So Scary, So Dangerous

by Christopher Lovejoy on July 9, 2017

when my shoes fit, my feet are forgotten;
when my heart is right, pros and cons are forgotten

no obsessions, no addictions, no compulsions obtain;
with my daily affairs in order, I can take my ease

as I take it easy and have it easy, I feel right to be so;
easy feels right, and it feels right when I go easy

the right way is the easy way: I forget the right way,
and so I get to forget that the going is easy …

What does one do with a warehouse full of obsolete parts?

What does one do with a storehouse full of bad memories?

In clearing obsolete parts, more space is made for useful parts, but the cost of clearing them, as I understand it, is twofold: one, the cost of disposal, and two, the cost of failure to sell, which shows up on the accounting spreadsheets, adversely affecting the bottom line.

In clearing bad memories, more room is made for good memories, but the cost of clearing them is likewise twofold: one, the cost of disposal, using the currencies of time and energy, and two, the cost of failure to sell them as potentially useful for learning and growing (up).

The hard way of bearing the cost of clearing obsolete parts is to assign a small percentage, say 10% per annum, to a commitment of disposing the parts over time, while also saving face, at least a little, with the bottom line. The hard way of bearing the cost of clearing bad memories is to assign a modest period of time, say one hour every Sunday for three months, for attending to the transmutation of bad memories into useful or artful realizations.

But is there an easy way to clear the obsolete parts?

And is there an easy way to clear the bad memories?

Suppose, for the sake of discussion, that the answer to both of these questions is “yes”, and not just “yes”, but “hell yes”, but that for reasons of global security, the related technologies for clearing have been sequestered. Now you might ask: why would they be squirreled away?

Imagine you own a warehouse full of obsolete parts and you call on the services of those trained and certified to employ the use of portable dematerializers to work their magic. In watching the magic, you realize that one of these dematerializers is big enough to contain a person.

Imagine you own a storehouse full of bad memories and you call on the services of those certified to use devices designed to erase traumatic or addictive memories. In feeling blissed out by your results, you realize that these devices are powerful enough to erase entire identities.

Where potentially dangerous technologies are concerned, these scenarios point to a Catch-22: a problematic situation (a world prone to toxic aggression made worse by rising tides of information and energy) for which the only solution (radical technologies that pave the way for living and enjoying lives of comfort and ease) is denied by a circumstance inherent in the problem (societies of people unwilling or unable to contain and transmute the causes and effects of toxic aggression, especially those in denial about the rising tides of information and energy). A risk manager will caution, “do not roll out any potentially dangerous technology until a thorough risk assessment has been done,” but an effective risk taker will rejoin as follows: “we cannot perform any such risk assessment until we’ve introduced some semblance of this potentially scary, dangerous technology.”

It seems that the global elite (or those who pull their strings under the cover of darkness) has settled, at least for now, on a clear and clever compromise: (1) introduce these potentially scary, dangerous technologies to the moguls of Hollywood and have them generate powerful and entertaining blockbuster stories around them with generous helpings of toxic aggression and gratuitous violence thrown in for good measure; and (2) watch the numbers with statistical precision: the wider the appeal, the higher the revenues, the greater the public appetite for death, danger, and destruction.

Be this at it may, could there be a better, easier, more interesting way to play with the energies of toxic aggression with the intention of transmuting them into benign and effective conduct?

* * *

When I say “play with the energies of toxic aggression”, I don’t mean this in any frivolous way.

In his remarkable, fascinating book, Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility, the author, James P. Carse, had this to say about his fluid and flexible conception of play:

To be playful is not to be trivial or frivolous, or to act as if nothing of consequence will happen. On the contrary, when we are playful, everything that happens is of consequence, for seriousness is a dread of the unpredictable outcome of open possibility. To be serious is to press for a specified conclusion; to be playful is to allow for unlimited possibility.

