The Ring of Destiny: 3

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 18, 2017

The Ring of Destiny is a theater of the mind that affords etheric souls many opportunities to incarnate temporally, if only temporarily, to embody and express quality and vitality, respectively, in a series of coordinated events on a timeline, to experience freedom through difficulty and facility, such that freedom realized through difficulty – freedom from (“the obstacle is the way”) – eventually yields in time (and space) to the freedom of facility – freedom to – even as difficulty and facility remain complementary and intertwining as they continue to motivate and inspire us towards divine completion.

Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyways, this etheric engineering is no small feat. In speaking these words needlessly, I am nevertheless given to wonder: to what extent are these engineering processes organic to a single Source and to what extent are they synthetic in origin? I ask this question (even as you care to entertain it) in the very midst of third density consciousness preoccupied with seeking and finding and keeping personal relevance and significance, with embodied reception to the ideational and imaginal realities of fourth, fifth, and sixth (and possibly seventh and eighth densities).

Reference: The Law of One, in the Nature of Density

To be sure, this ongoing reception is both a blessing and a burden – a blessing because it serves to expand my soul and extend my spirit with a seemingly neverending facility of consciousness; a burden because it opens me up even more to the gritty and grinding realities and difficulties of cruelty and brutality.

* * *

To what extent is this etheric engineering organic to a single Source and to what extent is it synthetic in origin? To what extent is it fated and to what extent is it destined? If consciousness is as powerful as I think it is, even in third density as it transitions to fourth, then these proportions are malleable and amenable to being transformed (eventually and completely) in favor of destiny, at no expense to fate, but is the completion of such a transformation in favor of realization possible during a growth-promoting, growth-enhancing albeit turbulent transition from third to fourth density consciousness with ready access to the living, loving light of wisdom from those in higher densities of consciousness?

The implication of an affirmative response is stunning: the illumination of difficulty to such an extent that all that remains is facility – the careful, caring, caretaking, caregiving, and co-creative engineering of a paradise on earth that affords endless opportunity to embody ecstasies and euphorias.

Such a co-creation as this can be applied subjectively and collectively.

Let us now briefly tap and taste the potential of each application.

* * *

In my study of consciousness, I have encountered and experienced two polarizing tendencies: the tendency towards enlightenment by way of abandonment (holding the light of wisdom) and the tendency towards empowerment by way of entitlement (bringing the light of wisdom).

By virtue of these tendencies, a balance can be conceived and achieved between positive egoic abandonment and positive egoic entitlement, a balance that remains mercifully forever in flux through the incarnational realities (spatial and temporal) in which we occupy and inhabit.

The ego, subjectively speaking, is positively abandoned as and when it surrenders the presence of I Am (over here, as a separate entity) to the presence of I as I as a peaceful, graceful, blissful witness to all that is, as it is, here and now, in the experience of sat-chit-ananda.

Bentinho Massaro speaks eloquently to this point:

The daily concerns and interests of subjective and collective survival, security, satiety, sufficiency, and significance in third density living and loving, however, militate against sustaining a presence of I as I, which, perhaps, is as it should be for the sake of learning and growth.

It may well be that learning and growth are etherically engineered so as to never allow realization of their completion in third density, but what if, during the current transition, this assumption could be humbly and courageously challenged, consciously and constructively, co-creatively and relentlessly?

The ego, subjectively speaking, is positively entitled as and when it engenders the presence of I Am (over here, as a separate, competent, trustworthy entity) for bringing the presence of I as I into conscious, constructive, creative communion with other egos similarly inclined.

Jason Silva speaks engagingly to this prospect:

The striking contrast between a return to innocence (by way of love and light, through the application of mercy and compassion) and the call to ecstasy (by way of exquisite pleasures and desires in balance with wisdom) is more than noteworthy – it is a thesis with an antithesis begging for synthesis.

Let us navigate a path of love and light that brings a stunning synthesis for one and all.

