Ultimate Fulfillment 73

by Christopher Lovejoy on August 30, 2015

Divinity and creativity. Which rings more true for you: divine creativity or creative divinity?

As I allow ready access to my capacities for divinity and creativity, I allow myself to be divinely creative and creatively divine in my creativity, in my creative activity. In flowing and growing peacefully and blissfully in my creativity, I allow myself to experience a taste of the divine.

Ultimately speaking, blessing a creative life and crafting a creative lifestyle, moment by moment, is to live and to love and to learn delightedly and divinely, peacefully and blissfully, gracefully and graciously, beautifully and wonderfully, moment by moment, in every moment of a life.

In the ultimate sense of being fulfilled, of becoming fulfilled, I allow myself to embrace novelty and variety at every turn, turning toward fear and giving fear its due and its space to be as it is, where it is, even as I continue to immerse myself totally and completely, even obsessively, in the warming, fragrant waters of a special interest, such as approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment, all the while being quick to drop obligations that no longer serve, fearlessly being a fast quitter and quitting while I’m ahead, getting out while the getting is still good.

I’ve recently created an immense space in my life, after having given notice that I will no longer continue working in a job that has admirably fulfilled its purpose, after having given notice that I will not extend a year-long lease on a lovely and spacious apartment. A new life awaits. I will travel cross-country with little more than a few bags of possessions to my name, with someone excited to take this journey with me.

Having an immense space such as this is an ideal canvas upon which to paint a new life, an ideal slate upon which to write a series of new stories that invite access to the powers of divinity and creativity both, and allowing divine guidance from within and from beyond is naturally suited to flowing and growing inside such an immense space of possibilities. I have come to a place in my heart and soul where I can well appreciate the immensity of possibility in remaining free of unwanted obligations, in remaining acutely attuned to attempted manipulations and exploitations, both from within and without. The ideal of breathing and allowing that I shared in a previous post is all the more appreciated in my own heart for having opened up this possibility space in my life.

We normally think of space as having three dimensions (height, width, depth), with one (very linear) dimension of time (before and after) with which to measure change inside this spatial-temporal frame of reference that we take for granted. This fabric of spacetime is integral to everything that we do, but in light of those who have been to The Other Side, by way of the Lucid Death Experience (aka, the Near-Death Experience), we can also talk about a complementary fabric called timespace, having three dimensions of time and one dimension of space.

Three dimensions of time and one dimension of space?

A couple of real-life examples to help clarify: a woman dies on an operating table and goes out of body, taking some time to reorient herself in timespace (strictly speaking, she no longer identifies as female), eventually gaining the presence of mind to listen to conversations of relatives in a nearby waiting room (details of which are confirmed later, after returning to body). Before too long, she finds herself, instantaneously, in another place, after having had a concern for someone in that place. Note well this word “instantaneously”. In timespace, space has only one dimension, namely, before and after (thinking a thought of where to be). Another example: a man is shot to death on the side of a street, found by passersby, and rushed to hospital. This resurrecting soul, who was an avowed atheist in spacetime, enters a timeless void to experience a black space with no sense of time. A sense of time, however, is restored when this soul gains access to the comings and goings in spacetime. So, for example, this soul could switch instantaneously between perceptions of past and present events in spacetime, such that this soul’s sense of time was derived from the perceived height, width, and depth of places experienced successively in timespace relative to spacetime.

In spacetime, until we have attuned ourselves multi-dimensionally to the events in timespace, we have access to only one timeline: past, present, and future. Also, we normally have access to only one reality in spacetime, whereas at higher-perspective, lower-density levels of timespace, we have access to many personal realities (perhaps an infinite number of personal realities) running in parallel to each other. To complexify even further, it is also evident from accounts of past-life regression and future-life progression that some (perhaps many) oversouls have more than one life being lived simultaneously in spacetime. So, for example, if you meet someone who seems unusually aligned with your sensitivities and sensibilities in timespace, it could very well be that this person is a kindred manifestation of your oversoul in spacetime.

In light of these mind-bending observations, here is a rather startling implication to consider: you are already “dead” in timespace even as you continue to live out your life in spacetime. More startling to consider, you are likely already birthing, living, and dying many times in many lives, simultaneously in timespace. What this means is that those who guide you from beyond, especially at the level of 7D consciousness, have simultaneous access (in thought) to all of the intimate details of all of your births, lives, and deaths in all of your lifetimes. In one sense, I have already died to this lifetime, many times, along many parallel timelines. The question is this: along which timeline will I choose to die?

Now we are really beginning to get to the crux of creativity in relation to divinity.

a-7D-perspectiveA couple of weeks ago in spacetime, I was divinely guided, either by my Higher Self (my oversoul, if you will) or by spirit guides operating in timespace, to engage my creativity and generate the following graphics. This graphic illustrates a representation of lifetimes lived in spacetime from the perspective of timespace. So, for example, the first lifetime (yellow) reflects a life lived with perceived significance, running in parallel somewhat with my current lifetime, which is currently being lived in pursuit of knowledge and wisdom (the third one, colored blue); the second (red) lifetime is one that ended in a passionate way before any of the other lifetimes arose in spacetime. The fourth (grey, oppressive) lifetime moves in tandem with the blue lifetime, energetically affecting the blue lifetime and indicating an entanglement with someone or something that obligates with unwanted influence. The fifth (green) lifetime indicates a life of peace running in parallel with a lifetime lived with significance.

a-7D-perspective-IIThis graphic illustrates a closeup of lifetime 3 (blue; see graphic above), depicting parallel realities that rise and fall depending on the choices we make (or don’t make). The white crosses are possible deaths ending each of these parallel realities. Assuming that all parallel realities in a given lifetime are preordained, we nevertheless still have the power to choose which parallel reality to travel along in spacetime. Although spirit guides have timespace access to all parallel realities of a given soul made manifest in spacetime, they can only surmise, based on the highest of probabilities, which timeline in a given lifetime is ultimately chosen. Another (darker) consideration is that those spirits whose interests are served in timespace by manipulating and exploiting a soul’s choice of timeline in a given lifetime could very well steer this soul towards means and ends not in keeping with the best interests of the targeted soul. In other words, it pays to be authentic, sincere, honest, integrous, and genuine (a tall order, I know, but there it is). Any and all negative greetings by dark spirits can either be met with integrity or with stupidity.

centrality-of-presence-cccIn a previous post, I offered this model of integrity for cultivating coherence of heart and soul, for developing consistency in mind and spirit, for the sake of finding unity and harmony in soul and spirit (convergence), such that the heart and soul are willing and able to nourish the mind and spirit even as the mind and spirit are willing and able to protect the heart of soul. The following (coherently employed, consistently applied) word salad is a guide that I presently follow to keep heart and soul in the right place even as I employ heart and soul to apply mind and spirit at the right time and for the right reasons. As far as I can see in spacetime, negative greetings from wayward spirits in timespace are best ignored or repelled with purity of heart and soul guiding mind and spirit in service to others in keeping with preserving integrity of Self, a cosmic true self in tune with multiple realities.





In my next post, I will draw on what I’ve learned so far, unpacking the meaning and purpose of this word salad, to explore and express a coherent, consistent relation between divinity and stability.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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