Cosmic Field of Play: 5

by Christopher Lovejoy on February 12, 2017

Am I . . . free . . . to be clear to explore
what I really desire, as I follow my bliss
with equanimity, in harmony with unity?

Am I . . . free . . . to be pure to cultivate
intimate contact with desire, as I express
love in exuberance, in harmony with unity?

The cosmic field of play is transforming under the influence of a surge, a shift, and a split.

That a surge in cosmic energy is occurring in our part of the galaxy cannot be disputed: the sun is growing hotter, the planets in our system are warming, the Schumann resonance is spiking, and climate change on earth is wreaking havoc with life forms and their ecologies the world over – these manifestations (and more) indicate a significant surge in cosmic energy that is said to be caused by intense waves of gamma radiation emanating from the galactic core; by an accelerating solar system in view of the underlying galactic hexagonal geometry; and by the passing of the sun through a region of highly charged energies inside a cosmic web that connects our sun energetically with other suns nearby.

This surge in energy can be viewed as an inconvenient truth or as a stimulus for growth; as a cause for consternation or as a cause for evolution; as a prelude to a solar flash that wipes away all that we have grown to love or as a prelude to a solar flash that clears the way to grow more in love. What I find intriguing about this period in time is how this surge is altering what I call the cosmic field of play.

The surge is serving to en-lighten the entire field, exposing pretense all across the spectrum; the shift from pretense to presence is serving to compel the soul to come to terms with its fate and propel the spirit towards realizing its desired destiny; and the split is forcing us to make The Choice in 3D: serve the self (STS) mostly, serve the other (STO) more often than not, or serve neither self nor other (STN) indifferently. All of these choices are valid, and I kindly, strongly advise that we remain conscious of making each one of them in the moment in which The Choice is made; the question for us at this time is this: to which of these (STS, STO, or STN) are we most often, most intensely attuned?

Having identified this sense of orientation, towards which of these do we wish to move? This is a question not to be taken lightly or casually, as each of these orientations carries long-lasting, far-reaching cosmic consequences for the fate of the soul and the destiny of spirit.

All sorts of energetic shifts and splits are occurring on the planet at this time, manifesting socially, politically, and culturally, and my brief and essential summary descriptions of the surge, the shift, and the split underlie them all. What might be their implications for us personally?

* * *

The Cosmic Surge is both a burden and a blessing, a catalyst for healing and a stimulus for wholing.

The Era of Golden Consciousness is not the time for indulging distractions, for being distracted by this, that, or the other thing; it demands focus – it demands a particular focus on unity with harmony, on harmony with unity; it requires being crystal clear that we live in extraordinary times, that the planet and those who occupy it are being subjected to an extraordinary process, that all manner of pretense is giving way to presence, that opportunities for healing into harmony and wholing into unity are being presented, that equanimity as a strategy for coping is coming to the fore, and that novel ways to blend love, desire, and pleasure are being offered in the golden light of wisdom and freedom.

“Be true, be wise, be free; love is the key” is the clarion call for this Golden Era of Illumination and Elimination, even as the admonition, “stay safe, stay warm, stay clear; there’s nothing to fear” is the most basic, essential, and ideal of means by which to answer this call.

Am I . . . free . . . to be clear to explore
what I really desire, as I follow my bliss
with equanimity, in harmony with unity?

This unusual positional emphasis on “free” is not without reason, not without value, not without merit; am I truly free to be me? Am I clear to explore what I truly desire, as I find and follow my bliss with equanimity, fluidly and flexibly, in harmony with unity, in unity with harmony?

Am I . . . free . . . to be pure to cultivate
intimate contact with desire, as I express
love in exuberance, in harmony with unity?

Might our relationship with the innocence of purity find its way back to organic living and loving with ourselves and one another? Might the very essence of intimacy be rescued from the onslaughts of depravity and degradation so that love at last can be expressed with exuberance?

