Unity Consciousness

by Christopher Lovejoy on September 25, 2016

as we love the other in the universal way,
without condition and without expectation,
and, giving ourselves this loving kindness,
as we do when we satisfy every moment,
do we not then bring Harmony into Unity?

Living, loving, learning, laughing in harmony with unity consciousness: could this not be the ultimate good at this time? Could this not be the ultimate prize of fulfillment for everyone everywhere?

Consider …

We know the Zeitgeist in which this world is presently captured;
what if we all slowed down, even at the risk of appearing dumb?
This is a profoundly dangerous question – more than we realize.

Slowing down, appearing dumb; slowing down, appearing dumb:
dangerous, dangerous suggestion; “might I not get left behind?”
Why yes, yes you will; yes you will get left behind, but so what?

This “but so what?” is not a question quickly and easily settled;
What price in-vulner-ability? Where is the love and joy in this?
Ah, but what price vulnerability? Who wants to be abandoned?

As I mentioned in my most recent post, we live in a world that supports a density and frequency of consciousness predicated on making a basic choice to polarize in one direction or another – service to other or service to self – such that “polarization determines perception”.

How we perceive this world very much depends on how we polarize ourselves in this world; if we are dedicated to serving ourselves at least 95% of the time, we view this world in a way that is very different than if we are dedicated to serving the other at least 51% of the time.

We learned that these two dedications are equally difficult to attain. We learned that if, after our lives come to an end, we are assessed to have attained the objectives of either one of these two dedications, then we are qualified to ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

This time in which we live is the time of harvest where souls are being sorted at death into three categories: those relatively few who polarize far enough in service to self to be transferred to another planet to be with their own kind; those among us who polarize sufficiently in service to other to be returned to an earth that has already reached the next level of consciousness; and everyone else, who will be transferred to another planet to incarnate yet again to continue the evolution of their souls in third density (incidentally, many wanderers will return to their native frequency).

In the meantime, what are we to do at this stage of the game? The answer to this all-important question depends very much on what I mean by “we”. When I say “we”, who do I mean, exactly?

We wanderers, here on earth, are strangers in a strange land. Certainly, we have learned to adapt to the ways of this world (some with great difficulty), but here we are, on a mission to enlighten and empower in directions that favor the orientation to be of service to the other. Much of what appears in this world seems pointless to us, even bewildering at times, but we agreed to be here before we came here, and so it is up to us to make the most of what we have, to be and do what we came here to be and do. Easier said than done, I know, but there it is. Here, a memo to the wanderers among us:


To: the wanderers on earth at this time
From: yours truly, a fellow wanderer
Date: nearing the Era of Golden Consciousness (2017 – 2025)
Re: what are we to do at this stage of the game?


Who: those who agreed to help out with the ongoing harvest
What: our collective role in the Era of Golden Consciousness
When: over the next ten years, inclusive (from 2016 to 2025)
Where: everywhere that is relevant, but mostly here on earth
Why: difficult and destructive times are looming on the horizon
How: to be discussed in this post in the light of my recent posts

If you’ve been paying attention, you probably had a WTF moment: how is it possible that difficult and destructive times are looming on the horizon when we are nearing the Era of Golden Consciousness? Because Golden Consciousness not only illuminates, it eliminates.

Eliminates who and what?

I’m not going to answer this question – just yet. I will, however, drop enough clues in the remainder of this post for you to figure this out for yourself. Let me just say this: if you thought this world has been challenging over the past few years, you haven’t seen anything yet.

I say this not to scare you, but to give you fair warning.

So, again, what are we to do at this stage of the game?

In light of the caveat given, here is my answer: prepare.

Prepare – relationally and situationally; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually; socially, economically, and financially; impersonally, personally, interpersonally, and transpersonally.

The wealth of this world has been concentrated in the hands of a few; jobs are disappearing as automation advances – half of those who are fortunate enough to have a job are living paycheque to paycheque; the debts of governments everywhere continue to balloon as the debt-based monetary fiat currency system approaches meltdown; and the resources of this world are depleting as global population grows.

Unfortunately, these facts barely scratch the surface of what is happening.

The social milieu has been sanitized by an obsession with security – mere words and looks are now punishable (also, not speaking or looking or doing or behaving in the “right” way at the “right” time is also punishable, regardless of the reason); people are losing themselves in their devices, no longer caring so much about being attentive to their companions, no longer caring so much about watching where they are going (Pokémon Go, anyone?). Reports are beginning to surface that children’s sense of morality is being adversely affected by their engagement with social media; shaming others through such media (sometimes to the point of suicide) is growing more intense and frequent; agencies of law enforcement, in having to deal with more dangerous situations involving people being driven crazy by their growing social isolation, are becoming more brutal (and inhumane) in their methods.

Again, these facts barely scratch the surface; unfortunately, more hardship is coming.

In the rise of Golden Consciousness, this world is fast approaching, paradoxically, a light and dark place, a Light and Dark Age, if you will – an Era of Boom and Doom, of Bloom and Gloom, and only the most savvy will survive it and only the most fortunate will thrive in the midst of it.

What is this Golden Consciousness? Does it herald our salvation or our destruction?

Golden Consciousness is being called the Great Destroyer and the Great Illuminator.

Golden Consciousness is synonymous with Unity Consciousness – the unity consciousness of those who occupy seventh density (in seventh heaven), the very same consciousness of those who are on the verge of passing through the gateway to infinity into eighth density, serving as they are to guide the turbulent and tumultuous transition from third to fourth density for those passing through this sector of the galaxy.