“To be playful is to allow for unlimited possibility,” and “when we are playful, everything that happens is of consequence”: these potent, playful words of significance open up the cosmic field of play, serving with a keen relevance for playing with the energies of toxic aggression.

In an article entitled How to Overcome the 6 Most Toxic Employee Behaviors and published in late 2013 on the Fast Company website, a behavioral scientist associated with Harvard U addressed clearly and succinctly the challenges of toxic aggression in the workplace.

In grappling with the naming of these toxicities, I realized more deeply and clearly the importance of “name it to tame it”. I also came to realize that toxic aggression is both the ultimate cause and the ultimate symptom of a world that is prone to the causes and effects of toxic aggression. Indeed, it is not by any accidental favor that the author of this article placed “aggressiveness” at the very top of his list.

Reference: please feel free to access my treatment of this article here, where I place much of my focus on exposing the energies of toxic aggressive conduct and behavior, and if time permits, feel free to review or read my recent post inspired by this article for more perspective on the energies of toxic aggression.

Hardly anyone is dealing with this matter in any thoughtful and sustained way because (a) it’s unpleasant to think about and deal with; (b) it requires a keen emotional intelligence; and (c) we live in a “let shit happen to someone else” world of instant gratification that threatens to have everyone go through the motions of living and learning as a collective of robots, puppets, and zombies.

Any vocation, situation, or relation in which you find yourself, involving the interactions of two or more persons, is fair game for treating toxic aggression as exploratory and experimental without any intention to manipulate it for your own benefit. An archetypal approach, however, is required, and for some, highly desired, but one must be ready, willing, and able to “keep digging through the shit to find the gold”.

With respect to toxic aggression, I do not recommend that we adopt an attitude of “bring it on” to learn and grow from it; rather, I recommend that we adopt an inner posture of being ready, willing, and able to transmute, bypass, forgive, or confront it as or when it comes up.

* * *

I am willing to bet that most people would not like digging through shit, even if it meant finding gold.

Granted, most people would likely be willing to do it, but they wouldn’t like it. Here, digging through shit means facing toxic aggression long enough and well enough to understand and appreciate its power to poison ourselves and each other so as to transmute and dispatch it with relative ease, both as a personal effort and as a co-operative, co-creative effort that remain potent yet playful by nature and intent.

Advocates of The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results are well placed to make this sort of personal and collective commitment, but putting this surprisingly simple truth to work, where toxic aggression is concerned, is not an easy sell, unless … unless what?

While I was reading The One Thing this past week, I was inspired to give some thought, in the manner of Extreme Pareto, to what the main thread of this post would be: would the main thrust of my post be about Cosmic Disclosure?; toxic aggression?; The One Thing?; living the joy of bliss with effortless ease?; expressing the joys of life, love, and lust?; realizing the ultimate in personal fulfillment?

At first, I was stumped, because I was too focused on “this or that” thinking, but by breaking open the cocoon of my pattern, I switched with magical intent to “this and that” thinking; in a surge of realization and inspiration, I decided I would “write about that which weaves the threads together into a beautiful tapestry from a higher perspective with a depth and breadth of emotional intelligence.” Toxic aggression is but one piece or pattern in the overall scheme that is ultimate fulfillment, but in my view, and in my experience, it remains a vitally important one – perhaps the most important one of all.

* * *

Mastering the mechanics of fulfillment through The One Thing, individually and collectively, will no doubt take this world to the next level, but in the meantime, we remain hopelessly stuck inside a globally induced coma of mediocrity – stuck in the middle of the mountain, so to speak.

With so much at our fingertips, why bother rising above the sea of mediocrity? Ironically, cycling through the cultural equivalent of “same old, same old”, we have trapped ourselves endlessly inside a laundry list of descriptors that have driven us into a pallid stupor of complacency:


To keep ourselves from getting hyper-focused on transmuting and dispatching the energies of toxic aggression, in keeping with “energy flows where attention goes”, we as a species desperately need to enact a stellar vision of perpetual play on a field of infinite possibilities.

