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by Christopher Lovejoy on March 20, 2016

The ultimate in fulfillment is not for everyone – at least not yet, given the current condition of this world.

In the midst of constant change in a world on the brink of major change, in the midst of growing numbers clamoring for full disclosure of what is really going on in this world, in the midst of humanity’s humanity getting absorbed by its technology, in the midst of global financial power plays whose rumblings are reverberating from the top down through the global power pyramid on earth, in the midst of a world oblivious to living under mountains of debt, in the midst of human beings turning on each other in ways that can only make your head spin (if you let it), in the midst of a growing social intolerance of anyone displaying any hint of negativity in conduct or behavior, in the midst of suppressing said conduct and behavior under a global surveillance control grid that grows ever more comprehensive and intrusive by the day, in the midst of the meltdown in relations between male and female (even if you perceive yourself as privileged, socially and economically, aligned with the cause of social justice and diversity) in a bid to slow global population growth to a crawl, in the midst of racial tensions generated by racial groups vying for dominance in the workplace (and elsewhere), in the midst of the general malaise of modernity as that quaint virtue known as filial piety is crushed under the weight of personal indulgence in the name of personal freedom, in the midst of watching the world descend into a condition where it’s every man, woman, and child for themselves and where bonding with others (even when there is more to be, do, and have than ever before) could not be more important to survival, welfare, and well-being, in the midst of widespread denial that anything could possibly be wrong with this world, one might be excused for thinking that making generous allowances for having ultimate contentment is a much better deal than taking up the quest to realize the ultimate in fulfillment.

meaning of contentmentSome people are content to live out their lives with a view towards satisfying all of their needs, so as to enjoy a culminating realization of the ultimate in contentment, and might go so far as to ensure that the people they love and care about get all of their needs met as well.

Such people reach a place at a time in a space where striving for improvement is no longer necessary. For them, there is no need to ponder any basis, essence, or ideal of ultimate fulfillment, as they have successfully met their every need and/or every need of those they love.

In light of these admissions, any ideal of ultimate fulfillment need not be universalized by someone who strives to project some ideal of ultimate fulfillment. Those at the pinnacle of contentment, who forgo striving in favor of thriving, naturally exempt themselves from any such ideal.

I have noticed that people who are focused on realizing the ultimate in contentment are favored by the cosmos when their core intent remains informed and governed by a loving, trusting, gracious, grateful acceptance of that which meets, or serves to meet, their every need, whether they know it or not – that is, when the intent remains informed and governed by a loving, trusting, forgiving acceptance of all that is.

I have also noticed that the ideal of ultimate contentment to inform and govern a life for a lifetime is (or becomes) a most worthy endeavor for many such people, regardless of whether they are deformed or disfigured, diseased or depressed, desensitized or demoralized, incapacitated or debilitated. I can think of no better basis for beginning an approach to ultimate fulfillment than ultimate contentment, where, at the very roots of the tree of ultimate fulfillment, we find a fullness of presence at peace with promise such that clarity, serenity, and buoyancy arise naturally, effortlessly, and yet, strangely and paradoxically, realizing ultimate contentment makes any reach for ultimate fulfillment unnecessary.

With ultimate contentment, there is no need to be spiritual, no need to fulfill any desire, no need to apply native power with vitality, but this post is about touching on the spiritual ideal of ultimate fulfillment, of approaching a realization of such fulfillment with native power and vitality. Where might we begin to find such an ideal, first in the heart and mind and then in the body by way of soul and spirit?

Generally speaking, we approach and realize such an ideal by being open and receptive to quality of encounter and vitality of experience, and, if you are especially fortunate, by remaining open and receptive to that exceedingly rare species of encounter known as sacred, inspired by that exceedingly rare species of experience known as divine, and by remaining open and receptive to divine experience informed by sacred encounter, such that soul and spirit remain harmonized.

What might such an ideal look like?

tree in full bloomIn view of the tree metaphor that I used in two of my recent posts, if the roots represent the basis of ultimate fulfillment, and if the trunk and branches represent the essence of ultimate fulfillment, then the crown in full bloom (the twigs, the leaves, the buds, the clusters, the flowers, and/or the fruit) represent the elusive ideal of ultimate fulfillment.

The ideal of ultimate fulfillment is a culmination of healthy roots (presence, peace, promise, power), a robust trunk with solid branches (purpose and passion), in the midst of a supportive, prosperous environment (the richer and more pure, the better, with respect to the soil, air, and water) that makes it possible for the tree’s roots, trunk, and branches to bring its potential to fruition.

How might we feel when such an ideal is approached and/or realized fully, fulfillingly? In a word? Ecstatic – not just here and there, not just now and then, but everywhere and everywhen.

At its best, ecstasy is a naturally felt, extreme and constant delight in knowing, with a sense of purpose coupled with passion by way of purity of intent on a field of infinite possibilities, that you can remain calm, clear, serene, buoyant, and vital in your potential, your presence, peace, and promise, and your native sovereign power, respectively, in body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit – the ultimate in surrender.

ecstasy6To be sure, sexual ecstasy is but one (very ephemeral) variation on the theme of ecstatic experience, as and when all dimensions of a life (physical, emotional, and mental; material, psychological, and spiritual; social, economic, and financial; metaphysical, epistemological, and moral; sensuous, romantic, and erotic; sensual, sexual, and ecstatic) are aligned and harmonized alongside the tree of ultimate fulfillment.

If such an ideal cannot be universalized (at least not yet), can it be normalized? That is to say, can a normative standard be applied that says in no uncertain terms, “Yes! I have realized the ultimate in fulfillment!”, or is such an ideal standard forever beyond our reach as human beings?

I have no firm answers to these tantalizing questions – yet. I could be mistaken, but my sense at this point is that, “no, such an ideal cannot be normalized on a field of infinite possibilities, as every soul (regardless of form) ultimately carries the potential to blossom or bloom in their own unique way, in spite of any conforming pressures to normalize themselves under some ideological or religious banner.”

Stay tuned for more – unless, of course, you’re ultimately content with what is here and now.

Note: my evolving outline on approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment can be found here, accessible from the nav menu under the page “Be Here Now”.

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