* * *

In my previous post in this short series of posts on The Ring of Destiny, I posed some provocative questions – perhaps too provocative for most – that invited readers to entertain a vision of approaching their own versions of a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment.

Herewith, for ease of reference, the brief context that introduced these questions:

In the Ring of Destiny, prior to incarnation, a soul is guided to pre-view and/or pre-live portions of a set number of predetermined, predestined lives, bodies, and timelines with variable levels of difficulty and opportunity that accord with its nature, fate, and progress as a soul.

The goal of the soul is to choose a fate by which to explore, extend, express, and/or expand itself in one life as one body for one lifetime, and so, a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment will look very different if you pivot your lens on this one life – or on a series of lives.

To simplify the matter of approaching this realization with presence, promise, and patience, suppose you intend that this life you live now be your final life in a series of lives, not because you’re fed up with living this one life, not because you no longer value living this one life in this world, but because you feel genuinely drawn, as a thought experiment, to bringing ultimate closure to your reincarnational cycle.

What would a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment look like to you? How would it feel? From this point forward, how would you like to feel just past the ending of your experience with this life you live in the Life Review? Excited? Exuberant? Exhilarated? Ecstatic?

As the transition from third to fourth density consciousness proceeds by virtue of a greater density of light increasing the energies bathing our solar system (as well as increasing ease of access to information and inspiration with such energies), the basic polarization between Service to Self (at the expense of Other) and Service to Other (at no expense to Self) that drives perception and engagement is also intensifying.

The ensuing fireworks in relationships are of interest or concern to those who favor either orientation.

I am leaning towards exploring (intensively) and exposing (extensively) emotional, behavioral, spiritual toxicity in relationships (both real and apparent), as a transmuter of its lead into gold, with a mastery sufficient to keep my balance, making the results of this mastery available to anyone who requires or desires it – all in the context of approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment.

The subjective component of this undertaking is to explore and expose any vulnerabilities and tendencies in myself and my life that invite or encourage toxicity in relation to others, the better willing and able to address or confront toxicity in others in relation to my own person. The collective component of this undertaking is to invite and encourage others (sensitives, intuitives, creatives, operatives) to explore and expose their own vulnerabilities and tendencies that invite or encourage toxicity in relation to others, the better willing and able to address and confront it in others, for the sake of others.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field; I’ll meet you there ~ Rumi

So much of what we say and do we say and do in relation to others for the sake of others, regardless of orientation, regardless of motivation, and regardless of inspiration. Even those who serve themselves at the expense of others need to give something of themselves to feed on the energy of others.

If our relationships are toxic, or at risk of becoming toxic (hurtful, harmful, unpleasant, unproductive), then the whole point of being here on this planet during these turbulent, transitional times that test the patience of those with the most access to the power of love in the light of wisdom, becomes moot.

In approaching and addressing toxicity, focus is best kept on authenticity, by way of dignity and integrity, by way of sincerity and honesty, without too great an emphasis placed on the purity of refinement.

In light of the foregoing, and in light of what I am about to share, I find it appropriate to ask myself: what would an experience of the ultimate in personal fulfillment look like to me? How would it feel? From this point forward, how would I like to feel, just past the ending of my experience with this life I live, in the Life Review? Excited? Exuberant? Exhilarated? Ecstatic? Exultant? Euphoric? All of the above?

I feel rather inclined to respond as follows: all of the above. And so, what one statement could I make, beyond the conclusion of this life I live, that would serve to capture a summation of these feelings?

