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by Christopher Lovejoy on January 1, 2017

Another year has come and gone, and who among us can look beyond the comfort zone and say for sure whether the year 2016 was a good year for the collective energy of humanity?

And who can predict whether 2017 will be a good year for the material welfare of humanity?

When I raise my inner crystal ball to the coming year, I see the intensification of an existing energetic shift that will continue to split the collective energy of humanity in ways and by means that will generate and garner more and ever more attention, both to the shift and to the split.

For all of its flaws, the New Age movement got this right: individually and collectively, we are energetic phenomena, and this coming year will bring this attribution more and more into the spotlight.

My question to you for the coming year of 2017 is simply this: do we align ourselves primarily with the energies of reception (at the heart of soul) or do we align ourselves primarily with the energies of creation (in the mind of spirit)? Of course, we must do both, and it’s nice to know that we can do both, creatively and constructively, even as we consciously favor one over the other.

Herewith, a deep-dive into the world of signature vibrations.

If there ever was a time to raise your vibration, this is it.

* * *

In the wake of writing my most recent post on signature vibrations, on being identified with a singular preference of vibration with a singular presence, I have come to realize the value of bringing on board a constellation of vibratory states and attitudes in support of it.

I have also come to realize the value of being fluid and flexible enough to (a) adopt a vibration for use in different situations and interactions, even as I (b) change my signature vibration over time, so as to (c) cultivate yet another constellation of vibrations at one time.

Before I give an example, I invite you to review these vibratory constellations (feel free to add more vibrations and arrange these vibrations and constellations to best suit your preferences):






I placed these constellations in an order that I feel (intuitively) best suited to my growth and fulfillment at this time; you may wish to change this order to better suit your own growth and fulfillment.

My current signature vibration is highlighted in red: quite simply, I choose to find it within myself to remember to follow my bliss, whenever and wherever I am, whenever and wherever I can.

In placing these vibratory constellations in this order of importance, I have prioritized my primary vibrations (highlighted in blue), as follows: clarity, exploration, authenticity, desire. In other words, “I intend to be clear in my exploration of what it is I really and truly desire.”

I grayed out those vibrations that are merely complementary to my choice of signature vibration (in the first constellation) and that are merely complementary to my choice of primary vibrations in the other constellations. This de-emphasis paradoxically serves to emphasize.

The result is my vibratory profile at this time.

I realize the value of being fluid and flexible enough to selectively apply vibrations for use in different situations and interactions (sending out a steady vibe of equanimity to navigate sticky situations and negotiate difficult interactions, for example), even as I remain open to changing my signature vibration at some future date, so as to cultivate yet another constellation of primary vibrations at that time.

In choosing my signature vibration and my supportive primary vibrations, I have set myself up to apply energetic filters to my encounters and experiences in a particular way, in a way that complements and supports where I am energetically (soulfully and spiritually) at this time.

In following my bliss, I set my core intention thus: “be clear as I explore what I really desire.”

I also remain present enough to my energies to change my vibratory preferences over time.

So, for example, in following my bliss, I may come to realize that love is more in keeping with serving as my signature vibration, such that intimacy, cultivation, purity, and exuberance become the primary vibrations that best support and complement this signature vibration.

Aside: I just gave you a hint of where I see myself going in the year (and/or years) to come.

All Good Story Writers, Actors, and Directors Know This: “Trouble is Interesting”

Now, you might be wondering: why not just adopt the vibrations of where you see yourself going?

This is a fair question, and the answer to me is simple: it’s a matter of coming to terms with fate.

In coming to terms with fate, we come to terms with personal blocks, wounds and traumas, obsessions and compulsions, as well as unwanted obligations. All of these obstacles, and more, are instrumental in helping us awaken and enlighten, serving as contrast for what we prefer.

In the midst of all of this trouble, which, from a certain perspective, can be quite interesting, we can avail ourselves of a wide range of essential ideas and values embedded in a variety of topics:

  1. Do I now need to be wholed or healed?
  2. Is someone in my life holding me back?
  3. Am I destined to be a lover or a master?
  4. How might I come to terms with the ego?
  5. Is my path of growth organic or synthetic?
  6. In what way is communication key for me?
  7. What does my path to ordination look like?

I will address these questions in coming posts, but for now, let me just clarify some of these ideas and terms as a preview of things to come: to be wholed simply means to be made whole, to position yourself to accept and balance light and dark, whereas to be healed is to come into creative, productive, constructive relationship with any black holes at the heart of soul, at least until such time that said holes can be liquefied, energetically speaking; with respect to someone in your life you perceive to be holding you back, how might you turn this to your advantage?; where a lover is drawn more to reception (“letting it be”, inviting the beloved mystery), a master is drawn more to creation (with “making it so”, tapping into the beloved mystery); the ego is not a black-and-white duality, good or bad, but a very potent reality that can be profitably and productively viewed and treated as neutral, good, bad, or ugly in its intent; where a synthetic path of growth favors spirit over soul, embracing as it does technology that is consuming nature, an organic path of growth favors soul over spirit, while shunning any prospect of becoming too absorbed by technology that elevates artifice at the expense of nature; communication, as a whole, is mind-boggling in its complexity: which facets do you feel best meet your needs and support your desires? A path to ordination is by way of manifestation, manifesting a life of your dreams and desires; think of ordination as manifestation in overdrive, where you can manifest many dream lives in a single lifetime.

The stories of my life are double-edged swords: as broken records, they retard my learning and stunt my growth; as narratives, they serve to draw attention to who I wish to be and where I wish to go.

What do your broken records sound like? What narrative would best serve your interests?

In concluding this post, allow me to share these fundamentally human reminders with you:

we love, and yet we fear
we know, and yet we doubt
we wish, and yet we worry
we relax, and yet we resist

Again, trouble is interesting, serving vital catalytic aims: it keeps us on our toes; it keeps us involved and engaged – at least until such time that we learn and grow to master the ultimate catalyst.

I encourage you to find and keep your balance with these seemingly contradictory paired movements of heart and mind, and without ignoring, dismissing, avoiding, or suppressing any of them, on either side, for by trying to glorify positivity or neutralize negativity, we cease to learn to grow to evolve.

I invite you now to seek and/or find and/or keep and/or use your signature vibration in tandem with your primary vibrations while finding and/or keeping your balance, moving and flowing and serving ever onward and upward and downward, going up and down and all around.

Keep putting out the vibes of your choice, remaining ever fluid and flexible, strategically going with the flow and flowing with the go, somewhere between the ice (fate) and steam (destiny) of life, while never forgetting: you have it within you to melt the ice and cool the steam to stay in the flow.

May you find it within yourself to have 2017 be the year you find and/or follow your flow.

Addendum: at noon on January 20, 2017, for me, the Era of Golden Consciousness begins, lasting at least until the year 2025, but not before a solar event occurs between 2018 and 2024 that will change this world beyond recognition (for more on this, I refer you to this episode of Cosmic Disclosure).

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