Ultimate Fulfillment 7

by Christopher Lovejoy on May 25, 2014

Love is all that matters.

Take a moment to contemplate this declaration, to really feel what it means to you, here and now, even if this means speaking it aloud to no one in particular, even if it means speaking it barely above a whisper, with sacred intent, with the emphasis on love, from the heart of your soul: “love … is all that matters.”

For those who have undergone a Life Review, this is the impression they get afterwards: love is all that matters. For them, the impression is deep and indelible, forever changing their lives.

This past week saw me go deep into the Big Question on Love, which I begin to explore and answer here, under part “.4.”, and which is by no means complete, as I am just getting warmed up.

So far, my deep inner knowing tells me that we are not here on this planet to love merely for love’s sake, but for some other (deeper, broader, higher, grander) purpose in the overall scheme of things.

I already have intimations of this purpose, but it is so radical, so potentially mind blowing, that I cannot in good conscience produce it without providing a proper contextual heartfelt preparation for it.

This past week saw me pick up Howard Storm’s account of his “descent into death” (as he calls it) and his “second chance at life”, with a forward by Anne Rice. After reading the forward, I immediately skipped to the chapter on Storm’s Life Review, which served to underscore the extreme importance of love.

Incidentally, prior to picking up My Descent Into Death: A Second Chance at Life, I serendipitously came across What God Said, by Neale Donald Walsch, in which he outlines the 25 most important messages conveyed through his writing of the nine-book Conversations with God series. Much of what he wrote in these messages resonates with my own understanding, and because it deals in ultimate matters, will likely prove to be useful in my inquiry into the realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment.

No content was added this past week to the sections below, with the exception of a pithy saying from Wayne Dyer that really hit home for me and that I believe has the potential to become an adage.

I also revised my Resources page, making it easier for readers to access serial content on this site (and making it easier for me to access content as I articulate the ultimate in personal fulfillment).

For the sake of balance: inward, onward, upward.




a message for our times: “be true, be wise, be free; love is the key”




(Setting the context)


The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic,
is that the world is made of words, and if you know the words that the world is made of,
you can make of it whatever you wish ~ Terence McKenna

consider this truth: “there is no truth”: true or false? if true, then false; if false, then true

words are powerful, as and when they are spoken in the light of truth, love, and wisdom




(A cosmic perspective)

Current study: the cosmic life review (learn more)

View this page to explore the basic issues




The ethical imperative: guard guide your eyes, guard guide your thoughts, guard guide your steps

What the cosmic life review indicates we do in the earthly realm: (1) sanctify; (2) purify; (3) justify

Does “what does it take to be fulfilled?” = “what does it take to be sanctified, purified, justified?”?




Proposal: our prime directive as a species is finding the balance

  • finding the balance between soul (being) and spirit (becoming)
  • finding the balance between being perfectly full and becoming perfectly filled
  • finding the balance between living soulfully (truly, deeply) and living spiritually (wisely, freely)




(A context for living life to the fullest)

proposal to universalize human need:

need 1: “a safe place to eat and sleep”
need 2: “a way to satisfy all my needs”
need 3: “someone to love and cherish”
need 4: “a healthy, vital outlook on life”

a vital distinction to observe in daily life:
satisfaction of need v. fulfillment of desire

the body is but a vessel for soul,
serving to contain all that the soul needs;
the body is but a vehicle for spirit,
serving to convey all that the spirit desires;

how might body serve to contain and convey
both soul and spirit as vessel and vehicle?




(A practice for living life to the fullest)


exploring …

the ways and means by which I can be centred in love
the ways and means by which I can follow (or manifest!) a path with heart
the ways and means by which I can be love truly and wisely

if the first pointer serves to expose the truth of who and what I am,
and if the second serves to reveal the meaning, purpose, and direction of my life,
then the third serves to realize a dynamic balance between my soul and spirit

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours ~ Wayne Dyer




(a global perspective: why is humanity failing to fulfill its true potential?)

weaving a terrestrial narrative that aligns with a cosmic perspective, including historical, interdimensional, extraterrestrial, conspiratorial, and eschatological elements, is an exhaustive process

such a terrestrial narrative would have us explore and expose the causes and consequences of two widespread (and related) social phenomena: cynical detachment and egocentric entitlement

the story of Howard Storm: how a visit to The Other Side cured his soul and spirit of cynical detachment and egocentric entitlement, transmuting his contempt for humanity into compassion and compersion

If darkness is your problem, talking about darkness won’t help.
If darkness is your problem, nothing can be done about darkness directly.
You cannot throw it out, you cannot push it out, you cannot switch it off.
Darkness is an absence. Nothing can be done about it directly.
If you have to do anything, you have to do something with the light, not with darkness.

~ Osho (Fear: Understanding and Accepting the Insecurities of Life, p. 136)




1. “I just can’t stand it anymore … why go on?”

2. “Wrong body, wrong family, wrong planet … why?”

3. “Why am I making such a mess of my life?”

4. “What does it really take to be (become) fulfilled in this life?”

5. Soul: “a sound approach to being perfect: possible?”

6. Spirit: “a sane approach to becoming perfect: desirable?”

7. The ultimate in truth, love, and power: dare we ask?


Study Notes


  • incorporate the use of symbols with these elements: sphere (soul), spiral (spirit), pyramid
  • presence and pretense: best to view them as complementary, rather than as mutually exclusive?
  • follow these elements of perspective: form, structure, substance, orientation, appearance
  • the devil challenge (problem, difficulty, obstacle, inadequacy, struggle, conflict) is in the details
  • the privileged among us: a little too preoccupied with celebrity, technology, personality, positivity?
  • extroverts and introverts: “living on the surface” and “living from the depths with presence”
  • the cosmic life review: a representation of the ultimate in personal fulfillment for a life lived?


* TUiPF = The Ultimate in Personal Fulfillment

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