Cosmic Field of Play: 3

by Christopher Lovejoy on January 29, 2017

Am I . . . free . . . to be clear to explore
what I really desire, as I follow my bliss
with equanimity, in harmony with unity?

Am I . . . free . . . to be pure to cultivate
intimate contact with desire, as I express
love in exuberance, in harmony with unity?

While I was attending university, I observed an all-too-brief discussion between two white Christian conservative males about the plight of young people living on the streets as a result of leaving home. One of them stated sternly in no uncertain terms that they ought to have more discipline. The other fell into a contemplative silence, leaving an opening for me to suggest that maybe what they need is empathy.

You can imagine my sense of dread when this suggestion was met with a cold hard stare.

This Yang, virtually devoid of Yin (at least my suggestion was acknowledged), begs a softer, warmer, kinder response from Yin. Yin says “more empathy, please”, whereas Yang says “more discipline”, but without the “please”. When a challenge arises inside the gray zones of life, a choice is presented: do I invite Yang to be my disciplined guide in this matter or do I invite the empathy of Yin to be my guide?

Now, this is not to say that Yang cannot (sometimes) be empathetic in certain matters of the heart or that Yin cannot (sometimes) exercise discipline with certain matters of consequence. The perennial question for each of us is this: wherein lies the balance between the two? Naturally, the masculine Yang favors the work of discipline, whereas the feminine Yin favors the play of empathy.

Which of these do you favor – Yin or Yang? In your relations, which do you favor – and to what extent? In your vocational life, which do you favor – and to what extent? In the daily routine situations in which you find yourself, which of these do you favor – and to what extent?

I invite you to keep these questions in mind (at heart) if or as you care to read this post.

I will assume that you have already read the first two posts in this series.

* * *

Conscious participation on the cosmic field of play can be warm and light (yet cool) with the play of Yin (and Yang), just as it can be hot (yet cold and dark) with the play of Yang (and Yin).

Might there be a middle ground to be found between warm and cool, light and dark, hot and cold? Might there be a zone of play with which, in which, and from which we can learn and grow?

When I care enough to center myself in calm on the cosmic field of play, I see a golden opportunity to be present to the play of pretense buoyed by unity with harmony; as a soul or spirit, I see a golden opportunity to be present to the play of pretense at any point on the cosmic field of play, inviting and welcoming the warmer, lighter energies from above while discerning and filtering the colder, darker energies from below.

The centrality of this positioning on the field is a golden opportunity to open up and observe, to open up and explore, and (eventually) to open up and participate when and where I wish, to learn to grow to expand to express to evolve to ascend as little or as much as it pleases, even as I continue to approach a mature realization of the ultimate in fulfillment at all levels – personal, interpersonal, transpersonal, impersonal.

Golden Consciousness is Unity Consciousness.

I say this knowing that almost nothing is what it seems on the cosmic field of play, especially with beings as infinitely complex in composition and expression as ourselves playing at being human and humane – or at being inhuman and inhumane, by way of contrast.

Unity consciousness underlies, in every moment of Now, the awareness of harmony, in all events, by way of encounter and experience, even as the awareness of harmony arises with and from and through a consciousness of Unity. A fully realized consciousness in unity and harmony, at the frequency of seventh heaven, or, if you prefer, at the frequency of seventh density, is beyond duality in all of its forms. As such, it cannot react to anyone or anything from unconsciousness; indeed, it cannot even respond through unconscious urge or impulse, so aligned as it is with the energy of infinity, with the Great Undivided Unity, the Sum and Source of All, the Most Sovereign Androgyne of the Omniverse.

If ever something seems off, it is because we, individually or collectively, through our own freedom of will, have willingly or willfully said or did something to ourselves or another that came back to haunt us.

In the ever-fascinating, ever fresh series of interviews on Gaia known as Cosmic Disclosure, a truly awe-inspiring figure of power came to light that epitomizes Golden Consciousness. I have heard it described as the Golden Triangle-Headed Being, but for the sake of brevity, I will simply call it the Golden Triangle Being. Whether you care to view this figure as ontological or mythological, this Being, reportedly standing ten feet tall, is so full of symbolic meaning, I hardly know where to begin to plumb the depths of it. Yes, it embodies Golden Consciousness, but its embodiment, which is self-chosen and self-manifested, speaks volumes to the meaning and purpose of its existence with respect to Golden Consciousness in our version of the Omniverse. This peculiar figure – peculiar, that is, to our way of thinking, to the earthbound human way of thinking – is a syllogistic figure whose symbolic meanings serve as premises to a grand conclusion that is its embodiment in toto, a wavering geometric schema that is representative of its feline origins and its fluid-like relationship with the Creation as a whole. Note the large eyes as all-seeing, and the cat-like nature of the eyes, suggestive of its developmental origins through the lower and higher densities; note, too, the slit for a mouth, an impersonal mouth with not much to say as it has, for them, all been said before. Indeed, what really needs to be said when you identify wholly with the Highest Good of Creation? The direction of the golden pyramid is facing downward, which is highly significant, as if to suggest it is serving to ground the energies of Golden Consciousness through the densities below it, having been embodied wholly and fully. The four appendages – the two three-fingered hands and the two three-toed feet – point to its present involvement with aiding and assisting our collective transition from third to fourth density with the help of their cosmic students, the Blue Avians. The embodiment is strikingly gender-neutral and sexless, as it plays no favorites with male or female, masculine or feminine, having transcended the duality of both.

