A Soulfish Illumination

by Christopher Lovejoy on October 23, 2016

At the heart of seeing, hearing, sensing, and feeling beauty and harmony coexist or comingle peacefully, and at the heart of watching and being a witness to intimacy move and morph gracefully into ecstasy, and back again, lies the serenity of an infinite peace that passeth all understanding.

the-egoic-central-coreAt the core of who I am is a switch that is activated with a choice accessible through the left side of my brain (let it be or make it so?) inside a crystal sponge that can be potentiated with a choice accessible through the right side of my brain (absorb and radiate love or absorb and utilize fear?). A serene outlook that draws from an ocean of infinite peace is a spontaneous organic outcome of having made masterful use of vital energy to hone and direct focus in favor of attracting, preserving, maintaining, and enhancing a buoyant mood with a ready recall. The crystal sponge depicts the dual nature of reception (let it be) and assertion (make it so) that defines the master switch at the functional egoic core: in choosing reception (“let it be”), this versatile object of healthy egoic consciousness softens into a sponge so as to absorb the energy of love and be nourished and sustained by it or to absorb the energy of fear (of lack or of loss) and be transformed through it by making effective, efficient use of the related catalyst; in choosing assertion (“make it so”), the sponge crystalizes in consciousness so as to radiate love or broadcast fear.

Beauty and harmony of the other can only ever coexist or comingle peacefully through the activating reception of love; intimacy with the other can only ever move and morph into ecstasy (ecstatic expansion and expression) through an intensifying radiation of love.

Note: “the other” includes desired or cherished persons, places, perspectives, ideas, and objects

priorities-of-a-true-selfAt the heart of who I am lies the presence of I Am with access to infinite peace, and the switch referenced above (let it be or make it so) can only ever be flipped back and forth peacefully and blissfully, faithfully and gracefully, as and when I retain access to the heart of I Am. The ego with heart is mindful of the other for the sake of the other; the ego without heart is mindful of itself for the sake of itself, often at the expense of the other.

Where the attentions of an ego with heart in service to other spontaneously attracts heartfelt support from others, the attentions of an ego without heart in service to self merely attracts egoic support from others for its own agenda. Inevitably, the attractions of an ego with heart eventuate in projections that radiate love and joy in service to other; the attractions of an ego without heart eventuate in projections that absorb love and joy in service to self. When the ego with heart is challenged by a catalytic encounter or experience, the ideal response is never anything personal: “this is happening to me, but it’s not about me.” For the ego without heart, “it’s always about me.”


Resting (soulfully) and flowing (spiritually) is that relatively rare state of being when both 0 and 1 are activated and active, when both “letting it be” and “making it so” cocreate and cooperate in harmony. The red ray expressions, “no fear of lack, no fear of loss” and “no belief in lack, no belief in loss”, are ideals that can only ever be complemented and realized by the green ray expressions, “resting peacefully, flowing blissfully” (in the mind of spirit) and “resting faithfully, flowing gracefully” (at the heart of soul). In my experience, these two composite expressions of mastery taken as one ideal is virtually impossible to actualize and realize fully in third density, even to those who have actualized and realized themselves elsewhere, prior to incarnating here on earth, inside fourth, fifth, or sixth densities. The ideal revealed by these two expressions are more suited for continued learning and growth through a fourth density environment in a fourth density world on a fourth density planet.

To the New Age crowd, this ideal is deemed worthy of their effortless energies because they know well what is at stake if they fail to hold the light of love as the current energy of the cosmos accelerates expansion and expression mercilessly towards fourth density experience.

To the Conspiracy crowd, this ideal is deemed unworthy of their efforts and energies because they know full well what is at stake if they fail to bring the light of love to those dark places that retard and restrict expansion and expression towards living the fourth density experience.

To the love and light crowd, keep doing what you do best: hold the light and keep the vibrations high for “the we” that respects “the me”. To the light and dark crowd, keep doing what you’re doing: keep bringing the light to those dark places for the sake of “the me” in view of “the we”.

To those like myself who straddle both sides: hold the pure Witness steady, strong, and true, especially as and when you feel yourself being coerced to endure someone’s version of nightmarish hellishness, even as you strive to keep your balance between “the me” and “the we”.

With this preamble in mind, let us now delve fearlessly into the energetics of a soulfish illumination.

* * *

In a previous post, Selfish? Or … Soulfish?, I introduced a vital distinction in favor of being soulfish.

In my most recent post, A Soulfish Perspective, I introduced the four dimensions of fulfillment to more fully realize the uncommon values of beauty, harmony, serenity, intimacy, and ecstasy.

In this post, I endeavor to illuminate these values soulfishly, in light of the ideal expressed above, in light of the scenario described by Howard Storm in his video entitled The Future of the World:

The idyllic (4D positive) world described by Howard Storm dovetails with two other cultural influences: a movie entitled La Belle Verte (translated as The Green Beautiful, brought to the world in 1996, reputedly banned in France and Russia, and supposedly banned for being politically subversive to the established social order of the time) and a religious fundamentalist group going by the name of Amish.

