Ultimate Fulfillment 64

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 28, 2015

In a world of light in need of snark,
where do you choose to see the dark?

In a world of darkness full of plight,
where do you choose to bring the light?

The theme for number 60: harmony with source
The theme for number 61: harmony through unity
The theme for number 62: harmony with duality
The theme for number 63: harmony from creativity
The theme for number 64: harmony through stability
The theme for number 65: harmony with humanity
The theme for number 66: harmony begets harmony (or: nothing harmonizes like harmony)
The theme for number 67: harmony for the sake of divinity
The theme for number 68: harmony through the eyes of infinity
The theme for number 69: harmony with the ultimate

Harmony through stability: could this be about making and keeping a stable commitment to seeking, finding, and speaking truth to power with loving intent? Could it be as simple as this?

shades-of-truthIn seeking to taste the drip drops of truth on any matter, I invariably find a mix of light, gray, and dark shades of presumption. To the right, note the many shades of truth. Note, too, the central drip drop of certainty, a condensation of sweat on the brow of one who explores and examines, who reads and studies, who pauses and pursues, pausing to contemplate in the pursuit of truth, all for the sake of clarity in the knowing and consistency in the reporting. Truly, the red drip drop of truth is a nectar to be tasted and savored, in contrast to the other vital shades of truth, all of which have their place, all of which are essential in their own right for helping us to appreciate and bless what is truly the case.

In response to this curious 90-second video montage, I wrote this in November 2011 on my G+ stream:

This is a bit scary … and more than a little sad – but also strangely amusing. Thoughts of a scripted response to 911 are running through my mind. Is this the mainstream media or the lamestream media?

Now, you might be wondering: did Conan O’Brien ever get around to finding that envelope to push on late-night television? For me, a more important question arises: how can anyone trust anything presented or portrayed in the LSM when its newscasters can so easily be viewed as cloned and conformed?

Come on now, admit it: someone made this happen.

I invite you to open your mind to these questions . . .

Who in this world has this much power? Why in this world would anyone wish to wield this much power? Who do you suppose is pulling the strings at or near the top of the pyramid of power?

Any ideas?

I’m sorry to break it to you, but a conscripted and conformed media presence concentrated in the hands of a few is but the tiny tip of the iceberg of power and control on a global scale.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, serving as 34th president of the U.S.A. warned about this in his farewell address …

Full version
Short version

As did John F. Kennedy, who succeeded Eisenhower as 35th president of the U.S.A. U.S. Corporation (a subsidiary of the Federal Reserve?) in that sovereign city state known as Washington D.C.

Full version
Short version

As did Daniel K. Inouye, during the Iran-Contra hearings, in his capacity as US Senator for Hawaii …

There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fund-raising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.

~ Daniel K. Inouye, Hawaiian US Senator, during the Iran-Contra hearings

When I took the time to consider this information, the following facts began to make sense:

The date is February 21, 1871. On this date, the Forty-First Congress passed an Act entitled, An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia, known as the Act of 1871 (section 34, session III, chapters 61 and 62). Under no constitutional authority to do so, this Congress created a separate form of government for the District of Columbia (a ten-mile square parcel of land) inside the heart of the United States.

Today, federal agencies and institutions operating within this ten-mile square parcel of land known as Washington, D.C. have been given mandates to wield an unusually large share of power over the people of America. Someone very powerful and influential guided (compelled?) the Forty-First Congress to pass this innocuous yet momentous Act.

Again, I ask you …

Who in this world has this much power? Why in this world would anyone wish to wield this much power? Who do you suppose is pulling the strings at the very top of the pyramid of power?


this power source is conspiratorial
this power source is intergenerational

this power source is highly intelligent
this power source is deeply committed
this power source is broadly organized
this power source is extremely wealthy

this power source combines familial and institutional influence through many generations, over many centuries, to guide and direct proxies of power (secret orders, secret societies, secret alliances) too numerous to mention, with a secret agenda of global domination and control

the true power players of this world are not public; rather, they are the secret masters of deception, manipulation, and exploitation, and get others (through bribes, threats, and blackmail) to do their bidding; they are the true puppet masters with a divine mandate: to rule the world

last but not least, this power source presumes to be above the law, uses deception to play both sides, pulls strings from behind the scenes at the top of a very large pyramid of power, and is comfortable in the extreme with this Machiavellian principle: the end justifies the means

If we are to understand and appreciate a full disclosure of the ET presence in our daily lives, we would do well to be alert to the ways of power being played out on planet earth at this time from a global (or better yet, if you can manage it and tolerate it) from a cosmic perspective.

