In a World of Bubbles

by Christopher Lovejoy on December 4, 2016

the fullness of your presence
is required, and truly desired,
as and when you see, know,
without a shadow of a doubt,
that nothing at all in your life
is lacking, losing, or missing

Suppose I could point you to an opportunity to assume the power (and the wisdom) to move heaven and earth, in your favor, yes, but also in favor of a productive, creative destiny shared by all.

Would you take it?

Suppose I could show you a way to move the rudder of mass consciousness on this planet just enough to nudge spaceship earth onto a path that would serve to realize a stellar vision shared by everyone in this world, one that could quite possibly be the envy of our tiny sector of the galaxy.

Would you follow?

Do We Live in a World of Bubbles?

It is evident, if you’ve been paying attention, that this world is … how shall I say this? … not quite right.

If you follow the news, mainstream or alternative, and I wouldn’t blame you or shame you if you no longer did, but if you do, at least a little, then you’ll know, at least a little, that the world in which we live seems a bit off: more and more people are saying and doing stranger and stranger things.

And this is just a surface observation.

Perhaps, because of the surveillance state, more and more people are getting caught. Perhaps, as population numbers grow in spite of Peak Child (for more on this, watch the captivating videotaped presentation on YouTube called The Overpopulation Myth by the ever dynamic Hans Rosling), more and more people are getting caught for this reason. Perhaps, as investigative professionals get better at what they do, more and more people are getting caught for this reason. Perhaps, in the final analysis, more and more people are saying and doing stranger things because they’re reacting, ultimately, to a dizzying array of psychological causes and environmental conditions that are driving them batty, like … the growing chasm between rich and poor; like … mounting tensions around gender and race relations; like … impossibly high standards of personal conduct in full view of the surveillance apparatus; like … prescription drugs and environmental toxins with deleterious side effects.

Unfortunately, the list goes on … and on … and on … and on …

With Peak Child, where the number of infants being born reached its peak back in the year 2000, even as population continues to grow in certain regions of the world (most notably Asia and Africa) and population has stabilized in others (like North America and Europe) and the problems of immigration can now be seen in a new light when you realize that growing economies require growing populations, more and more people on this planet are no longer intimately connected to their humanity through the many blessings that children can bring. Those who do share in these blessings (those who can afford to share in these blessings, I might add), are apt to ignore or dismiss or minimize what I’ve shared here about “more and more people doing stranger and stranger things”, which makes perfect sense when you realize that parents and caregivers need to concentrate on raising children, protecting them from … “more and more people doing stranger and stranger things”. In writing this, I feel like the little boy in the tale of The Naked Emperor Empress. I’m pointing here and I’m pointing there and I’m pointing everywhere, but this naked empress, as breathtakingly beautiful and delightful and enchanting as she is, is nevertheless elusive, prone to dancing and prancing around in and through crowds of somber, disaffected people like it’s nobody’s business. What is an innocent albeit wise little boy to do?

In my experience, more and more people – not just parents and caregivers – are creating personal (protective) bubbles of influence by which, with which, from which, and through which to live their lives in relative peace, keeping the strangeness at bay, even as they begin to catch glimpses of the naked empress doing her thing. Of course we all need happy bubbles from time to time, but what price denial?

Humanity: A Species of Misfits, Morons, and Monsters?

I know, I know, this is not a nice question, but I am nonetheless compelled to ask it.

I dare say, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ve probably asked some version of this question of yourself at some point in your life. Hell, you might even be asking this question of yourself, secretly, in the depths of your heart, on a daily or weekly basis. I’ll be honest with you: I’ve had my dark moments where my faith in humanity has sunk into the very depths of … well, let us not go there, shall we? My point: the (nefarious? admirable?) covertly socially engineered, culturally influenced, economically driven efforts made to attain Peak Child have come with a steep collective cost, a collective cost from which we have all yet to recover, assuming (perhaps naively) that such recovery is even possible. The bubble people (bless their hearts) will have us know, declaring rather blithely: “not only is this recovery possible, it is virtually assured!” In my version of this universe, and perhaps in yours, too, there are no guarantees …

