Ultimate Fulfillment 89

by Christopher Lovejoy on December 20, 2015

How is it that I can be an integral part of Creation, to be a willing participant with the one infinite Creator in the process of Creating, and by the same token, how is it that I can rise above Creation, to be a witness in wonder to the one infinite Creator in the process of Creating?

First, Creation, to me, is for me, for my benefit and for my edification; this is the immediate, subjective, visceral perspective, lived and experienced in the moment, for the moment, through the moment. Second, Creation arises, arising regardless of me, regardless of any benefit that it might have for me; this is the abstract, objective, virtual perspective, conceived and realized beyond any moment in time.

Viscerally, I cannot rise above Creation if I am wholly identified with Creation in the moment, peacefully, blissfully, and gracefully surrendered to the flow of sensation and perception and emotion as No Self, as no one in particular. Virtually, I can rise above Creation when I step back into the Witness Perspective, from the perspective of Point Zero, as a Cosmic True Self, as someone identified as particular.

In the first instance, I am wholly identified with Creation as no one in particular; in the second instance, I am in a process of identifying Creation as someone identified as particular. Ultimacy is found in the immanence of being no one in particular as Creation arises moment to moment to moment and Ultimacy is found in the transcendence of being identified as someone outside of time in relation to Creation.

This Mother and Father of all distinctions is vitally important to adopt before presuming to take any plunge into the depths of Darkness as a contrasting, catalyzing challenge for the realization of Love through understanding and for the evolution of the Light in tandem with this Love and understanding.

chakra-hourglass-speckIn my previous post, I set myself up to explore the Darkness, to take the plunge into the darkest of the Dark, by way of an Octogonal Portal inside the Wounded Heart of Humanity, so as to shed some Light on why humanity has failed so profoundly in realizing its fullest potential. In this post, it is my intention to document this plunge with those who have stomach enough and spine enough to withstand the grim and gruesome realities that await, which I presently feel guided to share with you in fictional form, from perspectives both Light and Dark. If I have helped to deepen, broaden, and/or heighten your understanding of the predicament that we are all facing in this world at this time, I will have found the success I seek. Before I begin, I would have you read and follow the links in this remarkable document as a study guide to the material I am about to share with you, to have you better appreciate my reasons and motives for inviting you to take a walk with me on the Dark Side. In reading this document, I would ask that you place special emphasis on exploring the subject matter of holographic kinetics, the nature of infinite consciousness in a multi-dimensional reality, and the multi-faceted sources of the matrix in which we are all presently embedded in time …

I suddenly appear out of body before a quorum of Elders. This is no ordinary quorum, presenting itself on three levels rather than the usual single line of Elders. I do not know how I know this but I do: front and centre are three Elders from fifth density, a social complex of six Elders in the second row from sixth density, and two sovereign beings, one light and one dark, from seventh density hovering above the others in the top row on either side of a shimmering doorway.

It seems that I have some serious accounting to do before I am admitted into a realm characterized by eighth density consciousness where I will be privy to the counsel of one or more beings known as the Guardians who will accompany me on my journey into the depths of Hell. In standing before this formidable collective presence in tune with my seventh density Spirit as my guide, I cannot help but feel a subtle yet persistent current of nervous energy coursing through my light body. This setup is a unique experience for me and I wonder if I am prepared enough to serve competently as a ninth density witness to an eighth density experience that involves taking a plunge into the depths of Light and Dark.

My guide nudges me to centre myself, to stand in my power as a sovereign witness to the proceedings, and to place my attention on the Elder sitting in the middle of the front row of the quorum. She smiles benevolently, appearing ridiculously attractive in all of the ways in which attractiveness can manifest in female form, silently inviting me to make the first move, to take the first step, to speak the first word.

Gazing into her eyes, I gesture to the entire assemblage before me, proffering: “I think I can appreciate the reason for this gathering.”

After what seems like a long pause, she rejoins pleasantly: “you think you can?”

I blush slightly, feeling somewhat chastened. “I know I can. I didn’t wish to appear too forward.”

“You can dispense with appearances here; please be forthright in all of your comments and queries.”

She knows well of my earthly preoccupation with appearances. I can hide nothing here. I feel naked before these beings, utterly transparent to both my strengths and weaknesses, but I couldn’t and I wouldn’t let this utter transparency hinder my involvement in these proceedings. 

“I am here to take a plunge into the depths of Hell.”