Power plays in service to keeping secrets are far more common than we think (or care to think).

A conformed and controlled media can do much to keep such secrets, but unfortunately for us (for those committed to exposing and disclosing secrets), there is much more to it than that.

Agents of various agencies of intelligence are trained in psychological warfare, tasked with spreading what is known as disinformation (nuggets of truth inside piles of lies) and injecting misinformation (“lies, damned lies, and statistics”) into the data stream. A recently leaked NSA document confirms that online covert deception is standard practice for obfuscating truth and destroying reputations, especially when closely guarded secrets are in danger of being exposed and widely disseminated.

And then there is the murky world of mass mind control, what with its use of highly advanced weapons (by order followers in secret agencies acting above the rule of law) that would control the emotional and mental processes of targeted individuals (TIs) and entire populations.

And then there is the even murkier world of physical and etheric implants in the bodies and souls belonging to “persons of interest” that control or constrain pretty much everything about these persons outside of a very narrow bandwidth of parameters (so as to not obliterate their freedom of will).

I would be very surprised (disappointed even) if I knew that this post and this blog site were not being monitored by someone, somewhere, for its content (but even more importantly, for its intent).

It is no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction; fiction has to make sense ~ Mark Twain

Alright, so we have a world whose mainstream media is shamelessly conscripted, conformed, and controlled, whose governments are corporate entities serving special, private, secret, elite interests, whose information streams are compromised, whose inhabitants are constrained in ways that many of us cannot even begin to imagine – not unlike a Web of Deception that has been carefully placed into and over the entire population of earth to keep it docile and therefore oblivious to wrongdoing.

So where does that leave us, where Disclosure is concerned? Disclosure of what and for whom?

True enough, we do seem to have stability and security in much of our constantly changing and surveilled world (at least for now), but at what cost to liberty? At what cost to creative innovation?

In light of these revelations, how best to navigate the many shades of truth and untruth to process all manner of lies in service to finding the drip drops of truth and bringing darkness to light?

Well, to even begin to answer this last question, we would all do well (if we are still able and willing) to take close look at the human brain, and more specifically, at the fact that is has two halves. We have Mark Passio (at WhatOnEarthIsHappening.com) to thank for bringing the following distinctions to light.

Right__Left_Brain_Hemispheres_Mark_Passio__RedPillPhilosophyThis graphic of the human brain is a good summary of its many functions and interests. If the analytical brain functions primarily by exercising control and if the emotional brain functions primarily by “following your bliss” and “going with the flow”, then the (free) holistic brain functions primarily to find and keep a healthy, dynamic balance between control and spontaneity. In light of these basic distinctions, let us look first at the challenge facing us all (even the controllers in and beyond this world) and then, let us examine how we might effectively meet this challenge.

mental-schizmThis graphic of the brain presents the ultimate challenge to being spiritual in human form: how best to navigate skillfully and artfully, mindfully and thoughtfully, in or around or through the mire of mind control exercised by means of media, money, and malnutrition, and thereby avoid falling prey to being deceived and enslaved by the right side of the brain and to being manipulated and exploited by the left side of the brain?

I invite you to give this one some careful thought.

Worldview-schismsThis graphic offers a workable solution to effectively meeting the challenge of bringing balance to the brain by way of “making and keeping a stable commitment to seeking, finding, and speaking truth to power with loving intent.” The keys are these: to abide by natural law on the one hand (with the right hand, because it is “the right thing to do”) and to affirm free will on the other (with the left hand, so as to avoid being seen as “coming out of left field”), so as to avoid the pitfalls of doing only one or the other (or neither). As far as I can see, many souls can already sense this need for balance; being conscious of this need (and what it takes to satisfy it) puts one in a much better position to satisfy it.

capabilitiesIn my experience, assuming a witness perspective of the two halves of my brain opens up a confluence of influential factors that gives me the wherewithal to bring the two sides of my brain into balance or keep them in balance: psychic sensitivity, which in my case means being able to sense the appearance of near-future events or to get a sense of what others are thinking or feeling (or have thought or felt); intuitive capability, which for me means being able to follow my inner guidance moment to moment, especially in situations that others might perceive as difficult; and synchronistic activity, which serves either to confirm my thinking on some matter or to inspire me to engage in further activity or creativity.