Before I respond to these questions, here is how Dr. Michael Newton concludes his groundbreaking book, Destiny of Souls, which sets a suitable context for further inquiry, advocacy, and discovery:

Life is a matter of constant change toward fulfillment. Our place in the world today may be different tomorrow. We must learn to adapt to these different perspectives in life because that, too, is part of the plan for our development. In so doing, there is a transcendence of Self from the masking process of a temporary outer shell to that which lies deep within our permanent soul mind. To uplift the human mind from feelings of disenchantment, we must expand our consciousness while forgiving ourselves for mistakes. I believe it is vital to our mental health that we laugh at ourselves and the foolish predicaments we get into along the road. Life is full of conflicts, and the struggle, pain, and happiness we experience are all reasons for our being here. Each day is a new beginning. I have a final quote that came from a subject who was preparing for another departure from the spirit world into a new incarnation on Earth. I think his statement offers a fitting conclusion to this book: Coming to Earth is about traveling away from our home to a foreign land. Some things seem familiar but most are strange until we get used to them, especially conditions which are unforgiving. Our real home is a place of absolute peace, total acceptance, and complete love. As souls separated from our home we can no longer assume these beautiful features will be present around us. On Earth we must learn to cope with intolerance, anger, and sadness while searching for joy and love. We must not lose our integrity along the way, sacrificing goodness for survival and acquiring attitudes either superior or inferior to those around us. We know that living in an imperfect world will help us to appreciate the true meaning of perfection. We ask for courage and humility before our journey into another life. As we grow in awareness so will the quality of our existence. This is how we are tested. Passing this test is our destiny.

Dr. Newton shared these perspectives with the publication of his remarkable book in 2001. Although subtle strains of compromise run through both of these passages, the messages conveyed nevertheless capture a constructive underlying disposition that serves to move humanity forward. With all due respect to Dr. Newton, and to the soul who shared a perspective prior to incarnating, here is how I would have refined their words with a discerning intent that serves to tighten and sharpen:

Life is a matter of constant change and growth toward fulfillment; our place in this world today will be different tomorrow. We would do well to learn and grow to embrace these perspectives in life because this process, too, is part of the plan for our development. In so doing, there is a transmutation of Self from lead into gold through the veiling process of holding a temporary outer shell to that which lies deep within the soul. To uplift the human heart from feelings of disenchantment and discouragement, we would do well to expand and extend consciousness while being for giving of miss takes. It is absolutely vital to our emotional, mental, and spiritual health that we strive to remain buoyant in mood and serene in outlook with respect to the predicaments that arise along the path to fulfillment. Life appears to be full of conflict, and the apparent struggles that we experience are all reasons for our being here now. Each day is a new beginning. I have a final quote that came from a subject who was preparing for another departure from the spirit world into a new incarnation on Earth. His statement offers a fitting conclusion to this book:

Coming to Earth is about grounding the energies of our homes in a foreign land. As wanderers – as almost perfect strangers in an imperfectly strange land, some things seem familiar to us, but most are strange, unless and until we grow accustomed to them, especially conditions which seem unrelenting, and therefore unforgiving. Our real home is a divinely inspired place immersed in absolute peace, total acceptance, and a love and light most complete. As souls separated temporally and temporarily from our homes, we can not assume that these wondrous and wonderful features will be present around us. On Earth, we serve ourselves well to bear and cope with the vagaries of miscomprehension, misunderstanding, misinterpretation, frustration, ingratitude, and intolerance, all the while seeking, finding, and keeping the welcoming, soothing currencies of peace, love, joy, and bliss with grace and ease. If at all possible, we must not lose sight of our dignity and integrity along the way, sacrificing our goodness for survival and adopting attitudes either superior or inferior to those around us. We know that living in an imperfect world will eventually serve us to understand and appreciate all the more the true meaning of divine perfection. We respectfully ask for humility and courage before undertaking our journeys into another embodied life. As we grow ever more alive, awake, aware, and alert to our missions and transmissions, so too will the quality and vitality of our experience in this dense manifest realm of wonders and splendors both. This, in essence, is how we are tested; passing this test with flying colors is our subjective and collective destiny. Welcome to planet Earth.

* * *

The true test of our masteries of self and life is clear: as we grow ever more alive, awake, aware, and alert to our missions and transmissions, so too do the quality and vitality of our encounters and experiences, but legions of forces and influences unseen – archonic and demonic in origin, whether they be construed as literal, mythical, or metaphorical in nature – hold us back, block us, trick us, tempt us, judge us, distract us, compel us, throw us off balance, overwhelming and undermining our defenses at every turn, especially if we are bold enough to think that we can actually make a meaningful difference in this world.

