Ultimate Fulfillment 47

by Christopher Lovejoy on March 1, 2015

In the next hour, after reading this post, you (your ego) have the following options:

  1. be choiceless, by making no choices, by being as you are where you are, receiving, reflecting, and responding as you feel called to receive, reflect, and respond
  2. be righteous, in a positive way, by “making it so”, by asserting your will to power to be, do, have, or become what you feel most called to be, do, have, or become
  3. be righteous, in a negative way, by assuming that “I am right and you are wrong”, or by assuming “I am right and this is wrong”, and then expressing it out loud
  4. be righteous by way of choicelessness, allowing your connection to Source consciousness by way of the Witness to inform and/or inspire your Will to power

I present these options in light of my most recent addition to my resource on coming to terms with fate, where I examine the nature of egoic consciousness in terms of righteousness, positively and negatively construed, against a backdrop of mindfulness by way of choicelessness.

You could begin reading the added content from here: “Let us explore and examine each of these facets in turn, with a view towards preparing the ground for having the nature and meaning of soul and spirit be made clear and harmonious in relation to the ego and the heart.”

Or … you could back up a little and review the content prior to this addition to refresh your sense of context, starting here: “Presently, I feel inspired to begin with das Ich, with the ego and with the centrality of the ego. This notion, this most intimate and formative of subjective realities, is absolutely central to “bringing it all together”, provided of course that we make a vital distinction between the ego as usurper and the ego as mediator.”

Where the ego is inclined to act to gain and/or keep a value, the heart is more inclined to serve up its value, to be of service, to serve mindfully and righteously by way of choicelessness, and by “righteously” I do not mean to imply a righteousness caught up inside the duality of good and bad, right and wrong. Where the heart is inclined to give care, the ego is inclined to take care. I used to feel that the heart was central to my identity, but I know better now: a heart without a mature ego at its core has never, can never, and will never be discerning enough to negotiate and navigate its way through this world.

In my view, from a cosmic perspective, this dense manifest world in which we occupy is a training ground for the egoic mind and a testing ground for the heart of soul. Where the ego is offered opportunities to train itself to tell good from bad and right from wrong, the heart is offered opportunities to test and be tested (whether it is aware of this or not) to see if it can move beyond expectations of, or preoccupations with, good and bad, right and wrong. It’s a most curious paradox, but one that leads us to wholly satisfy the soul and completely fulfill the spirit with ultimacy (and intimacy) in mind (and heart).

Wholly and completely, ultimately.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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