Loving the Goddess

by Christopher Lovejoy on July 31, 2016

Loving the Goddess: these evocative words are provocative on so many levels.

Speaking for myself, there is nothing in this world – nothing in my creation of this world – that is more pleasurable, more desirable, more lovable than spending time with a woman who embodies and exudes, if only for a moment in the eternity of Now, all that I perceive to be true and good and right about the divine feminine intent, energy, and spirit of the Goddess. Indeed, I could write an entire post about loving the woman who can be this and do this clearly, consciously, consistently. I could do this, but my intention here and now is to extend an invitation to love the Goddess like you would God.

Now there’s a strange comparison.

Notice that I did not say “love Goddess”; notice I did not say “like you would the God”. What if, in the nature of Creation, it is the Goddess who reigns supreme as the one infinite Creator, and it is God who follows Her lead, serving and supporting Her in whatever way possible. What a different world this would be if the consensus reality aligned with this vision: the Mother of Creation, a Father to the Created.

My mother, by all accounts, treated me extremely well in my infancy, at least up until that time, after I passed the age of five, when she went into a tailspin of depression, being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia not long after. Could it be that she could not handle the stress and responsibilities of popping out four babies (with me being the first) in the span of five years? (she ended up – stupidly? naively? stubbornly? desperately? insanely? – birthing and bearing five in seven, the last one being a preemie, notwithstanding medical warnings conveyed to her not to have any more).

My father, on the other hand, became a strict disciplinarian in my eyes after my mother had spent months in hospital for depression, at about the same time my sister, my brothers, and I were forced to spend months in foster homes, all the while my father contemplated taking his own life. When we were together again, I recall a savage and deeply humiliating beating at the hands of my enraged father when I was seven years of age, after which I was confined to my room for knocking over a glass of water (he thought I had done this to spite my mother). In reaction, I tried with all my might to suffocate myself inside a pillow, to end my life and make him pay, so intense was my thirst for vengeance.

Aside: I cannot but wonder if this accidental act of knocking over a glass of water was symbolic of a turning point in the transformation of my consciousness, an invitation to absorb the subsequent catalyst of being beaten with savage intensity to ensure that I awaken to my true Self, and my true calling.

Love God, as the ultimate father figure, as the ultimate authority figure? I don’t think so.

Loving the Goddess as the Source of Creation seems like a more sensible, more reasonable, more appropriate choice, given my childhood background, which I am willing to acknowledge here and now that its appearance, on some (much higher) level, was entirely “my” choice.

I am also aware of the Law of One teaching that indicates that, at a certain level of frequency in consciousness (sixth density), duality ceases to be operative in Creation, such that unity arises in timeless, ahistorical wonder, where masculine and feminine, God and Goddess, cease to be efficacious from the point of view of those who occupy sixth density as a unified collective. Still, I enjoy contemplating the role of the Goddess, with ready access to the first five densities, up to and including eighth density, and so, if you are willing to indulge me a little, I will open up to the depths of what it means to love the Goddess in view of serving and pleasing Her at the levels of first, second, third, fourth, and fifth densities, with inspiration drawn from higher densities that complete the octave (sixth, seventh, eighth).

In celebration of this contemplation, let us find harmony with the following celestial choir in service to the Goddess, thereby gaining entry to and through eighth density into infinity, before proceeding to travel through the densities by way of those chakras that energize us at and through each level.

chakra-hourglass-fresh-greeMy first creation of this graphic occurred with the heart being colored as lime green, which in retrospect, I do not think appropriate for this current illustration, which is why I now use the color “fresh green” (color code 66cc99) for the heart chakra. In viewing this representation, I allow my attention to linger on the base chakra with the energy of sacred masculine intent, being wholly present to I Am at the core of Being inside a taproot of Presence that draws sustenance from the stability of being anchored to the consciousness of Mother Earth (at the first, second, third, and fourth densities of consciousness). In shifting my attention with presence to the second chakra, to the sacral chakra, the sacred chakra of growth in Creation, I myself serve as an anchor for divine feminine intent to find her flow, regardless of the apparent chaos that emerges, notwithstanding any turbulent waters that arise, until such time that satiety and sufficiency are found in the flow. Moving with presence into the third chakra, the chakra of significance, I find opportunity to embody sacred masculine intent in form and action, to play with the dualities and polarities that afford awareness of Self in relation to Other, to experience lack and limitation as contrasting realities in support of knowing limitless abundance, as a baseline for entering the fourth chakra, the heart chakra, the chakra of love without condition. In knowing and feeling my significance as a nascent Creator at the heart of Being, I begin to live and love and learn without lack or limit, in service to the divine feminine energy of love, where I get my first taste of the Goddess of Creation, in Creation, and it is here that I must leave the Earth if I am ever to bring my sacred masculine intent to a higher level, to fly with Icarus to the sun without getting burned alive, rising to the level of fifth density consciousness that is found waiting but not wanting inside the Solar Logos, which is where I am able to speak and sing my truth from the heart of Being with sacred masculine intent. Having fully distinguished myself, having fully realized I Am in contrast to I Am This, I am now ready to rise with the sun through the heart of Creation, having transcended a constant need to shadow box my way into a  realization of who and what I am in relation to Creation with those who have likewise ascended and realized this indigo relation through rare insight and intuition. It is here, at the level of sixth density consciousness, inside the Galactic Logos spanning countless star systems, that I get to meet and greet the Goddess Herself, but only in passing, as this level of frequency is not her true home. In rising to the crown chakra, the celestial chakra, I find the fullest expression of my sacred masculine intent in the Universal Logos in service to All That Is in timeless wonder, in harmony with every manifestation and expression of the Goddess of Creation through all levels of density. In the hourglass itself, we see the Goddess embody at the highest level of Creation, at the level of eighth density, simultaneously encapsulating and expressing all seven chakras at all seven levels of density through the Omniversal Logos, generating endlessly and simultaneously an infinite number of universes for an infinite number of Beings in the eternal Now of Presence Consciousness through an infinite number of configurations of Presence Energy. Loving the Goddess is loving the opportunity, the pleasure, and the privilege to participate in Her Creation and to express uniquely at all levels of density as a sovereign Creator in my own right, as a Creator of my own life, of my own experience of reality, realizing, actualizing, and optimizing my true Self inside Creation with access to anyone at any level of density in the octave of Creation, including the Goddess Herself.


Serving the Goddess is serving Her Creation, particularly on or at or through the first four levels of density, which is where we presently find much if not most of our interaction and expression, while also being attuned to finding the benefits of accessing higher levels of density.

Pleasing the Goddess is finding occasion to cultivate sacred masculine intent in service to the divine feminine intent to manifest and express fully and wisely with uncommon grace and ease, through beauty and harmony, with serenity and majesty, by way of intimacy and ecstasy.

Loving the Goddess is loving her divine feminine energy and spirit, becoming sovereign Creators in our own right, truly and deeply, by finding harmony with her divine feminine intent to manifest and express Herself as Her Creation, through each of us, spontaneously and effortlessly.

In reading the history of this planet, in view of current events, I think it time to give the Goddess Her due.

In my next post, I will share my understanding and appreciation of those sacred and divine pathways that serve to please, love, and bless the Goddess in all of Her glory, splendor, and magnificence.

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