For as long as humanity has inhabited this blue jewel of a planet, in reaction to the demands of living on this planet, human beings have done some … questionable things – to themselves and to each other. Human beings, individually and collectively, behaving as misfits, morons, and monsters under oppressive conditions, is nothing new. What is new is the growing extent to which they are behaving as such. The global elites of this world, in concentrating social and economic power with breathtaking efficiency, knew all too well that if they had done nothing in the latter half of the twentieth century, population numbers would have grown out of control, risking complete and utter chaos, as the “misfits, morons, and monsters” came out of the woodwork and destroyed the moral and social fabrics of their societies.

In moving to curb population growth, the global elites likely also knew that a growing disparity in wealth (funnelling this wealth into a network of 147 super corporations), as well as indirectly blocking access, as a kind of collateral damage, to the warmth of humanity that children typically bring us, would necessitate the construction of a widespread surveillance apparatus, even as they bolstered the law enforcement apparatus with near-military precision. On the horns of a global dilemma, the spiritual, financial, and military elites of this world opted for curbing population growth, even as they knew that the consequences of doing so would prove quite challenging for many if not most of us on this planet.

Or did they actually opt for this measure? Might there have been an element of coercion involved?

Uncommon Narratives: Dare We Care to Share?

I’ve been following a number of narratives available through various online media over the past few years that seek to describe and prescribe the dynamics of global power and control. I say “narratives” rather than “perspectives” because some of what is described in these accounts comes from hearsay, from whistleblower and insider testimony, and from the informed opinions of those who are immersed in them. In sharing these narratives, I make no claim to their veracity, asking only that you entertain them with an educated mind in view of the uncommon challenges that humanity is presently facing and can be expected to face in the coming years of the early 21st century.

I also preface these narratives by saying that you are not going to find them discussed in the mainstream media (at least not of this writing, circa early December 2016). Some of the content of these narratives are matters of national and global security, which is part of the reason why these narratives cannot be shared as if they were true. All that most of us can do is entertain them as plausible, even possible.

Narrative 1: The New World Order

guidelines on georgia guidestonesGroupings of elite families, with untold wealth and influence at their command, have established a global power structure that would take your breath away if you could see it in graphic form. This control structure operates through governments, corporations, and institutions around the world. The main power centers are found in Vatican City (inside Rome, Italy), the City of London (inside Metropolitan London, England), and Washington (inside the District of Columbia, USA), all of which are sovereign city states, and all of which are corporate entities, collectively known in some circles as The Empire of the City or The Empire of the Three Cities. The first is the spiritual capital of the Empire, the second is the financial capital, and the third is the military capital, all of which exert their influence throughout the world. They have a special interest in the formation and continuance of Israel, owing to its capital, Jerusalem, which is why the Middle East is such a volatile place to be. In your research, follow the words “Crown” or “Crown Temple” to get a sense of who and what controls the most basic legal, banking, and political infrastructures of this world, including institutions with the word “World” in it, as well as the most central bank of central banking known as the Bank of International Settlements, which oversees the Federal Reserve System. Also, if you happen to be rich, or on your way to being rich, be very careful of what you say and do with your money (recall the trial by fire of Bill Gates before he was brought into the fold; recall the untimely death of Steve Jobs for not toeing the party line), and if you happen to be influential, be very careful of what you say and do with your influence. Regardless of whether they control much of the flow of money, people, and information in this world, loose cannons are not well tolerated.

