Ultimate Fulfillment 91

by Christopher Lovejoy on January 3, 2016

To be a witness to Unity on a field of infinite potential, on the ever fertile field of infinite possibilities that is eighth density … what might this mean for any intention to expose evil to its very core?

Picture, if you can, a singular static cosmic Unity – a snapshot of the entire Cosmos held together in a timeless instant of time, where everyone and everything in existence is held suspended in space on all dimensions, in all densities. Every conceivable event in Consciousness for all cycles has been recorded and held frozen at the end of just one more cycle of expansion and contraction in an infinite number of cycles, where Alpha and Omega emerge and merge as One, such that this One Unity is complete and anyone anywhere can be a witness to the completion.

In a cosmic instant, in terms of evil, no one anywhere, at any time and for any reason, can ever interfere with anyone else; no one anywhere, at any time and for any reason, can ever obligate, manipulate, deceive, or exploit anyone else; and no one anywhere, at any time and for any reason, can ignore, avoid, disdain, reject, or harass anyone else ever again. Such a Unity as this precludes all evil, all suffering.

And in that moment when a singular cosmic intent sets everything in motion again, lighting up the Cosmos with the awareness of imperfection, sparking the perception of separation, calling on the unmanifest to manifest, the potential of evil and suffering to make yet another appearance is activated. You now have at your disposal the potential to interfere with me and my life, my fate and my world; the potential to obligate me, manipulate me, deceive me, and exploit me; the dreaded and dreadful potential to ignore me, avoid me, disdain me, reject me, and harass me.

But what if this potential could remain dormant forevermore, even in the midst of imperfection and separation? Or, if you prefer, what if this potential could only ever be explored and examined and experienced in and with and through an especially fertile, positive, and constructive imagination, while being evolved enough and careful enough never to manifest such a deadly potential in reality?

With this preamble in mind, let me now resume the narrative (from my previous post) …

I must confess from the outset, I do not expect this: the scene changes abruptly, from a neverending expanse of nature to an idyllic scene of people living, moving, and working in harmony.

In a matter of moments, however, I realize this dynamic unity in harmony as a potent reminder of what the very depths of evil and suffering could not ever offer or provide. This peaceful vision of harmony would stand me in good stead when the time came to take the plunge.

The magical child makes a sweeping gesture: “This community is an ideal place for you to prepare for your undertaking; it could be an ideal place for you to recover from your undertaking.”

As I view and watch and observe and follow the activities before me, I am reminded of the remarkable prophecy that a group of light beings shared with Howard Storm during his lucid death experience, which depicts the future of humanity on earth in the late 22nd century.

I survey the people with their buildings and gardens, but the theme of this early 4th density community eludes me. I ask the boy: “What do they do here? What are they here to experience?”

“They contemplate and appreciate their relationships with sanctity and divinity; their primary reason for being here is to experience the simple blessings of sanctity and divinity in human form.”

I probe further: “how do you view this community as appropriate for me to prepare for my undertaking?”

The boy turns to regard me with equanimity, saying nothing, and this realization dawns on me: I am meeting with a group of souls who can offer me guidance and counsel for my quest, and this community provides the most suitable backdrop for them to do this, both in and out of time.

I follow the boy into a domed windowless structure made of sandstone – tan in color, smooth in texture. The interior lighting is subdued with the use of lanterns, serving to create a mood ideal for contemplation and exploration. A place awaits me at a marble roundtable that seats nine.

Four men and four women, alternately placed, are seated at the table. In the middle of the table is a device I have never seen before. A woman speaks: “thank you, dear one, for escorting this gentle soul here.” The boy smiles, bows deeply to her, bows slightly to me, and then leaves.

“Please.” The woman gestures for me to sit, and I sit. I gaze at each one in turn, noting how attractive they look for their age, how calm and composed they are in their demeanor, how ready and willing they appear to be to address my concerns and questions with equanimity.

“I am so honored to be here now, to be in your company, to receive your guidance and counsel before and after my quest to expose the truth about evil, to shed some light on the misery and depravity and insanity that comes from evil, and I only hope that I can be worthy of both.”

A man sitting next to the woman who addressed the boy regards me enigmatically. He turns to look at the device in the center of the table and everyone follows suit, including me.

The holographic presentation begins with the construction of a large moon-sized facility around a planet that is a gas giant that appears to be very much like Saturn, but curiously, there are no rings to be seen. Upon completion, this facility is shown to appear like the Death Star in popular culture, containing a highly advanced weapon for . . . for what? The scene shifts to an incoming fleet of craft, relative to our solar system and its environs, moving quickly towards the center of our planetary system. The fleet is shown to slow its course momentarily, as if hesitating, but then resumes its course more quickly. In mere moments, however, particle beams are targeting the invaders or interlopers and the entire fleet is obliterated in a matter of seconds. I feel chills run through me, recalling that our solar system has been said to have been protected by a defense grid for about two billion years, up until about five hundred thousand years ago . . . Our presentation continues with a breathtaking view of Saturn from orbit, at a time when its rings were not yet present, where the construction of a super weapon made of a transparent and virtually indestructible aluminum alloy is nearing completion in the area where the debris fields of the rings are now located, a weapon that has been said to have the power to target any world in the galaxy for destruction. The presentation shifts to the appearance of a planet from the point of view of someone orbiting the planet in space. I surmise that it is Maldek, an earth-like world, a much larger version of Earth that once existed between Mars and Jupiter. The viewpoint pulls back and I become a witness to the chilling destruction of Maldek – the biosphere evaporates, the oceans are sucked into the vacuum of space, and the planetary body explodes, but the true significance of these events for my purposes becomes all too clear when I hear the cries of those who are traumatized at the moment of death by the strike.

Disclosure notes: for more on the fate of Maldek, read the Law of One, Book 1, Sessions 9 to 12; see also the Wisdom Teachings at Gaia.com, Season 19, Episodes 1 and 2

I listen to the cries of countless souls beyond death, forming a chorus of fear and terror, trauma and tragedy, resulting in a collective knot of fear that is described in the Law of One series. I can only presume that this tangle of souls caught in a web of terror attracted all manner of demonic forces in the aftermath of this event, as special angelic forces moved in to quarantine the knot, preventing demonic interference.

I close my eyes in anguish, holding up my right hand to plead in my defense. “Please stop.”

I compose myself, open my eyes, heaving a sigh of relief, but the presentation continues, resuming with the appearance of a formidable fleet of ships, containing all manner of fourth density beings whose primary orientation is Service to Self – insectoid, reptilian, feline, humanoid – moving into and through our solar system towards Earth. Infamously known as the Orion Group, they are here to do what they do best: genetic farming, experimenting, harvesting, controlling. With the destruction of Maldek, the defense grid had ceased to operate, leaving our solar system vulnerable to invaders and interlopers.

A goosebumped realization alerts me to a vital distinction: where a legion of archonic forces had prevailed in life, a legion of demonic forces might very well have surfaced in death. I could not help but wonder if the destruction of Maldek (or Tiamat or Electra) five hundred thousand years ago marked a key turning point for that deeply wounded system known as Sol, adversely affecting later generations of souls who were to incarnate on Earth in the hundreds of thousands of years to follow.

Unfortunately, both archonic and demonic forces are alive today, and have been so for at least several hundreds of thousands of our years, much of the time hiding inside dimensions not our own, with ready access to our own, and I realize, in a moment of dread, there isn’t just one Hell with which to contend, but two. The legacy of coping with hell on earth, I realize, is a metaphysical challenge with two prongs.

I now had a cosmic context with which to explore and expose the very depths of evil.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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