Selfish? Or … Soulfish?

by Christopher Lovejoy on October 9, 2016

This past week saw me come into contact with a rather clever and novel word: soulfish.

I had to chuckle when I saw it because it captures a frame of mind that is heartfelt in a way that the word “selfish” never could be, given the negative connotations associated with “selfish”.

Almost immediately, I made a connection between two sets of terms: between “selfish and soulfish” and “sts and sto”, respectively, such that those who identify as selfish aim to serve the self at least 95% of the time (in relation to others or at the expense of others) and those who are soulfish, naturally inclined to serve themselves well enough to serve others at least 51% of the time (at no expense to themselves).

Where selfish people value passion above compassion, soulfish people value compassion at least as much as passion; where selfish people are inclined to be assertive and aggressive in their communications, soulfish people are more inclined to be affirmative and responsive in their communications; where selfish people are dismissive of those conditions that lead to oppression and depression, deprivation and temptation, seduction and manipulation, obligation and exploitation, soulfish people are more inclined to put a spotlight on any condition that would engender any of these tactics or outcomes.

Now imagine if telepathic communication gradually arose on planet earth, in the ongoing transition from third density to fourth density, such that those who qualify as selfish had ever quicker and easier access to each other’s minds and those who qualify as soulfish had ever quicker and easier access to each other’s hearts. The phenomenon known as “social memory complex” would arise as a result: those most attuned to each other selfishly would begin jockeying for domination under a control paradigm, just as those most attuned to each other soulfishly would begin positioning themselves for integration with a release paradigm. The telepathically connected selfish ones would generate a social memory that is decidedly different in vibration and orientation than one generated by the telepathically connected soulfish ones.

One vital clue for telling the difference between the selfish and the soulfish would be how each group is observing and discerning and handling the energy of love: where the energy of love is absorbed by the selfish ones, the energy of love is radiated by the soulfish ones. In highlighting this clue, one could make a distinction between how each group is polarized or oriented in terms of service: where the selfish ones are polarized absorptively, increasingly able to serve themselves primarily and exclusively with respect to each other or at the expense of each other, the soulfish ones are polarized radiatively, increasingly able to serve others with less and less regard or concern for having to serve themselves first.

With this preamble in mind, allow me now to address two (intimately related) questions that I brought up at the end of my most recent post entitled Integrate and Release, where I conveyed my understanding of the fundaments of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) in a push to foster unconditional love and trust in service to others: (1) with the illumination of the Era of Golden Consciousness fast approaching, how best might we wanderers live and love our lives now in the transition from 3D mixed to 4D positive?; (2) wherein lies your path to mastery of ultimate fulfillment, loving and trusting yourself and others, unconditionally and universally, without condition and without expectation?

Wanderers are a breed apart from those who are learning to polarize and from those who are deciding which way to polarize, either selfishly or soulfishly. Even before most wanderers had incarnated on this planet, we were polarized in service to other, and if we were blessed enough to remember, we restored our balance between love and wisdom so that we could bear the challenges of living and working among those polarizing selfishly or among those not yet polarized soulfishly (quick aside: I surmise that many of the older wanderers among us were severely tested, given the paucity of our own kind).

With the energetic illuminations of Golden Consciousness streaming into our sector of the galaxy to enlighten and empower us all, thereby facilitating the transition from 3D mixed (unpolarized, depolarized, polarizing, and polarized alike) to fourth density consciousness (selfish or soulfish), we wanderers would do well to contemplate, consider, and convey how best to soulfishly play with these powerful energies. I would start here: are you a lightholder, a wayshower, or a lightbringer?

Are you inclined to hold the space for love and light in service to others? (for example, as a caregiver, a contemplative, or a counsellor); to show how love and light can be brought together and held together in service to others? (for example, as a coach, an instructor, an educator, or a minister); or to bring the light for the sake of love in service to others? (for example, as an author, an artist, a writer, or a performer).

Many among us are comfortable assuming more than one role, and if so, what is the theme by which you would integrate these roles? For example, are you inclined more towards putting your energy into cultivation, celebration, consultation, cooperation, collaboration, or contemplation?

The 4D positive future relayed by Howard Storm offers a unique stimulus for finding our place in the ongoing transition from 3D mixed to 4D positive as the Era of Elimination and Illumination approaches. In listening to his testimony, I felt naturally and easily drawn to walking among those who identified as contemplative, but also among those who would immerse themselves in the blessings of nature and the delights of sensation. I touched on these inclinations and fascinations in Worship the Goddess.

Speaking personally, even as my heart and soul are contemplative by nature, inexorably drawn to experience beauty, harmony, serenity, intimacy, and ecstasy, my mind and spirit are irresistibly inclined to “show the way” as an educator and to “bring the light” as an author and a writer.

In light of what I just wrote, I find myself wondering: might there be a way for me to integrate these roles with a theme that would serve me in serving others? If contemplation is my theme in view of giving my full attention to the experience of beauty, harmony, serenity, intimacy, and ecstasy, and if my roles as a wanderer involve holding the light as a contemplative, showing the way as an educator, and bringing the light as an author and a writer, what does this tell me about living, serving, and guiding a transition from 3D mixed to 4D positive on a path to mastery of ultimate fulfillment?

In asking these questions, I do not for a moment think that those among us who identify as “selfish” could ever be, would ever be, or should ever be converted (for their own good) into being “soulfish”. Rather, I feel that my time and energy are better spent on holding the light, showing the way, and bringing the light to a life lived “soulfishly”, in “soulfishness”. In pointing the way for others (who are unpolarized, depolarized, or polarizing) to embrace soulfishness (rather than selfishness) in ways and by means that honors the nature of my soul as contemplative, could I be that far from mastery of ultimacy?

In my next post, I shall clarify and elaborate, exploring and illuminating soulfishly.

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