Narrative 2: A New Global Financial System

A group of nations, collectively known as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, and many others), is challenging the hegemony of the global power elite by constructing a new global financial architecture, positioning themselves to back their currencies with gold, and ceasing to engage in trade using the petro dollar. This is significant because the value of the petro dollar is tied to oil and those who control the flow of oil control the flow of currency (which is why new forms of energy are not welcome on a global scale). By confiscating gold around the world (throughout the 20th century) and by removing the gold standard from currency valuation (1971), the global elite could thereby use the resulting fiat currency (backed merely by the faith of those who use it) to more flexibly and fully realize their objectives on a worldwide scale. However, a new global financial infrastructure is being put in place by the BRICS alliance that challenges this global influence, resulting in pressures being brought to bear on certain BRICS nations by those whose interests are served by doing so (see narrative 1). Some people are excited by the prospect of a new global financial system because, to them, it means greater peace and prosperity for greater numbers (which, incidentally, and not insignificantly, invites renewed growth in global population numbers). The recent US election is significant because the President-elect is operating, at least somewhat, outside of the influence of the Empire, backed by military personnel loyal to the interests of America. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, the new administration can do, or will do, in response to the new global financial architecture in a bid to restore the right and might of America to lay claim to its former glory. Can an astute businessman with little political experience and even less diplomatic experience pull this off in the face of mounting resistance and opposition in the empire-controlled media and elsewhere to his very presence?

Narrative 3: The Extraterrestrial Presence

I have never seen an extraterrestrial visitor, I have never been abducted by one and I have never been in contact with one (at least as far as I know or can recall), but I am keenly aware of the accounts of abductees and contactees who have been, and quite honestly, I am intrigued to no end by what I have read about them. I am strongly persuaded, though not necessarily convinced in all cases, that this planet has, for many thousands of years, been subject to an extraterrestrial presence that is by turns benevolent and not so benevolent. I am also persuaded by those who have maintained that their accounts of a malevolent extraterrestrial presence are not without merit. Indeed, in the Law of One material, reference is made to such a presence by name: the Orion Group – allied groupings of extraterrestrials of various densities (Draco Reptilians, Mantis or Mantid Insectoids, Nordics on the dark side, and a wide variety of Grays, some organic, others biosynthetic) whose agenda with this planet is one of conquest and control – an ongoing conquest by stealth and a global control through invisible means. Various theories have been offered for why they seek conquest and control: empire building, genetic farming, the harvesting of “loosh” (negative energetic food cultivated and exploited through the manipulation of those who are prone to maintain or release negative energies), and the creation of controllable, harvestable hybrid species in service to gaining more loosh and greater conquest. Fortunately, there seems to be a more powerful benevolent presence that is serving humanity in response to this malevolent presence by levelling the playing field so that we get a fair chance at choosing our own destiny and reaching a point in our development where we can at last achieve interstellar absorption.

Narrative 4: The Breakaway Civilization

Many capable commentators have alerted humanity to the existence of an advanced civilization that has broken away from the civilization that currently resides on earth, inhabiting the planets and moons of this solar system, travelling with ease throughout the solar system (and beyond), with access to all manner of highly advanced information, transportation, food production, and energy distribution technologies. Information on earth has been suppressed, most notably in the fields of medicine, science, and engineering. Here is the upshot: all diseases can be healed; all forms of energy in use can be replaced by a cleaner, more affordable form of energy; poverty can be eliminated; and the earth’s environment can be cleaned up once and for all. Beneficent relations with extraterrestrials would transform our world through mutually beneficial trade (without the use of slaves) and the sharing of interpersonal, social, and cultural information and experience. A cosmic disclosure released piecemeal over a period of 100 years has been proposed by those who represent the global elite (such a disclosure could already be in progress) so as to protect said elite from “the ends justify the means” type crimes against humanity in their bid to retain control as proxies to those who wield the real power in this world. Others, who resent having to wait so long, want immediate and full disclosure. In my estimation, the agenda to depopulate and diversify (or at least prevent overpopulation) figures prominently in pushing for a partial disclosure.