Reports indicate that it is one of five highly advanced, ultra-dimensional species (6D+) that is serving to buffer highly intense cosmic energies bathing our planet by virtue of where our solar system happens to be situated at this time with respect to the Milky Way galaxy as a whole.

Some months ago, I wrote about this buffering in a post called In the Midst of Chaos.

Our experience, individually and collectively, is accelerating and growing more intense by the day; if you have cared to follow the news, even a little, you will know that not everyone is handling this intensity very well, owing to their separation from Unity Consciousness, more or less.

As these energies increase in their intensity, those who are able to assimilate and incorporate them can do so because they know full well the value of these six disciplines, whose energetics allow all manner of pretense to be met with presence: (1) stay present; (2) find your calm; (3) hold your space; (4) receive with grace; (5) express with heart; and (6) follow your bliss. A buoyant feeling of “Being at One” in harmony with unity will have you know that you are approaching a successful, fulfilling embodiment and expression of these earth grounding disciplines.

Incidentally, I would encourage anyone who can appreciate what is being said here to correlate these disciplines (and this culminating feeling) with what I have called “the arrowhead of ascension”, which I introduced briefly in one of my recent posts entitled Baseline Equanimity.

Additionally, I understand and can appreciate that many among us prefer to deal with the complexity in their lives in black and white terms, especially when mixed with high intensity. Sometimes this is necessary or desirable, but if the complexity involved in a situation or relation begs to be approached and understood or appreciated more fully or finely, then dealing with shades of gray is preferable, even as we grow in the realization that our compromised relationship with this world has served to disconnect too many of us from each other by “lowering the frequencies of our vibrations”, through eating what passes for food that the human digestive system was simply never evolved or designed to handle; drinking unstructured, fluoridated water; falling prey to sedentary habits of lifestyle; becoming addicted to smart devices; squandering or bypassing the energies of love and lust; ingesting a steady diet of mediated misery, depravity, and insanity found in the many gratuitous acts of sex and violence channelled through the news and entertainment media; and being subjected to airways that broadcast monotonous, discordant frequencies, all the while alienating ourselves, for the most part, from our natural rhythms.

Thankfully, inviting natural rhythms and connecting to higher frequencies of consciousness that approach the unity of harmony is a (perhaps not so simple) matter of eating foods that are whole, fresh, ripe, raw, living, organic, plant-based, and nutritionally charged; drinking water that is relatively free of that calcifying substance known as sodium fluoride; following a daily routine of prayer, meditation, or contemplation in a sacred space or place; exercising daily and, if possible, vigorously; monitoring and releasing any persistent fearful, hateful thoughts and feelings, urges and impulses; minimizing exposure to discordant or destructive frequencies, allowing the beneficial frequencies of the earth to relax, refresh, and restore as often as this is possible; inviting and expressing sensuous, erotic, sensual, and sexual energies with due care for their impact on body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit. As our energetic levels, vibrations, and frequencies are returned to a natural wholeness, foregoing ill-intended pretense through gray and dark deceptions, seductions, manipulations, and exploitations, being open to the life-giving energies of love and lust, while remaining enthusiastic and optimistic about the prospects of life lived in love and lust, only then will we begin to connect again.

Only then will we find a collective salvation in the unifying harmonics of Golden Consciousness.

Stay present (“I am, so glad, to be, here now”); find your calm (“I am, here now, at peace”); hold your space (“may all of us everywhere be happy, and at peace”); receive with grace (“ask, listen; act, listen”); express with heart (“I am, I can, I will”); and follow your bliss (“I am”).

In successfully fulfilling these six disciplines, we can welcome the realization that “We are One”.

In my next post, I enter the Gray Zone, which might best be construed as a kind of Twilight Zone, as the Gray Zone is where much if not most of the action on this planet is presently becoming focused.

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