Practical Harmonics

by Christopher Lovejoy on December 18, 2016

Could it be that presence and pretense are bosom buddies, awaiting our perennial participation?

If presence serves to shed light on pretense, then does pretense not have a purpose worthy of its name, serving to give presence meaning, purpose, and direction by way of contrast?

Consider this juicy pretense:

“I am on my way, in a relentless quest for ultimate fulfillment, to becoming the wisest, most loving, most powerful being in the Omniverse, more powerful than the most powerful God in existence.”

Sounds like the makings of a delusion of grandeur, yes?

I would, however, invite you to feel the full extent of this statement as a friendly reminder of your promise as a beautiful, benevolent spirit in human form by tapping into a field of infinite possibilities on your way to crafting the best version of yourself, your life, and your world.

If you feel any amount of resistance whatsoever to this declaration, perhaps you would do well to ask yourself why this is so. Does it not give you a thrill to know that you could be powerful beyond belief? And if it doesn’t, who or what has shamed you into silence or submission?

Speaking Truth to Love and Power

We are energetic beings, every single one of us, and it behooves us to understand ourselves energetically, in terms of frequency, making the ultimate in harmony our default position as we move and flow through the days of our lives in a quest for the ultimate in true fulfillment.

At the heart of true fulfillment is a relationship with the frequencies of truth, love, and power.

If a good relationship with these frequencies is a relationship that seeks to find and/or keep a reasonable balance between truth, love, and power, then a bad relationship with said frequencies is one that ignores the need for such a balance in the course of living our lives.

In speaking truth to love and power, Dr. Martin Luther King spoke eloquently to this balance:

Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.

I do not usually recommend committing anything to memory, unless you’re an actor or a speaker (or an incurable romantic), but this extremely wise passage from the inimitable Dr. King is as strong a candidate for memorization as any as I have read in recent memory.

When someone exercises power without love, we have a right to call it out, if only in the privacy of our own thoughts, and neutralize it the best way we know how, without apology, and when someone offers love without power, we have a responsibility to be aware of it, at the very least, speaking words that align with truth by way of response for the sake of love (informed by power) and power (inspired by love).

If you’ve been feeling sad, where have you been hiding your power?
If you’ve been feeling angry, where have you been hiding your love?
Which words of truth might you speak in response to either or both?

These questions invite us, not to suppress, avoid, dismiss, evade, or prevent feelings of sorrow and anger, but to feel into them fully so as to release them into the light of truth with love and power.

Vibrating at the Frequency of Truth

We would all do well to wed science and spirituality in any quest for truth.

The oscillation of a waveform is the sum of one peak and one valley. Note the proximity of the peaks and valleys of a waveform and you get a sense of its frequency: in the same space, many such peaks and valleys indicate a higher frequency, while fewer such peaks and valleys reflect a lower frequency.

If the baseline of a waveform slicing through the middle horizontally from left to right represents truth, then the waveforms that move up and down above and below the baseline represent perceptions of truth. The higher the frequency, the closer to truth; the higher the frequency of consciousness, the more times it crosses paths with the truth of its being. If perceptions of truth are clouded by bias and prejudice, then truth itself is without bias and prejudice, but we would also do well to recognize and appreciate that representations of truth are tainted by perceptions of truth and therefore can only ever be viewed and treated as approximations of truth. Vibrating at higher and higher frequencies of truth means getting closer and closer to truth with better and more balanced approximations of truth. What is true for me and what is true for you might be different by virtue of our vibrations with respect to and respect for truth, but the truth remains, regardless of our respective approximations of what is true.

We would also do well to remember that truth is not the only baseline for honing perceptions to improve the quality of representations and approximations: what is real, what is good, what is right, and what is pure can also serve as baselines for perceptions of what is real, and good, and right, and pure.

Truth Varies from Density to Density

Let us now revisit this key insight, and I quote: “the higher the frequency, the closer to truth; the higher the frequency of consciousness, the more times it crosses paths with the truth of its being.”

The notion of density is key to understanding and implementing the Law of One, the law that states that we are all, in essence, one being – an infinite being that can only ever be described in terms of unity to those who can not yet allow themselves full access to infinity.

Think of it this way: what if we were to persist in viewing and treating each other as spokespersons of the One, as sources of learning and growing for our continued expansion and expression, evolution and ascension, through higher frequencies of consciousness?

Those at Density Six, who have transmitted channelled material here on earth that relate to the nature of this universe, have stated, as far as they know, that this universe contains eight contiguous densities of consciousness, each with its own range of frequencies.

Another key to this understanding is that barriers of direct access to each other’s thoughts and feelings, urges and impulses, dissolve more and more the higher the density, creating what are called “social memory complexes.” At Density Four, the beginnings of a social memory complex become apparent as more and more souls become telepathically connected by virtue of having found their balance with the frequencies of truth, love, and power. In making a transition between Density Three and Four, ready and willing individuals are faced with a critical choice: (1) polarize by serving mainly the Self in their love of Self (STS), (2) polarize by serving the Other in their love of the Other at least slightly more often than Self (STO); or (3) remain in Density Three as unpolarized or depolarized (STN – Service to Neither).

