Ultimate Fulfillment 38

by Christopher Lovejoy on December 28, 2014

We’re all just a few days away from bringing in the new year.

This is my resolution for the year 2015: I hereby resolve not to make any resolution that I would have fall by the wayside even before the new year has a chance to kick into high gear. For the sake of contrast, this is the dark side of my resolution. The bright side is simply this: I hereby resolve to continue to plumb the depths of being and knowing who and what I love to be and do.

I’m going to assume (perhaps audaciously) that the sensitives and intuitives among us have survived yet another Christmas holiday. What could be more challenging (and therefore more conducive to personal growth) than having to reflect and process the many apparent sad, bad, mad energies that inevitably bubble up from below the glossy surface known as “everything is perfect”?

I do not mean to sound Scrooge-like, as I myself actually had the good fortune of spending a relatively quiet, peaceful Christmas with a loved one – no serious loss of personal energy and therefore no serious energy recharge required. If your experience, however, was different (i.e., draining, depleting, or distracting – take your pick of term), then my heart truly goes out to you.

When I feel drained, depleted, or distracted, I always wonder to myself: do I not have sufficient awareness and understanding (and therefore acceptance) of that which drains, depletes, or distracts?

Or is it that I really and truly need to get away from it? (or at least move through it).

This past week saw me find the time to commit two essential acts: (1) design a practical tool of awareness for coming to terms with Lady Fate, and (2) create an (admittedly) idiosyncratic graphic for putting the challenge of fate into perspective from a spiritual point of view.

As I intend to reveal the first result next week, I will share and explore the second result this week.

But before I do, I’d like to make it clear what I think of the many facile tools, methods, and guidelines offered to those of us who aspire to be informed and inspired on our way to being transformed. I suppose it’s only natural for those who wish to serve (and do serve) as guidance counsellors for others that they come from their own ways of being and knowing. I mean, how could this be otherwise?

However, and this is a fairly big “however”, am I wrong to think that an exclusive, relentless focus on cultivating and maintaining a positively good and happy face can only take us so far for so long?

Please do yourself the favor of not being satisfied with a pat answer. If you are so inclined, I would invite you to forego this satisfaction, at least for a while, and especially in light of the following …

depth-chargesThink of this in metaphorical terms: our earthly animal entitlements invariably cast shadows both light and dark within a Space of Unknowing, from birth through life until the Big Day of Departure, from our interactions with those who would presume to know better than ourselves. By the time we’re ready to question everything we think we are, everything we think we know, we’ve generated some serious shadows large and small, which can nevertheless be viewed and construed as the raw material of fate by which to craft desired destinies. Within the Space of Awareness, our values, desires, and passions are present, some of which are emerging to see the light of day; inside the Space of Unknowing resides depth charges that lie dormant, whose energies are waiting to be triggered and released into awareness, hopefully with the intention that they be cultivated and/or celebrated for our own benefit. When we have within our focus a depth charge (light or dark) whose explosive energy is ready to be triggered and released, we can prepare ourselves to channel this energy consciously and creatively into feeding at least one of our many values, desires, or passions, but here’s the thing: the many and various energies contained by these depth charges might not be ready for release, and even if someone tries to trigger them, presumably with good intentions, a protective shield could very well come into play, either consciously, in the Space of Awareness, or without awareness, in the Space of Unknowing. Either way, no facile tool, method, or set of guidelines would ever be enough to smooth the way for personal transformation. We are ready when we are ready (to acknowledge our own greatness, for example), we are willing when we are willing (to accept our own magnificence, for example), and we are able when we are able (to embrace the raw energies of our deepest, darkest secrets, for example).

Forcing the issue will only ever generate resistance.

I realize fully that none of this Shadow Talk is new; many wise thinkers and practitioners have grappled with these issues. In coming to terms with fate, I would just like you to know that I am aware of what is going on in what I call the Space of Unknowing. Many of us can consciously and creatively apply ourselves to the employment of a tool of growth, a method of learning, or a set of guidelines for “transforming your life forever”, for “being the very best version of yourself”, or for “realizing the ultimate in personal fulfillment” until we’re blue in the face, but unless and until we’ve dealt with those minefields in the shadows of our selves that keep us from living up to our full potential, the efforts we apply could very well come to naught. There’s a very real danger of living absolutely and exclusively in a contrived Space of Love and Light. For one thing, there’s not a whole lot of room to breathe when everything around you seems to be falling apart (if this is or has been your apparent misfortune). For another, there’s a tendency to retreat into some ideal version of yourself, into a kind of bubble reality where any perceived darkness that surrounds your Space of Awareness encroaches (or threatens to encroach) on your most intimate sense of yourself. In this light, a wisdom of balance calls out to us, one that honors both the content of destiny (the values, desires, and passions that we hold consciously in the Space of Awareness with a view towards manifestation) and the raw material of fate (the depth charges that lurk within the Space of Unknowing waiting to be brought to the surface into a Space of Awareness through careful handling of the many tricks by which we presume and pretend that all is good and well – rationalizations, legitimizations, carefully cultivated pretensions, sublimations, and reaction formations).

wherever I go, there I am,
and yet, I would do well to remember

wherever I am is where I need to be
in a Space, at a time and a place, where

I feel really and truly ready, willing, and able
to engage the raw material of my fate

consciously and gracefully, preferably,
or, if needs be, creatively and explosively . . .

manifestation, yes, but please, let us never forget
the value of in-formation for the sake of trans-formation

I have added yet more content to my resource for coming to terms with Lady Fate. The next installment begins with this heading: Tapping the Energies of Allowance and Insistence.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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