In Canada, my home country, the Amish were featured in this news piece on the CBC website after they began moving their community from Ontario, the province where I now live, to the province of Prince Edward Island (PEI) in eastern Canada. Entitled Amish 101, the news article highlights the basics of who they are and how they live – and the similarities with Howard Storm’s account are quite striking.

La Belle Verte, on the other hand, is a quirky film that features a small planet of people who have given up on buying stuff, having replaced consuming with caring and sharing. I would not at all be surprised if this film is based on the account given by Howard Storm who, in 1985, ended up in a Paris, France hospital after collapsing in pain from a perforated stomach ulcer while touring an art museum with his students.

Where the Amish are dedicated to farming, The Future of the World describes many communities with different themes that influence members of these communities to explore and examine a common interest, while serving each other as intensely as only those in a positive fourth density world can. Such themes include physical relaxation, artistic expression, worshipful practice, and sacred contemplation.

In all cases – the Amish, La Belle Verte, The Future of the World – technology is virtually or entirely absent. The main tendency of the peoples described in all three is to stay in one place, and yet, the saving grace for all of them is that they live in Christ Consciousness; they all serve each other intensely (for the most part) with sacred and divine intent, with a loving, caring, trusting, forgiving energy.

The most interesting exceptions are found in two practices of the Amish, who are confronted daily with living with third density catalysts in a third density experience, the Density of Choice (STO or STS): the practice of shunning (socially excluding those who fail to follow tradition or who fall in love with outsiders) as a way to enforce church rules, and Rumspringa, a rite of passage performed by Amish teens on the brink of adulthood, where they are permitted to embrace the ways of modernity, experimenting with dating and smoking and giving them the freedom to make a choice to remain Amish (who are resolute in service to other) or to join the outside world (which is, for the most part, service to self).

From these cultural examples of fourth density experience, we can see that beauty and harmony would be natural beauty and harmony. We can also see that intimacy with the other would be taken for granted as virtuous, while ecstasy, in all likelihood, would be as wholesome as Mom’s apple pie.

Serenity, as a matter of course, would be central to them all.

Things get really interesting and super juicy when we begin broaching the subject of sexuality. Let us broach this ultrasensitive subject matter by considering the peoples found inside each of the three cultural phenomena discussed thus far: the superconservative, reclusive Amish; the liberal, zany, fun-loving French folk found in La Belle Verte; and the intense, telepathic service-to-other souls found in the utopian 4D+ future relayed by Howard Storm.

I shall do this broaching by putting myself in the position of a truth seeker, approaching each of these worlds imaginally, with the pure intention of finding a desirable mate with which to start a family.

Let us start with the Amish. By some accounts, the Amish are a delightful people with warm and wholesome personalities; by other accounts, the Amish are a strict and obedient people affecting a stern discipline with respect to keeping their communities intact. In speaking about the pleasures and desires of sexual love, I feel I need to tread carefully with due respect for the Amish people, as I admire greatly their devotion to a clean and clear way of life, given their commitment to genuine love in service to the other. What is not to like about approaching a young(ish), loving, joyful, delightful Amish woman who exudes a wholesome warmth and a confidence born of strict commitment to mastering the skills of keeping house and home? As an outsider, I would not stand a chance of wooing successfully such a woman without setting aside my individuality and immersing myself in the language, culture, customs, and traditions that are uniquely Amish. Unless I were to present my charms to such a lovely young lady in the midst of Rumspringa, which I would not have the heart to do, but if I did, it would likely be a simple and easy matter to introduce her to the wonders of modern life in a way that appealed to her sensibilities to the point of having her seriously question whether to return to the matrix of comfort and control so carefully cultivated and enforced through the practice of shunning.

In the world of La Belle Verte, I would need to up my game in a more liberal direction, opting to catch the eye of an ultra feminine woman who also happens to be plainly dressed and simply adorned, subtly challenging her with a sense of fun to outdo me in her capacity to be feminine. The main challenge would be to demonstrate a spirit of generosity in caring and sharing in contrast to consuming. In bridging the gap between the sacred masculine soul and the divine feminine spirit, we would enter, naturally and spontaneously, a circulating rhythm defined by moments of sacred contemplation, serving to inform acts of divine celebration, serving to inspire moments of sacred contemplation, serving to inform acts of divine celebration. In dancing our merry way to a consummation of sexual love, we would take turns in following the lead of the other: in following her lead to and through all things sensuous, we would bond in presence, sacred and divine, delighting in all of the senses, and when ready, I would pick up the lead to guide her through all things romantic with exquisite timing, allowing her to open us up to the erotic impulse, and when the timing felt right, I would coax her into embracing all things sensual, before following her lead into the depths of all things sexual.

In contrast to the disciplined and disciplining constrictions and restrictions of the Amish mentality (at least from the perspective of an outsider), the liberated and liberating mentality of one who can freely and easily explore and express and experiment with all things sensuous, romantic, erotic, sensual, and sexual would present a most tantalizing opportunity to bring a romantic sentimentality buttressed by sensuous delights into a sacred space of erotic possibility on the way to realizing a deeply sensual interaction inspired by the promise of a passionate sexuality into the very heart of love and light, where the bonding afforded by such an opportunity would make for a most interesting experience in life.

