Ultimate Fulfillment 61

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 7, 2015

I can hardly believe that I am only three days away from marking the fifth anniversary of my blog.

In the 5 years since I first published, my post archive now holds 267 posts, many of them substantial. Naturally, the question arises: am I any closer to realizing the ultimate in personal fulfillment?

To be honest, yes. I do feel that I am. Much closer, in fact, even as I keep in mind that approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment (subjectively construed) is but a tiny subset of approaching a realization of the ultimate in fulfillment (objectively construed).

So far, I’ve defined my field of play; I’ve outlined the facets of a True Self; I’ve explored the significance of a worldview around the True Self; I’ve located a mastery of balance in soul, fate, and life, and I’ve located a balance in mastery with spirit, destiny, and lifestyle; and I’ve identified tools (a meditative exercise, a journal exercise, and a narrative exercise) for being wholly present, for coming to terms with fate, and for creating a destiny, respectively; all that remains is to do the work and bring it to completion.

Last week, I introduced a new series to find harmony with 6D consciousness (the Law of One). This week, I will see what comes up for me as I approach the theme for number 61, as follows:

The theme for number 60: harmony with source
The theme for number 61: harmony through unity
The theme for number 62: harmony with duality
The theme for number 63: harmony from creativity
The theme for number 64: harmony through stability
The theme for number 65: harmony with humanity
The theme for number 66: harmony begets harmony (or: nothing harmonizes like harmony)
The theme for number 67: harmony for the sake of divinity
The theme for number 68: harmony through the eyes of infinity
The theme for number 69: harmony with the ultimate

On March 27, 2011, I wrote a post on unity and harmony, where I explored the nature of duality in relation to unity and harmony. In this post, I wrote (and I quote) something rather interesting:

Your ultimate task in life is to be responsible for your experience of reality: to be present to your experience, to realize your capacity for love through peace, to follow your bliss through joy, to fulfill the promise of your life with a sense of possibility until at last you reach the pinnacle of your fulfillment.

Today, I would express this differently, as follows:

As far as I can see, my ultimate task in life is twofold: (1) to be accountable for the quality of my encounters with reality, and (2) to be responsible for the vitality of my experiences in reality.

What does this mean in practical and spiritual terms?

Speaking in ultimate terms, I offer this fourfold prescription: (1) to be wholly present to encounter and experience; (2) to make love real through peace; (3) to make joy real through bliss; and (4) to fulfill the promise of my life with a sense of possibility until ultimate fulfillment is realized. 

Here are some implications:

  1. presence is fundamental
  2. unity is primary to harmony
  3. harmony through unity is possible and desirable
  4. quality of encounter is possible through unity
  5. vitality of experience is desirable through harmony
  6. accountability for quality is possible by way of love through peace
  7. responsibility for vitality is desirable by way of joy through bliss
  8. I am willing to fulfill the promise of my life by being accountable
  9. I am willing to fulfill the possibilities of a lifestyle by being responsible
  10. I am willing to reconcile promise and possibility, once and for all

I must emphasize: unity and harmony with 6D consciousness requires a transcendence of duality, not an obliteration of duality. This relation requires an attitude of ripened maturity, expressible as follows:

I chose the red pill because I view life, not as a random experience, not as a series of disconnected events, not as an experience that happens to me, but one that happens through me and for me.

For me, and perhaps for you, too, taking the red pill requires paying close attention to the basic priorities of care – eating well, exercising daily, sleeping well, and meditating (or praying) daily.

Here is how I prioritize these basics: eat well, sleep well, exercise, meditate.

Eating well is absolutely fundamental for me to feel at my best from day to day. If I don’t eat well, I don’t sleep well, and if I don’t sleep well, I don’t get the full benefits of exercise, and if I don’t get the full benefits of exercise, I don’t meditate as deeply and as consistently as I would like, without distraction, thereby compromising my sense of calm.

What are your priorities of care?

For the sake of harmony through unity, this is a good question to ask, serving as it does to establish an anchor in a world that is not always stable (to put it mildly, as an understatement).

I have come to realize that if I wish to share a message of unity and harmony from the point of view of 6D consciousness, I need not look any further than The Law of One series, a series of channelled sessions conducted between 1981 to 1983 that revealed fascinating disclosures about the nature of the universe and humankind’s place in it, many of which have been objectively verified in later years. I have only begun to read these works, but have heard so many good things about them, that I feel called to share some of its wisdom here in relation to unity.

Apparently, a species at the level of 6D consciousness (a social memory complex or group soul who go by the name of Ra only because it is familiar to the people of earth) made contact with the earth during the time of the Egyptians, speaking to “one who heard and understood” their message of unity, “in a position to decree the Law of One”. Unfortunately, according to Ra, “the priests and peoples of that era quickly distorted the message, robbing it of the compassion with which unity is informed”. They introduce themselves: “We are those who are of the Law of One, of Unity. In our vibration, the polarities are harmonized, the paradoxes have a solution. We are one. We have walked your planet and seen the faces of your peoples. We now feel a great responsibility of helping remove certain distortions that have been given to the Law of One.” Apparently, these distortions arose by virtue of making an appearance, and the Law of One series was likely an attempt to make amends.

suppose-entertainTo seriously entertain these notions, a deep familiarity with ancient human history, the physics of creation, and the extraterrestrial presence on this planet throughout history, is probably necessary, but even in the absence of such familiarity, their message of unity is nevertheless very instructive and intriguing. Two points, in particular, bear repeating: (1) “in our vibration, the polarities are harmonized” and (2) unity is informed by compassion. These points are essential to peace and serve to shed light on the nature and meaning of the theme, “harmony through unity”, from a cosmic perspective:

Unity, informed by compassion, resolves the polarities of duality harmoniously.

So again, unity is primary to harmony (see implication #2 above), but … and I think we all need to ask ourselves: “is harmony through unity even possible and desirable for us as a species?”

First, is compassion reserved only for the saints? I ask this because so many among us are preoccupied with satisfying the basics of survival and fulfilling only a small portion of their desires.

Second, if compassion takes a back seat to survival and a minimal fulfillment, wherein lies unity for humanity?

Third, if the polarities of duality can never be resolved, are we okay with that? Can we be okay with that? Must we forever be fighting for good, forever resisting evil, forever navigating the tight spaces between good and evil, not unlike tightrope walkers or extreme slackliners?

Fourth, are we at all willing and able to inform ourselves about what it means to “raise our individual and collective vibrations” to a resonant frequency where the polarities can be harmonized?

If the answers are yes, “I don’t know” (or “I really don’t care”), yes, and no, then we would do well to go along to get along with the status quo, sailing, surfing, and swimming in a sea of conformity, navigating skillfully the many and various obstacles of mediocrity and inferiority.

If the answers are no, “compassion need not take a back seat”, no, and yes, then perhaps we have a chance at peace, but then, maybe the human species requires a few hundred more years in crazy busy duality before it can appreciate “harmony through unity”, even at the risk of being assimilated by its own artificial intelligence. In the meantime, should we really persist in having a sordid love affair with technology?

Personally, I think it vital that we each, in our own way, find our meaning in harmony through unity. When we know that this polarity is resolved, we will have realized the ultimate in reconciliation.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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