Ultimate Fulfillment 63

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 21, 2015

Behold, even now, the Great Revelations, light and dark, are before us,
recalling all that was, exposing all that is, informing us of things to come,
at first flowing gradually, steadily through disclosures so fateful so frightful
that each one of us can only meet them and greet them in our own way,
and then gushing, rushing into us collectively, penetrating without mercy,
challenging and upending the most cherished of precepts and concepts.

As and when we allow the creative flow to take us where it would have us go (and grow), we follow our guidance into and out of harmony, with due respect given to the tensions of duality.

The theme for number 60: harmony with source
The theme for number 61: harmony through unity
The theme for number 62: harmony with duality
The theme for number 63: harmony from creativity
The theme for number 64: harmony through stability
The theme for number 65: harmony with humanity
The theme for number 66: harmony begets harmony (or: nothing harmonizes like harmony)
The theme for number 67: harmony for the sake of divinity
The theme for number 68: harmony through the eyes of infinity
The theme for number 69: harmony with the ultimate

Even as I allow this creative flow to have me go and grow, I realize harmony as and when I follow my inner guidance, intuitively, through the many promptings of subtle whispers and silent impulses.

Note to Self:

how willing am I
to do this consistently and creatively,
responsively and responsibly?

Even as my creativity flows naturally into and out of harmony, I can surely realize a deeper harmony as and when I allow my creativity to flow continuously with harmony, responsively and responsibly.

Allow me to share a personal example:

In the morning, after giving myself over to a shower, and while I steep some tea, I am naturally inclined to move as I feel called to move in a wide open living space, spontaneously, and therefore creatively, most times gracefully and easily, and therefore harmoniously, all the while following my inner guidance, letting harmony guide my creativity even as I allow my creativity to inspire a deeper harmony.

Could this not be a soft and flexible template for living our lives to the fullest, for approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment, but then, what would happen if …

The following portrayal is fictional; as far as I know, I have never been abducted or contacted, and I have never had any this-worldly or other-worldly encounters with extraterrestrial biological entities.

Eben Face2I suddenly feel disoriented. I could have sworn, just moments ago, I was there rather than here. I check the time and feel more than a little perplexed by the loss of time. Where have I been for the last hour? And why is my shirt on backwards? A vague sense of unease circulates inside my gut. An image flashes in my mind: I’m on a table looking up at strange creatures from another world, but I cannot accept this; there is no frame of reference for me to process the reality of it, let alone its significance. I wonder about those who have made similar claims of such encounters, meeting with strange bug-eyed creatures, who do things that no one in this world should have to bear alone, who communicate wordlessly, telling of things that only serve to upset and confuse their views of the world, that overturn their apple carts with no one to help them pick up the apples (or so they might think). Granted, I wasn’t supposed to remember any of this, and yet, and here I am, full of questions. Can you help me, dear reader? What, pray tell, would you do? What, pray tell, should I do? After a moment of reflection, I suppose there is only one thing I can do, at least for now: express … express, express, express, and then express some more – consistently and creatively, responsively and responsibly, through heart and mind, with soul and spirit, through the fear, the pain, and the tears, at least until I can find others with whom to share my experience from beyond …

~ Inspired by this extraordinary documentary: The Hidden Hand

This documentary is one of a kind, providing a space for many major (public) players and gentle souls to share their views on, and/or direct encounters with, the extraterrestrial presence, as clear and concise and transparent as it is comprehensive in its coverage of a fascinating yet troubling phenomenon, serving as it does to weave fine threads of care into a light tapestry of sense that respects human sensibilities.

When I listen to those who speak their truth to power in this documentary, with or without love, I cannot help but be captivated by the immense courage coming through their sincerity, and the more truth they speak, the more captivated I become. To the extent to which they avow an extraterrestrial or extradimensional presence on this planet, is the extent to which I am inclined to lend them my support.

In light of the revelations disclosed, I am called to share as follows: we would all do well to extend a collective hand to the hidden hands working their magic inside the dark cathedrals of earth, and call for an end to the secrecy, for an end to the ceaseless toil that would presume to centralize all power and control on a global scale, expressing ourselves creatively as one harmonious voice raised, knowing we are no longer alone, realizing once and for all that we are the ones we have been waiting for …

We would do well to brace ourselves for the coming darkness and to do so without shielding ourselves from the goodness and the kindness that awaits us inside the dawning light of a new day.

It is time, time to get off our slavish knees, to stand and raise our eyes to the sky, to welcome in wonder those who would stand with us and walk with us into a future full of promise and possibility.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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