In the Midst of Chaos

by Christopher Lovejoy on August 7, 2016

From an energetic point of view, this planet is going through a recurring phase in its cosmic evolution – enervating for some, exhilarating for others, depending on their energetic status – in which “a storm before the calm” is serving us in shaking things up, whether we like it or not.

Earth is currently passing through a region of space that is causing our Sun (and this planet) to shift to a higher frequency of energy, which in turn is affecting DNA and consciousness, individually and collectively. This higher frequency of energy is emanating from the galactic core and is reportedly being buffered throughout the solar system with a network of cloaked spheres the size of planets by an ultradimensional group of five races being called (by others) the Sphere Being Alliance (karmically linked to the fate of Earth) to prevent a planetary descent into Chaos with a capital C.

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My guess is that these intense energies are being buffered and calibrated so that they can be allowed to pass through incrementally, being gradually increased to serve their desired evolutionary purpose, but not so far as to cause more harm than good, even this means waiting another Age (another 26,000 years or so) before the human species is deemed ready to bear the full brunt of them (in other words, no 4th density for us until we make another trip around the galaxy). These energetic increases, however, are both a blessing and a curse – a blessing for those who can surf this rising energy like a wave to bring desired results and outcomes for themselves and others, but a curse to those who are not yet ready to ride the wave, not yet ready to deal with the warpy effects of these higher frequencies on consciousness.

What do I mean by this? First, some context.

In the early 1980s, one of these spheres the size of Neptune reportedly showed up in the solar system, in all likelihood to map out strategy for dealing with the energetic changes to come. Back then, no wifi, no laptops, no smart devices, no social media, no internet for the masses. Energetically speaking, things were slow, slow, slow – typewriters, snail mail, analog phones, brick and mortar businesses.

Aside: this sphere is actually a lifeform that can shrink and expand at will – called a blue orb – likely 9th density (it was reported that the five races are 6th to 9th density, and I’m willing to bet that the blue orb is 9th), which says something quite intriguing about the ecology of the omniverse, given that an entire universe is comprised of an octave of densities; we are presently in third density making a transition into fourth with the incoming waves of energy serving as a catalyst for the evolution of our consciousness.

The accelerating advances that have occurred since the early ’80s have come in the rising wake of know-how riding piggyback on a highly charged energetic wave of influence. More energy means more motivation and inspiration to seek knowledge; more knowledge means more energy, in a mutually reinforcing wave of advancement, particularly in the fields of science and technology.

Three warpy effects of these higher frequencies of energy can be identified as challenging individual and collective consciousness on this planet: (1) a karmic backlash (“karma is a bitch”) for those who have neglected to deal with their junk (their issues), either from this life or from previous lives, and … a karmic uprising (“karma is a goddess”) for those dealing with a surplus of good karma, especially in relation to those having to deal with a surfeit of bad karma; (2) the veil between this world and the next is thinning – reports of ghostly apparitions are increasing; communications with the deceased are getting easier; encounters with the baddies from the lower astral realms are becoming more frequent; (3) parallel temporal realities are accelerating, interacting, and even merging in some cases, causing all sorts of strange effects (like the mandala effect) on the minds of those who are sensitive to them.

By themselves, each of these warpy effects is daunting enough, even for the initiated among us, but in combination can be quite challenging (exhausting or energizing, as the case may be), especially for those who do not really know what is going on. Even if you know enough to deal with your karma, even if you know enough not to get freaked out by the thinning veil, and even if you are relatively comfortable with navigating temporal realities, you will likely have people in your life who are not so well versed in handling these energetic changes and challenges, which are increasing by the day in their influence towards what has been called a compression breakthrough for humanity as a whole.

Which brings me back to the Goddess (you didn’t think I would stop talking about the Goddess, did you?).