In this version of the cosmic field of play, we have three points of access to the light of presence, three modes of salvation for those who have taken it upon themselves to situate themselves most centrally on the field of play as a service to those who live inside the Gray Zone.

Position 1 favors surrender to the light of presence, an abandonment of the ego that is purely and paradoxically egocentric in its intent, where “be here now” finds its solace in now is the moment of power. Position 2 favors entitlement to the light of presence, an entitlement of the pure ego that is unabashedly, unapologetically egocentric in its intent, where “effective” is the measure of truth is powered by the conviction that all power comes from within. Position 3 favors balance in the light of presence, a balance in spiritual development that weaves it way up and down the field of play between abandonment and entitlement, a balance of the whole ego that is cautiously egocentric in its intent, where “let it be” is given as much of a voice as “make it so”. The signature vibration of your soul may indicate in no uncertain terms that you find your home in one of these positions, but I would encourage you to open your heart to accessing and exploring each of them, if for no other reason than to broaden the scope of your access to the light of presence with all that it has to offer. In my own experience, I have tasted the fruits of each of these positions, and have presently found myself ready to occupy the most central and balanced position on the cosmic field of play.

Inside the Gray Zone, I ask myself …

Am I . . . free . . . to be clear to explore
what I really desire, as I follow my bliss
with equanimity, in harmony with unity?

Am I . . . free . . . to be pure to cultivate
intimate contact with desire, as I express
love in exuberance, in harmony with unity?

You may well ask: why the Gray Zone?

Think of it this way: if we insist on occupying the Light Zone, if we insist on remaining inside the Light Zone, helping and serving others who likewise insist on occupying and remaining inside the Light Zone, what kind of world are we creating when we dismiss the Gray Zone?

What kind of world are we creating when we dismiss those caught inside the Gray Zone?

If we remember who we are, if we remember who we are capable of being and what we are capable of doing, then why restrict ourselves to living and loving and learning inside the Light Zone as feeble, fragile personifications of presence in the light of love and wisdom?

In this interpretation of the field of play, we see the symmetrical dynamics of presence and pretense that surround the main concerns of those who occupy the Gray Zone: (1) putting down roots to feel safe and secure, physically and psychologically; (2) having enough to meet the most basic of needs, material and emotional; and (3) finding a sense of personal relevance and significance in a world where such a sense is feeling increasingly irrelevant and insignificant to the majority of those who inhabit (a) a chaotic, conflicted, confused version of this world on the dark side of the Gray Zone or (b) a well-ordered, sanitized, relatively cut-and-dried version of this world on the light side of the Gray Zone.

Even as the first group of dark gray ones is at risk of falling prey to manipulation through “musturbation”, of falling prey to the compulsive must, to the compulsive “must do this, must do that” all day long, the second group of light gray ones is at risk of getting stuck in a world of should, in the obsessive energies of shoulding, of being afflicted with shoulditis, as in “I should be doing this and I should be doing that” all day long, while sincerely believing that a gray world, light or dark, is all that exists and all that really matters. In this brief analysis, we can see the openings to a liberation of soul and spirit; we can begin to see where measured and meaningful confrontations are best applied to the gray predicaments.

In light of this analysis, it might be your preference to deal exclusively with the light gray ones, by carefully, mindfully, skillfully, artfully nudging them to turn their obsessive shoulds into permissive coulds, moving beyond obligation into exploration, or it might be your preference to deal exclusively with the dark gray ones, in having them and helping them turn their compulsive musts into purposeful, passionate wants, enticing and guiding them towards embracing the energies of exploration by way of the energies of obligation in lieu of the energies of manipulation.

Your preference, of course, will depend on which of these – must or should – you feel most called to confront within yourself. Ask yourself: am I in any way tainted by the affliction of shoulditis? Am I shoulding on others? Am I shoulding on myself? Or, am I, in any way, a musturbator?

Your answers offer vital clues.