Narrative 5: The Push for Cosmic Disclosure

A powerful benevolent ultraterrestrial alliance of five sixth (Blue Avians), seventh (Golden Triangle Heads), eighth, and ninth density (Blue Orbs) species known as the Sphere Being Alliance (the “SBA”) who reside near the Central Sun are currently being of service by buffering incoming cosmic energies that appear every 25,920 years or so in relation to the Galactic Core, with planet-sized spheres that are preventing a total energetic meltdown of this planet we call home. The ninth density species known as Blue Orbs, operating outside of the octave of this universe (and that can expand and contract at will, from the size of gas giants and even solar systems to the size of basketballs (or smaller), to transport persons and buffer energies) is being instrumental in serving, as harmoniously as can be allowed by Cosmic Law, the current transition from third to fourth density consciousness on this planet. The SBA message is to be STO, i.e., Service to Other – to be more loving, trusting, and forgiving of oneself and others in service to a greater unity and harmony of consciousness for humanity, to lighten the load on Mother Earth, who itself is a living being with a consciousness of its own, in support of an STO transition from third to fourth density consciousness. This is in stark contrast to the STS or Service to Self orientation that is has been imposed on humanity (less so now), as nefariously as can be allowed by Cosmic Law, by the Orion Group, who were (and perhaps still are) determined to claim this planet energetically for their own designs and purposes. Humanity is caught in the middle, energetically speaking, many of whom are not even aware of what is happening. The push for cosmic disclosure is to focus, not on the messengers, but on the message given and the ensuing positive consequences that would flow from this: a disclosure of the breakaway civilization with all that this entails for the welfare and well-being of that species known as human.

Five Narratives, One Unified Perspective?

It would be an interesting exercise to weave these narratives into a single unified point of view from which to address the questions I posed above regarding the movement of mass consciousness in a direction favorable to the welfare and well-being of humanity as a whole.

But before I go there, let me revisit the question of coercion that I posed above.

In probing the content of these narratives, one must come to terms with the reality of information, misinformation, and disinformation, and the professionals who are trained to mix and plant and spread such, asking: what is real and what is fake? What is true and what is false? What is fact and what is fiction? What is good and what is bad? What is right and what is wrong? What is pure and what is not?

If there is a global elite whose lessers are operating in concert at many levels, some compartmentalized (not unlike the Manhattan Project), where conspiracy for those at the top is business as usual, and if conspirators are operating at different levels, directors of some, proxies of power for others, might they nevertheless all be operating in our best interests without us knowing it? As implausible as this might sound to hardcore conspiracy theorists and analysts, some of whom thrive on the energies of anger, bellicosity, and vengeance, what if this really is the best of all possible worlds, given the current security and prosperity that we enjoy (and suffer under), and given the many and various demands and challenges facing humanity at this time? Could it be that the global elite at the top of the power pyramid are acting under duress by means and for reasons they cannot reveal at this time, forcing them to use (and protect) those below them? If you dare to care to explore and examine for yourself these global and cosmic narratives in more detail, you will come to realize just how complex and complicated they are. I am always amused when would-be penetrators of conspiracy sound off on this, that, or the other thing with the assumption that those who wield real power are somehow compromised to the core, but could it be that they, compartmentalized conspirators and would-be penetrators of conspiracy alike, are dealing, or attempting to deal, with matters far too complex for most of them to understand or appreciate in toto? Who among us has ready access to the wealth of information to be found in the Vatican library? Who among us has ready access to the financial advice of those working in the City of London? Who among us has ready access to the military secrets of those planning strategy for global command and control?

Who among us can say they have access to all three?

Who among us can say they have cosmic top secret clearance?

Can they trusted with secrets? Or must they be scorned?

On Moving the Rudder of Human Consciousness

Being wise, loving, and powerful beyond belief is not as glamorous and glorious as it might sound.

First, you must be diligent beyond belief in respecting the free will of others; second, you must hold extreme power with exquisite care, given the amount of damage that you can do to yourself and others as and when you fail to wield it with due diligence; third, you must master your energy through abstinence in relation to indulgence with energetic inputs and outputs that put you in full control of that prime duality known as positivity and negativity; fourth, you must remain ever vigilant of those countless beings, forms, and forces that constantly view you as a tasty energetic snack for having dared to raise your vibrations so high for so long. In short, being a cosmic sovereign is not all fun and games.