Her smile broadens, as if amused. “A simple question for you: why?”

“Simply because Darkness is a contrasting, catalyzing challenge for the realization of Love through understanding and for the evolution of the Light in tandem with this Love and understanding.”

“You speak well the language of fifth density, but I must wonder, as we all do, whether your sincerity is well placed. On your world, have you not had enough of a taste of Hell to sate your curiosity?”

I laugh in spite of myself. She seems intent on having some fun with me. Correction: she is intent on having some fun with me.

I bow slightly in her direction to recognize and acknowledge her remarkable perspiscuity. “More than enough.”

“More than enough? Then why persist?”

I take a deep breath, releasing it slowly and steadily, knowing that I cannot hide the heart of this matter. “I am deeply saddened by the state of my world; I am even more deeply saddened by my own kind, steeped in separation and governed by exclusion, deeply wounded inside a gulf of compromise that has opened up between substance and appearance, between sovereignty and theatricality. By taking a plunge into the depths of Hell, I wish to highlight just how confused and conflicted we have become as a race of beings, desperately in need of help and healing.”

She confers privately with the being on her right and then with the being on her left. She returns her gaze to me, nodding her head slightly in my direction. For what seems like a very long and timeless moment, I am captivated by her beauty, wondering what it would be like to make tender love to such an exquisitely beautiful being, if indeed such an act is even possible, and at first, I do not notice that my spirit guide is nudging me to continue with the second line of defense above her. My spirit guide grounds me with a firm clasp of my arm, bringing me out of my reverie.

I direct my gaze to the social complex in the middle of the quorum. They are known to speak their words in unison, united in their intent, where mutual consent is quickly, readily, and easily assumed.

Their presence is formidable and I instinctively join with my guide in Presence to help me withstand the force of their presence so as to be wholly responsive and fully response-able to their presence, in their presence. They begin: “we can see that you have a weakness for beautiful women. In light of this fact, we wonder if you are up to the challenge of, as you phrase it, ‘taking a plunge into the depths of Hell’.”

I feel a twinge of annoyance. “I can make the distinction between attractive and beautiful: just as an attractive person is not necessarily beautiful, a beautiful person is not necessarily attractive.”

“Then, can we trust that if we assist you in taking you into the very depths of Darkness, you will not be unduly distracted by those who are especially attractive and apparently beautiful?”

This is getting personal, and I blush deeply. “I confess that you are right to question me in this way, and I can appreciate, out of respect for my person, that you have qualified ‘distracted’ with ‘unduly’.”
They suddenly and simultaneously transform themselves into an attractive group of tall blue birds. “And can you fully appreciate the proper role of theatricality in supporting individuality, even as individuality can go too far in having theatricality remove or replace sovereignty?”

“I must first say that I am impressed, in awe even, by the way you eloquently express this question, for it paradoxically goes to the very heart of who we are as beings of spirit assuming individual form. I can well appreciate that sovereignty and theatricality require each other to be fully informed and inspired in relation to one another, as sovereignty without much theatricality is too dry and theatricality without much sovereignty is too wet, but my concern is with those who would remain in ignorance of these distinctions, refusing to responsibly manifest the unmanifest.”

The room goes dark. A spotlight appears on the two beings at the top of the quorum and I feel exhilarated, knowing that the remainder of this proceeding is just a formality to be inspired by theatricality.

The dark being: “you have an image of Darkness you wish to share with your world.”


The light being: “and you have a message of Light you wish to share with your world.”


In unison, gesturing to the doorway between them, while gazing at my guide standing by me and with me: “Are you ready, willing, and able to let him follow us through this door alone?”

A pause, and then: “Yes.”

In unison, gesturing again to the luminescent doorway between them while holding their gaze steady on my person: “do you feel ready, willing, and able to follow us through to the other side?”

I pause to collect my thoughts.

“I am honored to be here now and I am honored to be addressed by you both, and by all of you. I feel ready, willing, and able to do this alone and I feel ready, willing, and able to be guided to go to the very depths of Darkness to serve my world and my kind. Please proceed.”

I realize in a stunning moment of clarity that I am now on my way to being taken through a Dark Octagonal Portal into the Wounded Heart of Humanity, into the depthless depths of Darkness.

A blue orb transports me to the top of the quorum where I am escorted by two beings through a gateway into infinity, knowing full well that my life and my world will never be the same again.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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