In three of my most recent (successively published) posts, I wrote at length about serving the Goddess, pleasing the Goddess, and loving the Goddess, which, for the so-called moral majority, must seem rather strange, given that their religious preference is to serve God, please God, praise God, and love God. So why the Goddess? Allow me now to explain what I’m doing with this and where I’m going with it.

four-dynamicsMy interest in the Goddess stems from my exploration of these four relational dynamics (graphically depicted on the right), which I touched on briefly near the end of my post on Personal Fulfillment back in August 2010 (my understanding has since evolved). In my view, feminine and masculine orientations in the personality are energetic expressions of power that are naturally attracted to each other, independent of gender expression or sexual orientation (in other words, regardless of whether you are male or female or androgynous, or whether you are gay, bi, or straight, you can either be feminine or masculine in your intent, energy, and spirit). Where healthy, vital feminine power assures (because it is assured), healthy, vital masculine power projects (because it is projective). Whereas healthy, vital feminine power is receptive and reflective (not passive), healthy, vital masculine power is assertive and penetrative (not aggressive). The qualifiers “sacred” and “divine” in relation to these orientations of power can be explained in the following way: where both have presence, because both are tapped into Presence, sacred presence is attentive, whereas divine presence is attractive. Now in light of these simple distinctions, let us look more closely at these four relational dynamics and why I highlighted the third power relation as being particularly relevant and significant for what I described above.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know without a doubt that the entertainment media is (for the most part) saturated with the energy and influence of smart and savvy characters (as well as dumb and dumber characters, serving by way of contrast), which spill over into the way many if not most people conduct themselves in daily life. In case you haven’t noticed, there is very little by way of sacred and divine in the ways in which many if not most people behave, express, or conduct themselves, and with the energetic changes that have been occurring on this planet, this widespread mediocrity is becoming all the more obvious – amplified and intensified for all to see in the daily news media.

Before I proceed, let me summarize the power relations in this way:

  1. sacred masculine, sacred feminine is reclusive – stable but reclusive
  2. divine masculine, sacred feminine is preclusive – dynamic but preclusive
  3. sacred masculine, divine feminine is inclusive – stable yet inclusive
  4. divine masculine, divine feminine is exclusive – dynamic but exclusive

Recall what I wrote above about the difference between sacred and divine: where sacred presence is attentive, divine presence is attractive. Not only do “birds of a feather flock together”, but opposites can also be drawn together. Those with sacred intent can be drawn to supporting those with divine intent; those with divine intent can be drawn to perpetuating the energy of those with sacred intent.

The first relation – sacred masculine paired productively with sacred feminine – is a stable one as and when both remain on the same page, so to speak, tending to be relatively reclusive (but not in a bad way) so that their combined energies remain concentrated towards realizing a worthy aim. Think of a mature couple who combine their efforts to share their considerable knowledge and wisdom in some area of endeavor; think also of a productive collaboration between two artists who are both soulful and heartfelt in the expression of their respective art forms or between a priest and a nun or between a priest and a priestess working together in service to their respective congregations. These souls are involved with sacred intent in addressing and resolving matters of the heart, yet live apart from the worldly desires of those who remain divinely engaged in the affairs of spirit. Their influence is circumscribed by the concerns of heart and soul, while deflecting desires of mind and spirit.

The second relation – divine masculine paired with sacred feminine – is dynamic but has a long history of being preclusive. Think of the ancient Greek or Roman relationships that involved a dominant man paired with a young submissive boy or a dominant male paired with a submissive female. The domination or submission in such relationships could be used as an excuse for either the dominant or submissive to forgo dealing with unfinished business, making the relation a preclusive one, as it precluded any necessity to process personal inadequacies or difficulties. The temptation of the one to lean on the other could be very strong indeed. One can also well imagine that the rewards of the one would need to be very high for the other to continue perpetuating or supporting the relationship, which is not to say that this relational dynamic cannot be quite rewarding for both parties to the relation – just that it carries a high risk of preclusion, especially during times of change and challenge.