In previous posts, I captured this cosmic squeeze play with a graphic intended to speak to the transpersonal nature of our ideal response as individual light holders, light showers, light bringers, and light workers to this catalytic energetic compression from above and below.

The stakes are always high in any polarizing transition from third to fourth density consciousness. Each side of the polarization (positive or negative) aims to sway and capture or harvest as many souls as possible.

Most cleverly, these dark forces work through us by proxy by feeding on our succulent energies by using our co-creative powers against us with divide-and-conquer strategies in a polarizing war with battles that are more energetic in nature than material or even informational. The fallout from this transitional energetic war is everywhere apparent; just turn on the news, if you dare, and you will see with your own eyes.

Unfortunately, through the centuries, the ground on this planet was already prepared for the energetic enslavement of humanity, by way of the debt-based money magic system that recently eliminated the gold standard to employ fiat currencies based on nothing but the faith of its users under a hierarchical system of banking controls that make it possible for some to channel wealth from the bottom of the pyramid into the hands of a select few. The resulting staggering wealth at the top of the pyramid inside the capstone well above and beyond the control and influence of multinational corporations, national governments, and global institutions, empowers its privileged occupants to play god with humanity, with diamond-fisted, globalized control over the flows of currencies, information (and entertainment), resources (and inventions), and people (which include orchestrating, like so many pawns on a grand global chessboard, the movements and placements of celebrities, soldiers, prisoners, ped*philes, agents, assassins, refugees, immigrants, employees, and most especially traffickers in drugs, weapons, women, and children.

It’s a butt-ugly world if you know where to look, as and when and if you care to look, even as the butt-ugliness is becoming all the more difficult not to notice as the polarizing battles subtly intensify on all fronts in terms of race, class, sex, gender, ability, ethnicity, religion, and ideology.

Everywhere on Earth, humanity is being squeezed and stretched in four directions at once. From the top, the archonic force, with its growing wealth and power, is sucking the life and love out of those below, even as it imposes ever more oppressive controls on those below. From below, the demonic force, with its growing parasitic influence on humanity, is feeding hungrily, with increasing frenzy, on the negativity being released (but not processed) from a growing transparency of dark to light. From the left, legions of souls are in retreat from the growing misery, depravity, and insanity that threaten to overtake and consume this world, in a spiritual bypass operation that leaves them looking and sounding and feeling most pallid (pale, feeble, insipid). From the right, legions of souls are advancing through digital means, oblivious to the consequences of losing themselves inside their heads outside their hearts. Please, for your own sake, take a moment to contemplate this holy cross, not as a fourfold nemesis of humanity, but as fair warning of not confronting what awaits us.

The way I see this – indeed, the best way to view this cosmic challenge, in my estimation – is that we all live in an energetic cage designed to help us learn and grow into our truth, our power, our freedom as sovereign beings capable of transforming the matter of fate into the energy of destiny. Under the veil of forgetting, of forgetfulness, of amnesia, the freedom to choose remains. The archonic and demonic squeeze play is not unlike carbon molecules getting squeezed into diamonds; the pallidic and robotic options are not unlike guideposts of where to find retreat when things get too heated; but through it all, we are called to seek and find and keep our equilibrium inside the cage in service to balance and justice for one and all. The possibility of failure or success is always present – how could it be otherwise, if free will is to remain in effect? Fortunately, growing forces and influences in Service to Other continue to explore, expose, address, and confront the energetics of darkness to have it see and hear and feel the light of day. By consciously, constructively, and creatively engaging and transmuting our genetic programming (fight or flight?) and etheric programming (be my saviour, worship this god over this one), we would do well to remember, as sovereign freedom lovers, this one thing: the only way out is through. Thankfully, my energies in posts to come can be focused and channelled on navigating this one thing.

Beyond the end of my life, I trust I can be euphoric when I say: the only way out was through.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

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