On your way to cosmic sovereignty, sometimes things can get so bad that all you have left is the meager offerings of faith, hope, and love, which, truth be told, can serve quite admirably as a supple core from which to persist and persevere through dark valleys of experience.

In light of these caveats, beware and behold these lessons for steering the rudder of human destiny:

Lesson One: Bubbles Can’t Move Rudders But They Can Delight Those Who Can

This world is full of people who behave like bubbles in a world geared towards keeping bubbles intact.

There is nothing wrong with bubbles. Bubbles are fun; bubbles bring delight. Happy bubbles are a form of comic relief. The happy bubble people among us have a vital role to play in keeping things light and interesting. Even the very serious, cynically detached bubble people, in keeping things dark and daunting, serve to remind us that not all is well in this world, given that the first two imperatives etched on the Georgia Guidestones have likely taken their toll on all of us through Peak Child.

Am I suggesting that the rudder movers get really, really serious about this challenged and challenging world in which we live? No. Just serious enough to realize that not all is well in this world, and just serious enough to appreciate the consequences of ignoring the global challenges we face.

Lesson Two: Keep Your Focus on the Message (and Do Not Kill the Messenger)

This lesson echoes the content that I shared in Narrative 5 (see above).

The message is simple beyond belief, though by no means easy to embody and express consistently: “love what you do; be kind to others”. Do not follow this message because I said so, do not follow it because the Blue Avians say so, and do not follow it because your local priest, rabbi, or imam said so; follow it for your own sake because you know in your heart of hearts that it is a good thing to do, the right thing to do.

Life need not be complicated; living your life simply, yet powerfully, allows others to do the same.

Lesson Three: By All Means, Listen: Embody the Simple Wisdom of Uncle Faris

Who the heck is Uncle Faris? And why should we (the would-be rudder movers) care?

I am always amazed by the little gems of wisdom that I find in the most unlikely of places. Recently, I was perusing a menu selling the goodies of a food establishment that goes by the name b.good ( The backstory of how they came to be is as wholesome as it is simple: a certain Uncle Faris, in serving some incredibly nutritious, delicious meals, also consistently dispensed his wisdom in bite-sized pieces:

1. “take it easy”;

2. “live life”; and

3. “be good”

These are the basic instructions for living life in 3D with a view towards 4D: “take it easy” (for the root chakra), “live life” (for the sacral chakra), and “be good” (for the power chakra). All of these serve to benefit the heart chakra, to steer the rudder of mass consciousness towards peace and prosperity, from 3D to 4D. Nothing complicated here, and no instruction manual is required.

‘Tis a wonderful life, when you can live it deep and true.

An Invitation to Cosmic Sovereigns

I invite you to explore and examine the nexus between exercising charisma and exercising the ultimate choice, in view of the premise that “we are fallen angels in a fallen world” who forgot who we are for the very good and paradoxical reason that we have more to learn about who we are.

I invite you to do so by revisiting these questions, especially in light of what I shared in this post:

Who among us can dare to care to presume to be a cosmic sovereign? What is the nature and meaning of cosmic sovereignty? When and where can one care and dare to be a cosmic sovereign? Why be a cosmic sovereign at all, and if this reasoning thereby proves adequate, even sufficient, how might one begin to approach, even realize, the status of being a cosmic sovereign, incarnationally, in human form?

I invite you to recall, in the ultimate scheme of things, beyond life and death, this wisdom obtains:

the fullness of your presence
is required, and truly desired,
as and when you see, know,
without a shadow of a doubt,
that nothing at all in your life
is lacking, losing, or missing

The ultimacy of this fulfillment is best approached with due diligence and care, in light of the caveats that I shared above, under the heading “On Moving the Rudder of Human Consciousness”.

As supplements to the forementioned narratives and lessons, I leave you with the following videos by which to better inform and inspire your intention to bring about a better world for one and all:

I leave you with this cosmic high art:

I leave you with this cosmic inspiration:

I leave you with this cosmic directive:

Let us continue to inform each other, to inspire each other, in a world of bubbles, until such time that neither is required, only desired, on the way to serving each other consistently and profoundly.

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