The Paradise Series

by Christopher Lovejoy on November 11, 2011

Inspired by the writing of my rather provocative post, The Bare Essentials, I’ve now been writing and posting a weekly serial of fiction for the past sixteen weeks.

As I mentioned in my previous announcement, The Paradise Series is an ongoing fictional vehicle for exploring and expressing the ultimate in personal fulfillment, and I’m happy to say that it’s now ahead of schedule by six months, with six months of weekly posts waiting to be shared online.

To jump into this series for the first time, start with Just Another Day, and follow the link identified as “Next Post” that appears below each post to move forward in time, while skipping over the occasional announcement. Or follow a reading of The Bare Essentials in the same manner.

To resume your reading of the series, head over to Resources and scroll down to the Post Archive. The series started August 4, 2011 and has been running every week since. Each month in the Post Archive is clickable and therefore expandable, revealing titles of all posts published in that month.

You can also wait for news of the release of this series as an eBook in the future. As an incentive for readers to purchase the eBook, the final portions of this series will not be released as blog posts.

Happy 11.11.11, everyone. May today be a propitious day for you.

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