Golden Consciousness heralds our salvation – for those prepared to welcome it into their midst – and our destruction – for those who are not prepared to welcome it into their midst. This rising tide of Golden Consciousness will stretch many of us in ways never before imagined.

The rise in Golden Consciousness will stretch us in the ways in which we approach a realization of ultimate fulfillment, even as we deepen our appreciation of what it means to approach mastery of loving the other, unconditionally and universally, without condition and expectation.

As I see it, our task in this coming era, individually and collectively, is to bring this approaching realization and this deepening appreciation into harmony with unity – with the truth, the love, and the power of Golden Consciousness. In saying this, I am reminded of this nugget of Taoist wisdom:


These two integral aspects of ourselves – the student and the master – invite us to know the ways of love in service to the other, even as we embody and express the energy of a master. They invite us to keep one eye on finding fulfillment in every moment and one eye on letting love without condition have its way with us, while having both eyes on bringing both the finding and the letting into harmony with unity.

The outcome of performing this energetic juggle in every moment is almost always impossible to predict, even with claircognizant ability. You never know what to expect. If nothing else, this juggling act will keep things interesting as the illumination begets the elimination. This supreme act of service (and apparent sacrifice) in the Era of Boom and Doom, of Bloom and Gloom, will require a commitment to Nothing.

A commitment to Nothing?

Yes, a commitment to Nothing. The supreme value and the immense power of Nothing is so profound, I hardly know where to begin, and yet Nothing is exactly what is required if we are to survive the coming global transformation. Imagine yourself a dedicated surfer riding a wave that swells and rises beneath you in a mighty crescendo. By analogy, imagine yourself surfing an energetic wave that illuminates all of those deep dark places in consciousness. Are you up for the challenge?

Fortunately for us, the truth, the love, and the power of Nothing can be operationalized in keeping with serving and fulfilling the requirements of universal love. You may consider yourself very fortunate indeed for having discovered the benefits of Nothing so early in the game.

The following nine guidelines in full view of Nothing come with benefits:

  1. promise nothing: just be and do what you most enjoy being and doing – in a static bygone era, making promises conveyed worthiness, but in the coming Era of Light and Dark, we need to be fluid and flexible; promise nothing and you will always deliver more of who you are
  2. offer nothing: just share with those who express interest – there was once a time and a place for making offers, to have others see you as important, but in the coming Era of pressing concerns, we would do well to dump the pressure of wanting others to see us as valuable
  3. expect nothing: just enjoy what you already have – surely, in this fading, dying Age of Plenty and Prosperity, it is more than enough just to enjoy what you already have; if nothing else, this gratitude will have you come to a fuller realization of your life as already complete
  4. require nothing: just build up your reserves and your needs will disappear – this is a tough one, as needing nothing will likely prove to be the most difficult, most challenging guideline of all to meet in the coming era; need nothing and your boundaries expand, filling with space
  5. complicate nothing: just be responsive to what comes up for you – nothing must be what you think it must be; in the Era of Flow and Go, fluid adaptability will be the credential of choice; complicate nothing and you remain open to the everfresh promise of new possibilities
  6. hype nothing: just let quality sell itself – in the Era of Illumination and Elimination, the hype will get ever louder, growing more insistent and more incessant, but the illumination will (eventually) ensure its elimination; hype nothing – instead, trust in the quality of what you share
  7. plan nothing: just follow the path of least resistance – planning nothing is in keeping with going with the flow and flowing with the go, which will prove to be a highly prized quality in the coming era when everything is laid bare; “the master, doing nothing, leaves nothing undone”
  8. learn nothing: just let your body absorb it all on your behalf – the emphasis in living will shift from learning to knowing, from knowledge to wisdom, from the dry mind to the wet heart; learn nothing … and you will surely receive more of what you need to know in the moment
  9. change nothing: speak your truth and situations will tend to change themselves – remember, you will be riding a mighty energetic wave of illumination that includes transformation, and so, there is no need to wear yourself out; change nothing to embrace deep acceptance

As the divide grows between the increasingly selfish (deceiving, conniving, obligating, manipulating, exploiting) ones and those who find their refuge (and their peace) in service to the other, we would do well to recall the many ways in which we can apply the value of Nothing.

The supreme act of service to be found in these golden guidelines is this: become no one – just be more of who and what you are. In so doing, you will find and follow your authenticity (sincerity, honesty, integrity, purity) in transparency. The coming era will demand no less.

Let us move on, step out boldly, though it be into the night,
and we can scarcely see the way ~ Charles B. Newcomb

To which I say, with the illumination becoming very bright indeed:

Let us move on, step out boldly, though it be into the light,
and we can scarcely see the way ~ Yours Truly, a Wanderer

The coming era can be met with trepidation or with determination. If we can remain in the right place at the right time, the coming era could prove to be the biggest, baddest show on Earth. Will the elimination undermine the illumination or will the illumination overwhelm the elimination? Stay tuned.

I dare say, my posts to come will reflect more of Nothing.

Note: I’ve included, with my own commentary, what I consider to be a salvific excerpt from the book, Conversations with God, which has relevance for the coming Era of Golden Consciousness.

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Note: my evolving outline on approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment can be found here, accessible from the nav menu under the page “Be Here Now”.

Note: this ever growing perspective began here: Ultimate Perspective

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