy, is it not in my best interests to serve those who are lovely, submissive, intimate, and responsive?

These lovely people, for the most part, are not loveless, not aggressive, not obsessed, not compelled.

The quality and vitality of this submissively informed and inspired social network resonates with my own unique purpose (why), priorities (how), and productivities (what) in life more often than not – why? – because its lovely field of resonance remains ever transparent rather than opaque, organic rather than synthetic, authentic rather than pretentious, responsive rather than indulgent, whole-hearted rather than half-hearted, even as it continues to serve these prime directives for living life to the fullest: go live your life, live without fear, live with purpose, give it your all, and never give up. These lovely people have also embodied these affirmations, culled from the regrets of those nearing the end of life:

i allow myself to be happy
i stay in touch with friends
i live a life that is true to me

i express myself with courage
i honor my hopes and dreams
i work and play smart, not hard

i pursue a productive life with faith
in both my purpose and my priorities

In this timeline, I am keen to serve profoundly in 3D on the way to 4D as a supple bridge between intimacy and ecstasy to cultivate a self with intimacy to celebrate a life in ecstasy, and to serve in 4D on the way to 5D as a sturdy bridge between all manner of differences.

Perhaps a way can be found to harmonize these two streams of service …

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

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Note: my evolving outline on approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment can be found here, accessible from the nav menu under the page “Be Here Now”.

Note: this ever growing perspective began here: Ultimate Perspective


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