Ultimate Fulfillment 59

by Christopher Lovejoy on May 24, 2015

A few days ago, I concluded the writing of my resource for coming to terms with Lady Fate.

As I indicated in my parting note at the end of this resource, I will draw on the ideas and perspectives presented in this resource to pull together a coherent approach to the ultimate in fulfillment.

To this end, I purchased and downloaded a copy of ommwriter, a software tool designed for writers to write without distractions. Having used it daily for about a week, I can honestly vouch for the rave reviews that this tool is getting. I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to other writers.

Another major direction that I’ve taken recently is learning the crafts of digital marketing and kindle publishing. At some point, I intend to market and publish my best work in the most cost-effective, least time-intensive way possible. As I’ve learned, the possibilities are quite exciting.

In my most recent post on energetic mastery, I presented a seven-step heuristic for guiding my energies (and other energies) in the Way of Huna attuned to the seven chakras. I am now aligning this systematic approach with a scientific approach to realizing the basics of happiness.

Here is a rough outline of what I found to bring the existential depths of life to the practical surface of life:

huna principle #1: manawa (earth)
now is the moment of power (contemplation)

  • ground yourself; take care of yourself
  • (meditate; eat well, exercise and rest)

huna principle #2: makia (water)
energy flows where attention goes (manifestation)

  • reframe your problems as challenges
  • go with the flow, find yourself in the flow
  • savor the goodness and the sweetness

huna principle #3: mana (fire)
all power comes from within (justification)

  • practice ways of coping with distress
  • admire the good and the best in others
  • justify the next best version of yourself

huna principle #4: aloha (heart)
to love is to be happy with (purification)

  • let it go: forgive yourself and others
  • develop a strong sense of belonging
  • be kind to yourself; be kind to others
  • cultivate quality in your relationships
  • give thanks to what others do for you

huna principle #5: pono (sound)
‘effective’ is the measure of truth (calibration)

  • express gratitude for what you have
  • speak your truth with love to power

huna principle #6: kala (light)
there are no limits (sanctification)

  • always look on the bright side of life
  • (by cultivating a sense of the sacred)

huna principle #7: ike (crown)
the world is what you think it is (ordination)

  • ordain all desired outcomes with care
  • (that stretch you but do not break you)

huna principle #8: kuleana (source)
you are who you say you are (realization)

  • sacred love and divine wisdom are One
  • (all karmic residues have been graced)

Here, I’ve added an eighth principle as a summation of the seven principles that come before it.

As I said, this is a rough draft of a path to ultimate fulfillment. I find it rather interesting that so much of what is necessary to happiness and fulfillment resides at the heart of relationship.

As change is the only constant, opportunities to effect positive change in our personal and professional lives arise as often as we can handle, and are not always possible to predict.

The Visionary Decision Making process described in the book, Great Decisions, Perfect Timing, serves to inspire us to make bold moves with strategic visions when the time feels right.

A vision is strategic when it is guided by what really matters. A strategic objective formulated with this vision in mind requires that we make what could easily be called visionary decisions.

Visionary decisions are critical to quality of life, to the vitality of lifestyle – transformative for the soul of fate and the fate of soul, evolutionary for the spirit of destiny and the destiny of spirit.

The foci for making such decisions vary: relationally, it might be to find a partner for life or to make a friend for life; vocationally, it might mean moving into a more fulfilling line of work; and situationally, it might mean finding a secure home or getting on the road to having better health, fitness and vitality.

Certain patterns of thought or behavior, opportunity or condition, pleasant or unpleasant, could be telling us in no uncertain terms that it is time to make a strategic change, time to make a tactical decision that moves us into deeper satisfaction, towards greater fulfillment.

Once we get a handle on what we most value, on what most inspires us, we are ready to address two questions that will get us moving in a direction that feels good and right for us:

  • what vision is now motivating me to make a move?
  • what is the next best move, if any, for me to make?

Relationally, vocationally, or situationally, where do I perceive an opportunity to learn and grow with a problem, challenge, or difficulty in my life, and how can I frame it as an object of my focus?

In other words, what is most beneficial for me to see and do in alignment with what I perceive as being good for me and good for all?

As I continue to observe and explore what is possible here, with clarity and peace of mind, foregoing definitive answers, while maintaining my intention to learn and grow, I remain alert to cues and clues to happiness, success, and fulfillment in the form of meaningful coincidences.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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