Shoulding and musting are pools of energy in resistance, fearful attempts to hold the energy in place out of a need to feel safe, secure, sated, or significant. If “energy flows where attention goes”, where is the attention getting fixated? And how might this attention be liquefied?

My attending is a process in service to my intending, but
if, in my attending, I am pretending, then how is it ever possible
for me to raise and realize the energies of my intending?

This question will pique the interest of those who care about the influence and interplay of presence and pretense in this world – a fancy, poetic question that could just as easily be phrased this way: do I choose to evolve into presence, do I choose to devolve into pretense, or do I choose to remain where I am? To wit: Service to Other (more often than not), Service to Self (mostly), or Service to Neither?

These guiding questions are especially relevant and significant to the balanced holder, shower, and bringer of the light of presence at the very center of the cosmic field of play inside the Gray Zone.

In this graphical representation of the cosmic field of play, the lines and shapes and colors are intended to be precise in their meaning. At the very center of the field is a representation of the Central Sun, whose frequency of consciousness is golden. This solar object also represents the intent of those who would be a container, a conveyor, and a conduit of this consciousness for themselves and others at the center of the field. The starkly contrasting dark space that surrounds the golden solar object is the gap, the pause, the psychological space of not knowing what is required or desired of one as and when one is faced with a choice to let it be or make it so, to be this or to be that, to do this or to do that, to have this or have that, along with the everpresent third option of knowing Nothing, of being present to the Absence of Nothing, to face the Abyss, the shadow of Presence, with equanimity, in harmony with unity. Never are we Nothing, identified with Nothing, subject to Nothing – only that we have reached a place in our evolution where we can hold the space for Nothing in the light of love as cosmic sovereigns.

Two energetic axes – one green, one blue – serve as strands in a cosmic web, as anchors on the cosmic field of play for those who would serve as green and blue conduits of Golden Consciousness.

The green energetic axis is one of peace, of being at peace with those who occupy the extreme ends of the Gray Zone: those at position 4 who have abandoned themselves to being content with what they have, no longer seeking anything above or beyond what they already have, and those at position 6 who have entitled themselves exclusively to the fruits of having fulfilled their every obligation to family and society.

The blue energetic axis is one of possibility, of remaining open to observing and exploring possibility, of remaining energetically receptive to moving up and down the field of pretense, as and when this is called for, for maintaining or restoring a sense of balance. Positions 2 and 8 are bookends of light and dark pretense, respectively, and serve as exemplars of balance, either on the light side or the dark side.

The two diagonal energetic streamings on the field are symbolic of holding or bringing the light of presence towards gray and dark pretense, from abandonment to entitlement and from entitlement to abandonment. As a central player on the field of play, I can either abandon myself in the moment to hold the light of presence for those in need of surrender to the moment so as to restore a healthy sense of abandonment (position 1 to position 9) or I can entitle myself in the moment to bring the light of presence to those who need to entitle themselves to the moment so as to restore a vital sense of entitlement (position 3 to position 7). I can hold my position inside the middle of the Gray Zone, at the center of the cosmic field of play, even as I can move vibrationally up and down the field with grace and ease to and from any point on the field on either side of the divide between abandonment and entitlement.

This cosmic freedom is not only applicable to maintaining personal equilibrium, it also serves to maintain the requisite equilibrium required to explore all manner of pretense in the light of presence for the sake of approaching unity and harmony on this planetary sphere at this time.

Six blissiplines to “Be at One” on the way to “We are One”

Stay present (“I am, so glad, to be, here now”); find your calm (“I am, here now, at peace”); hold your space (“may all of us everywhere be happy, and at peace”); receive with grace (“ask, listen; act, listen”); express with heart (“I am, I can, I will”); follow your bliss (“I am”)

In my next post, I occupy a nexus between the Arrowhead of Ascension (in a personal endeavor to be human and divine) and the Cross of Disclosure (in a transpersonal endeavor to be divinely human).

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