Let me begin by entertaining the dangers of cosmic disclosure with a contrarian perspective, not because I am contrarian, and not because I have any wish to be contrarian for its own sake, but because in taking a contrarian position, we might serve ourselves by contrast.

I have already hinted at the dangers of dematerializers and dememorializers, but let’s take these dangers to a whole new level with a blanket perspective that drives the point home that a full cosmic disclosure, as a whole, is downright dangerous to everyone on this planet.

A full disclosure of our place in the universe is too scary, too dangerous, for these reasons:

  1. an apocalyptic event (scary)
  2. magical technology (dangerous)
  3. other-worldly visitors (scary)
  4. expansive worldview (dangerous)
  5. secret space programs (scary)

First, announcing that an apocalyptic event is imminent (or even probable at some not-so-distant future point) would disrupt this world in ways we could not predict, and carry the risk of a global mass panic and/or global economic meltdown; better to keep it under wraps until the end, or have those in the know use Hollywood as a means by which to hint at what will come to be, or might come to be, than to announce it outright. Second, introducing and implementing seemingly magical technologies without appropriate measures to safeguard life, health, and well-being would be irresponsible in the extreme. Even those seemingly magical technologies that seem benign have a potential dark side, especially in light of the complexity and ubiquity of toxic aggression that infects this world; better to keep their patents and/or prototypes hidden away. Third, revealing the presence and powers of other-worldly visitors, especially those who deviate significantly from the humanoid form, without any significant and meaningful acculturation, would not only be downright scary to most people, it would also challenge their worldviews to the very core, causing psychological disturbances too terrible to mention; better to keep alien agendas, both light and dark, hidden from view. Fourth, expanding worldviews by breaking open Pandora’s Box with extremely valuable entertainment in support of informative,  inspirational content is fraught with danger, as questions will be asked, inspiring questions about apocalyptic events, seemingly magical technologies, and other-worldly visitors and their agendas for planet Earth; better to keep churning out bad movies full of misinformation and disinformation. Fifth, spilling the beans about the secret space programs is scary, not because of the programs themselves (I mean, how cool is it to imagine that some among us have gone on expeditions through the solar system and beyond?), but because of what their secrecy implies – what on earth (and beyond earth) is being kept secret – and why? Who is keeping secrets – and why? Better to share mere hints of these programs.

For the informed and inspired among us, each of these five threads form a fascinating tapestry of potential play and possibility, but pull on one and the entirety of it unravels, with the risk of a growing mass panic and meltdown; just be thankful that we have a glimpse of the tapestry.

In elaborating on these five reasons, solutions become apparent: enhance the meaning of apocalypse in a context that assures us that all is well after we pass into the Great Beyond; encourage study of the good, bad, and ugly of introducing and implementing potentially dangerous technologies; continue to promote acculturation between humanoid and alien life forms in fictional form in addition to promoting acculturation between races and religions on Earth; and produce an occasional movie that is filled with accurate information and meaningful inspiration.

The bulk of humanity is not yet capable and responsible enough (worthy and deserving enough, yes, but not yet capable and responsible enough) to absorb the potential fear and fallout of knowing what can be known about its place in the universe. Efforts by the global elite to harmonize sex, gender, age, race, religion, ability, ethnicity, ideology, appearance, class, and status as preparation for any disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence, though admirable, has a long way to go before the many toxic effects of unification through harmonization are minimized to the point of manageability, or else eliminated altogether by organic means without using oppressive enforcement strategies.

In the meantime, in light of what I have written here, we are well advised to ask: what can be done to facilitate readiness for an eventual disclosure, in a reasonable harmony with those who oversee the coordination of military and civilian intelligence on this planet?

I intend to give a response in my next post, while tying up any loose ends from this one.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

This post has been filed under Application in the Ultimate Outline.

Note: my evolving outline on approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment can be found here, accessible from the nav menu under the page “Be Here Now”.

Note: this ever growing perspective began here: Ultimate Perspective


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