Pleasing the Goddess

by Christopher Lovejoy on July 24, 2016

When done right, with good intentions that don’t pave fiery roads to Hell, while being ever aware of potential pitfalls (and pratfalls), pleasing the Goddess with sacred intent is beyond compare.

So why these preliminary admonitive qualifications? How and why can pleasing the Goddess be so complicated? Can the purveyors of sacred masculine intent not just offer up a sacred touch (or two) in service to the Goddess and take it from there? If not, why not? Fair questions, if I do say so myself.

For every move to bring some modicum of love and light into this world, to put a spotlight on the appearance of some object, person, or event deemed worthy of favor or recognition (or exposure), there is a corresponding shadow that arises in its wake, such that, the brighter the light, the denser the shadow. This correlation is embedded in the very dynamic of psychological duality that characterizes the cosmic rift between consciousness and unconsciousness that was long ago engineered into existence by an advanced intelligence for a more vivid and intense experience for its author in service to the one infinite Creator. In other words, pleasing the Goddess carries the potential for dis-pleasing the Goddess.

For your edification, and at the risk of sounding prosaic, but in keeping with broaching the topic at hand, let me bring what I am saying here down to earth, to learn more about pleasing the Goddess.

Some weeks ago, the (female) owner of a spa that goes by the name of Simi Magic Spa was charged with a string of offenses that will, in all likelihood, make you think twice about getting a massage ever again at some future date in a place you know little or nothing about. According to news reports, a man who had business dealings with the owner of this spa was invited to get a massage with one of her employees after being told to wait (supposedly) for the owner to see him.

Now this is where “things” get interesting.

circe 1911 b offorImagine you’re a man (with needs) and you agree to prepare for a massage with a masseuse, having no reason to believe that she is anything but trustworthy in her intentions (although, admittedly, if the word “Magic” can be found in the name of the spa, and you’ve had occasion to read or review the journey of Homer’s Odysseus, you might not be so easily forgiven). As she proceeds to give you a nice, slow, deep massage, your defenses fall by the wayside with astonishing ease; it all feels so very good. And then a naughty move is made to cross a boundary into an area that is as private as it is sensitive. You tense up; you didn’t invite that move, but by the same token, you don’t feel all that inclined to protest – after all, her technique is sound, her strokes as loving as they are divine, and besides, she didn’t linger there. Maybe she got a little carried away by how desirable she found you. Maybe. She completes the massage without a hitch, and at the end of it, she gives you a chance to rest before coming back and showing you a video recording of the massage (smart devices are remarkably convenient, yes?). With a surge of dread as your guide, you realize a conspiracy in the making. After the masseuse gives you an ultimatum (lovingly delivered, of course), you also realize you now have a choice (which, in retrospect, is not really a choice): do nothing and allow a portion of the vid to be posted in public, with the risk of it going viral and having to face the attendant consequences, or … pay up thousands in cash to have it promptly buried somewhere deep in digital hell. You’re a prudent businessman: a few thousand isn’t going to affect you or your business too much, but then again, the thought of having to pay so much for such an unsavory act feels like a violation. You pay up, and despite the shame associated with this act, you bravely go to the police to have the matter investigated with the rather distressing prospect of having to make the matter public in a court of law. All because you allowed (innocently, mind you – or naively, depending on your point of view) a dark and subtle move by a woman with a distorted relationship with the Goddess to make an appearance in your life without prudent protest.

At this point, you might be feeling triggered into thinking that pleasing the Goddess is a fool’s game – many a manly man throughout history has no doubt thought as much – or perhaps you are thinking that pleasing the Goddess is for someone else, for the gods on high, for those who are well-placed, well-paid, well-connected, and well-to-do enough to put occasional yet potentially deadly appearances of the twisted Goddess in their place. If so, I cannot say I blame you for this reaction, but I would encourage to keep an open mind (and heart), in spite of those times when you felt buried or burned by the dense or fiery manipulations and exploitations of those whose relationship with the Goddess is clouded at best. For some, easier said than done, which is why I would never insist on pressing this point on anyone, not even the most capable, most successful, most fortunate among us.

Finding it within yourself to cultivate sacred masculine intent to celebrate divine feminine intent is made easier when you realize that sacred masculine intent is protective in its own way, in a way that savvy masculine intent can never be. That is to say, where savvy masculine intent is assertive, projective, and reactive, operating in and on the surface of things, in ways that “get things done” quickly and skillfully, sacred masculine intent operates responsively in the depths, reading and finding and following subtle cues, clues, and connections that cannot and do not appear on the surface. Which is not to say you cannot wield both types of intent. You can, but you would do well to first be practiced enough to exercise one or the other type of intent exclusively and competently before becoming flexible enough to move fluidly between the two as or when a situation calls for it – on high alert in the first instance and calmly awake and aware in the second. With sacred masculine intent operating in the depths, you have ready access to intuitive guidance that can (potentially, if developed well enough) effectively read and respond to eyes and faces, tones and attitudes, choices and actions, events and situations, content and context, with remarkable grace and ease. Not only is this guidance protective, it is also expansive, serving to attract vibrational matches for your sacred masculine intent, serving to draw desired manifestations and expressions of divine feminine intent associated with grace and ease, beauty and harmony, serenity and majesty, intimacy and ecstasy – all of which can quickly add up to a most sublime experience indeed.

kindly-softly-warmlyAs I mentioned in my previous post on Serving the Goddess, sacred masculine intent, at its best, most informed and inspired, is (ideally, in the following order) kindly responsive, softly expressive, and warmly persuasive, regardless of what comes up, while remaining open to those moments when the exercise of savvy masculine intent is not only prudent but necessary. In an ideal world, another major piece to the puzzle of honoring divine feminine intent would be to find it within yourself to locate the satisfaction of your needs (body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit) and the fulfillment of your desires (sensuous, romantic, erotic, sensual, sexual) inside a reputable community of like-minded souls, even if this meant creating your own community – your own comm(unicative) unity, if you will. So, for example, to be safe, you might begin online, expressing through the imagination, and then gradually moving into “the meet world” with those you feel you can trust, with the intention of establishing regular meetups to further solidify such trust. All of this would assume that you carry no emotional charge around wanting retribution or revenge for acts committed against your person by the dark side of Woman in service to the Goddess, in which case, your priority would best be placed on finding a woman you could trust – someone who could restore your faith in Woman so that the Goddess can be served, pleased, and loved without lingering resentment. At present, the world in not yet in a place where the Goddess can be served (let alone pleased) sustainably in public, as a public service in support of one and all. The best that we can do at this time, in my view, is to set the tone for such service through the arts, in the manner of planting seeds with sacred masculine intent in a garden of potential delights from which the divine feminine spirit of the Goddess can derive Her sustenance. I speak in metaphors, but I think you get the gist of what I’m saying here.

In writing these words, I am well aware of how woefully inadequate they are in addressing the extent to which both the masculine and feminine sides of the human equation have been damaged, perhaps beyond repair. I remain optimistic, however, by the ever renewable nature of the Goddess to heal and bless us all in our attempts to take back ownership of those energies (sacred and divine) that make life worth living and loving at levels never before seen or experienced (at least not in our current civilization).

I’ll say more in my next post about pleasing the Goddess when I touch on the topic of loving the Goddess.

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