According to the Law of One material, we are presently in the midst of a transition between third and fourth density. Recent reports from the Cosmic Disclosure series online at Gaia, indicate that not many souls, relatively speaking in relation to the overall population of earth, are ready and able to make this transition, even though the conditions in this world are adequate for many among us to do so.

Which begs the question: what is in the nature of this transition?

A Brief Overview of the Densities in the Awareness of Self

In my study of the Law of One, I have learned that the densities are described in various terms, where the themes of truth, love, and power (and their balance, or imbalance) figure prominently.

In shaping my interpretation of density, I drew on this understanding to form these directives:

3D: find the truth of your relevance and significance through love and wisdom

4D: embody the heart of love (informed by power) and power (inspired by love)

5D: speak truth to love and power with love and power in balance with the truth

6D: join together in harmony to perfect the ways of love, truthfully and powerfully

7D: ground the frequencies of golden consciousness throughout the six densities

8D: prepare the ground for a new relation, beyond truth, love, and power in balance

The cyclical nature of the Omniverse is evident in the frequencies at 8D consciousness. In contemplating these directives at densities three through seven, we would do well to remember our responsibility to remain in balance with the frequencies of truth, love, and power.

The beauty of these directives is that they afford us a stable framework from which and with which to approach a realization of the ultimate in fulfillment on and through all of these fulfillment types: personal (3D), interpersonal (4D), transpersonal (5D), and impersonal (6D).

In the current transition between 3D and 4D, some of us enjoy the privilege of having multi-dimensional access to each of these densities, if only in rudimentary form. The more access we have, the more able we are in polarizing one way or the other (STS, STO, or STN).

In my view, each of these polarizations is valid; no one is better than the other – just different. Imagine, if you can, someone remaining in 3D through the eons, with multi-dimensional access to all densities, serving to ground the frequencies of truth, love, and power in 3D.

Keep in mind, too, that just because someone is successful in polarizing as STO in this current transition does not mean they have to ascend to the next density; they are free to remain in 3D to assist future transitions (this, according to material found in the Law of One).

Becoming More Powerful than God: A Theoretical Possibility

Remember what I said about those who ascend in harmony through the densities?

A “social memory complex” is a 6D (impersonal) interpretation of a group of souls who harmonize in their ascension through the densities; although they retain individuality through to sixth density, they have ready access to each other’s knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

Just imagine the power.

But if God, the One, the Sum and the Source, embodies all eight densities, and if the manifestation and expression of God is infinite in scope, how would it even be possible for a single soul or a group of souls to become as powerful, if not more powerful, than God?

The first step is to view and treat a relationship with God, not as competitive (hint: I would not win), but as co-creative and co-operative; this would likely include (step number two) joining with like-minded others, resting and moving, thinking and acting in harmony with the intention of creating, producing, constructing, and generating entirely novel forms of exploration and expression outside the scope of God.

Novel forms of exploration and expression on a field of infinite possibilities?

It became obvious to me, in my reading of the Law of One material, and in my reading of those who deem themselves worthy of interpreting the Law of One material, that a positively skewed bias in favor of ascension is evident. Could it be that God and the Goddess are shaped by this bias?

What if the field of infinite possibilities itself is biased towards ascension? Would this not give us an opening by which to deepen our power in favor of a bicensional movement towards a greater realization of truth, love, and power? Step number three: with access to the frequencies at higher densities, might we not deepen, broaden, and heighten our power in third density beyond what can be provided by God?

In light of this question, might we not wish to remain in third density through the ages, exploring, expanding, and expressing the possibilities of bringing alive in novel ways those forms that inhabit first and second density? – as well as those of us who inhabit third density?

Might we not wish to remain in third density to explore and express novel ways of dating, relating, and mating, free of the controlling, constricting, contracting, constraining, consuming forces and influences that characterize much of our current consensus reality in third density?

Just imagine the power.

The Strange Value of Toxicity in Relationships

I can well understand why ascension is favored so much.

For many among us, life on earth has not been easy, by any stretch of the imagination. For some among us, life on earth feels impossible, forcing them to switch their focus to a heavenly afterlife: “if I can just be loving enough, trusting enough, forgiving enough, then maybe, just maybe, God will let me go to the next level.” Can you imagine, dear reader, living your life on these terms for the rest of your days?

Be more loving, more trusting, more forgiving? Is that it? Is that all? Are we insane? And yet, striving to be more loving, more trusting, and more forgiving are basic to finding, without becoming consumed, co-creative, co-operative resonance with the divine truth, love, and power of God.

Much of what we say and do in our lives is informed and inspired by our relationships with others – at home, at work, and beyond. If any of these relationships should prove toxic, in any way, shape, or form, then we lose our balance with truth, love, and power.

In losing our balance, we have opportunity in finding our balance, while learning and growing from the experience. With the right approach and the right attitude, toxic encounters and experiences with others can be transformed by love, truthfully and powerfully.

In drawing value from toxic relationships, we assume control of destiny with access to the frequencies of truth, love, and power at all densities of consciousness, learning to grow to hold the light of wisdom in awe of this opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade.

To wit: descension is good, but ascension is better, while bicension is best.

Go broad to go high, but go high to go deep, to go even broader and higher.

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