Ultimate Fulfillment 83

by Christopher Lovejoy on November 7, 2015

I begin this post with a question: what might it be like to be creative with infinity? More to the point, what might it be like to be creative, both consciously and intentionally, with intelligent infinity?

My personal bias in responding to this question is to consciously activate and cultivate sacred intent with ease in my daily discourse, to be loving, caring, trusting, and forgiving whenever and wherever possible, in alignment with a field of infinite possibilities premised on presence, peace, and power.

we-)-meIn this light, I recognize and appreciate the power to be shared and expressed in co-creative consciousness, in co-conscious creativity with infinity, on a field of infinite possibilities, which I presently assume is the most formidable power of humanity, but how might this radiant power be made manifest in a world that has seen such power be suppressed by dark invisible forces? The answer might very well lie in an intriguing social phenomenon I call hooga.

In terms that speak eloquently to the power of co-creative consciousness, what is hooga?

I take “hooga” from the Danish pronunciation of the word “hygge”. Derived from the Germanic word “hyggja” (which means to be satisfied in your thinking or feeling), the term “hygge” (hooga) dates back to the 19th century, which essentially means “time together that is free of drama”, suggesting a grace and ease of interaction free of boasting and judging, competing and complaining, arguing and contesting.

I can well imagine a group of eight people – an octet if you will – coming together in a cozy circle of sacred space to consciously co-create a discussion on any topic that arises in the moment, and following the thread of this discussion with sacred intent, with loving, caring, trusting, forgiving energy, while at the same time calling each other out on any attempts to boast, judge, compete, complain, argue, or contest.

But let us not restrict hooga time to cozy circles.

Any relaxed co-creative social interaction, from parties to meetups, from walking to hiking, from coaching to consulting, can be hooga time – quality “we” time, not indulgent “me” time. Certainly, one might be inclined to light candles and play soft music to co-create a nice atmosphere, or prepare good food or delicious drink together, but this is not necessary. The emphasis, really, is best kept on time together that is free of needless drama, without divisive discussions about someone’s dysfunctional habits.

Hooga time is usually premised on light, balanced interaction focused in the moment on food or drink (if any) and the company that is being kept, but I think this time together can be taken to the next level to include a co-creative component that mindfully, skillfully, and artfully taps a field of infinite possibilities with effortless ease, where everyone involved is naturally inclined to take off their social masks and leave any and all difficulties at the door, so as to appreciate all the more the power of presence with like-minded (and not so like-minded) souls and spirits.

These four guidelines for creating a hooga space for hooga time are not complicated:

  1. come as you are: take off your mask and be as you are, focused on connecting not competing, expressing not suppressing, allowing not controlling, with nothing to prove
  2. lose the impulse to be controversial, and instead playfully skip or dance around topics that seem too serious or divisive, focusing instead on co-creating a balanced ebb and flow of discussion in a lighthearted way, with an emphasis on enjoying the moment fully and wholeheartedly
  3. remain intent on making your own unique contribution to the time spent together, without being asked; hone a sense of timing with respect to contributing your “me” to the greater “we”, while remaining completely at ease as and when no particular impulse to contribute arises at all
  4. view your hooga time and space as a temporary yet vital refuge from the outside world of material pursuits, competing interests, networking pressures, and social climbing – a time and a place where everyone is invited to relax and open their hearts without any fear of judgment

When these guidelines are followed faithfully and consistently, service to other cannot help but trump service to self for those warm, kind, gentle, loving souls so positively polarized.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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