A Radical Departure

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 26, 2016

A deep mystery informs and transforms
the Omniverse at the heart of Creation …

Many believe that the God of many names is the Creator of this world, who gave us free will to choose good over evil, to love one another as we love ourselves, to seek the light of wisdom in balance with love, and to be fruitful and multiply, seeking dominion over the Earth.

This simple yet powerful ecumenical vision has served humanity well for many a century, but the cosmic energies in our sector of the galaxy are ramping up, heating up the sun, causing unusual weather patterns, and serving to bring up the good, the bad, and the ugly in us all.

Because of, and in spite of, our best efforts in these accelerating, ever-expanding times, many of us are feeling compelled to face up to the demons and call on the angels, lest we be torn asunder by the energies that would break us apart and break us up from the inside out.

Everywhere we look, the old ways of doing things are being challenged, even replaced, by new ways; old patterns of behavior are giving way to new patterns; old structures are crumbling, making way for new ones; in the meantime, we are feeling called upon to wake up, to create our lives anew, to experiment with new ways of being on the way to exploring and expressing those that resonate most deeply with the hearts of our souls, in preparation for a Harvest of Souls that would have those who are ready and willing to move to or into planetary environments that support higher frequencies of energy, and to return those who came here in service to this preparation back to their native frequencies.

In the Presence of God, inside and outside the Womb of the Goddess, a timelessness – a beginningless foreverness – serves to contain and carry all that arises in the previous octave, being held in potential, awaiting activation through the manifestations of a new Creation.

In between the octave cycles of densities, in preparation for the instantiation of our version of the Omniverse in which we now inhabit, at the heart of Creation, inside a radiant Void, inside and outside the Womb of the Goddess that remains ever pregnant with promise and possibility, resides in timeless wonder the pervasive, protective, projective, penetrative universal Presence of God, a powerful Being of Love and Light acting in service to the Omniversal Logos, pressing its own universal Logos of free will into activating the ovum inside the Womb of the Goddess to split, embryo-like, into many lesser, fractal-like Logoi that express this universal God in many galactic forms.

Our manifest galaxy, in its present form, is but one of many galaxies in our universe, in our particular version of the Omniverse, and our own Galactic Logos remains alive, awake, aware, and alert at the heart of our manifest galaxy with its own Goddess to impregnate, with its own archetypal themes to explore and express, and is but one manifestation of the universal Logos with its own way of exploring, expressing, and expanding, informing and transforming the Beings who live and love and learn at the heart of their respective solar and planetary creations of which we souls and spirits in human form are learning, growing, evolving, expanding explorations and expressions, with the potential to access a multi-dimensional, multi-density freedom of will to utilize frequencies of consciousness at the omniversal level (8th density), the universal level (7th density), the galactic level (6th density), the solar level (5th density), the planetary level (4th density), at the level of significance (3rd density), at the level of sentience (2nd density), at the level of a primordial awareness (1st density) that contains all of the intelligence gathered and transferred from the previous octave. Potentially, we also have access to octaves of densities from (at least) the previous universe in the omniversal cycle, in the ever timeless present, with the omniversal witness perspective of the Watchers (9th density), although the insights and results of such access would likely seem too strange to contemplate or comprehend in the current octave of densities, and much too strange to contemplate or comprehend in the current planet-wide transition from third to fourth density.

Many Gods and Goddesses, at many levels of frequency of being, inhabit this universe, this one version of the Omniverse: universal (God the father); galactic (Sophia, goddess of love (understanding) and light (wisdom); solar (father sky); and planetary (mother earth, mother nature).

goddess-sophia with consortIn light of what I wrote in my previous post on enlightenment and empowerment, which Goddess do I serve? In light of the foregoing, it would seem to make the most sense to honor and serve the companion Goddess to the Galactic Logos, as being most relevant to what is currently happening on this planet. Spiritually speaking, in terms of density, this means accessing and utilizing galactic frequencies of consciousness (that is, unity through balance between Love and Light at sixth density) to help serve the transition from third (personal) to fourth (planetary) levels of frequency in the light of fifth density (solar). In practical terms, this means accessing mid-level sixth density frequencies (where the Higher Self or Cosmic True Self resides) to help support as smooth a transition as possible, in the (solar) light of wisdom heating up and expanding at this time to bring third-density persons of significance into balance with the energy of love (from and for the planet), for as many third-density inhabitants on earth as possible, increasing their chances of being awakened and enlightened to an ever growing, expanding understanding and appreciation of what it means to live, love, and learn in a 4D environment on earth in the form of a globally enlightened, empowered civilization.

It is through this cosmogony that I feel called to serve the Goddess Sophia. In my next post, I explore how this service is showing up for me and what it might mean for those of us who can benefit.

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