Serving the Goddess

by Christopher Lovejoy on July 18, 2016

Many a woman is more than capable of making an appearance or giving a performance in this world as a goddess, with a magnetic, other-worldly power to attract others to her presence or performance by way of grace and ease, beauty and harmony, serenity and majesty, intimacy and ecstasy.

In my view, however, one form of this appearance or performance, whether it be sitting or standing, jogging or swimming, jumping or diving, singing or dancing, skipping harmoniously through a meadow or walking majestically down a runway, is but one expression of the Goddess with a capital G.

Which begs the question: if no particular woman in this world is the Goddess, then who or what is the Goddess? The best way to answer this question, in my view, is to invoke what I call sacred masculine intent as being complementary (and complimentary) to what I call divine feminine intent.

We (those among us who are ready, willing, and able to invoke sacred masculine intent, regardless of gender expression, lifestyle choice, or sexual orientation) know the Goddess by serving the Goddess, and the formula for this service is as succinct as it is simple to recall:

I serve the Goddess
when I invoke sacred masculine intent
to serve as a vibrational match
for the expressions of divine feminine intent

Where savvy masculine intent tends to manifest as assertive, protective, and reactive, sacred masculine intent serves to manifest as a warmer, softer, kinder version of these same qualities of conduct: persuasive rather than assertive, expressive rather than protective, responsive rather than reactive.

To wit: warmly persuasive, softly expressive, kindly responsive.

The aim here is not to worship the Goddess (necessarily) with sacred masculine intent replete with the energy of adoration or devotion, but to serve the Goddess by being present to the Goddess, by bringing a sacred presence to at least one of Her many divinely inspired expressions.

In that moment in which I am wholly present to the presentation of a divine feminine intent to express gracefully and easily, beautifully and harmoniously, serenely and majestically, or intimately and ecstatically, I remain a captive witness, feeding the source of this intent with the energy of my attention, whether this energy assumes the form of veneration or exaltation, adoration or devotion, adulation or admiration – or just simple appreciation for the effort made to express and inspire divinely.

Serving the Goddess is basic to pleasing the Goddess or loving the Goddess. This coming week, I invite you (warmly, softly, kindly) to bring some of your attention to serving the Goddess.

I am well aware of the dark side; stay on the bright side and see what happens.

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