Would such an experience be possible in the 4D+ utopian future reported by Howard Storm?

In the 4D+ utopian future outlined by Howard Storm, we have a world so unlike the one in which we presently live that it is hard to imagine it coming to fruition in the late twenty-second century.

Imagine a network of small communities, each with a theme (art, science, music, worship, sport, recreation, contemplation, celebration), that is telepathically connected, with few signs of technology to be found anywhere save a few tools and musical instruments shared communally.

Imagine a world where people are intensely connected to each other as individuals in tight-knit communities, deeply connected to the planet enough to modify the weather not only for their sake but for the sake of the planet, in worship of the One Infinite Creator and its Creation.

Imagine a planetary population living in complete harmony with the flora and fauna, who can grow their food in a matter of minutes with the power of intention, who can heal disease quickly with a laying on of hands, who live without possessions save the clothes on their backs.

Imagine communities of people on this planet who can eat simply and dress simply and be satisfied, who can live happily, daily, with little or no suffering, and look after one another, especially the children, allowing the spirit of Christ to live in every heart, fully and completely.

Imagine falling away from your community long enough to reclaim your bearings, only to be welcomed back into the spirit of your community once you’ve had a chance to reconcile yourself with what troubled you, feeling renewed and refreshed and restored by the welcoming.

Imagine lying down to die when you’ve realized the fullness of your life experience and having your death celebrated as a birth, whereupon the soul of your spirit ascends to a higher, denser realm from which to continue the realization of your soul and the evolution of your spirit.

Again, would a fully loving, lusting experience be possible in such a utopian future?

Perhaps, if it were in a community dedicated to realizing deeply, intensely, and harmoniously the theme of exploring and expressing sensuous, romantic, erotic, sensual, sexual love with a service-to-other orientation, with invitations extended to members of other communities to round out the experience.

Imagine private and public concerts of sacred and divine music to celebrate sexual love; imagine intimate gatherings to celebrate sexual love with poetry readings, theatrical performances, and exhibitions of art, as well as erotic places and sensual spaces in which to gather for restful recreation and relaxation.

Imagine loving another freely, free of complication in the innocence of wonder; imagine moving freely and easily with sacred intent from one person to the next, polyamorously, without feeling the hard, heavy obligation of remaining attached to another or possessed by another.

Imagine children born into a world where adults in their vicinity, even their community, can be effective parents to them; conversely, imagine children being teachers to adults in their community.

Imagine serenity being your default state of being, much if not most of the time, where beauty and harmony abound both in the environs in which you find yourself and in the people with whom you associate, where intimacy is constantly moving and morphing into ecstasy.

These values could serve as a litmus test for a culture that purports to be informed and inspired. As such, these five uncommon values could be placed in the light of a fourth density positive future, as relayed by Howard Storm, and be applied to the current homogenous global culture in which many if not most now live to show how this widely spread homogeneity measures up (or down, as the case may be).

Do you know of any community in this world that is innocently and lovingly dedicated to exploring and expressing deeply, intensely, harmoniously, and wholesomely the theme of sensuous, romantic, erotic, sensual, sexual love with a service-to-other orientation, with the wherewithal to extend invitations to musical, artistic, poetic, dynamic members of other communities to round out the experience?

In the light of this dedication, can you now attend private and public concerts of sacred and divine music that celebrate the joys of sexual love? Can you now attend intimate gatherings to celebrate sexual love with poetry readings, theatrical performances, and exhibitions of art, as well as erotic places and sensual spaces in which to gather casually, clothing optional, for restful recreation and relaxation?

Can you love another freely, free of complication in the innocence of wonder, with the support of your culture? Can you move freely and easily with sacred intent from one person to the next, polyamorously, without feeling the hard, heavy obligation of remaining attached to another or possessed by another?

Can you imagine children born into a world where the adults in their vicinity, even their community, can be effective parents to them? Can you imagine such children being teachers to such adults?

Can you imagine serenity being your default state of being, much if not most of the time, where displays of beauty and harmony abound both in the environs in which you find yourself and in the people with whom you associate, where intimacy constantly moves and morphs into ecstasy and back again?

In view of these questions, it is not too difficult to see (and feel) that this world is presently caught inside a matrix of control, a penitentiary for souls yearning to be free, a prison planet trapped inside an invisible web of obligations, a system of slavery to keep the masses in check.

We have the means to create a new world, perhaps more than we know.

What is stopping us? More to the point, why are we stopping ourselves?

Are we like the elephant in a circus whose leg is tethered by a thin rope?

In a future post, I will draw on my findings and musings here as a basis for constructing an uncommon narrative for what I see as happening now in the world at large as it approaches the fiery depths and heights of transformation in what I have called the Era of Golden Consciousness.

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Note: this ever growing perspective began here: Ultimate Perspective

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