Ultimate Fulfillment 82

by Christopher Lovejoy on November 1, 2015

From a certain perspective, it is rather strange (though fascinating in its own way) that we live in a world where we can make a conscious or conscientious choice to serve our own selves exclusively (even at the expense of other selves) or to serve other selves inclusively. Awareness of this basic choice relies on coming into conscious relationship, through witnessing, by way of the witness perspective, with the existential separation between Self and Other. Absent this critical relationship, one remains forever at the mercy of polarization, tending to serve neither self nor other selves (unconsciously) by simply going through the motions of reacting to one’s self and other selves, or by serving (unconsciously) both the self exclusively and others inclusively, depending on the vagaries of mood, whim, time, and place.

Here’s a snapshot of the orientations:

polarized:           service to self          service to other

depolarized:      no service at all      service to both

To really and truly appreciate the relevance and significance of these orientations or polarizations, of being conscious of when and where and why we are oriented or polarized in each and every moment, it would help if we could gather and apply a cosmic context of understanding.

In the Law of One series, reference is made to levels of density, such that lower levels of density support more basic levels of consciousness and higher levels of density support higher levels of consciousness. This notion of density is often confused with the notion of dimension and refers to density of vibration, such that lower vibratory levels of energy support awareness in material forms composed of earth, air, water, or fire (first density) and higher vibratory levels of energy that support the appearance of consciousness in plants and animals (second density) also support the appearance of self-consciousness in human beings (third density). Ever higher levels of vibration support ever higher levels of consciousness, such that universal love (of self or other) is the theme of fourth density, harmony between love and wisdom (in service to self or other) is the theme of fifth density, finding unity above and beyond polarity (regardless of self or other) is the theme of sixth density, and realizing complete sovereignty in relationship with the one infinite Creator is the theme of seventh density, the gateway density to the remaining eighth density that completes the octave of densities for the central black sun in space/time (and the corresponding central white sun in time/space) that contains the Galactic Logos in concentrated form, informing and guiding all life on all levels of density. Those who occupy a particular density rely on learning and growing or realizing and evolving through the density that comes before it: a balanced self-consciousness (either in service to self exclusively or in service to other inclusively) is a requirement for living, learning, and loving in a fourth density world.

The subject of orientation and polarization is especially relevant and significant in terms of making a transition between a world in third density (such as ours) and a world in fourth density, such that someone strongly polarized in favor of service to self (even at the expense of others) will join like-minded souls in one type of fourth density world, one where service to self exclusively is fully endorsed, and someone else strongly polarized in favor of service to other (that enriches the self as a consequence) will join like-minded souls in yet another type of fourth density world, one where service to other is fully supported. Those who remain depolarized will remain in third density on a third density world in future incarnations and those who attempt to have their cake and eat it, too, will find themselves judged on how much and how well they served themselves or others, not unlike the ritual in Egyptian times where the heart was depicted as being weighed after a passing away of the body (lighter hearts prevail in a lighter afterlife). In a fourth density world, according to Ra in the Law of One series, first, second, and fourth densities are activated, while third, fifth, sixth, and seventh densities remain potentiated. As a third density world, such as ours, transitions into fourth density (read or listen to the NDE account of Howard Storm to get a description of future Earth in fourth density), third density concerns melt away and fourth density abilities and proclivities arise in those ready to receive them and make good use of them.

Book 3 of the Law of One series offers many fascinating answers to questions related to polarization and density, on such topics as harvest (a harvest of third density souls ripe for fourth density experience), harvesting, and harvesters; the nature of co-creation with the one infinite Creator; areas of study relevant to increasing the likelihood of being harvested in the way that you desire; reasons for why souls from higher densities (Wanderers) incarnate on Earth during a period of harvest (beginning about seventy years ago); what lies at the heart of evolution for body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit; the nature of Guardians who operate outside of the octave of densities of the Logos to safeguard the functioning of the Logos, suggesting that some light beings have evolved beyond eighth density; the nature and purpose of pain and suffering and evil through the use of what is known as catalyst (we never suffer without a reason; there is always a purpose, even if we do not or cannot comprehend what this might be at the time in which the catalyst – illness, accident, betrayal, etc. – is experienced to awaken the heart and soul or to enlighten the mind and spirit); and the reasons why the Orion Group (a confederation of interdimensional Insectoid, Reptilian, and Humanoid species operating invisibly in fourth and fifth densities) is so interested in the fate of humanity with respect to the ongoing harvest.

chakra-hourglassOne of the more intriguing cosmic lessons to be learned and applied is that the seven densities finds a precise alignment with the seven chakras of the complex known as body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit. By learning about the chakras (what they mean and how they apply), one can more easily come into relationship with the densities, facilitating an ongoing realization of heart and soul and an unfolding evolution of mind and spirit, especially from third to fourth density, moving from forming an identity of personal significance to one that is informed and inspired by universal love, but also in relation to the higher densities of truthful and transparent expression, insight and intuition, and cosmic completion.

It is apparent from my reading of the global situation that the planet as a whole is negatively polarized to a great extent, with a breathtaking concentration of political and economic power and wealth at the top of the pyramid of earthly inflluence, but that this planet is also mercifully blessed by the presence and appearance of many positively polarized souls ready to assume (or resume) their place in fourth (or fifth/sixth) density. It seems that the ongoing harvest of souls on this planet is a mixed one, suggesting that there is still enough opportunity for souls to determine their choice of orientation (to self or other), and reinforce it where necessary, regardless of whether the balance of power on earth favors the dark side or the light side of love and understanding.

In my next post, I build on what I share here to explore the dynamics of being creative with infinity.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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