Ultimate Fulfillment 85

by Christopher Lovejoy on November 21, 2015

I would now speak of humanity in relation to sexuality in the light of infinity.

What would happen if … I married my humanity with infinity, if … we (collectively) married humanity with infinity, and if … humanity was already married to infinity on this planet at this time? I will address this latter question first, shifting my point of view from impersonal to interpersonal to personal.

The hallmark of a fully conscious species that remains attuned to its infinite potential, that remains aligned with the field of infinite possibilities, is a dynamic balance between its soul and its spirit, between its capacity for rest and its ability to move progressively onward and upward.

A species that is already married to infinity, that already has full access to the presence and the peace and the power of intelligent infinity, is a species that is already primed to make the most of this access in ways and by means that benefit one and all, individually and collectively.

At this point, I need to ask my readers a provocative question: imagine you have a choice between … (a) having all that you desire so that you can take pleasure in deceptively manipulating and exploiting others into submission or … (b) always having less than you desire so that you can cooperatively and creatively join with others in approaching all that you desire. Which of these would you choose?

Please be honest with me; I want you to get naked with your innermost heart and answer my question with radical honesty: would you rather be a master of deception or a master of creation?

Would you rather serve yourself first so that you can offer up your pretensions, deceptions, manipulations, and exploitations as a service to others for the sake of their learning and growth or would you rather serve others first, and in so doing, serve yourself up with the fruits of your service to others?

When you make this most fundamental of choices, please remember: even as masters of deception can pose as masters of creation, masters of creation have access to the ways of deception.

And so, I ask you again: what would happen if humanity was already married to infinity on this planet at this time? The answer, in light of the above, seems obvious: we would have a world full of masters of deception and masters of creation competing for domination or dominion.

Now, what would happen if we (collectively) married humanity with infinity?

First, many people living on this planet would need to wake up to the fundamental choice posed above, which they are in the process of doing, given the widespread and growing availability of communications technology. Second, said people would need to be informed about the nature of this choice – what is involved, what is required – before being called to make it. Third, said people would need to release their resistance to learning about those who would consciously use pretension and deception and manipulation to get their way and to have their way and to release their resistance to learning about those who would consciously create and co-create and co-operate in ways that seem odd, strange, unusual, unfamiliar, foreign, even bizarre, even at the cost of giving up their attachment to the normalcy bias. Fourth, said people would need to find it within themselves to align either with playing in the dark or playing in the light, while knowing that persisting in doing neither or trying to do both will weaken them to the point of irrelevance and insignificance.

In light of sharing these points of view, what would happen if I married my soulful and spiritual humanity with intelligent infinity, with my infinite potential, with the field of infinite possibilities?

To be sure, I have awakened to The Choice, in no small part because of my ease of access to a world of information and inspiration. I am in the process of informing myself fully about the nature of this choice and I am in the process of releasing my resistance to learning about those who would consciously deceive with only their kind in mind and those who would consciously create with the benefit of humanity in mind. Truth be told, I very much favor the light even as I have not yet fully aligned with the light, as I am presently and fully immersed in these processes of informing and releasing.

There are those who would, unreservedly, have you live and learn and love wholly in the light of infinity, but I am asking you to put a pause on this wholehearted invitation and consider the following …

Any intention to bathe yourself in the light of love by sublimating your sexuality is commendable, to say the least, but you do so at the risk of having your activity become passivity. Imagine, if you can, living every moment of your life by “going with the flow”, by “letting it be easy”, by “letting everything that happens be okay”, until such time that you are completely okay with being utterly alone with yourself and the world. This radical acceptance not only serves to bypass that which has not yet arisen from within you, it also carries the potential to alienate (or at least isolate) those who can not or will not harmonize with your grace, your flow, your ease. Your captive audience, your circle of close friends, and your loved ones will forever remain within the limits of your grace and ease. By the same token, maybe you feel you have learned enough and grown enough to settle, to settle into a blessed space of contentment, to settle into a blissful flow of pervasive unity and perceived harmony, but until such time as you are truly at peace with being wholly at peace, I would caution you to at least consider the value in negotiating and navigating your resistance to The Other, as and when it arises, by having the unmanifest in you (the dark) become manifest through you and for you (the light).

If you have yet to satisfy and fulfill your sexuality wholly and fully in this dense manifest realm ~ sensuously and romantically, erotically and sensually, emotionally and intellectually, soulfully and spiritually ~ you are in resistance to life and love. This need not be a problem if you are sincerely committed to a sacred and divine process of attracting and realizing what it is you need, of exploring and expressing what it is you desire, to satisfy and fulfill yourself, your life, your love, wholly and completely, if not in this lifetime then in subsequent lifetimes (preferably in this lifetime).

If your ultimate fulfillment is asexual fulfillment, as described above, you have great potential for being a master of creation, but it comes at the price of forgoing the blessing of a union that invites sexual ecstasy. If, on the other hand, your ultimate fulfillment is to be found in sexual fulfillment, as described above, you have a serious choice to make: will I ally myself with the dark or will I ally myself with the light?

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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