Thinking and feeling and acting in concert with this confluence is the source of my existential stability, giving me the wisdom and freedom to observe and explore and question what “they” say and what “they” do, to act independently of any entrenched, conformed power structure.

The universe is not held hostage by our ignorance
~ Chris Carter, Science and Psychic Phenomena: The Fall of the House of Skeptics

William Cowper, an influential English poet of the 18th century, is quoted as having said something rather profound and yet not at all in keeping with the subject matter of his poetry and hymns: absence of proof is not proof of absence. If these words are anything to go by, it seems that he was keenly aware of the reality of occurrences that arise in this world from beyond the reach of the usual five senses.

So much, perhaps too much, of what we think and believe is by consensus, of those we trust and of those we presume to trust, but in reality, in view of the widespread deception under which we live and learn, we would all do well to question, question, and then question some more, relying instead on our own efforts to discern truth and to make it known by any and all means possible and desirable, for our own sake first and foremost and for the sake of those in need of a wake-up call.

Here is a small taste of what I am talking about, structured with respect to and in support of a full disclosure of occult (hidden) knowledge:

historical disclosure

who are we, really?
where did we come from?
why do we only have 46 chromosomes (rather than 48)?
who were the giants?
who built the pyramids on earth and mars and ceres and why were they built?

terrestrial disclosure

is it true that many advanced technologies have been classified?
is it true that such technologies have the potential to free us all?
who is presently preventing and/or delaying disclosure, and why?
why were so many cattle mutilated in such a gruesome manner?
who is creating so many and such elaborate crop circles, and why?

extraterrestrial disclosure

who are the grays? why did they abduct so many of us?
who are the mantids and reptilians? what roles do they play in these abductions?
is there really a secret space program? if so, how far advanced is it?
is the moon really hollow? is it really a base of operations? is the planet Mars?
are the nordics, the andromedans, and the blue avians here to help us?

hairy, scary disclosure

where are all of these earth changes coming from?
are we in danger of being wiped out by a cataclysm?
when and why were so many underground bases built?
are we in danger of suffering a global economic collapse?
why is the fear-for-profit model of business so prevalent?

golden age disclosure

is it true that an advanced species is waiting to help or heal us all?
is it true that our debt-based, oil-based economic system is out of date?
can the lamestream media really be set free to serve humanity?
can all power structures really be made transparent and accountable?
is it possible to seek and find redress for all of the crimes against humanity?

It is understood by some that a full disclosure event would involve a major data dump onto the internet with many hundreds of thousands of document, audio, and video files placed on multiple mirrored sites to ensure access to anyone who desires it, followed by a partial collapse of the lamestream media machine and the initiation of a 24/7 educational campaign of full exposure and disclosure through radio and TV. Such a campaign would include information on free energy and other assorted technologies that would restructure entire ways of life, as well as some of the evidence required to prosecute power brokers (terrestrial and extraterrestrial) for crimes against humanity. Such a disclosure could be oceanic in scope, taking years if not decades to discover and process. It is hoped that a clear, concise, comprehensive summary of what is known and what has happened would be made available from the outset, with opportunities to follow commentary and engage in further study. Current delays in disclosure are related to attempts to hide the crimes and to maintain an ancient agenda for global domination and control.

Rather than worrying too much about trying to prove all of this data, we have been instructed to simply release as much of the truth as we can. This will help buffer the emotional shock and gravity of people hearing so much of this upsetting material all at once

~ David Wilcock, Divine Cosmos

According to the Huna Way, the world is what you think it is, but then, according to Shakespeare, there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio. As far as I know, both of these views have merit, depending on your point of view. If or when full disclosure ever comes to pass, your point of view will be put to the test. Of this you can be certain.

For the sake of harmony through stability, perhaps it is time to get our brains in order.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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