Ultimate Fulfillment 1

by Christopher Lovejoy on April 13, 2014

This is my first attempt at creating a resource for the ultimate realization of personal fulfillment, a work in progress guided by these aspects: form, structure, substance, orientation, and appearance.

Readers of this resource will likely identify themselves with one of these categories:

  1. observer
  2. participant
  3. co-creator

You’ll be an observer if you remain skeptical or cynical about the notion of ultimate realization, but you’ll be a participant if you incorporate the material presented here and make it your own.

You’ll be a co-creator, however, when you not only incorporate the material presented here and make it your own, but also seek to explore, express, and expand it more deeply and fully.

I have set the intention to approach ultimate realization responsibly and responsively, with an attitude of gratitude, without actually knowing where I’m going to end up, if anywhere.

Perhaps this journey of exploration and discovery is never-ending with no destination ever to be found, but then, maybe a clear destination of perfection is attainable and awaits us all.

It is my hope that you will profit from this perspective, at least a little, and perhaps even be inspired to put your own unique spin on some or all of its content for the benefit of others.

As I said, this is a work in progress, to be refined and expanded through weekly updates.






(Setting the context)




(A cosmic perspective)




(The ethical imperative: guard guide your eyes, guard guide your thoughts, guard guide your steps)




Proposal: our prime directive as a species is finding the balance

  • finding the balance between soul (being) and spirit (becoming)
  • finding the balance between being perfectly full and becoming perfectly filled
  • finding the balance between living soulfully (truly, deeply) and living spiritually (wisely, freely)




(A context for living life to the fullest)




(A practice for living life to the fullest)


Study Notes

  • incorporate the use of symbols with these elements: sphere (soul), spiral (spirit), pyramid
  • presence and pretense: best to view them as complementary, rather than as mutually exclusive?
  • follow these elements of perspective: form, structure, substance, orientation, appearance


* TUiPF = The Ultimate in Personal Fulfillment

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