I’m skipping ahead here, saving the best for last …

The fourth relation – divine masculine paired with divine feminine – is dynamic, at least in terms of spirit, yet tends to be exclusive in relation to society, in relation to the world at large, in relation to heart and soul. Think of two well-to-do adventurers with a lot of time on their hands with lots of money to burn. For them, there are virtually no limits to what they can do together. They might have relatives or friends who are similarly paired – divine and divine – but the imbalance with respect to heart and soul eventually comes to the fore. Either one of the pair is compelled to go deep and true as a result of being unable to bear the confinement of egoism a deux or both in the pair suffer the dissolution of debauchery, spiralling into a vortex of mutual narcissism, cut off from the concerns of the world, oblivious to the pain and suffering of others. With a little heart and soul, and a bit of charitable attitude, this relation could work, but its exclusive nature constrains its influence on the world stage.

The third relation – sacred masculine paired constructively with divine feminine – contains and carries the virtues of being both dynamic and inclusive, just so long as both sides of the equation are strong enough and wise enough not to devolve into the same preclusion that plagues the relation of sacred feminine with divine masculine. In my experience, sacred masculine with divine feminine is relatively rare in the West. The historical record indicates that this relation predates the rise of patriarchy, at least in the West. For this relation to work (and work well), loyalty and devotion are required: the divine feminine spirit must have reason to remain as loyal to the sacred masculine soul as the sacred masculine soul has motive to remain devoted to the divine feminine spirit. Where the sacred serves to inform, the divine serves to inspire. If these requirements can be satisfied consistently, their benefits can be constructively extended to include the interests of society at large.

These relations all have a role to play in the current energetic shift into a new societal paradigm, and I leave it up to you to decide (or affirm) which one best suits you in this ongoing transition. For the reasons given (see above), I favor the third relation for meeting the challenge of change, as it carries a potential for being particularly beneficial for surfing the waves of higher energy and for navigating the tumult of shapeless, shifting realities. Also, at least in the West (and probably the East as well, given its ongoing submission to Western influence), this third relation is relatively fresh and therefore energizing.

With the third (inclusive) relation, the Goddess can rise and shine, but only if the divine feminine spirit is strong enough to serve the sacred masculine soul with loyal intent and wise enough to channel the energy of devotion without falling prey to a toxic sense of entitlement. By the same token, the Goddess can rise and shine, but only if the sacred masculine soul is strong enough to serve the divine feminine spirit with a pure (mature) devotion and wise enough to channel the energy of loyalty without falling prey to dissolution, especially in the midst of chaos. This relation need not be embodied and expressed in a coupled relationship (necessarily); it can just as easily be explored through art.

The true value of this relational dynamic, however, is that it can applied to virtually every area of life. In choosing to cultivate sacred intent, in choosing to side with sanctity, one can position oneself to be attentive to divinity. Likewise, in choosing to celebrate divine intent, in choosing to side with divinity, one can position oneself to be attractive to sanctity. Either way, one can activate this relation wherever you happen to be, for whatever reason or purpose you feel best serves you and others. Not only does this dynamic relation cover both sides of the equation, it is also well placed, for the reasons given above, to absorb and channel the incoming energies that are bathing the planet at this time.

You have a decided advantage if you can understand and appreciate the full import of these relations. For those of us who can convert and press this advantage into exercising The Choice to be of genuine service to others, we are thereby contributing to that critical mass threshold whereby the surplus energy on this planet can be channeled towards realizing an optimal timeline or temporal reality for much if not most of humanity – towards realizing an enlightened, empowered global civilization that is ready for interstellar absorption sooner rather than later by virtue of having gained a true and full (and official) disclosure for all to see (if they so choose) of the good, the bad, and the ugly of what has happened in this world, of what has been happening in this world, of what is happening and could be happening in this world.

The immense power of co-creative human consciousness, which has been willfully distracted or suppressed on this planet for far too long by every means imaginable by forces that shall remain unnamed, is already in the process of rising and shining with the energy of the Goddess.

In my next post, I share ways and means to bless the Goddess with sacred intent.

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